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Dissecting a right wing manufactured controversy about Oberlin.

FAFSA is removing the break you used to get for having multiple children in college at the same time.


Police are suing Afroman for emotional distress over the music video below (that uses footage from when police broke into and searched his house and stole some of his money and traumatized his wife and kids).

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Busy week!

As predicted LAC day was a bloodbath. More on that later this week after DC1 gets today’s two decisions. We had consolation Chinese food last night (DC1: Williams decided to reject me an hour early. They just couldn’t wait.)

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Resources for LGBTQ+ prospective college students.

Don’t Say Gay bills.  Paired donation (I couldn’t find any LGBT donations for Missouri) for West Virginia Donors Choose. Let us know if you have a Missouri-specific donation in the comments!

More on whether masks work to prevent Covid (spoiler:  they do).

Excellent advice for vaccine deniers.

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Interesting college application reflections from a recent MIT freshman.

Behind the scenes back stories from a Gone with the Wind script draft— they knew slavery was wrong.

Not too late to write letters or postcards for the Wisconsin supreme court!

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Proof that Fox News has been deliberately lying for ratings.

A neat little piece of queer historical research. (I’ve been allowing myself twitter threads off blogs…)

ChatGPT is a blurry jpeg of the web

Rich people being subsidized via credit cards

The upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court elections are super important.  Postcards to Voters and VoteFwd are both doing campaigns right now.

Continue to have problems with reddit. I’ve also had a headache much of the week, when it has been overcast. My pressure headaches I think have been getting worse. My GP told me to keep a headache diary and I really do think it’s the weather and not hormones now, but is that even fixable? I’ve purchased a nasal saline thing (not a neti-pot, but a similar idea) and am eager to see if it does anything because it’s just hard to *think* with an underlying headache all the time.

I do think that I am able to sustain work longer when I’ve been off twitter and reddit and I’m surprised at how little I miss twitter. I also think that when I keep myself from doing these kinds of things I have a brief period of increased productivity followed by substituting with other time wasting activities. In this case though I’ve been able to watch longer youtube shows rather than just clips, so maybe that’s a good thing? DH convinced me to watch Schmigadoon full episodes instead of just the musical numbers on Youtube. I’m a fan! Looking forward to season 2 in April… Schmicago.

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This Arizona teacher’s donors choose request for books that highlight diverse experiences (including trans) will expire if not funded by Feb 25th (this week!).

Letter to NYT (correctly) accusing them of anti-trans bias

Derailing in Ohio.  Capitalism works best with fetters.

Evidence of Fox News purposefully pushing election fraud narrative in order to make profits.

Why that mask meta-analysis was biased towards finding no effect: This article breaks it down really clearly.  Basically it was just a poorly designed meta-analysis that makes comparisons across things it should not be comparing and includes masks we know are ineffective at protecting us from airborne transmission in the analysis (like surgical masks don’t protect the wearer from airborne particles and were never intended to).

A meta study that’s more carefully done on masking. “The results suggest that the classification of infections into droplet versus airborne transmission is an oversimplification. Most guidelines recommend masks for infections spread by droplets. N95 respirators, as “airborne precautions,” provide superior protection for droplet-transmitted infections. To ensure the occupational health and safety of healthcare worker, the superiority of respirators in preventing respiratory infections should be reflected in infection control guidelines.”

Plant Mimicry 

Power calculations

A method suggested for stopping getting caught in negative thoughts.

The best thing about not reading Twitter is not reading updates about 9 chickweed lane from damnyouwillis.

Still having a hard time staying away from Reddit even though there is no reason for me to look at Applying2College until mid March at the earliest, now that DC1 has been rejected from hir ED2 school.  (I looked at the rejection letter, and it was a special form letter that they only give to a subset of rejected people.  Still, I wish it had been a deferral instead.)

This week wasn’t particularly productive.  I have massive allergies (Zyrtec is my best friend, but 24 hour Zyrtec should not be taken in the middle of the night because it sets up a bad cycle), I got another desk rejection that bummed me out, a coauthor who was about to submit a paper last week went radio silent, I had been exposed to Covid last weekend but have been Covid negative (still the allergies kept me second guessing even though air filters on full blast + Zyrtec put me back to normal)… excuses all, but ones I grabbed onto.

Next week I will be better!  I have to be…

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Food aid needed because of the earthquake in Turkiye..

Florida Fascism redux.


Challenge update:

Watched quite a bit of YouTube last weekend.  Slipped up a couple times but mostly caught myself.

Monday I was deeply depressed about my lack of progress and couldn’t hide from my thoughts with Twitter or Reddit.  I had to feel them.

Tuesday I seemed to recover a bit and talked to DH in the morning about what I hadn’t been getting done and why.  He sat down with me and 15 min later I had a plan.  Finally submitted the thing I’d been avoiding.  Hopefully they’ll hold onto it for a few days before desk rejecting because I need a break from constant rejection.  I also finally started reading an Econ book I need to read.

Wednesday I worked pretty steadily.  No twitter, stopped myself shortly after I opened reddit.

Thursday/Friday I was at a conference and the wifi/cell were both terrible so I had to turn to airplane mode!

I’ve been making headway in a couple non-fiction books I’ve been putting off reading.  For some reason it’s easier to read them now.

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But I have no links!

Here’s a donors choose from Arizona who is trying to get books with diverse voices, including trans voices, to her students.  It expires this month.

I’d link to a video but the coolest YouTube video I saw this week was just an ad for a ruler.  It was a pretty cool ruler though.  (Disclaimers: I have not seen the ruler in real life and jetpens doesn’t know I exist.)

The challenge has gotten to a rocky start.  Feb 1 I’d gotten in late the night before because of travel delays and I started the day with a doctors appointment including lab work.  (The doctor suspects anemia over perimenapause but my blood work doesn’t show anemia.  My cholesterol is down to normal levels — I attribute this to exercise!  She’s having me go back on a multivitamin and wants me to start a headache log and let her know if I get another really short cycle.  Also I learned about colonoscopies and their alternatives.)

So I never really got to work Feb 1.  But I did stay off Twitter and Reddit.  Feb 2 started well but after a job talk I had a hard time getting back to work and ended up reading Reddit (about Haverford… there is zero reason for me to spend any time learning about places DC1 applied to until zie gets acceptances or waitlist information, and yet that’s what my anxiety has decided to focus on instead of things that are actually under my control).

Feb 3 I was much better, but still pretty distractable.



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Fascism in Florida:  Florida teachers are being told to remove all books from their classroom libraries OR FACE FELONY PROSECUTION 

Hm, I guess that’s all I have for links this week.  :/

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This Donors Choose in Texas (!) only has 6-7 days left and is trying to buy a trans book and books on social justice and books with minority protagonists (and also, oddly, The Westing Game, which seems a bit out of place compared to the rest of the list, but I’m a fan).  The more people that donate and the closer it gets to being completed, the more likely Donors Choose will be to advertise it to people looking for places to give before it expires.

Chocolate brands have too much lead and cadmium in them.  It’s possibly we shouldn’t fixate on chocolate because everything has too much lead in it?  But also…

This is a game changer:  Some 529 money can be converted to IRA Roth money.

AI errors in published articles.

If you recall me complaining about Case Western emailing too much

H/T Xyk: