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When ICE raids homes


1000 Jewish protesters block entrance to ICE HQ.  Why Jews are getting themselves arrested at ICE centers around the country.  A Jewish doctor talks about his experiences “here I am in Texas at the gates of a refugee camp” Catholics also getting arrested protesting concentration camps for migrant children.

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What is the connection between farmers markets and fascists?

FaceApp claims ownership of your personal photos and… has Russian ties.

An epidemic of disbelief.

How a taxable account can be as good as a Roth

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Keep reading this thread on kodak... you think you’re done and then there’s another story…



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A bit light on links this week.  I was doing a lot of forensic data stuff (where did those numbers come from?) prior to a presentation.

The true origins of the Seth Rich conspiracy

Donate to Amy McGrath here.  (This was my Thursday action)  The bad guys are already gunning for her and she definitely needs some media training, but… see the above quote.   Also, the more support she gets, the better her coattails will be in Kentucky’s state and local.

You know those headlines about American households not being able to cover an unexpected $400 expense? Turns out any household who said they would put it on a credit card or would sell property (like stocks?) is included in that number. So while it is definitely problematic that there are low income households who cannot handle those kinds of expenses, the high income numbers are not actually that concerning. Some of those are just people being more efficient with their money than we lazy high income people who keep too much in savings accounts with low interest rates.  The policy brief is an interesting read.


Do you use a project management software for taking care of stuff at home?

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Government report details inhumane conditions in migrant facilities

Dolly Lucio Sevier evaluated dozens of sick children at a facility in South Texas. She found evidence of infection, malnutrition, and psychological trauma.

7 verification tools for better fact-checking

Low income people have more student debt than realized.

What is a Paris Brest?

So the president f*cking hates my girlfriend

Captain Awkward shares her bullet journal technique (and no, bullet journaling doesn’t have to be gorgeous!)  (Personally I don’t think I could handle that amount of introspection… I guess that’s why this blog exists though?  In the By the Book of life, I am definitely the Kristen, not the Jolenta.  Adding more mindfulness is just going to bring more anxiety!)

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Here’s a big document of things you can do, places you can donate, etc. to help the kids in US concentration camps (h/t Delagar)

US journalist has his rights trampled at the US border because he was a journalist entering from Mexico.  Aka, this week in fascism.

How much the tent cities are costing US taxpayers in straight up $$, and a comparison of the much lower costs of the more humane Obama policies that didn’t violate US law.




Yes we do have concentration camps

This is a terrifying thread expounding upon the logical consequences of the previous tweet.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Tell your favorite democratic candidate that you want there to be discussion about climate change.  Call your senators and congresspeople to tell them you want action on climate change (here’s a script and phone numbers).  Find out what is happening in your state while we still have a democracy and lean hard on your elected officials.  Donate money to groups that help fight climate change from a political level– I don’t know which though– does anybody have suggestions?  If so I will link to them up hear and give $25 myself.  People who give us these doom and gloom climate scenarios (I’m looking at you first, Al Gore) need to follow up with “now that you’re fired up here’s what to do” and it needs to be political action, not just turning off lights and unplugging appliances.

Chuck Todd is debate’s biggest loser

and letting the women in the department do all that pesky service work

Pseudo science and rational woo

The credible hulk

France is bacon.

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What follows is a series of atrocities that the US has committed in US immigrant concentration camps.  Some of these are pretty awful, but they are things that we are doing to people within our borders.  We need to stop these atrocities.  I think it is difficult to read any one of these and not want to help, but it is quite possible that the series of them together are overwhelming.  So I am going to start with things we can do, and you can just skip over once you’ve hit your breaking point.  Please, if you are a US citizen, do one of these items– at the very least give an elected representative a call or give some money to Raices Texas.  Raices Texas can help individuals, calling can stop policies if enough people call.

  1. Call your MOC:  Demand congress act to end abuses of detained immigrants  You can do this even if you’ve already called before– news of abuses has been coming out pretty steadily as you can see below.  If you can’t get through via phone, here’s how you can send a fax for free.
  2. Call your state elected officials:  Demand sunshine on detention centers
  3. Donate to Raices Texas
  4. other places to donate:
  5. Call your elected officials about the upcoming ICE raids.
  6. attend (and/or organize) a protest/vigil on July 12.
  7. Subscribe to the Texas Tribune
  8. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper asking for more coverage and/or talking about how awful this all is.

Justice department argues against providing soap, toothpaste, beds, to detained children

An expert on concentration camps says that is exactly what the US is running at the border  A related article from Slate.

This lengthy thread from the Texas Tribune details the conditions and abuses at the concentration camps at our border

Joe Hill is running a fundraiser for refugees

Paired action:  donate to Doug Jones who is the Democratic candidate against Roy Moore

Mick Mulvaney fires all 25 members of consumer watchdog’s advisory board

Referees and editors in economics are not gender neutral

Socialists go back to the past!

Ruth Janetta Temple

Celebrate Juneteenth!

The Problem with Health Sharing Ministries

Yet another IBS experiment: Fermented food overload

We also just seasoned our cast iron with flaxseed oil using this technique and it is amazing!  Eggs!

The story behind old town road

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Where to find an Impeachment protest on Saturday

Very important thread (includes actions) on why we need to keep protesting the ice concentration camps that are already killing children.

ICE and CBP abuse tracker

Kroger recalls frozen berries over Hep A contamination

Google News does not have an anti-conservative bias… but reality still does

Hackers stole traveler’s data from US Customs

There are eight Republican senators still running unopposed in the next election

Women have fought to legalize reproductive rights for at least two centuries.
What Naomi Wolf and Cokie Roberts teach us about the need for historians

Age discrimination in hiring

Phillis Wheatley

My little pony lesbian couple makes it on screen!

Tesla Report

What is and isn’t shiplap

…. this story…

In which #1 is completely irrational about her old car

So…. A 2005 4 door automatic in fair condition with 51,000 miles and no power locks or windows has a trade-in value of $903 according to Kelly Blue Book.  It is likely that the dealership would have given us $0 for it since they really low-balled our 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid.  We could also put it on Craigslist where there’s a private party value of $1,809, again according to  Given the effort and hassle involved, it is likely that just giving it to the dealership would have been the best option.

Especially since my car needed $450 in repairs to repair a gas tank problem.

Rationally, I believe that inanimate objects do not have souls.  That they can’t feel.  That they don’t feel betrayed.  Or sad.  Or disappointed.  But deep down, I don’t really believe that.

Deep down I love this car like I would a cherished pet.  It still has life in it and isn’t ready to be put down, but unlike the case with a pet whose main purpose is to be loved, I need reliable transportation to work and we don’t have room for a third vehicle.

And it isn’t a bad car… it just occasionally falls apart and needs repairs.

One of my colleagues (a middle-aged full-time lecturer/admin with a 3 year contract who makes something like $90K/year, so not low income, but probably did not make that much before getting this position) overheard me discussing my car buying woes with another colleague and stopped me in the hall before school ended for the year to ask if I was planning on selling my low-mileage car.  After I told him about all the flaws, he explained that his truck is getting up in years and miles and he wanted a second vehicle for when his is in the shop, or to rotate with on his daily commute.  Rather than buying a brand new car, he had been looking at getting a second beater to minimize the risk.

This seems like a really great situation for my beloved Accent’s aging years.  It can even occasionally still hang out with its buddies in the parking lot (though sadly it lost its best friend, a tiny red Miata, when another colleague’s family member traded a truck for it).  (Yes, I have created elaborate fantasies about my Accent’s secret life.  It has been with me longer than my children have!)

I’d decided on a $300 price before I realized something in the gas tank was going to need to be replaced.

So, rationally, we should have traded the car in with the broken gas tank and gotten $0 for the dealership to take it off our hands.  (This is, in fact, what we did with our first car when we bought the Accent– we hadn’t had the predecessor that long and the body work that needed to be done to get it to pass the state inspection was worth more than the value of the car.)

Instead… we paid $450 for the EV replacement.

And sold the car for $300.

It’s the end of an era.

But I feel good about this sale.  Irrational as it may be.*

Do you get attached to inanimate objects?  Do you always make rational decisions when money is involved?

*My economist friend notes that from an economic standpoint, this isn’t irrational at all because economics is about happiness, not about money and I can put a price on that additional happiness.  From a colloquial standpoint, it is completely irrational.  Unless cars really do have souls…