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How Rupert Murdoch is influencing Australia’s Bush Fire debate (the link says “fires-murdoch-disinformation” in case you only read headlines…)

Texas is making it more difficult for public employees to donate to planned parenthood, but they can still donate to religious orgs easily.

US Textbooks: Texas vs. California edition. I grew up in a Midewestern state that used CA textbooks… I remember thinking that’s where a lot of Obama’s basic beliefs (that I shared) came from. Currently I live in a state that uses Texas textbooks and they are awful. Fortunately we’re bypassing a lot of that in high school by DC1 only taking AP history classes which use AP textbooks. But it’s in the water. (We also bought Lies my Teacher Told Me for DC1 which is full of history not twisted to the TX state board of education’s specifications (amazon link=> we get small cut).)

An oldie from Miser Mom: Do not read the book.

The cost of mental health hospitalization. Protip: Do not say you want to kill yourself while in a doctor’s office lobby unless you mean it. Especially if you’re under 18.

Compare candidates plans for Social Security

A really good commentary on the types of roles that black actors get Oscar nods for, and the kind they don’t. This needs to change.

Nobody I know likes the results they got from this Washington Post quiz: Which candidate agrees with me… I think because a 20 question quiz that has selected policy positions and doesn’t account for the strength of how much you care about things . I am FAR less progressive than Elizabeth Warren, but I’m FINE with her positions and I think she’s the candidate most likely to rid the federal government of Russian Spies and to address important monopoly and privacy issues. And ALL of the candidates other than Trump are going to do the things I care about: stop selling our country, stop hurting children, stop torturing immigrants, stop committing major crimes, and so on… In any case, it says I agree with Bloomberg most and Biden second. Which does make me think a little bit more seriously about Bloomberg’s candidacy. But with Biden I’m concerned that if he can’t stop touching women for a single week, then there’s probably other really important things he is also not capable of that could continue to put our country in danger.

I have not had a working desktop at work since NOVEMBER. This is a university-wide problem for anyone who uses dropbox since they decided to encrypt our harddrives with Symentec.

Free fun family talks about living values a bit better.


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This is a really nice article in the Atlantic that lays out with numbers and details how Americans aren’t rallying around to Trump. Even in the face of a potential war– most Americans realize it is a war of his own making.

Trump Deutsche Bank Loans Underwritten by Russian State-Owned Bank, Whistleblower told FBI

Incorporating minorities in fiction even if you’re not from that minority group

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This entire thread is worth reading with info on what’s going on and what to do.

WTAF, RWA: Courtney Milan Banned, Suspended From RWA

Structured vs. free practice, why you probably shouldn’t just be winging it in the practice room.

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Here’s how to check your status online if you live in Wisconsin.  Support Wisconsin democrats so they can contact purged voters.  Another good paired action to do this holiday season is to support postcards to voters to help get the vote out– one initiative is to write postcards to registered voters in Florida so they sign up to vote by mail.

ICE to collect fingerprints and other personal data from adults picking up migrant kids from shelters

The current media narrative is that the left is burned out and doesn’t care and that impeachment is both obviously deserved and pointless.  They’re ignoring that impeachment is incredibly popular.  And, as Samantha Bee explains, it is not pointless, even if plutocrats want us to give up.

A forgotten war on women.

Schmoozing and the Gender Gap.

How museums hide women’s and queer histories in plain sight.

This xkcd explains so much!



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Links are light because of grading jail!

So I did find the post and comment that solitary diner referred to in a previous comments section.  In it, the blogger responded to solitary diner’s note about disliking all the free advertising for openly anti-LGBT-Chain Chick Fil A by noting that her conservative readers don’t like the free advertising she does for Starbucks (though she talks about Chick Fil A about once every couple weeks, Starbucks not so much).  So… I wondered what conservatives have against Starbucks.  Turns out they don’t like that Starbucks helps brown people and non-Christian people.  I think that’s an example of false equivalence.

As promised, here’s some info on #notallmen .  Here’s a classic Scalzi on SWM, the lowest difficulty setting.

Have your students been anxious?  Do you have advice for Bardiac about what to do?

I hope she writes a post about her first million!

An oldie:  Expanded ramblings on extreme living.

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Paired action with the above story

Paired action with the above SNAP story

Hey!  Someone else realized that how you value stuff vs. experiences is dependent on how much stuff you have!   Here’s our experiences vs. stuff post from 2011(!)

I feel like this too, though I think it leads me to underspend rather than overspend.  (I still can’t handle “nice” paper, though I’ve come to terms with “nice” paper towels with the knowledge that they can be washed out and reused, though DH stopped buying them shortly after I came to that realization).

Happily ever after!