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WordPress informs us this marks our 8th year of blogging.

Millions of dollars in ads are coming in to support the evil supreme court nomination, and we don’t know who is paying for them, and we won’t.

North Carolina early voting debuts a diabolical new republican ploy to suppress black turnout

Letters from moms whose children were taken away

Pregnant women miscarried in ICE detention and did not get care they needed

Migrants describe hunger and solitary confinement at for-profit detention center

Immigration policy change threatens non-citizens with deportation if they lose status — like, even if they’re on a student visa, if you ask to change your status and they say no, then they can rescind your student visa(!)

Only 57 kids have been reunited so far.

Investigative reporters find some of the girls.  Really amazing reporting.

Private prison company moves annual conference to Trump-owned golf resort

Judd Legum lays out Friday’s indictment in a few tweets

This graph.

Completely neutral race blind college admissions questions

Most racist moments in Disney movies and cartoons

Fired (Areanet) guild wars 2 writer was given no warning.

Game Workers Unite releases statement about areanet firings

Women developers are now being attacked en masse because of AreaNet’s decision.

Don’t sleep with your students!

This week in Not the Onion

Here’s Trump attacking George HW Bush’s call for volunteering... I just… why are we living in a super villain comic book without super heroes to save us?  (We must save ourselves.)

Yes, the number of food recalls has been much higher this year than in recent years.  Vegetable trays.  I don’t have a link, but also throw out your honey smacks cereal.

Money only buys happiness for a certain amount ($95K/person)

Ways to feel rich

She is interesting


Cold noodles in chilled broth

This is cute (though not 79 pounds plus work cute)

Texts from mittens

New orangutan

Gorilla first steps


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Another week, and children still aren’t being reunited with their families.  Keep up the pressure on your congresspeople.  Also, there’s a shot at not getting a horrific supreme court justice, but it’s going to take ALL 49 Democrat senators and 2 Republican ones.  That means even if you’re in a blue state you should be making calls.

Here’s Deb’s experience at a rally.  Thank you for going!  Miser mom’s experience and suggestions for what to bring to a summer protest.  Thank you!  Pictures from marches all over the country and world.

Here’s what Fangs and Clause has been doing.  Thank you!

Living in a red state as I do, I’d like to encourage people in blue states who want to do more to send some money to our local candidates.  Usually liberal election money flows out of states like mine to blue and purple states, but this year we need your money.  This year we have a chance to make a change.  Swing Left is a good place to start looking, but if you’ve got friends and family in red states, ask them if there are any races you can help out with.  Also, I’d like to highlight one of wandering-scientist’s favorites, Postcards to voters.  I hate getting phone calls, especially so long before November, but postcards are nice!  They’re especially great for reminding people like me of out-of-cycle elections, since not all elections are on November’s voting day.  Thank you everybody for working so hard, because more people will suffer if we give up.  And keep calling about reuniting those kids with their families.  This is a travesty.

Separated toddlers kept in a dark office building with no kitchen and only a few bathrooms for three weeks.  Reveal News has been doing some really amazing investigative reporting.


Migrant kids in concentration camp prevented from getting donated books.

They’re not even allowing GOP operatives who have followed all the protocols into the concentration camps.

So I guess the answer is to keep shaming evil people in public.

An American ex-pat’s experience with the NHS  A large contrast with the US version


Women coders face discrimination

Why is it always women’s  job to fix men?

White supremacy culture in organizations

Lipidema (my MIL has lymphedema as a breast cancer treatment side effect)

Captain Awkward with more Geek Social Fallacies

So many Chuck Tingle books

10 middle grade books about the pioneer era that aren’t little house on the prairie

This article on tax-free income is better than last week’s

Congrats, Mr. POP!  (I still miss the “where could we retire” index though.)


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We’ve now hit the point where it is as bad as I thought it would be back in 2016.  We did delay them for two years.  This could have happened a lot faster.  And even more terrible things will keep happening if we don’t step up (read this about how apartheid happened in South Africa).  I’m going to another protest today in the hot Southern sun, because that is something I can do.  I don’t want to.  I hate protesting, but every call we make, every additional protest sign, every donation, every person we get to vote, even every tweet or post slows down the horror that is currently happening and saves lives.  I am overwhelmed and back to getting my news through a few twitter feeds, but every morning I do a political action.  I’m trying to focus on what I can do, not what I can’t change.  There is nobody to save us but ourselves.  We cannot be complacent.  We must fight.

Something folks in both red and blue states can do to fight is to call their senators or visit them to keep a horrifying supreme court justice from being installed.  Here’s indivisible’s guide to that.  Folks with Democratic senators should be really clear that they don’t want their senators to play nice.  Folks with Republican senators need to make it very clear that there are levels to which the Republicans will not be allowed to stoop.  Now is also a great time to look into your local elections and see who is running and how you can support the good people.  Look at swing states and see who you can support in those states as well.  SwingLeft is a great resource for that (here’s how to join).  And be sure to look into contested elections outside of the senate as well– governors, deputy governors, attorneys general, these all can have lasting impact federally as well.  State legislators and reps can determine how gerrymandered districts are and how difficult it is for people to vote.  State-wide political signs are popping up all over my neighborhood, something I haven’t seen in 8 years, and unlike 8 years ago, they’re all for Democratic candidates.  Another list of places to donate to help immigrants.

Bardiac talks about going to a Republican town hall in her state

Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone

ICE spokesman quits after being ordered to knowingly lie.

National guardsman:  Immigrants are “lucky we aren’t executing them”

Boston public schools helped ICE to deport children

Resistance ramping up

The legitimacy problem arising out of the interaction of mccconnell/garland and Russia and the 2016 election

How about it?

Arguments about civility are never symmetric.  It’s always, you must bend over backwards while I kick you where it hurts.  It’s:  you can’t politely tell someone they are not welcome to be served in a restaurant, but then death threats to the restaurant workers are just fine.  (#restaurants4sarah) We want more pies in Nazi faces, more prosecuting death threats.  Also, keep not dating neo-Nazis/fascists.

We must protect Due Process.  No one is safe.

Do you have Plan B?

Turns out women actually do ask

Unpopular policies in visual form

Diversity in silicon valley?

Barbie Robotics Engineer

DC1 is having some trouble understanding why geometric proofs are so picky and seemingly convoluted.  I dug up this list of jokes.

Oxford comma

Quotes from this season of the bachelorette

This isn’t completely accurate, but mostly so.  (Ex, you still owe SS and Medicare with a part-time job!)

The changing disutility of work


Let your browser tabs cheer you up with puppies and kittens


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Let’s start with things you can do to help before getting into the why we need to help.

Here’s scripts from Celeste Pewter.  (You can also check her twitter account daily for things to do.)

The Texas Tribune has been doing an amazing job of reporting on the migrant situation.  You can donate to help support them here.

Here’s something an invincible summer is doing.

The next big protest is June 30th.  See if there’s one in your area.

Suggestions from Slate

Here’s a letter that academics can sign

(The rest of wandsci’s thread is worth reading as well– she asks, where’s your line and gives some suggestions for things you can do.)

When someone (*cough* the Atlantic *cough*) says that what’s happening now isn’t the holocaust, remind them that the Nazis didn’t start with gas chambers.  Here’s a compelling thread showing the parallels between now and 1933.  We must fight.  We must stop it while we still can.  It isn’t the holocaust *yet* and we’re the only thing keeping it from happening.

In case you were confused about what’s been happening, here’s a thread from the Texas Tribune from before the EO was signed.  The Texas Tribune is doing really amazing reporting and explaining on recent issues.

Reveal News report documents that immigrant children have been forcibly injected with powerful psychiatric drugs at a US gov’t shelter outside of Houston.

Reports of physical and verbal abuse against migrant children in at least 3 federal detention centers

Separated children headed towards shelters with a history of abuse

Members of congress are barred from talking to children at border patrol facilities, they cannot take photos, and they must give two weeks notice before visiting.

Children get their stuffed animals confiscated when they are taken into custody.

10 stages of genocide

Not the onion…

GOP bills to lock up families together are fulfilling the Trump Admin’s wishes

Psychologically damaging children is the goal

We are torturing children

If you missed the audio of crying children separated from parents and Border Patrol agents joking about it… you can link to it here.  Heartbreaking.

An American citizen discusses the effects of family separation

There is no decency

Dads get organized to fight for sensible gun control legislation

Data visualization on distressed communities

Yet another PF blog thinks about families

Fear prevents Hispanic citizens from using government benefits for their kids.

LGBT dance party for Mike Pence

The only good kind of civil war reenactment— Buffalo soldiers won’t you come out tonight?

You can donate used clothes in good condition to hospitals.

Congrats to donebyforty!  (We left a message about diapers, but apparently it got eaten)

Nono the foster bulldog



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There are a lot of links this week about Trump’s policy of separating children, including infants and toddlers, from their parents for unknown periods of time.  I have grouped them all together and have also included some things that you can do if you’re an American citizen.  Of all the things the Trump administration has done, so far this one is the worst, IMO, although there are a lot of contenders for most lives destroyed among their many policy decisions.  Every day that they delay in fixing this more children are torn from their parents.  As of Friday, the number is 2000.

What is going on at the border is horrifying, but we can’t go numb and turn away.  We have to keep fighting this until it stops.  We must.

What can you do? 5Calls has scripts you can use.  The bill in the senate is the Keep Families Together Act.  The bill in the House is the HELP for Separated Children Act.  Do not be fooled by Cornyn’s “Humane Act”– it is anything but.  Here are some scripts you can use from Celeste Pewter, along with additional activism items you can do.  Note that if you live in Texas near the border, she suggests talking to your local city/county/state legislative staff.  Donate to Raices Texas to help keep track of families and to help with bail for adults.  There’s probably other places to donate, but I’m not linking the others I’ve seen because I’m not sure how legitimate they are.  Feel free to post any you know about and trust in the comments.

Trump administration has selected a US border facility near El Paso to build a tent city with 450 beds for migrant children.  This facility, unlike the (now overcrowded) one that has been in the news that was originally designated as a temporary place for unattended minor to stay while their cases were being sorted out, will not have to be a licensed daycare facility.  That means a whole lot of regulations they they will not be having to follow.  It strikes terror in my heart and got me to call again on Friday.  More info— they hope to hold up to 5,000 children in tent cities.

We don’t know where the babies and toddlers are going.  WE DON’T KNOW.  They took a baby who was nursing from its mother’s breast.  They separated a child with severe epilepsy and autism from his grandmother.

We did this back in the 1930s too.  This woman’s grandfather never truly healed from that separation, even though he was reunited with his family.

I can’t even with this story about a 4 month old whose father was deported.

ICE captures and detains legal resident

Long but very important post from Captain Awkward on how you can help people with depression

Also not satire:  Nobody wants to work at the white house so it had a job fair.

Also not satire:  Meet the guys who tape Trump’s papers back together

Florida stopped background checks on concealed weapon permits for a year

If you live in a state that is doing one of these frivolous lawsuits against the ACA that the justice department has decided not to defend against, figure out if your attorney general is elected or appointed– if elected, see who the challenger is and support them!  There’s also more actions you can do, including those from 5calls.

Sexual harassment is rife in the sciences finds landmark US study

In case you didn’t catch what Fridging was the first time Anita Sarkenseen explained it, here’s a link.  Also, here’s a bunch of pieces on being told to smile which is super irritating.

Existing only in relation to someone else.  I don’t really find much identity from being a wife or a mother… I feel like those are things I do (though I also see the wife thing as a bit of armor, since my DH looks scary and like he could protect me from harassment).  But I do have a lot of identity tied up in my career and training– being an economist really is what I *am*.  The poster tweet in the comments is really amazing.

Intersectionality or GTFO

Why Diversity programs fail

Two types of diversity training that really work.

Books not guns

How linkedin made this failmom into a socialist

Here’s what you can do to save net neutrality.

How to remove your information from Spokeo, Mylife, PeopleSmart, Intelius and other people finder sites.

Looks like I won’t be getting PG&E dividends for quite some time

Congrats to yet another pf blog!

Check out delagar’s big idea!

Leigh adjusts her family’s giving strategy.

Does sunlight help you against the flu?

Does weed help you focus?

I feel attacked

This seems like work but also delicious

I’m into this

An excellent musical sketch about the NYTimes OpEd…


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This is sickening.  (tw: torture, murder, immigration).  Student from Iowa killed 3 weeks after ICE sent him back to Mexico.

Trump backs court case to allow insurers to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions and to charge people more based on their health status.  He has asked that these provisions not be overturned until after the Midterms for political reasons.

This week in Fascism.  Justice department seizes NYTimes reporter’s phone and email records.

This week in corrupt private prisons

Hillary Clinton talks about the current ICE situation separating kids from families.

Didn’t see much coverage of last weekend’s protests, but they did happen.  #familiesbelongtogether

You had one job

Solid burn

Journalists need to call lies lies

Corruption used for good?

How Ireland cock-blocked bad behavior online

A pep talk about how we all need to help make the Blue Wave happen.

training for college student organizers

Some discussion about the cake ruling

Spoiler:  It is not wrong to shame shamers!

A good counterpoint to some financial advice for “teh poors”.

It is ok to want more money!

Sitcoms about the working class

We are currently unable to comment on several blogspot blogs.  (We’ve also been able to comment but probably got sent directly to spam by Miser Mom’s blog…)  So we can’t comment on this post by Something Remarkable.  Neither of us has sold a house, so we don’t know! But if you’re asking, is there a really big amount that you’re allowed to get for capital gains on a primary residence that you’ve lived in a longish time without paying federal taxes, the answer is yes (and here’s an updated for 2018 post on the topic).  Looking at the comments today it looks like you were asking a much simpler question though.  You’re asking:  If I bought a house for 100K, and I have 50K remaining that I owe on the house if I pay it off today, and the buyers pay $200K for my house, then how much cash do I get when the transaction is complete… you should bet 200-50 = 150K, minus transaction costs.  (Note– this is what Amanda E Perrine said in the comments.)  I don’t think that’s the same as your equation, though I’m not clear on a couple of the variables in it.  Your capital gains would be a more complicated question, one that takes into account your purchase price and then I think some upkeep stuff but I’m not 100% sure, but if your current price is similar to your original purchase price, then there’s no way you’re going to have to pay capital gains so you shouldn’t need to dig up improvement documents.  As for the deep existential questions posed in the comments, SUNK COSTS.  (But you do you.)

Freedom calculator

This person has good taste– I will have to check out her other recs

Congratulations Stacking Pennies!

Life with cats

Q:  What do you do?
A:  I’m an economist
Q:  Oh, what stocks should I pick?

(This is why one of hobbies is personal finance:  true story.)


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Thread about Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria.

Here’s more on the tariffs from NPR and a more in-depth explanation from marketplace radio

#EndFamilySeparation  I can’t believe that @#$32ing Roseanne pushed this off the front pages of both Huffington Post and CNN.  5 articles on Roseanne and ZERO on how we’ve been tearing children away from their parents all week.  Here’s some papers with more journalistic integrity.  SacBee asks if ICE agents will be able to live with what they’re doing to children.  The Hill notes that “whatever” isn’t an option for immigrant children.  Rollingstone notes that if you voted for Trump, you voted for the separation of children and families.  These are people.  These are children.  This is inhumane and un-American.

Here’s some suggestions from Cool Mom Picks about what you can do to helpMiser mom has a copy of the letter she sent to her representatives.  And remember that often has scripts and phone numbers to help you figure out how you can #resist.


Man gets 90 days for sexually assaulting a 5 year old girl and doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

No, being mean to racists and fascists isn’t what is making them racist or fascist.


How to report on lies

Texas animal shelter overwhelmed with dog and cat surrenders over Memorial day weekend.  Reminder to spay and neuter and to get pets from reputable shelters, not pet stores or backyard breeders.

A rundown of Phoenix comic fest


What do you do after the debt is gone?

More sustainable living

Planting our pennies discusses online used clothing options

The minute glass reviews natural deodorants

Happy anniversary to Delagar!

Mason and kittens for the first time (with this batch).

Can’t haz