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So… one of us was up late last night reading Lord of Scoundrels, which, though in many ways not perfect, was definitely a page-turner (It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure book with lots of shout-outs to Heyer’s Alistair Saga– she even takes a couple details from Devil’s Cub), and just completely forgot there was a blog or link love or that she should mention to #2 she wasn’t going to make it to the computer.  So… let’s see what’s in the old chat log.

Even famous female economists get no respect.  Which we knew.  I have definitely heard people giving Betsy Stevenson, the author of this piece’s wife and an amazing economist herself, no respect because she’s published (top) papers with her husband.  It really is no fair how even now that wives who coauthor actually get their names on the papers (whereas in the past, it would only show up in the acknowledgements) they are still not counted as full coauthors.

Jailbreak the Patriarchy for Chrome

I just can’t even.

Delagar is again on point.

Daria:  Still Awesome.

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?

Interesting thought exercise.

Another great comic from Xykademiqz.

Conservative thought has been in the toilet since the 1940s.  (warning:  bathroom humor, racist and homophobic ideas of sexuality)

Interesting anecdote about scamming thieves.

How to make the perfect chana masala.

Fun images with the Starbucks cup thing.

Who gets into gifted and talented education programs?  And how do we increase minority enrollment?  (Hint:  not relying on teacher and parent identification)

Stata graph examples

ooh.   related

Whitehouse as veep



I would so see a full feature film of the movie Tubman:

link love

#notallwhitepeople circa 1971

More f the patriarchy

Asking male athletes the questions female athletes get

another day, another sexist dress code

It used to be about men.  And now it’s not.

this shooting didn’t even make national headlines, and it should have

This does look like a tv show

social anxiety

I had to explain the concept of onion ninjas to #2 when she sent me this post

interpret this dream for stacking pennies


gramp is right

I am going to a children’s birthday party this weekend (instead of dh) because I was promised a piece of this cake

link love link love roly poly link love

garb week on medieval poc is awesome

What Ben Carson has in common with slave owners.

Hank Green finally addresses race in nerdfighteria and links to a video.

SXSW’s astounding ideals of cowardice  Yay Buzzfeed.

Teach them well (trigger: harassment, groping)

We missed this going down, but dude, internet.

Ana’s weekend comes with life lessons.

How to improve casual sex for women.  Apparently starting by getting rid of patriarchy helps.

holy excrement this is the best thing ever

do not use the force

kitteh delivereh

Can I interest you in a pre-owned cat?

need a midday nap?

foster the puppeh  Also this is cute.  And this is happy.  Catsby on insta.

Reading is sexy

Cabinets by POP

Donald Trump would have been richer by doing nothing.


In my new job I guess I must be a historian

Return of the Link Love

Five black churches should > one cvs   Damn It, Racism.

this is all true

1964 literacy test for voting

racist origins of everyday sayings

The model minority myth

Sexism is life-threatening and career threatening

H’Ann with good advice

Time to update your memes.

let me take a selfie

Class mobility, decision fatigue, and budget failure

Famous quotes the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting

John Boyega watches the Star Wars trailer.

Joss Whedon would also have been a good choice.

item 2

How much sleep do you need?

How to handle chronic complainers?

this is much more clever than I had initially realized.  Latin puns, who knew?

a tiny puppeh and its tiny pumpkin

Some (almost) final food pics

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday (with a money post).

In the mean time…


Arrabiata with house-made pasta


Carbonara with house-made pasta. Eat all the carbonara. The pasta was toothsome!


We eat a lot of caprese.


gnocchi baked with mozzarella


a big salad with things in it, also I had bread and olive oil


Wild rice salad with eggplant.


some kind of pasta

Also saw many dead saints bodies and churches.

Roman cheeses and other foods.


For dinner we got the grand tour of cheese from soft bufala ricotta in top left progressing in strength to stronger and then smoked mozzarella.  We ate all the cheese in Rome.


eggplant slices grilled with zucchini and pesto


tomatoes with pesto


Artichokes, eggplant casserole





We have conquered Rome.

A single link.

Link love

Surprise!  John Kasich is out of touch!

On sexual harassment and public discussion

And here’s some other link love posts from around the web since um, #2 is busy sampling the delights of Italy and #1 has been traveling.

weekend reading

just a little link love

Any other suggestions for links?

Link love

Guest posts and food and/or kitty pictures start next week!  We’ve got some great stuff lined up, but there’s still some slots available in the second week.  Shoot us an email if you’re interested at grumpyrumblings at gmail.

Don’t you wish you could read a novel about this guy?  How interesting must his life have been?

Boo disasters, but YAY Octobercheck!!!!

When facebook goes down.

To get a job in your 50s, maintain friendships in your 40s.

/mic drop

… and that’s all I’ve got.  Wish #2 a great day!


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