Fie on the residents of [state].

So I got my credit card stolen by dorks.

I went to a place for a conference.  Six weeks later, my CC called me.  When we checked the charges, sure enough, the ones they suspected were fraudulent totally were.  Whoever stole my number (I still had the card itself) tried to pay for advertising on Google and Facebook.  There was no way I would ever do that.

A few websites tried to run multiple transactions for like $1 to see if it would go through.  Also another place tried to charge something, but when asked to verify my identity by Visa they got it wrong.

They suck.  Now I hate [state] even more, though I had a pretty good time when I was there.  The people seemed nice (little did I know).

Of course there is the usual rigamarole of cancelling the card, getting a new one, re-setting-up my automatic bill pays, etc.  Tedious.  [State] is full of morons and I hate them.

Disclaimer:  #2 has never gotten her cc hacked in [State], despite having been, but she and her partner have had that experience in London and in a much beloved state in the Midwest.  And the physically cc stolen twice in Boston.  Stupid Boston.  Also once in California.

Have you ever gotten your cc hacked?  How about your bank account?  What happened?  What did you do?  Do you take any weird steps to prevent it?