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Call or fax your senators and representatives!  The new Tax Bill is bad and repeals the ACA!  Chip still isn’t funded.  There’s still no DREAM act.  Congress can DO something about Net Neutrality.  Heck, congress could do something about sensible gun legislation.

Black women are not magic negroes.  Here’s some sociology explaining.  Here’s how to truly thank Black women (hint:  donate money and time to their political organizations).  Also:  VOTE THEM IN OFFICE.

Here’s a list of the changes made in political activism in Alabama for this election.

Open Secrets with a running list of all the President’s emoluments

Propane Jane speaks Truth about misogyny and patriarchy.

In case you missed Billy Kimmel.

Republicans killing Obamacare

You already know this, but appealing to Trump Voters is a Lost Cause.  Mobilize the base!

Hazards to market futures.

Pollution deregulated

Your tax dollars being used to attack Patagonia

There’s a lot of speculation that Trump is going to fire Mueller and congress is going to let him if we don’t act right away.  There are a lot of suggestions that the firing is going to take place next week while many Americans are traveling or celebrating the holidays.  Here’s information on where and when you can go to protest.  If it happens before 2pm, the protest will be 5pm that day.  If it happens after 2pm, then the protest will be at noon the next day.  Keep some posterboard and markers on hand in case you need to make signs!

We could fix this problem with revolving door legislation

Courtney Milan also had a #metoo (trigger:  sexual harassment)

This moment is about being able to WORK unmolested (trigger: sexual harassment).

Imagine yourself a young reader in the margins


Eco Cat Lady discusses something that has surprisingly helped her get better sleep.

The 2017 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog takes a bit of a #resisting turn this year.

For the Pastafarian on your list


John Boyega is showing up all over the internet because he’s on a publicity tour for the new movie.  I am finding him to be completely and totally adorable.

Sometimes you just need to see lots of pictures of baby octopodes

Evergreen tweet

At least 20K other people in the US got this joke enough to like it, which means I’m not alone.  Right?  Right?  (I feel so alone.  I had to explain it to 3 people including my husband and #2.  Then I gave up.)

Best Christmas songs you’ve never heard.

I have been loving the holiday stream.

I had never heard of Leadbelly until this week when I was curious about the origins of Black Betty.  He was a black singer who recorded over 100 songs (may of them while he was in jail) with the help of a couple of Linguists.  It’s astonishing how many of these songs later became huge hits when covered by white dudes.



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Link love is late today because our heater is broken and it is cold outside so it has been hard to get my fingers to emerge from covers, much less the rest of my body.  But here I am!  There’s a sun patch next to the computer that Little Kitty and I are both sitting in right now.

There are a bunch of bad things about the Republican Tax Bill.  Punishing Americans who use public schools.  Destruction of the American social safety net. CALLPROTESTVISIT OFFICES.  FAX.  Do just a little bit more activism than you really want to do.

The media is doing a horrible job of framing this– as a fight between two equal sides.  They should try reporting on the truth instead of treating this like a football game.  Here’s a great thread with  more on the topic of framing.

5 ways to push back against the tax bill from teen vogue

Even the Republicans were screwed from voting on a bill they hadn’t read.  THAT’S WHY WE HAVE REGULAR ORDER!  Because of unintended consequences!!!!!

When the bad guys weaponize outrage.  (He got reinstated)

A killer cop actually went to jail for shooting an unarmed black man in the back.  (Of course, another killer cop just got acquitted for shooting another black man with arms raised high who was pleading for his life)

Dear mens, your greasy demon hands are in time out

This is a lot of awfulness to unpack in one guy.  (Lots of trigger warnings in just one tweet!)

Grad students protest GOP tax hike

From a rally in Reading, PA.

Delayed action prescription drugs can kill even after vomiting up an overdose

Go give Stacking Pennies some ideas on how to help

Cards against humanity redistributes your wealth

Book cover parodies.  Check out 1984.

Read this thread on Max.  Do not let him in the library.

Link love


This tax bill is so so so bad.  SO BAD.  OMG so awful.  So many bad economics.  I cannot even.

We were really really engaged.  And now we’re not as engaged.  How do we get that momentum back?  Any ideas?

FASCISM:  Government official attacks Alyssa Milano for supporting Net Neutrality

Quality coverage of Nazis, who are not actually “just like us”

A woman approached the Washington post with dramatic and false tale about Roy Moore.  She’s part of a sting operation.

“Christian” values

HRC, advice columnist for Dear Sugars

Meghan Markle fought against sexist advertising when she was 11

The Hate U Give banned by Katy, TX school district.

Black girl books resource guide

Mudbound and what it says about racism in the US.

Not surprisingly, Blake Farenthold used taxpayer money to pay his sexual harassment lawsuits.

Access Lynda for free

This city hall brought to you by Amazon

A Nazi cooks pasta

End of the semester bingo

Meet Georgia Dunn (not literally)



Whoops, someone forgot to do link love

This is getting to be a Saturday afternoon feature, eh?

What is net neutrality?  Here’s a primer from Planting Our Pennies.  What’s going on with net neutrality right now is pretty scary.  For example, a bot stole this woman’s name and true email address and left a comment about net neutrality.  Here’s the FCC commissioner asking for help.

US is one of three officially pro-Nazi countries, based on a vote at the UN.

The Republican case for Doug Jones.

The impossible and anti-victim process of reporting sexual harassment as a congressional staffer.  Hint:  nothing happens except that they legally shut your mouth.

Shakespeare talks about sexual harassment.

Trump Census pick is pro-gerrymandering.

How mom and dad money chose health insurance this year.

If you know a blind child learning braille, this resource is pretty amazing.  They even have board books.

Some of these books look horrible, but I’ve heard that a few of them are very good indeed. This group looks pretty good too.

Carrying 10K across the border.

Why are all the planets in the same plane?  (Pluto isn’t!)

Curious Zelda

This Thanksgiving: Remind people about ACA sign-ups!

If you’re out and about with people you don’t normally see, Thanksgiving is a great time to remind people about Affordable Care Act sign-ups!  (And maybe explain that the silver plan prices are going way up but the bronze and gold plan prices aren’t.)

And hey, if you’re going to be talking about politics, it might be a good time to gently nudge people to do a little bit of activism.  There’s a lot of things to call about.  If your friends and family care about something specific but don’t know what to do, 5Calls probably has a script for it!  If they feel like their Democratic party isn’t helping but they want a group to join, hook them up with Indivisible.   If they want a place to target their money for the 2018 election, tell them about SwingLeft.  If they’d like a list of weekly suggestions, there’s a bunch of choices, like Jennifer Hoffman’s checklist , Wall of Us, or Actions for Americans.

For those of you stuck doing Thanksgiving with neonazis and other bigots because of “family obligations”, you have our sympathy.

In other news, #1’s family has decided on a boring traditional Thanksgiving this year.  Last year we got catering complete with fancy takes on each part of the meal (but the friends we had over have to visit their family this year for various family drama reasons).  The year before we did a vegetarian Thanksgiving with vegetarian friends.  The year before that was duck!  So we’re due for simple again.

Cornbread stuffing
Green bean casserole (it was going to be green bean almondine which is super easy to make, but DC2 expressed a preference for creamy sauce)
sweet potato casserole (my sister is going to make a savory version)
cranberry sauce (my sister has volunteered for this one as well)
apple pie
pumpkin pie
vanilla ice cream

My sister has also decided she wants to bring Brussels sprouts which she and DH can enjoy, DC1 and I can avoid, and DC2 can try to see if zie likes it. We still have some in the freezer from the catering last Thanksgiving…  (Yuck.)

What are your plans?

This time late link love isn’t really my fault

My internet went out last night when I tried to do them.  Sure, I could have done them earlier, but it has been an insanely busy week.  (Let’s also ignore the fact that I finished DragonBox big numbers this week.)

Under Trump, Obamacare Shopping is Even More Confusing.  Here’s Huffington Post with an explanation.    The video is also worth watching.

Indivisible has a new website out with a new tool working to get principled people running and winning elections in every congressional district in the country.

More info on the GOP tax cut Also, here’s how it could (partly) destroy higher education in America.  Here’s how it might affect Californians.

At a conference recently, a colleague living in a college town in a blue state who has never so much as seen a Trump sticker in her life yelled at me that we need to be doing more to communicate with Trump supporters and that Trump isn’t racist(?) and when I call him racist I’m alienating people and she’s sure that he has some policies that aren’t racist or enriching himself.  I remember people arguing that *before* the election.  But now.  No.  “we gotta focus on enfranchising and energizing our side“.  In fact, here’s a good response from a logical person.  As David Perry argues in this excellent thread, they are only a problem for Dems if we court them.  Let’s stay the anti-Nazi party!

A discussion of the military and civilians and guns.   A discussion of the military, domestic violence records, and gun background checks.  Back in February, Trump signed a bill revoking Obama-Era gun checks for people with mental illnesses.

This thread is SICKENING.  Here’s where you can give money to Moore’s opponent Doug JonesDoug Jones is a good man who prosecuted the KKK members who killed four little girls in a church bombing in 1963.  A Jones victory would send a signal that it is NOT RIGHT for adults to “date” 14 year old girls, even with “their mother’s permission“.

Who can defend the sexualization of work environments now?

Russian trolls didn’t need to infiltrate the American media because WE LET THEM IN

If the election anniversary is hitting you hard, here’s why.

The election anniversary didn’t hit me too hard, here’s why.

If white characters were described like people of color in literature

Reviews of diverse books

More gems from marking

Why do banana candies taste like not bananas

Why it is TK not TC

Link love: the links concierge

I’m here with a hand-selected variety of tweets, along with any other links we could dredge up for fun or interest.  Please enjoy!

Racism is shitty.

Pumpkin being gross.

For trash people who argue the civil war wasn’t about slavery:

Why is California great?

Get Rich Slowly is going through some changes.

Science is awesome!

Here’s a twitter thread that should have been a blog post, about adoption.

Republican politicians are trash. But you can enroll in Obamacare during open enrollment now!

Don’t forget DST ends this weekend, for those to whom it applies.  Woo.