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Some places you can donate to help women get abortions and here’s some more.  You can also donate to the ACLU or NARAL if you’re interested in the court cases (I gave to both this week).  If your state legislature is in session, the best thing that you can do is find out what abortion bills are up and call your state legislators to tell them what to support or to vote no on (I did this this week, and yelled at my state legislator for voting the wrong way!).  Celeste Pewter has some information.  It looks like Missouri just passed a ban on Friday.  If you live in Louisiana, call your senators about their heartbeat bill.  Senator Warren has suggestions for how to fight next wherever you live in the US.  If you live in Massachusetts, call your state legislators about getting those old anti-abortion laws that RvW invalidated off the books.  If you live in Texas, tell your house rep to vote against SB 22 which makes it illegal for cities to partner with planned parenthood.  If you live in a state that has already passed one of these horrific anti-abortion laws, call your legislators to find out how they voted and then either thank them or tell them you’re angry.  No matter where you live in the US, something can be done by you this week to fight.  Please let us know in the comments about what’s going on in your state, or what you’re doing nationally– it will help other people reading to find out what needs to be done and what they can do.

Also if you live in Texas, SB9 which restricts voting rights got moved out of committee in the House (it already passed the Senate), so call your house rep to tell them to VOTE NO.  My friend from Texas says you can also call the calendars committee and ask them not to schedule it to the floor.  

This thread explains how a single scam artist named Gregg Cunningham and his mega-church affiliates has used the anti-abortion movement to scam millions of dollars from evangelicals across the world… and how they pay protesters.  (Those accusations of democrats having paid protesters when they don’t– that’s because a lot of anti-abortion protesters actually are paid.)  It seems like a paranoid conspiracy theory, but there are actual receipts in the thread from reputable sources.  They’re really not trying to hide it.

Women are already being punished for controlling their bodies even after RvW.

Forced birth advocates and the misogynist playbook of the past

Maureen Johnson talks about being shamed by her insurance company because she had to get a pelvic examination after getting into a car crash.

Educated people who can move out of the South will.

Offered for your consideration

Thoughts on bad husbands, activism, and what we can all do that matters

Why have no control levers been made for women’s hands?

The best episode of yo is this racist

The one simple trick to solving the climate change problem is to elect democrats

Kids in America are missing school because they can’t afford toothpaste and tampons (Action:  donate tampons to a local food pantry or school district– our middle and high schools both have a pantry where kids can get hygiene products and they’re always asking for menstrual products, but people prefer to buy them deodorant.)

Writing romance novels in a tough year

Freedom to dumpster dive

Why so many rich kids eventually come to enjoy the taste of healthier foods

I would eat this

The great Ohio key fob mystery, or honey, I jammed the neighborhood. (Also an example why it’s good to still have actual keys, not just fobs.)

Hedgehog with socks


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New Georgia law criminalizes abortion, subjects women to life in prison, etc.

This week there was a shooting near a school (no kids were hurt) that caused a lockdown at the school which proceeded to have a fire.  What do you do when there’s a fire in a building under lockdown for a potential shooter?

If the whitehouse prevents congress from getting evidence of corruption from Trump, they can still get evidence from the people bribing Trump.

What happens when a teacher at a broke middle school in Texas goes to ask for money.

Gay Mag

So… if you’re curious how many links #1 sends #2 compared to the number that #2 sends #1… this week is evidence, I think.

May the Link Love be with you

Captain Awkward with A Half-Assed Activist Post About Getting Through This Shitshow Without Perpetuating Or Tolerating Bad Behavior And Keeping Some Tiny Spark Of Hope Alive

Wikipedia still has a woman problem

Russia is partly responsible for the anti-vax movement in the US via Russian Troll Farms.

Headline not from the onion:

How I stopped getting unwanted attention from men by running for president

When you can’t afford another ER bill and your two year old eats poison

Technological change has hurt non-college workers

An excellent set of links and a bit of a peptalk from Wandering Scientist last weekend.  I think it’s a positive sign that Wandsci and Captain Awkard are pep talking activism– we’ll have one in a week or two as well.  I’m taking it as a sign that my demo is starting to recover from the last election and has regained some energy to move forward, and at an important time.  I hope everyone who can will join us, if only to protect those who can’t.

Trump’s terrible taxes

I would add:  Keep the important stuff to the first three lines of the email.  Don’t assume they will read any more than that.

We’re looking forward to this!

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Look, a baby!

Hey, book drive to get books by authors of color into school libraries.  A worthy cause. (We donated.)

The day this posts (Saturday) is Independent Bookstore Day.

Suggested hobbies for heroines in romance novels.  Adorable.

Gail Carriger’s reading kryptonite.

Maybe ask your doctor to check your measles titer.

This film looks quite delightful!  Apparently it’s on amazon and iTunes, though I haven’t checked.

Posted without comment:

Look, sexist structures in the workplace!  Ugh.

Fascinating thread on what still life really means.

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We’ve both had weird (but different) sicknesses this week.  More on that when my DH doesn’t end up dying (at which point #1 will have a funny but extremely expensive story) and maybe after #2 figures out what ‘s going on.

Wandsci is inspiring.

Measles can destroy your immunity to other diseases

One reason it’s hard to be a woman in STEM, and what can men can do about it. (Also:  chirp, what up!)

Code switching isn’t pandering, and saying it is is a way to people who grew up having to do it “in their place”.

What to do if you are targeted by the right-wing smear machine

Alice Hamilton American Hero

The best books you’ve never heard of April 2019 (#1 can attest she has not heard of these)

Another late link love

My internet was being slow this morning so I gave up and also I was lazy last night.  Basically I’m lazy.

Midwest hometown small town middle america

Kamala Harris

Lesbian (and other LGBT) romances — so jealous this person has advance KJ Charles books.

No wonder people in Denmark are so happy!

How to pronounce words

it me

Real life drama at the delagar household

We love Link Love in the springtime

Here’s a link from Seanan McGuire, whom we love.  I also love Roxane Gay.  Here’s a writeup of her being awesome and the importance of #OwnVoices.

Speaking of writers, we’ve been following some of the #RitasSoWhite discussion.  As readers of romance novels, here’s what we can do.

#2 says that I should “Read this story!”  But I haven’t.

Another twitter thread that #2 sent me.  And anotherOne more.

A JoCo song about impeachment

A subcontinent explanation.  An infuriating examination of yet another way in which the federal government is racist.