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Man another exhausting week.  I’ve been doing a lot of work and this week was mostly service-free, so that’s good, but I am tired.  And, you know, horrible fascist US politics, especially the executive order destroying the ACA.  I don’t even know where to start with protesting that one.

Did I mention FASCISM?

women in the workplace

seems like yes, loser men are trying to harass us out of the workforce because they’re losers

The Rock test for men who don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment

red sun over the city

When I was a kid, I read books written in the 1970s where they talked about having to stay inside at recess because of air pollution.  But I was born after the first Earth Day and politicians did things to curb environmental problems even though they didn’t do enough.  And now, check out the air quality in the US.  Hank Green had been talking about having to stay indoors because of pollution too.  And of course, California is on fire.  So now we’re looking at pollution indices along with rain when making decisions about travel.  What a world.

More ashen pictures of California

Chicago does NOT have a handgun ban

Memories of Billie Jean King

New meaning to toxic masculinity (poop)


Mike Pence’s racist political stunt in Indianapolis cost tax payers over 88K.

Just stuff

The success narrative

money in your 20s vs 30s

Do you own vanguard funds?

the tree lobster is not extinct

defining nonprofit terms


The vegetarian ones look more reasonable than the meat ones in terms of time and exotic ingredients

The night before BCN


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Nobody is showing up to office hours today.  :(  But I can do the link love while I sit here since I don’t wanna do real work.

How the trump administration is actively sabotaging the affordable care act  Here’s more.

EPA and Bristol Bay

The art of avoiding a-holes

Surprising nobody

Why they took a knee

This pic is not sensitive material

Woo Illinois!

Pictures of Southside Chicago.

Check out these amazing before/after remodel pics from Jiraffe

How to save for college with multiple children

College savings vs. retirement savings

An incriptid short story

This is true.

Horizontal space

#9 is actually correct

Universe cat

These make me giggle

Feel it still

Maybe we should start calling it Saturday afternoon link love

Or else I should ask #2 to do it more often– she was on time last week!

So... keep calling your senators about not killing the Affordable Care Act with the Graham-Cassidy bill.  Also, when you have them on the phone or the voicemail, ask them what the hell is up with shutting down the ACA website for 12 hours every weekend (when many people are getting helped after church).  Also, if you could ask them to stop lying about what is in the bill, that would be great.  Strangling the affordable care act is not cool.  Though if it gets bad enough, we might end up with single payer healthcare after healthcare in the US melts down and a lot of people die and even more go bankrupt.  So…

EPA head met with a mining CEO and then pushed forward a controversial mining project that will hurt salmon fisheries.  They’re not even trying to hide their corruption.

Karma isn’t usually this fast.

We should live in a society where all kids can trust on the second marshmallows.

A happy ending to a kitty tale.

And now I have to go to another conference.  There were some more health care links in the comments on previous posts.  It’s definitely worthwhile watching Jimmy Kimmel’s videos on the topic– they are clear and understandable and important.

Link Love

Sorry we’re late again.  My Thursdays and Fridays are now packed with people so all my introverted self wants to do when I get home on Friday is go to sleep after spending time with the family.

Lots of articles this week (that we’re not linking to) about Trump doing X, Y, or Z.  Like going with the democrats to only raising the debt ceiling for 3 months instead of the later time the Republicans want, or the 6 month deadline for congress to do something about DACA recipients.  All of this seems to me to be part of his reality show training.  No, he isn’t rolling over for the dems.  He’s making *the most dramatic choice*.  He’s doing the reality show thing where he’s introducing man-made drama.  In this case his “apprentice” contestants just happen to be congress being given an artificially shortened time-line to work miracles.  This isn’t grand strategy.  It’s what makes the kind of reality television I hate.  And he’s dragging all of us with him.  I’m waiting for the Atlantic article on this, but instead they seem to be responding to each new thing separately and trying to figure it out from like logic or something.  The logic is TV drama.  (Also, of course, there’s the racist thing– most of his decisions are just flat out racist and evil.)

In other news, Equifax allowed my account to be hacked.  Now it is trying to make money off of me.  Fortunately it looks like after some intervention by the NY attorney general, I won’t be losing my right to sue if I take them up on their credit monitoring.

Some information about TX abortion services you can donate to.

I feel like Sim’s permanent place in CITI training about the Tuskegee study is a better reminder of what he did than is a statue.

What to make of the new facebook-Russia revelation

Even more emoluments

man who has it all requests token male historical figure suggestions for a friend’s syllabus

EPA now requires political aide’s sign-off for agency awards, grant applications

Paramedic who rescued Harvey victims may be deported

The eternal banality of the white-dude pundit

Libbra Bray has thoughts on the Lord of the Flies remake

Try this learning hack to help students remember more

Personal finance resources

A floor too far

Sweet romantic story in the commentary

Congratulations, crazymama, Phd!

Just netflixed this pre-code movie that I found when I was looking for Edward Everett Horton movies.  (He was in a LOT of pre-code stuff.)  This little scene online (see below) made me want to watch the entire movie and boy is it worth it.  I normally dislike movies in which all of the main characters are horrible people, but this one is so clever and so sneaky with its social commentary that I can do nothing other than heartily recommend it.

Saturday evening link love

Not much excuse here other than I’ve had a two day headache and didn’t bother to ask #2 to do the link love instead.  I feel really bad because I didn’t do any activism this week other than donating to Donors Choose and some Harvey stuff.  My favorite list, Actions for Americans, comes out of Houston and was silent this week so I kept putting it off.  But I know this coming week is important for DACA– Trump wants to get rid of it, some Republican lawmakers are vocalizing opposition, that means there’s a lot of positive room for calls/faxes/etc. to make a difference.  There’s also calls we can make about the EPA not paying attention to toxins in the Houston water, proposed cuts to FEMA, the proposed border wall, reauthorizing the national flood insurance program, and climate change.  These are all very topical this week.  I will do a better job about activism this week even if my favorite list of action items doesn’t come out.

How to donate money and other aid to communities of color in Houston.  I have some students flying home to Houston (the airports have reopened, most of them live in higher areas that weren’t as affected) for Eid who are planning on spending the time volunteering.

Blatant corruption

A plea from Penzey’s

Tricks to spotting fake twitter accounts

Monopolies are bad for democracy.

Mayor of Hell declares heterosexuality illegal.

A great post by not of general interest.

Writing is like sex because

The battery… passed away.

do want (only with more books)

A calendar of special dinners

Below is a picture of our former Garage Cat, happy in his forever home.  (The photographer intervened right after taking the picture!)

Link Love

DC Judge approves government warrant seeking data from anti-Trump website because it helped facilitate planning of Inaguration Day protests.  *cough*fascists*cough*

Speaking of fascist states, Police unions and legislators are standing by laws that protect drivers who kill protesters

How close is your closest confederate memorial?

From February but clearly correct

Look at that weird gradient in California.

This is an excellent comment by Annalee

We can’t afford a house in Paradise.  :(

Financial milestones

I got a call from these scammers  (blocked)

Have you tried baking with ancient wheat?

peppermint stick pickles

bothers me that that isn’t the sagittal plane

someone save this poor kitty


Link Love: A week has felt like a year ever since the 2016 election started getting heated up

and this week is no different.  Yes to all the comedians saying, “I’m old enough to remember when we were all just worried about nuclear war with North Korea.”

So as you can see in the bottom video link, for some reason I’ve had “John and Hank have got a purple tank” stuck in my head (possibly from watching some of the Indiana Jones clip that shows every fight with Nazis… I hate Nazis).   If you listen to that often enough and don’t click away, eventually youtube plays the most excellent John and Green We are All Bat People songify (which is how #1 discovered Vlogbrothers).  One of the lines that John says is, “Crime is not actually caused by evil.”  When this songify first came out, I agreed with him whole-heartedly.  Crime *is* caused by “systematic disenfranchisement and lack of opportunity” (and lead in the water, and so on).  But that’s only small crime.  The crime that superheroes only fight when they’re bored waiting for the movie or comic book to get underway.  The muggings and petty thievery.  Until this year, I believed that super-villains were overblown.  I was wrong.  I was very wrong.  Steve Bannon isn’t disenfranchised.  He doesn’t lack opportunity.  He is just full-stop evil.  A super-villain.  Whoever is writing these anti-Trans laws and funding politicians to bully Trans people; that person is evil and powerful.  Nazis in their crisp white Trump polos and khakis– they’re not lacking opportunity.  This isn’t economic anxiety.  They’re not just misguided.  Comic books and other fantastic novels have been warning us about this kind of evil for ages.  Not all villains are complicated.  Not all villains are well-meaning but misguided.  The kind of bully Trump is is an ageless one.  Literature and history have been warning us, but because we lived in a society where their voices were dulled and Hitler was a long-dead memory (and other genocidal leaders geographically so far away), we scoffed at them as unrealistic.

So what can you do?  I’m still following actions for americans and 5calls for action items.  Even if I don’t say it here, I still make calls every week, and boy do those $25 donations to various groups and candidates sure add up.  DH is still going to local indivisible meetings (he’s now the treasurer) and democratic party meetings and the occasional protest or rally.  Voter enfranchisement is an incredibly important issue right now– DH is a voter registrar and I’ll be attending the local indivisible become a voter registrar workshop in September.  There are a lot of ways to get active and to fight hate and to bring our country back on the path bending towards justice.  (As always, please leave suggestions in the comments!)

A chilling report from a synagogue in Charlottesville

Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests  Here are the states that have introduced legislation to make it legal to hit protesters with cars  If you live in one– call up your state legislators and tell them WTF

Hate that doesn’t hide.

An excellent rant by FrugalToque

Turns out fascists didn’t actually get the trains to run on time.  That was just propaganda!

Godwin provides an important corollary to his law

One way to confront racists

Here’s another

And if you’re more into cream pies than punches or conversation, here’s another.

A debunking handbook


AP provides standards on how to talk about racists (and other bigots)

Which is the more dangerous kind of nazi?

Anti-nazi comics

Unfortunately the short documentary video clip of Sir Nicholas George Winton who organized the rescue of 669 children, mostly Jewish from the Nazis got taken down (the company gave permission, but twitter is being slow to release it).  There’s a longer version on youtube that is less dramatic.  Watch it.  You need to watch it.  Have lots of kleenex handy.  Then hug your loved ones close to you.  (I’ve also put a shorter youtube clip down below.)

Go Illinois!

GOP senator Corker accuses mom who paid $40 to meet with him because she was worried about her kids’ insurance of being a paid fake activist.

Oregon makes abortion accessible to all women

Texas Women now have to pay for rape insurance (also insurance to cover ectopic pregnancies as the amendment about saving the life of the mother did not make it into the bill)

More research showing that refugees have zero effect on native outcomes

This is pretty good

#Notallstatues are bad:  The English Pug and the French Poodle

I also have this question

dog poop paper vs. plastic

A book definitely makes a guy more attractive.  More hot guys.

I would totally buy this if DH’s old t-shirts weren’t so comfy

Jeans through the ages

How songs get stuck in my head