Ask the grumpies: Why is your favorite cheese the best cheese

Leah asks:

Why is your favorite cheese the best cheese? My favorite cheese is brie because it is delightfully creamy and decadent. A little goes a long way. Sharp cheddar is my runner up.

Ah, discussing our favorite cheeses is a question near and dear to our hearts.  Since we last waxed poetic on different kinds of cheeses, #2 has been to Italy and updated her cheese preferences accordingly.

#1:  St. Andre. Because it’s like the best of brie and boursin all in one wonderful cheese.

#2:   Although in general ricotta isn’t probably my favorite, buffalo ricotta from Italy is.  It’s like regular ricotta, but a lot more so.

A few of our commenters couldn’t help jumping the gun on this question so we’ll save them the need to post their answers again (unless, of course, they have more to add):

Chacha:  Extra-sharp, preferably white, cheddar is the cheese I always have on hand, because I love it and it keeps forever, but champignon brie is the Scheduled Cheese.

Linda:  Humboldt Fog is the best cheese, because it has several textures all in one slice: the rind and creaminess of brie, the crumbliness of chevre, and the barely perceptible grit of the ash layer. Plus, it is made with goat milk, which gives it a nice tang and means it can be enjoyed by the many people who have unpleasant side effects from cow milk products. :-)


Clearly y’all have never had Prima Donna aged (with the red rind): . When I read headlines about cheese being addicting, I thought, Oh, that makes sense – Prima Donna.  (Though I do like St. Andre as well! And, as a total side note, I once took a giant pie-shaped wedge of baked brie at a wedding when I mistook it for a custard pie. That was a surprising first bite.)


We like cheese

Our favorite cheeses:

Boursin — Melt in  your mouth creamy.  Like melting heaven.

St. Andre — Boursinny in the center, brie-like in the edges… currently my favorite cheese.

Cheddar — The work-horse of cheeses– on burgers, Mexican food, turkey sandwiches… life just wouldn’t be right without cheddar.  (#2 adds: the sharper, the better!)

Fresh Mozzarella — Nothing says summer like fresh crusty bread, aged or reduced balsamic vinegar, a touch of sharp Spanish olive oil, bright red tomatoes, fresh picked basil, and thick slabs of fresh buffalo mozzarella.

Parmesan/Romano — Sprinkled on top of many a pasta, this cheese gives it an extra dimension.  We buy big chunks, process in the food processor, and stick in the freezer.

Brie– if you haven’t tried it melted over baked pear slices… well, you should.

Of course, we love smokey and nutty cheeses as well.  #1 can’t stand goat cheese (it tastes like goat), but there’s so much wonderful deliciousness in the cheeses of the world that it really doesn’t matter.

#2, OTOH, would like to sing the praises of exquisite goat cheese.  It even goes with dark chocolate!  You can mix it with honey and put it on fruit.  Or you can keep it plain and just eat it with crackers or whatever.  Soooo delicious!

Feta goes deliciously in Greek food.  I don’t mind paneer and I really like cream cheese.  I can’t STAND queso fresco.  Ick.  Blue cheeses of any sort are disgusting as hell.  Mizithra is only ok.  (#1 noms all of the above!  She used to hate blue cheese but has since come to appreciate its creamy bitterness.)

Also, let’s not forget the wonders of gouda, colby-jack, provolone, the occasional muenster, and — our very favorite — local artisan cheeses that you get in tiny bites at various ethnic restaurants.  Made with sheep milk or I-don’t-even-know-what.  Beyond awesome.

What are your favorite cheeses and why?  How do you like them prepared?