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Octavia’s brood

This isn’t an Onion article.

Wired doesn’t actually want to hear about women or people of color.

Bill O’Reilly’s family values.

This old post on GOT seems particularly relevant this week.  Why are you writing a rape scene?

good explanation on why not to call people things they don’t want to be called. Though he’s dead wrong about “In one short sentence, Sunny Moraine—whoever the hell she is, and we’ll get to that in a moment—has dismissed such novels as Tolstoy’s War and Peace, James Joyce’s Ulysses, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick—not to mention the epic of Gilgamesh and Homer’s Iliad.” The Illiad has women in it and Joyce and Melville are shitty specifically because they have no women (other than prostitutes whose main purpose is for the main character’s development, like in that other shitty book, catcher in the rye). I was never able to get into Eric Flint for the same reason– no female characters.


His majesty

Dr. Crazy says hello good-bye

This is cool.

It’s always fun to be able to look at someone who is making a lot more money and then go, yeah, I’m glad that’s not my life. What a waste.  Tax the 1%!

My FIL just got shingles while waiting to find out if his insurance covered the vaccine.  Noooooooooo.

This one is deep.

Sorry not sorry.

doubles on tundra

Historiann agrees with Katie Roiphe (!!!)

Mallory Ortberg’s comments sections are awesome.  Also a kitten.  And more kitten.

Mrs. Frugalwoods is having a baby!

I find this article to be quite hilarious.

more delicious

the video on this link is pretty interesting


link love

The depressing thing is that this, while terrible and unfair, is nothing compared to other racist stuff the police do.  Like this was what I used to think the worst stuff the police did was and it bothered me, but not to quite the extent that, you know, the beating and killing and harassment does.

racist principal

hiring bias

50 year old mystery about measles solved (maybe)

excellent article that is far better than the stupid article that inspired it

This was spot on– they matched the worst hell on that list with my type.  Of course the ESTJ is pretty terrifying too and that’s not me.

The shu box discusses minimalist thoughts, not being a minimalist, and related things.

I’m a classic.  #2 is Radical Red.

Thrift shopping in less than 37 steps.

Fantastic piece about NYC.

grump grump grump

worry work and the possibility of change

deez nuts

poor seal

should you read middle grade books?

the explanations here are hilarious

link love

Academic Cog is totally justified in being pissed.  SRSLY.  What a dick move.

More on this topic next week, probably Tuesday.  (If you want a preview, I left like 8 mildly ranty comments on this wandering scientist post)

I love the meme here.  New study demonstrates shocking truth about faculty hiring.  Also, best practices.  (The articles they cite are SOLID.)

Use in extreme emergencies (such as realizing you left all your red pens and pencils at home and the supply closet is out)

<3 Stephen Colbert

So many books to read

WTF minister? If he’s gonna be like that, he should convert to Catholicism. That’s what the Catholics want. He wouldn’t even have to get a divorce, he could be a married catholic priest. The Catholic church is totally down with that, “Hey Episcopalians, bring us your intolerant, your bigots, we will welcome them with open arms, so long as they’re you know, straight and male.”

The monster at the end of this book, a Sad Puppy Review.

7 days left to fund the Octavia Project.

Howard U alumni clear debt.

We miss breaking cat news , but there’s been a whole lotta cuteness on her twitter feed while we wait.

miser mom talks allowances

Ahh, chlamydia + no sex ed…

empathy cards for serious illness (as seen/heard all over the mediasphere this week)

Marvel gets women

Middle class problems


link love

This week in misogyny.  And related.

This week in racism.  Some black humor.  And more f- the police.

Guess who the only person being punished for the CIA torture report is.

Twitter’s new troll stick.  How Enron Gjoni started Gamergate.

If men were asked the questions women are asked.

Cause of sleepless nights.

I was trying to figure out if we needed shelf liners in the master bathroom (because some came with the house and then the kittens destroyed them).  I found a world out there that I did not know people had time for.  Because I guess it matters to some folks which roll goes in which room?  (closeup)

Congratulations Dr. Nessie Monster!

It was never a dress.

Is this really satire?  Asks the one fostering kittens…

Important longitudinal study.


History of hairstyles!

New tiny kittens!

Link love for squirrelly April

April makes people in academia lose their brains for busyness.  In this week’s Fc*k the police…

black lives matter - stats

Black cyclists in trouble with the po-po.

Racism interacts with sexism!  Don’t forget the black women.  Black women’s lives matter.

wow (on point)

Myths about women in science.  @femfreq is pretty cool!

Adam Sandler is racist.

Scalzi being tasty-delicious.

Tiny elephant tries to find the rest of a human’s nose.

gamergate is still a thing (aka, what was that whole anne wheaton thing about)

Are you receiving a marriage penalty or bonus?

Dr. Cleveland carefully takes apart the argument that colleges no longer teach Shakespeare.

Skipping grades is ok!

History of artificial flavoring

anxiety and parenting a gifted child

wish I could have seen this

Vlogbrothers for infinite amusement:

It’s time to love the links

Apologies for not a lot of links this week.  One of us has been on a deadline for an overdue writing thing and the other is traveling.

Notes from my writing:  Hey PubMed, you’re awesome and all, but your “export citation” function is kinda broken.  Save me, ScienceDirect!  Also, young lovers over here whispering in the library: assholes, leave the quiet area. You would be less disruptive if you actually talked.  YOU KNOW I CAN HEAR YOU, RIGHT? Just go make out in private like the rest of us did.

How can you tell whether you’re being objectified or whether you’re an empowered woman?  This handy cartoon explanation is a start.  NPR doesn’t get it.  On Twitter, exhaustion with sniping.

Georgia Dunn, the artist who draws Breaking Cat News, had a baby!  Childcare conundrums. Babies better than tattoos?  One of us prefers babies, the other of us prefers tattoos.

Financial relief over at What Now.  Stiffer rules to protect retirement money.  (heheheh they said “stiffer”)  Republicans want handouts for millionaires, what a surprise.

Trying to convince skeptical parents to have their kids vaccinated…


Tough choices: mathematician just loves hitting people.


and now, this:

Link love goes to 11

First, a brief illustration of what happens when your dog learns to text.

this is fascinating:

also this is amazing if I ever have REALLY long hair again (I would totally rock this):

Have you tried… excessive sleeping?  I did, and it changed my life!

I just read two light and imperfect but fun romances (that were cheap!)

Sometimes you just gotta enjoy your cold.
This is a jar full of major characters, not to be confused with binders full of women.

Even more about goddamned cakes (or no cakes, as the case may be).

I want to read this.
I don’t know dick about minecraft, but there’s a blog about it: http://minemum.com/minecraft-parent-problems

This is chilling (today’s f*ck the police)

And now, this:


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