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Another week with one of us traveling and the other one swamped.

#2 is totally sick of discussing politics.  Every time politics comes up, she goes, “Kittens!”  Seems like she’s not the only one.

If you are still reading about politics, this new republic article comparing Goldwater’s campaign to Trump’s is well worth a read.  It is the only explanation of Trump’s popularity that makes any sense at all.

This country.  SMH.  This is what our parents must have felt like growing up going, WTF is happening.  And, again, of course, it is all about race.  I’m not really sure what can be done.  I mean obviously vote for Hillary Clinton in the general and donate to her campaign once the primary is over.  If something can be done, then it is too important to ignore, but if nothing can be done then we should probably just look at pictures of kittens.  Hopefully it will be more clear what we’re supposed to do when the primaries are finally over.  Maybe the convention will give us guidelines on how to move forward.

Of course, we can’t ignore that it’s also all about gender.  And violence.

How long until black future month?

Sexism and Academia.

Look, I know that our system of agricultural subsidies is messed up, but this article just makes me think, mmmmm cheeeeeese.

Con or bust is doing auctions to name characters in books by future authors.  Here’s one for Scalzi.  Here’s one for Courtney Milan.

More on Chuck Tingle.

Life lessons from Diffy Q.

How the rich got rich and the poor got poor.


Let’s get this link love started

#1 is so over this week, and #2 is traveling.  Hopefully these links will amuse us all.


here, a kitty

Lessons from losing your iPhone

WTF!!  And also this.

Being rich runs in families.  Quelle surprise.



ok, the comments on this are pretty funny:

We got into a discussion about poop.  This stuff is fascinating.

Do you have any inappropriate habits?


Link Love

When you’re having a great day then #wellactually arrives

I don’t get this one, but #2 sent it.

She also thinks this is the best thing.


It’s so great not to be teaching.

So sick of this trope

From someone who saw Trump’s tax returns.

free cat toy with every purchase!




Why people are angry

Why we thought trump would lose

Why Bernie lost and what to do about it

Ugh comments

Texas again



Sunday afternoon link love

Yeah, so caffeine withdrawal isn’t pretty.  Related to that, updates may not be regular for the next couple months (there’s no post scheduled as of this typing for Tuesday, for example) because deadlines.  We’re fine, just busy.

PSA:  That frozen veggies recall has been way expanded from before.

The minecraft generation

note to self: check out reader comments on these

Astounding is right.  He does not understand interest rates.  Trump is gonna run this country like he runs his businesses:  into the ground.

This is so true.

Cinco de Mayo PSA from Gatos de Noticias

Oooh, snakes!

This is kinda NSFW

Your Free Trump Score (TM) is:  570

xykademiqz calling advance readers

Can you not pac

He really should have

Love IT

Misty Copeland Barbie

Larry Wilmore breaking it down for the confused

Georgia governor actually vetoes campus carry bill.   It is so weird to see a Republican actually interested in preserving individual freedoms these days.

Check out these new bios of early American women.

This is depressing

Math + cooking

Hot take

We still don’t get this.

This industry and living life on the lowest difficulty setting

Fluent cat

on homeowners insurance

Link Love

Sleep is more than a personal choice


tiny house hunters the drinking game (enjoy responsibly)

Get your woman card .  Here’s the benefits.

The humanities have too much whimsy

This is the dude who made Cyberpunk and Castle Falkenstein

Yet another school with yet another sex scandal.  Ugh.

Are you believing Republican propaganda?

with the good hair

I am really sorry that I complained (here on the blog, not to like facilities or anything) when our single sex stalls turned unisex.  My complaints about my male colleague’s inability to aim are insignificant compared to the trouble that some folks have when using a single-sex restroom.  (aside:  F* NC)  Now I am aware and sorry!

From 3 years ago.

this cat is my cat’s spiritual brother

Berniebro math

Why does Piers Morgan still have a platform?

light reads for heavy hearts (though I confess, I do not understand bee and puppycat)


Link Love

This is a bit mind-blowing.  (Though it may take reading through a bunch of them before the full power sinks in.)



It’s about the MONEY

I have been on this precipice

I have a beta hat

I think I’ve been doing this too.  The pro-Bernie people (disclaimer: #notallberniebros) can get kind of scary and they do tend to shut down showing support for HRC.  It’s less cool and who wants to deal with being harassed for not feeling the Bern.

Clinton vs. Sanders on policy.   Also, pretty much all the economists I’ve been seeing (and I have been seeing a LOT of them this election season) are pro-Hillary.  What’s weird is that many of them think that Trump supporters and Sanders supporters are tapping into the same populist movement created from rising inequality.  (The only difference between the two groups is blatant racism?)  I’m not sure how true that is, but I mostly only see well-off liberal Sanders supporters, not the millenial ones.  (Personally, I suspect that Sanders supporters are like #2 who is voting based on greater levels of policy agreement, or are misogynists who can’t handle the idea of a woman president.)

On becoming anti-bernie

why bother?

Chuck Wendig agrees with me about Tiny Houses

In which #2 explains 420 to me

Ben and Jerry arrested

Don’t blink, it’s link love

One of us is out of town and the other is recovering from Stupid Virus.  Let’s see what links we can dig up!

Don’t worry, racists. Really.

We continue to love Breaking Cat News and follow it constantly.  Now with twitters!

Speaking of twitters… Do you feel the BernMaybe not?

Make it easy to vote!

Got kitteh conflict?  try this:

Hey minimalists, come on now.

Mad props to the west coast!  Fertility control for all!

It’s Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday and she’s still alive!  Woooooo.


Literal food porn

A very awesome cartoon/comic.

Don’t tell my boss, but I watched this at work:

I blame the virus for the fact that I sent #2 the following message:

sorry, I just felt like sending this to you for no reason: BOOGER BOOGER BOOGER BOOGER BOOGER BOOGER BOOGER ok I’m done now

Well, Grumpeteers?  Booger.


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