Sometimes people listen even if they pretend not to

Or pretend to disagree.

Or pretend to be upset that you had the temerity of bringing forward disagreement.

Sometimes they say one thing and you feel like you were punished for complaining, but their actions are affected by your complaint.

Sometimes you get the opposite, where the person is like yeah yeah, totally… and then nothing happens.

I’d rather have the no no, how dare you complain, followed by positive action on the problem.

It’s taught me that I should complain anyway.

How to cause drama on the internet

Step 1: Say something judgmental that gets people riled up.  Bonus points if it’s about motherhood.
Step 2:  Say you don’t want any more drama in a dramatic separate post.
Step 3: Point vague fingers at anonymous people who are accused of causing drama!  Leave just enough clues that some people will know what you’re talking about and others will be tantalized, but not enough that everyone knows what you’re talking about.
Step 4:  Profit

This works very well on forums.  If you’re really good the admin won’t wait a full day to shut you down.  However, it may take a little while for folks to do the appropriate detective work to make it really juicy.  Be patient.  Give more hints in the comments section if necessary.

It also works on blogs, of course.  Though it’s probably a little harder given the control that folks have over where the arguments are going.  On the plus side, blogs with advertising do get some of the profit rather than just the forum owners.

How do you cause drama on the internet?  Er, we mean, how do you see other people causing drama on the internet because we know, dear readers, that you would never do such a thing.