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Natural Scientist with a very interesting couple of graphs on covid vaccines and boosters (also how depressing are TX jails?)

Do you find slack easier than being in person at the office because you don’t have to perfectly moderate your femininity?

A confessional of fake Dear Prudie letters.

I’ve needed a Fixing a Work Problem refresher.

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Somehow I got through the week without links.  I was traveling for work.  It was scary.  More on that later.

This article on vaccine development is interesting.

Here’s one I stole from xykademiqz:


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I was very burned out on activism and had to take a break.  But it’s still really important to do.  Here’s some things you can do too.

Vote Forward is focusing on Virginia 2021.  They are planning to send out letters on October 16th.  If you have a printer you can start writing them now.  You can order stamps directly from the USPS here.

I don’t know if Postcards to Voters has any current campaigns, but they are a way to help boost turnout in local elections.

5calls gives phone numbers and prompts on important issues to call your senators and congressperson about.

about those ivermectin studies

A Gai Shan Life asks how do you know you’re rich?  (I don’t feel very rich right now, but I will on Thursday when I get my first paycheck for the year!  In fact, I think DH and I are *both* getting paid.)

Fioneers interviews Mr. 1500 about life after FIRE.

Do you still have trouble focusing?

At end of life, woman, 44, with ovarian cancer urges others to know symptoms

I’m not the only professor dying because undergrads don’t know where they put their files.




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DC1 was exposed to covid in study hall this week.  Fun times.  Oddly the number of cases in the district has dropped dramatically… still high for those of you in sane places but much lower than the first month of school.  I don’t know if this is lack of reporting or if people have been masking/vaccinating/recovered because of how bad it was.  A local college student died of covid which seems to have spurred better behavior, though what a terrible sacrifice.

Scalzi with a reminder not to get complacent about politics.

Interesting thread on one company’s experience with a company-wide vaccine mandate.

This guardian article could have been paid for by the period underpants industry, it’s so convincing.  Has anybody tried these?

It’s common for people to say that nobody on their death bed ever wishes they’d worked more.  I thought this poem (h/t excelsiorbev) was refreshing.  Ha!  Or, maybe he’s talking about how he should have taken more of these moments… that’s one of the things about poetry, there’s often ambiguity.  But I suspect the last line about chickenhawks and the previous line about horse poop may point to the former interpretation.  Not that I believe the farmer has wasted his life, but perhaps if I stop now, I will have wasted mine.  DH’s company did a company-wide meeting and they had to talk about what drives them and most people had some sort of variation of helping people (which makes sense because this is one of those startups that will save lives if they are successful).  I would have said making the world a better place.  Poetry, man.  Thought-provoking.  Introspective.


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So, uh, Saturday. Not really sure what to say. Not that many links either!

One cheerful (/s) local news story:  the county health department has been getting over 2000 new positives a day, but only reports the ones that they confirm.  BUT they only have the manpower to confirm about a 10th of that.  So… cases are underreported (on top of people who don’t work at the university not being able to get covid tests because they’re all booked up).

USA Today lays out optimal Covid public policy.

Identical twins got covid, only the vaccinated twin survived.

Leah sent this article from NYTimes on professor/student relationships. (Me, I’m just trying to not get Covid from mine…)

Here’s some research drama I missed initially.  And I am totally shocked that Dan Ariely would be involved. He’s not like Steve Levitt where you’re like, oh, that’s not surprising since he’s so shifty in so many other ways.  (Disclaimer:  I briefly met Dan Ariely before he was super famous and he was friends with people I really respect.  That was like 20 years ago though and people change and I don’t know any of his current friends!)

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The news has been pretty awful.  I’m not sure what actions to recommend.  I’m sorry guys.  :(

DC1 has been exposed to Covid in class 4x in 3 different classes (most recently in BC Calc), but so far no symptoms (*crosses self*).  One of my friends had a daughter exposed at the university daycare this week and said daughter had standard toddler cold symptoms so they tried to get her a covid test but had to wait two days for an appointment.  Everywhere in town that gives covid tests (other than the university, but being a student at the daycare doesn’t count for access to that) was booked up for more than a day.  Even urgent care couldn’t get her a test without an appointment.  Which means cases aren’t being detected.  Home tests are also sold out pretty much everywhere.  Speaking of undercounts, the local news reports that the death count in our county is undercounted by a couple dozen or so because it’s missing the deaths in our county that were reported directly to the state.  There were 10 new deaths yesterday, which is a record for our county, and includes a couple of young adults.  Test positivity is 8.5% even though the required testing from the university should be driving that number down.  Most people in my first class this week didn’t wear or in many cases even bring masks, but masked up as I individually pleaded with them and provided disposable masks.  My second class pretty much all came in masked, and those who didn’t masked up on their own without me having to say anything, which I am grateful for.

People who opt out of shots should have to pay penalties.

There’s no escape from Facebook even if you don’t use it.

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At orientation for my department maybe 30% of students were masked the first day.  That dropped to ~10% the second day.  I kept having phantom covid symptoms that completely cleared up when my required covid test a few days later came up clean.

This week the high school and middle school buckled down to pressure to inform the public of which classes had covid exposures (recall that last week they finally started informing elementary school classes of exposure).  What they’re doing is posting a spreadsheet with teacher names on the left side and class period on the top.  They delete it each day around 4:30pm so you have to check it every day.  So far middle school dual language is unaffected so DC2 would not have been exposed yet, at least on the days I checked.  DC1 has been exposed in hir only non-AP class (no exposure in orchestra either, but zie says most of varsity orchestra is masked).  Zie says that period is in a very small classroom and DC1 one of like 3 kids who stays masked.  The kid with covid was both coughing on his last day and completely unmasked.  His close friend told DC1 that maybe there was something to this masking thing so I gave DC1 more disposable masks and said that next time someone says that you tell them that your mom gave you lots of extra masks to give away.  Then I ordered another 100 cheap disposable masks from amazon.

DC2 continues to love home schooling.

delagar on how racists believe that minorities simply existing is “woke garbage”  (Racists are wrong, and the new Sandra Oh series is the opposite of woke, at least in terms of storyline.)

So, I had thought this whole horse dewormer thing was being spread by “the internet”… but no, actual Fox News hosts are telling people to take it (the drug that horse dewormers are made of, not horse dewormers by name).  A lot of the mainstream news stories are completely missing that part.  I don’t understand why nobody has sued Fox News over this.  Do we need stronger regulations?  They say that a lot of research studies have shown that invermectin works to disrupt covid, but upon further research, it appears that the Indian studies they refer to show that it does *not* work on people— so far the only showing that it works is that it works kind of like bleach, which you should also not ingest.  Apparently there are a lot of things that don’t work to disrupt covid in the body but do work in a petri dish (including time!).

Here’s a little more information.

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Not a lot of links this week. Our university official sent out an email telling us not to advertise the whereabouts of people in Afghanistan on social media as that is being used by the Taliban. They’re trying to get alumni out in conjunction with the US military. Here’s a Time article on how to help.

Updates to the covid schooling situation:  They are now putting up total number of cases at each school on the school website each day.  The first day of school had 2 new cases.  The second day of school had 10 new cases.

On the second day of school, the district decided that the elementary school classrooms will alert parents when an elementary school has been exposed (I assume because the first two cases were at elementary schools and they were inundated with phone calls from parents asking if their kid was exposed).  DH went to a school board meeting and they stood firm on refusing to do the same at the middle schools or high school because “that would be 7 emails per kid”… which no, you could just send out ONE email every day with which classes were exposed to everybody.  In about a week it won’t be possible to figure out which kid is out by class schedule because multiple kids will be out!  Or they could just note which classes are still within 10 days of exposure.  They have also decided, without reason given, to not mandate masks on busses even though the other town is mandating them because busses are covered under federal, not state, law.  They refuse to collect even voluntary information on how many staff/faculty are vaccinated.  They do not have a threshhold/cutoff for when the school should be shut down even though they had one last year (and never shut the school down).

On the first day of school, DC1’s principal sent an email talking about how great it was to see all the kids’ shining faces, and DC1 says she isn’t wearing a mask at school.  So… that’s the leadership at the high school.

Speaking of leadership, all our work meetings have been hybrid and nobody in person has been masked. Our (maskless) department head went on a thing about how our students are likely to mask because they care about people and one of our adjuncts asked if he should mask when teaching because he hates it and I started shaking and lost my cool. Oh, did I mention our uni President has told all department heads to inform the faculty that the expectation is that we are in our offices from 8-5 M-F? I spent a good portion of Friday working on a job application and the rest hiding in my closet (it’s an anxiety thing—-all these weird coping mechanisms I haven’t used since grad school are resurfacing).

Young fire knight notes that it is easier to save money when you make a lot of money.

A gai shan life contemplates how she should/will stop putting herself down (and why she has done it in the past)

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It has been a really rough week at Casa Grumpy.  We got more information about the start of school and the information we got was bad.  And all the children’s hospitals in surrounding cities are turning away patients.  So we’re withdrawing DC2 from school and home schooling until it is safer.  More on that and actual homeschooling plans on Monday or Wednesday I guess.  Is homeschooling a money thing?  This is not what I wanted and I am stunned and shocked about how a major political party is wiling to sacrifice public health including children for political gain, and that doing so will actually benefit them because we are rapidly becoming ruled by a vocal minority through propaganda, voter suppression, and gerrymandering.  I probably shouldn’t be shocked though… not after Sandy Hook.  And more people will die.  In fact, a third secretary in our department lost a family member this week.  Two fathers and a brother claimed by this pandemic.  I could go on, but instead you can just read some news headlines.

Our situation is pretty similar to the one in this propublica article, though some parts are worse for us and some parts are worse for her.  But yeah, going to the schedule pick-up for dual language… pretty frightening.

This doctor went to a party with 14 other vaccinated people.  11 of them got covid.  And covid is still not pleasant even if you’re vaccinated.

Texas politics are dangerously broken.

1000 kids in Mississippi test positive for covid after schools reopen.

Thread of one Mississippi school’s  experience (contrasted with a nearby school that had a mask mandate).

Why Massachusetts is not seeing huge spikes in kids covid cases yet.

Analogies for vaccines.

if you have a democratic senator read this thread.  The future of the US could depend on what happens in Texas, and they need your help.