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Wandering scientist is starting to do postcards to voters again. We can too!

This is definitely affecting my parenting AND my savings rate.  Forget the Millionaire next door, my kids need a safety net.  Related:  why are parents so scared about college.  One thing with the college scandal is that it seems like a lot of them are nouveau riche… the truly rich don’t need to get scammed by cheaters.

An example of misreporting from the national review.  TW:  stalking.

I had heard Roland Fryer was a terrible boss, and I knew he misused economics to “prove” racist outcomes (usually by pretending selection bias isn’t a thing), but I didn’t know that he was a serial sexual harasser.  A lot of side comments I’d heard made a lot more sense after reading this article.

Women in economics report rampant sexual assault and bias.

Fantasy schedules

7 habits to reduce personal waste

We both did better than Scalzi on this vocabulary test

Nile shipwreck supports Herodotus account

Your pillows might be hurting your neck

Tween Wonder Woman comic

The replies on this one!

cat and two dogs

Welcome Elise!


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You can’t fight the patriarchy without fighting transphobia

Florida massage parlor owner has been selling Chinese execs access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

How to address consent with third graders

I’m not sure how I feel about this article on how Inuits teach children to control anger

Love this article on Jane Austen’s transformation of the narrator

Why Johnny or Taylor must cheat

Jailors opposed to escapism

don’t drunkenly email your boss this St. Patrick’s Day

marriage problems for writers

a short story called clover that is lovely and has a happy ending with happy kitties (although the kitties are mad for a while)

Maybe she’s just not that into you

I find this more mind-boggling than pre-ripped jeans

“DARling, did you forGET to inVITE your MOTHER????”

Exploding Nazi appeaser pope

Take them kitty balls

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Call using this script (or your own) to demand Nielsen’s resignation.

States with stricter gun control regulations have fewer mass shootings

Man sues Alabama clinic where his (teenage) ex-girlfriend got an abortion.  (Donate here to the clinic)

Unvaccinated child developed Oregon’s First Pediatric Tetanus Case in 30 years

Meanwhile Rand Paul misinforms about vaccines because I have no idea.  His DAD understands that children are people, not property, and should be protected from their parents’ bad decisions.  His dad understands the economics of how to be a good libertarian.  Rand Paul thinks kids are property.

This week in Fascism:

if this is socialism, sign me up

Corruption in Texas’s school endowment fund.

Can we have a black history month do-over?

International Men’s Day is Nov 19th, Donate here (especially if you are in the UK).

This is a gripping story, though a bit white-savior-y (makes me cringe after reading up on Green Book)

How did home cooking become a moral issue?

The hidden mechanisms that help those born rich to excel in elite jobs

Does Tesla autosteer make cars more or less safe?  We don’t know.

Moving on

A DIY bathroom remodel

The first science fiction novel known to have been written and published by a woman (from 1666)

Hope rides again preview


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Infants as young as 5 months old detained by ICE without needed care.

tw: pregnancy loss:  heartwrenching post by Dr. Jen Gunter

A response to a manifesto

Elaborations on the Vimes Boot theory (h/t Delagar)

This article is full of good economics

The color of money

How Marie Kondo helped this person sort out their gender.

A Sunday morning thread

A poem by not of general interest

Dianne Feinstein doesn’t need a do over.

Men and car crashes

Remember that NC election with all the voter fraud?  It’s getting a do-over.  Donate to the democratic candidate here.

Why nutrition research is so messed up (Here’s our much shorter post on the same topic)

She’s on to something

Hitting a moving target

Simple asset allocation calculator


These are really tasty

No rational person would do this, and certainly not a week and some change early.

A thread about Merlin


  • We finally finished up the big tin of (grocery store brand EV) olive oil that I must have gotten on sale who knows when.  (Its expiration date was in 2018, so it can’t have been too long ago, can it?)  I don’t think I will ever buy another one of those tins again now that we’re rich.  They’re too unwieldy to just use, and now that we’re affluent I will no longer have to use a big tin to refill the smaller glass container that we use regularly.  I can just buy smaller glass containers.  Now we have a bit more pantry space (to store small containers of super fancy olive oils from one of the oil and vinegar boutiques in the city), and think of all the minutes and non-oily hands I will be saving every few months!  (Ok, it wasn’t a real hardship, but… I’m glad that I can stop doing that.)
  • both ENIGMA and Illuminati are following our blog now
  • would the real illuminati be so brazen about it?
  • or maybe that’s what they want us to think…
  • DH’s company hasn’t been able to fill a position, so they just gave everybody an across the board 5% raise.  He is now the breadwinner.
  • Men at work are so emotional! OMG.  It is not fair that women have to be so professional all the time and moderate men’s feefees so they don’t have to deal with the outcomes of their tantrums and sulks.  Like, no, we can’t punish this person who used to work here because that is petty and would make the department look bad.  And a majority vote is a majority vote even if you don’t like the outcome.  Come ON guys, it’s just work!  A job.  Get some perspective.
  • I went for a walk and got caught in a rainshower. Now my pants are wet. Options: 1. Be late for a faculty meeting while DH brings me pants from home, 2. Show up to the meeting in my regalia
  • DC2 was asking why zie had DH’s last name and not my last name.  Hir response to my answer was “What’s a pastry market?”  I would rather have a pastry market than a patriarchy, personally.  (Or better yet:  a pastry party!)
  • figured out what That Smell in DC1’s room was.  Hir shoes.  So we washed and heavily baking soda’d them.

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A woman affected by prenatal rubella in vitro has this message for anti-vaxxers

Sustained and ongoing disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates

How the government abused eminent domain the last time it built a border fence in Texas

I am reminded what a great book this is

What are twitter reply guys?

Cristiane Serruya is a serial plagiarist

Time spent learning isn’t wasted

Don’t feel bad if you can’t retire early.

2018 books of the year megapost (I already bought one and it was fun!)

Taking an afternoon break and saw this on a blog: and first I was like, I should never make that because I will eat NOTHING BUT THAT FOREVER. And then I realized that I have just a *little* bit of leftover pretzels at home already… I have all the ingredients at home already… dot dot dot. (IM from later tonight: FOOD COMA SEND HELP)

night shift

I don’t know how to feel about this.

In case you’re wondering how I’m doing on the February challenge:  I’m on rung 4.  Oddly, I’m having more trouble with the pushups than the sit-ups.  In the past it has always been the other way around.  The other week I did get a terrible leg cramp after running, so I’m a bit concerned that there’s not enough stretching or something in this workout.

Link Love: Protest on Monday, Call/Fax your MOC this weekend

President Trump went full Fascist this week, declaring a fake state of emergency to steal funding for his wall from other projects, and we need to protest this assault on democracy.  Yes, I know (hope, really, don’t know for sure because who knows anything these days) that the courts will probably put a stop to this eventually, but we still need to take action because if we don’t, he will keep pushing the limits, and the next thing may not be stoppable.  Congress needs to do their job to prevent him from destroying the country.  He is only able to do this because he is being enabled.  Mueller is not going to save us.  We have to save ourselves and future generations.  Bustle is providing an updated list of what to do.  Events for Monday are still being planned and posted, so if you don’t see one nearby on this website, check back later.   Here’s the 5calls script.  Because it is a 3 day weekend, it is likely that the voicemails will fill up.  You can send a fax for free from this website.

I can’t believe that it was only earlier this week that we found out about Bezos, the National Enquirer, the Saudi’s, Trump, and the Blackmailing of US Democracy.  If you missed it, the Enquirer, a huge supporter of Trump, tried to blackmail Bezos with dick picks.  Bezos, being a billionaire and well on his way to a divorce, wrote about the blackmail instead of succumbing to it.  But if they’re doing it to Bezos, can this also account for a lot of the Republicans who suddenly turned around to back whatever crazy fascist thing Trump wants to do?  It’s not paranoid to connect those dots.

Florida detention center expands, packing in migrant children “like sardines”

Contractors building Trump’s wall in TX are ALREADY DESTROYING a butterfly refuge.

Field notes from an ethnographic description of school shooter training.  It’s pretty awful.

23 black female scientists who changed the world

Books to check your white privilege

We have racist GOP ranked members and GOP members meeting with Holocaust deniers, but pundits and (d) leadership micropick at Illhan Omar even if they don’t know what she meant.

Harassment in the D&D development community.

The DIY divorce

If you inherit retirement accounts, you may be required to take minimum distributions while you’re still young.

Manage money anxiety

I thought she could have gone a little farther with this from the RE side (I don’t think the FI part is very MLM-y, but boy howdy does some of the Retire Early crowd exist this way):  Why the FI movement sounds like MLM

Financial blogs/forums for the Prius millionaire

Object oriented programming concepts

How to be alone by lane moore book review by captain awkward.

This thread on Vivienne Westwood’s 1994 line, or no officer, I don’t know how my wealthy husband died, is brilliant.