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Tent shelter in Texas to add thousands of beds for immigrant children

Ronan Farrow reports on Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged rape attempt  (That’s what this secret document was probably about)

Why does Susan Collins hate free speech?

Does Brett Kavanaugh have a gambling problem?  Quite possible.  That’s probably the least shady possibility, the more shady ones involving Russia.


N K Jemisin talks about why mentioning race is important in this world

h/t to agaishanlife for this 2011 post on dealing with lovecraft’s racism and the lovecraft award

Not all harassment is sexual– how Les Moonves kept us from watching a ton of great sitcoms with strong female characters.

Facebook has empowered a conservative magazine to censor liberal viewpoints

You don’t own me

Vaulting workers into the middle class with higher pay

Must read gay romances.  Do you read eloisa james?

Blogspot is eating comments again, but I tried commenting on this one saying, “Are you me?”  (Here’s Proof from our archives)

This is pretty cool


Link Love: Save the Supreme Court Edition

Save voting rights!  Save reproductive rights!  Save the integrity of the court (what’s left of it, anyway).  CALL your blue state senators and tell them to keep up the good work (especially those of you with heroes on the judiciary committee!).  Call your red state senators and tell them Kavanaugh is unacceptable.  Call your senators and tell them to say no to Kavanaugh.

This thread is an amazing recap of day three of the hearings.  Well worth reading.

Evidence of perjury… and there’s a lot more evidence now.


Kavanaugh clerk flashes a white power sign… claims it was ironic, but was it really?

Kavanaugh refused to shake hand of father whose daughter died in Parkland, then it gets worse.  No amount of soccer driving makes up for this lack of empathy.

Just a note to Lindsey Graham– when the constitution was written 231 years ago, abortion was legal in the US.  (Poisoning a pregnant woman, for example, by poisoning her well, could have additional penalties in some states, but that was to protect, not restrict, the woman in question.)

Kamala Harris grills Kavanaugh

Nobody wanted Kavanaugh, even before the perjury, well, except rich supervillains

Immigration applications purposefully being slowed down

343 parents deported without kids still missing

How ayn rand made it into classrooms

Trigger warnings harassment at a convention

I recently had an econ textbook sent to me where the first paragraph was asking the reader to imagine buying a gift for their girlfriend.  So basically, only heterosexual men, bisexuals, and lesbians are allowed to be economists.  I sent it back with a note saying I would never adopt it.  This physics book is even worse.

Social rules at a CS convention

This week in fascism


I do this… I didn’t even realize I did, but I do.

Scalzi on 20 years of money

2 year FIRE anniversary

Stata pitfalls

Social media things

read to the end

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Blue State Citizens:  This is what happens when you stop calling!  Your senators confirm a lot of Trump judges so they can go on vacation.

Lilly Ledbetter fighting against Kavanaugh

Who else is fighting against Kavanaugh

This week in fascism:  Throwing US Citizens in JAIL, denying their passports, throwing their citizenship in question because they were born on the border with Mexico.

in and out is donating a bunch of money to republicans

Do yard signs matter?  I was totally going to write this post (parties have seized on to a couple of RCT that show they help by only a couple ppt and aren’t necessarily the best use of money, but how externally valid are those studies?), but Texas Tribune beat me to it!

Inequality in a Chicago suburb.

Thread all the Louis CK defenders need to read.

Oh Dear.

Parents have to break (adult) child out of hospital when she wants to transfer to another hospital.

Captain Awkward tells an abused woman it is not her fault, and that she can leave even if the abuse is only 5% of the time.

Solitary diner explains why she stopped dieting

She Picks Up Pennies talks about how she spends her own money on supplies as a teacher.  (A good reminder to find a high poverty district on and give them some cash.)

Why kids want things

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 11 (vs. Chapter 13) bankruptcy

In Ontario, Canada there is literally a law that says that saying sorry is not an admission of guilt.

Tesla tiles vs. solar panels

Not available for purchase

#2 sent me this when I had to remind her (again) that people aren’t food

p.s.  I registered 20 people to vote this week!

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This week has been such an insane week work-wise that basically we wouldn’t find out what was happening in the world until the evenings.  A lot happened in the world.

Over 500 migrant kids are still separated from their parents weeks after court deadline, including 23 kids under age 5.  I don’t know what the action item is here, other than to give another donation to places like the ACLU and Raices Texas.

Betsy DeVos wants to fund guns for school.

ICE detains man driving pregnant wife to deliver their baby.

Down with Silent Sam, and down with the NC State Legislature in November.

Beto O’Rourke defends NFL Players who take a knee.  He’s a good one to support, all you blue-state folks in safe districts wondering where to send your campaign contributions.

Teen Vogue’s story on the women sexually harassed by former Northwestern professor (triggers).

Don’t have sex with students bingo card

This looks like a good important book that neither of us could handle actually reading (all the trigger warnings, also an amazon affiliate link)

MassPoliticsProfs shares a personal-political post

Related:  Why that feel-good news story should make you feel very bad

Jenny Han talks about the importance of Asian Americans on screen and To all the boys I’ve loved before.  (Which is also a fantastic book, btw, though IIRC her first series, before this one, is a bit squicky in terms of age differences and young protagonists.)

Donate supplies and gift cards to former foster kids moving into the dorms at UCLA (I always give feminine products off these kinds of lists because they’re necessary and they’re usually one of the last things funded)

How much it costs to give birth in every state

Public pension plans with higher fees have worse performance

Stacking Pennies discusses Ambition in her 30s

The misunderstood science of sexual desire

Corn that doesn’t need soybeans or fertilizer

This is an amazing performance

This truly is the greatest twitter scheme.  Is this the real life?

Like most people, I’m secure.

Link love

Ten Recommendations to Increase College Student Voting and Improve Political Learning and Engagement in Democracy

A rundown of automatic voter registration and modernization by state.

This week in fascism

If you’re on twitter, use block together to add yourself to this blocklist in order to fight Alex Jones (the guy who uses his twitter platform to harass Sandy Hook families who lost their children in the Sandy Hook mass shooting).  Twitter has refused to ban him and only suspended him briefly at all after this blocklist was started.

How to discuss the far right without empowering it  (Answer:  treat it like any other political party and show that there’s no there there.)

Reminder to check your voter registration and why you may have been pruned

Green Party Candidate was on state GOP payroll

Bait truck filled with Nikes in black Chicago neighborhood was part of railroad sting.  Favorite quote:  “In the Bait Car episode that took place in Englewood, the car itself was the bait, but the thieves ended up taking the police surveillance equipment in the trunk rather than the vehicle. They managed to escape before the authorities could apprehend them.”

Average salaries haven’t gone up much in the last 40 years

This is a splendid rage

Why so-called formerly “progressive” white men turned to Trump (hint:  they’re sexist racist douches)

This cold-diarrhea take is getting old

Why the use of the phrase “friend zone” needs to die  I have been noticing a shift in its usage more recently to be a bit more empowering for women– I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than stopping the use of the phrase.  I think maybe better?  Because people really like the phrase, and it’s going to get used, so it’s better without the connotations of it being a bad thing.

What is a collider variable?

Does television kill your sex life?  The answer may not surprise you.

Travel tips for people who don’t want to travel hack

How a Hugo nominated song inspired a book by Campbell award nominee

Best and worst instant ramen

Woman takes nap



Saturday morning link love

Link love is a bit late because last night after work I picked up the book I was reading, Stiletto, and didn’t finish until well past my bedtime.  If you haven’t read the first book in that series, The Rook, read that first.

Ok, now let’s see what kinds of activism, horror, and cute kitteny things #2 and I have collected this week…

Celeste P has some great suggestions about how and where you can help in the upcoming Senate elections.  If you’ve got money, there’s places to give it.  If you’ve got time, there’s suggestions where to spend it.  If you have a Platform, there’s suggestions on how to use it.  Let’s ALL start talking about what everyone can do.  The Blue Wave isn’t going to happen unless we make it happen, and it is vulnerable, very vulnerable.  We need to make it a tsunami in order to swamp the effects of gerrymandering, voter suppression, “lost” votes, hacked electronic voting, and so on.

If you have travel miles, you can donate them to help reunite separated families.

ICE crashed a van full of separated mothers, then denied it ever happened.

This article on the new version of Queer Eye says some really thought provoking stuff about gender roles and also has a bit about minority acceptance.  (H/T agaishanlife)

Looking for some short entertaining informative videos?  We found Matt Baume this week.  His culture cruise videos are fascinating, especially for generation Xers— I never knew that most of my core feelings about gay marriage and safe sex were taken from Golden Girls and Designing Women (h/t my mom for being hooked on those shows enough to let me watch them even as a little kid!).  The other popular videos are great too.  Learn some history and think about how media affected and continues to affect culture.

The conference childcare conundrum.

A lot of people who have never encountered a Trump supporter IRL talk about how we need to be nice to them so we can convince them to somehow become good people.  Delagar explains how that goes down.

The McMansion Hell lady discusses Betsy DeVos’s monstrous summer home.

Russian trolls on twitter are identity fishing, and we don’t know why.

Why Becca picked the wrong guy.  Personally, I think it’s just that she has terrible taste in men.  (See:  Arie.)

Why banning Muslim veils backfires and why countries keep doing it anyway

Miser Mom discusses the need to reduce and reuse.

Dr. Jen Gunter discusses where the science is on menopause treatments

Need help with your syllabus dates?

College level math with exotic cats

Dame Eleanor discusses stuff in this poignant post.

I totally get this movie, especially the mouseover.

Drunk Austen sorts Jane Austen characters into Harry Potter houses.

I wonder if we should do this to our shower

Eating down food at home (and decluttering the pantry) is in!  We recently did the Frugal Girl’s freezer challenge so I can fit more TJ’s meals into the freezer for the start of the school year…

This looks delicious

Curiosity got Fontina

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There has been more sexual assault of migrant children by concentration camp employees in the news, but we didn’t grab those articles because they were too depressing.

Most high schools aren’t giving students the chance to register to vote in Texas despite state law

Canvassing while black

An index fund of political contributions from actblue

The GOP candidate for KS governor is a con artist

What happens after a burqa ban

TSA stalks regular people

Life without Roe v Wade

Do you boycott businesses that advertise they are pro-trump?

Wendy’s donates primarily to Republicans

NK Jemisin explains how we’ll know prejudice is over when even mediocre people are treated the same

Another romaine lettuce recall

A monologue on dialogue

How America uses its land

Stata cheat sheets

You can’t schedule enjoyable events like you do work

Crazy Grad Mama talks about her new job

Delagar discusses money

College level mathematics by SMBC

top free online courses to learn python

Feminist bro

When you can’t do a lot