Final batch of kitten fosters

babies in the bathtub 001

Scared kitten babies

babies in the bathtub 002

Aren’t they precious?


This was the last batch of kittens.  They’ve become less terrified and gone on to good homes.

After this batch, I decided I was ready for a new-to-me forever kitty, another big lover-boy.  More on that later.

We talked about fostering kittens before, but it bears repeating.

Kittens are tiring but it’s worth it.  They need love.  Please lend some kittens your bathroom and your love for a few weeks. Kitten season is coming, and shelters need you. Adopt, don’t shop.

Is kitten fostering right for you?

Fostering IS compatible with a full-time job, although I found it easier without one.  If they are well-socialized, they don’t need much time at all. If they need to get used to humans, they need as much time as you can spare.  Fostering is certainly compatible with working from home.

People ask, but don’t you find it too hard to let them go?  I don’t, personally.  Some people do, and end up keeping a couple of babies.  That’s ok!  It’s known as a “foster fail” and is a great outcome because those babies now have a permanent home.  Kittens are tiring, though, like a toddler.  You have to watch them to make sure they don’t eat wires, get caught somewhere, etc.  [Hence getting locked in a safe space like a bathroom when I’m at work.]  A grownup cat is less work and they often already know manners.

If you have a dog, can you foster kittens?  Probably, if the dog is chill AND you supervise them when they’re together.  It can help the kittens get used to homes with dogs, which makes them more adoptable.

If you have other cats, can you foster kittens?  Probably, but you should keep them separated for everyone’s health.  Babies are susceptible to upper respiratory infections and parasites that adult cats just shrug off.  They are also in danger when they are too young for their vaccines.  If your cat is healthy, you can try introducing them.  Your cat might make a great surrogate parent/auntie/mentor to the babies.  But supervise them and check with the shelter, first.

If you get at least 2 kittens at once, they will keep each other warm and entertained.  If somehow you end up with a single baby, it will need your help staying warm.  Kittens are crap at regulating their body temperature alone, and they like to be toasty.  Keeping them warm is also better for their eating and digestion.

Please do what you can to help.  Purrrrrrr.

Kitten pictures!

Before she left, #2 sent some kitten pictures from her last few fosters. Headlines:
Assorted kittens, some blurry, some attacking the camera.
Never-before-seen pictures! Exclusive to the blog!

blog babies 003blog babies 001blog babies 006blog babies 004blog babies 010blog babies 005blog babies 007



People, a moment here.  I got my wedding invitations from the printer yesterday.  They are gorgeous.  I am grateful that yesterday, same-sex marriage was declared legal throughout the US by the Supreme Court.  I’m so happy.  There’s something in my eye.

One of us is at a conference while the other holds down the fort this weekend.

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kittens do stuff for the first time: this may be happening in my house….



Here are my kittens on the way to their forever homes!  They are all over 2 lbs and fixed now.  Individual (-ish) portraits taken for the adoption coordinator:

Kitten #1 on the left:

girl - black with white paws

Kitten #2 in the front:

 girl - black

Kitten #3:

girl - white and blackand another shot of this same kitten because it is cute:

portraits 017

Kitten #4 who would not hold still: boy - black

And kitten #5:

boy - brown tabby

Happy new homes, kittens!

Random Belly-rubs of Kittens

Because, Kittens!!!


They have grown so fast. Five (!) kittens are definitely outgrowing my bathroom.

Today is the day they are going to get “fixed” and they will be adopted soon after.  The mighty hunter in the picture above also has a small hernia, which will get fixed at the same time he is.  I had an official volunteer orientation at the shelter so now I will go there one day a week for a couple hours too.  I actually think it’s more likely that I will fall in love with a mature cat at the shelter than that we’ll keep any foster kittens… but neither one will happen for a while yet.  Kittens are tremendous work and I like knowing that someone else will give these little guys a loving home.  They chew cords, and we have a million.

Kittens are high-energy.  Last night I brought out the laser pointer but they stubbornly refused to care about it and kept on with their eating-my-shoes game instead.  Oh well.  The tabby is off in his own little world and often plays by himself.  He chases his tail; it gets away.  Sneaky bugger.

Contemplating tails

Contemplating tails

He is fascinated by the crack in the bathroom doorway, I don’t know why. He stares into it. Maybe he sees Narnia?

Also, sometimes he must vigorously wrestle the bedding into submission.  Rawr.

Today’s question for the commenters is:  WHO is a good boy?  Is it yooooou?  Are you a pretty pretty kitty? Kitty!

Are there any costs to fostering kittens?

If you foster a cat for a verified nonprofit shelter, you can claim it on your taxes.

We know that #2 had extensive experience with taking in stray cats & kittens and getting them to good homes.  Good on ya!  #2’s experience was very expensive and someday she’ll post pictures of the kitten-destroyed master-bathroom that cost ~$600 repair (on top of vet and food bills).

#1 has started a slightly lower-stakes fostering experience with a no-kill cat shelter that ultimately has responsibility for the kittens.  Yes… kittens!

They are mostly-black, which makes it hard to take good photos…. here they are in their crate…

a pile of kittens

and little faces…

4 little kitten faces

There is another one, but she is sick and so she is with the foster coordinator right now, getting extra meds and care.  These ones are on antibiotics, which are supplied by the shelter.  The shelter also supplied some chicken baby food to mix the antibiotics into, although I will have to buy some more.  They supplied me with several weeks’ worth of crunchy kibbles and about a week’s worth of kitten-safe litter (I have already bought more).  I have to bring them back to the shelter periodically for free check-ups and vet care.  They are actually 2 litters that were put together.  I think they may be around 6 weeks old.  Don’t know what happened to their mommies.  They weigh, on average, about 1 pound and 4 ounces each.

They come in this big crate (it folds up) where they sleep and play.  The shelter provided the bed, blankets, litter box, and water dish.  They also sent a scale to weigh them and a thermometer for taking kitten temps, along with an extra litter box and a handbook of what to do.  They also have a carrying cage.

I let them out to roam the bathroom and play, and they have supervised time in the living room when we can watch them.  We are getting lots of mileage out of a toilet paper tube, cardboard boxes, and a plastic Easter egg.  They also have a couple balls to chase, and each other to wrestle.  I bought them a cardboard scratching post for around $7, and I trim their claws for my own comfort when they climb on me.

We are doing a fair bit of laundry because they occasionally have potty accidents (they are just babies).  And running through quite a bit of hand sanitizer.  That’s it so far, though!

Your local shelter needs you.  Donate today.