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Minecraft storytelling camp at NIU was awesome.  STEM through the arts was not– the guy did maybe an hour of class each day and cancelled the second session much of the time.  Ocean Commotion at the Minnesota zoo was also great– much better than the previous Zoo Careers camp, partly because the subject matter was more interesting, but also a lot because the person in charge was way more animated.  Sadly Backyard Nature Explorer at NIU was cancelled from lack of interest.  I suspect STEAM City will also be cancelled (if you have a 5th-9th grader, the signup is here).  After that there’s a museum camp from the city close to us (they sent out their package today!) and then school starts.  I am so terrified about school for DC2 (more on the state government’s prohibition of mask mandates in K-12 schools this coming week).

AAP recommends mask mandates at schools.

And yet, read this thread that captures my feelings.

Digital addiction is real and it’s an actual addiction.

Which of these are you missing?  (After reading this I had a huge craving for Singapore noodles and had to get some take-out.)

A case study of how market timing doesn’t work

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My kids did menu planning and grocery ordering this week.  What did they choose for their menu? (Amazon links are affiliate.)
Cheese pupusas from My First Cookbook (ATK)– DC2 will be making these today with a side of grocery store slaw without the dressing and I got a hankering for plantains and plan to fry some up.
Chicken Tenders (they were going to make these, but then we realized we could just buy them already made from the freezer section. I’ll probably insist on a salad underneath.)
Black olive pizza from Williams Sonoma Pizza
Spicy Chinese pork from quick and easy Korean — DC1 will be making this tomorrow
Fancy fish in foil from my first cookbook (ATK)
Baked Macaroni and Cheese from my first cookbook (because DC2 has to try every macaroni and cheese recipe ever created).

A woman’s personal experience with the discriminatory nature of Voter ID laws.  Please call your senators (again)!

TERFs and racists ruin everything.

This article takes forever to get to the point, but if you remember those mysterious Chinese seeds? (If you don’t, then read the article, it recaps it at LENGTH.)  tl/dr: Everyone who the reporter contacted found a forgotten previous seed order from Amazon from months prior.  Great investigative reporting, but needed some trimming.

I want this.

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Stacking Pennies estimates how much they would need on hand to early retire where she lives.

How gender bias against women is operationalized in wikipedia.

Three out of four people in this family got vaccinated for covid and then all four got covid anyway.

From NIHCM email:  “A recently released study using the health insurance records of nearly two million COVID-19 patients explains that 23.2% of patients have a post-COVID health condition. The report illustrates that long COVID can affect every organ in the body and asymptomatic patients.”

Nikole Hannah Jones discusses why UNC-CH has lost their opportunity to have her on their faculty.

The comments on this post are well worth a read.  I was going to do a reaction post (in addition to a related Ask the Grumpies this coming week), but I think some of the commenters said what I wanted to say so much more beautifully than I would have.  If you’re in the top 10% and feeling down because you can’t have everything right now because you’re not in the top 2%, then definitely take some of the comments and advice to heart.  This is not to say that we shouldn’t push for those dangerous 1%ers to have higher taxes– we absolutely should!  Strengthen the inheritance tax too!  But also… very few people have everything on that list, nor do they need to.  If you have the choice between 10K/year on family vacations vs. 10K/year to the 529 plan, you’re already in pretty good shape.  If you’re upper middle class and are jealous of our 529 plan saving, then remember we’ve never had a real vacation.  No regrets.  Well, except that Covid killed our 20th anniversary trip to Portland.  We’re still just as married as before though.

Postcards to voters has a new Florida campaign up.

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There were 6 covid deaths in our county last week.  Most of them middle-aged, not in their 70s or older.  One person in their 30s.  Cases counts are firmly in the “orange” zone (positivity rates still “red” which suggests people aren’t getting tested).  Researchers are advertising a Tuskeegee style study in which they follow unvaccinated young people to see what happens to them.  I guess our area is a good place for that given the still high covid rates and the legislated inability to require masks or vaccines.  I don’t want to live here anymore.  I bought DC2 more child-sized masks in case there’s a run on them in August when everybody realizes the vaccine isn’t out yet for kids under 12 and yet they have to go to school in person.  I can only pray that my kid will keep hir mask for a month on in the face of peer pressure and the inability for schools to have a mask requirement.  Even better would be for vaccines to come early.  I signed DC2 up for a vaccine study in the city, but probably too late to actually be a part of it.  All I can really do is hope that people who say that kids getting covid isn’t a problem are right and the fact that we don’t have long-term information or have any idea what variant will be around come August/September when school starts and the college kids come back won’t be a problem.

Firey Millennials FIRE evolution

statistical packages across different platforms

I read sooo many novels with that completely unnecessary and out-of-place third act conflict.

Marketing an indie book series.  And the importance of a backlist.



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The Minnesota Zoo camp hasn’t been as good as the two NIU camps DC2 went to (it hasn’t been bad, but there have definitely been long stretches that aren’t very engaging where the person running it just kind of talks for a while).  If you have a middle-schooler, these virtual STEAM camps have been really great.  I am very glad we have another NIU camp next week, and DC2 hopes it is “second best” since zie doesn’t think that a camp could get any better than the RPG camp zie went to earlier this summer (there’s another RPG class next week if you have a kid who wants to try– the guy in charge was FANTASTIC and they got to design their own mini-fig that he printed out for them and mailed, on top of them learning interesting things about the craft of storytelling and the histories of archetypes and so on, and doing fun improv stuff, and of course getting to play an RPG game).

And here’s an activism request:  We need the country out protesting for voters rights.  Please please during the next two weeks if you can, see if there’s a protest in your area.  The one DH and DC1 went to last week had a lot of people.  We need that all over the country.  We also need you to make calls to your senators, whether you’re in a red or blue state (yes it matters!  If there’s enough outpouring Blues will go stronger and Reds will go weaker.)  If there aren’t any or you can’t go, (or even if you’re planning on going), consider donating money to causes that support voting rights.  But none of those donations are going to make anywhere near as much of a difference as getting rid of the filibuster and passing the For the People Act will.  I’m not sure I can really get across how frightening and important this is to someone who isn’t living in a state that just got stripped of voting rights.  The future is a world of state legislatures passing laws that everyone can carry a gun without a license (which will make it easier to bring guns to blue states!), women won’t have reproductive rights, and LGBT harassment will be legislated.  If you’re living in a Blue state, that may seem hyperbolic, but if you’re living in a red state, that’s just the reality of the past couple months.

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I think I may have attracted a gremlin– I have had SO MANY electronic problems this week(!)  I had forgotten how much they can hurt productivity.  I can’t remember… do I burn sage or throw salt over my shoulder or what?

There was an extra post this week– if you only stop by on Thursdays, check out Wednesday!

Thread on Covid Delta variants. I am so worried about DC2 in the fall… they’re not allowed to require masking even though the kids won’t be vaccinated. It will be middle school with all the changing classes and passing in hallways and so on. I don’t even know if they’re going to be allowed to require school bus drivers to have the vaccine. I wish the vaccine approval for kids could come before school starts. : ( Zie will be 9 so hopefully only a mild case, but who knows what the variant landscape will look like and we still don’t know about long-term effects.

Maybe I should scatter autobiographies of people who grow up Trans.

What is wrong with why we sleep.


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I know many of you are really tired of activism and we all deserve a break after that past 4 years + pandemic.  But… speaking as someone who lives in the South…. We’re going to have more Trump and Trump-like creatures in the future if something isn’t done now.  More Conservative minority killing immigrants and minorities, policing women’s bodies, starving children and worse, if we don’t protect voting rights NOW.  Voting rights have already been curtailed in my state and in many Southern states like mine.  That means people in cities, minorities, people who tend to vote Democratic will be unable to vote or will face enormous barriers to voting in the next election which means that Republicans will have to be even less accountable and can do even more horrific things to these groups, and this year’s legislative session was already a horror show in most Southern States.  I am afraid for my children.

The only thing that can save us now is Federal action.  HR1 passed the house and is now in the senate.  There’s a handful of democratic senators who are refusing to do the right thing and vote it in.  Fortunately momentum is starting to build to pressure them into getting rid of the filibuster and passing voting rights legislation.  We need you to be part of that momentum.  Call your senators.  Post on social media telling people that you did.  Ask other people to do it too.  Remember when we mobilized to save the ACA?  We need to do that now. Please help.

Stirrup queens with (covid-style) math problems.

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Stop punishing women for being ambitious.

Recommendations for unassuming heroes.

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Miser mom with one of those sad ironic stories.

This season of Tiny Secret Whispers seems to have wrapped up.  (Be sure to start with the oldest recap, not the most recent– the playlist is in backwards order of what you would want, I think.)

Hey!  Did you notice we need more ask the grumpies questions?!?  Put yours in yesterday’s post!

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I spent most of the week working on a book review (unpublished, unpaid) for a prestigious organization for a book by a prestigious committee that kind of slap-dashed everything together at the last minute, because that’s my life… glamorous anonymous service. I also watched a lot of jetpens videos because apparently that’s what I most want to do when I’m taking a break between sections.  One of these days I may have more links again…

An interactive guide to ambiguous grammar.