Link love for another long week

It is not too early to register to vote

Keep activisting, here’s why!

How the trump administration is destroying the affordable care act through incompetence, not just malice.

Trump administration makes it harder for workers without access to 401K to save for retirement.

Which is a worse dystopia:  Handmaid’s Tale or MadMax?  (But, as a commenter in this Scalzi thread points out– maybe we are already heading towards both)

What about the mother I never had? (death from self-abortion)

The real problem with Ryan and McCarthy’s pre-election conversation about Trump being paid by the Russians.

Russian money laundering for Trump

This underreported video from a couple of weeks ago is worth watching.

Trump suggests imprisoning journalists

MSNBC is ending one of their top rated shows because it is taking a “hard turn to the right” for no good business reason.  It seems they’re letting ideology get in the way of profit maximizing.  Or perhaps they have bigger political plans that actual liberals are too skeptical to fall in line with.

How to comment if you want to keep the national monuments Trump wants to get rid of


Doomed to repeat it.

The cost of leaning in

Is this career advice helpful or harmful?

Cool idea

That might have been a little racist

h/t delagar for this link (that #2 already knew about) of sex advice for teens

The reasons for NOT writing listed here are among the most insightful I’ve seen

How to invest in your accumulation years

Edible games

Asking strangers why they read

I love this magazine article title.  Black twitter’s response to the content



Link Love: Stay strong!

Hey guys!  It’s been another crazy week.  Here’s how to stay sane from a therapist.  I’m not sure how to best give a pep-talk, but I do feel like if I keep fighting and resisting that means that everyone like me is still fighting and resisting too.  So hang in there, because that means everyone else like you is hanging in there too.  I do feel a little lack of direction right now, but so does everybody else, including most of the bad guys, so that’s something, right?  If you want to know what you can do, our current recommendations are 5calls and indivisible, but we want to continue to encourage everybody to find a local group— especially those of you in red and purple states.  It’s time to go nuclear.

Why the Census director’s resignation is a BIG DEAL.  Not just for academics, but also for political power reasons.  The fascists can keep more political power if they under-count cities.

This NJ Republican just lost any claim of being a moderate (voted for the ACHA).

Confused by the James Comey Firing?  Here’s an easy to understand Primer from 5/10.

We linked to this before, but for mother’s day, here’s the mama’s bail out day donation page.

Here’s a plausible theory about why the GOP is going along with a fascist no matter how awful he gets.  It would seem to explain my senators…

WTF is wrong with the NYTIMES?

How our democracy was hijacked.

I wish this were my senator.  Instead I get a true believer whose people have been told to lie (“I’m just an intern, but I think I’m supposed to say that we can’t give you that information [about planned appearances], oh wait, I’m supposed to say we don’t have that information, but even if I had it I couldn’t give it, I don’t have it, I’m just an intern.”)

A couple of our older posts on health insurance markets:  How the used car market is like health insurance and What is the purpose of medical insurance?

A stressed nation (three months have passed… )

Publishing while female.  Being in business school while female.

When schoolie mcschoolface is the best of the options.

This is highly unsettling.

How big is a buttload?

Nicki Minaj went on the best kind of spending spree.


These are even better than regular green and black  (We get no $ etc.)


Link Love

FDA denies Trump admin directed agency to display Fox News on its tvs despite email evidence to the contrary.

Indivisible suggests next steps now that Trumpcare has passed the House.  Suggestions from Delagar.  We gave $350 to swing left— $10 for each of 35 opponents in swing districts where the republican congress-people voted to destroy lives with TrumpCare.

Even people with employer-based healthcare aren’t exempt from the negative changes from Trumpcare.

Donations from this poster sale go to help resettle refugees.  We have the LOVE poster in the hallway between our children’s rooms (next to DC2’s signs for the women’s march and the science march) and it is just adorable.

Amanda Knox on why quid pro quo is bad for the US.

Delagar shares her lack of health insurance story.  It’s not pretty.  Jen Sorensen shares hers again.

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t enough.

This is what criminalizing free speech looks likeLiterally.

Trump’s administration is successfully terrorizing immigrants.  One of my colleagues who volunteers with a local immigrant group told me that a trailer park owner in town has been using immigrants’ increased fear of government to perpetrate fraud against them by levying fake fines that they pretend are from the city.

Stupid Puritans.

F the police.  :(

It makes me so angry that media is still doing this.  And thank you, Washington Post for pointing it out.  Angry and tired.

Wandsci is here to help.

This really is epic.

Tutus  and more tutus

Elsevier is being a jerk.

How to make time for research?  People disagree!

The tragic history of Piedmont, Alabama.  Why there was a civil war.

Hate has no home here, a burn by a 7th grader

Word can read your prose aloud to you.

Linking to a gai shan life’s link love because of the cute hedgehog pic at the bottom.

How much is too much?

The horror of the creeping bellflower

US and Canada at the same latitudes as Europe

Baby animal names

Academic Noir

link love

Upright citizens brigade

I was not expecting the park rangers to lead the resistance.

US Embassy in UK was advertising for Mar-a-Lago.  (I clicked on it before it went down– this really happened.)

GOP is trying to destroy health care again.  Here’s how it could affect consumers.

SO MUCH THIS.  There are ways you can make REAL CHANGE.  And they don’t involve telling underrepresented groups that they’re doing it wrong.

Bail a mama out for mother’s day.

He was a misogynist before testosterone.  Also shame on TAL.

Letters to the editor.

Archie comics artist refused entry to USA from Canada over her sketches


Here’s a post of ours that I’ve spent ages trying to find and couldn’t and then just randomly came across.

How online shopping makes suckers of us all.

A handy flow chart for whether or not you should answer the phone.

This is a fantastic thing you should try when you have time.

Link Love while we’re at the MARCH FOR SCIENCE!!!

#2 is in DC marching for science.  I had been planning on going to our uni’s march, but then they changed the time and place and had competing Earth Day events so I said screw it and we’re at the march in the nearest big city.  DH and DC2 have lab coats and if you see someone with a homemade “Dismal Scientist” t-shirt, that’s probably me.  Here’s the link for satellite marches in your area.  Slather on some sunblock and head out!

An app that makes it easy to pester your congress member.

Help people get voter IDs in Georgia.


Gloria Steinem and Chelsea Handler

In a move that doesn’t surprise anybody, TX lawmakers either don’t care about women’s health OR else they want women to be sick and dying.  Why does TX hate women?

Today in DTMFPA


Nothing was weird at the whitehouse egg roll at all.  Nothing.  At All.

Venture capitalists

Washington Post uses data on social security disability that is just wrong.

USA Facts

Redshirting may do more harm than good


This is an interesting phone scam.

I believe that this happened because on my flight back home there was a United flight attendant being a jerk about exactly the same thing.  United was so nice and well behaved on my way to the conference, but completely awful a few days later on the way back.  (I told the guy who had to go back to my row that at least he hadn’t been dragged back to his seat.)

I still want to publish scenes and rage against machines

How to support authors if you can’t afford to buy their books.

How to cite tweets if you use MLA

Tales from Olive Garden

Tiny SF short stories.

From out of the briny deep… link love! (or kraken, but probably link love)


#2’s kid is playing this game

#1 cannot stop watching these tiny kittens #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter

This is our new favorite Twitter follow, with the three stages of a woman’s life.

One of many takes on the recent United ish.  Another (lengthy) twitter thread that should have been a blog post: in 66 parts.  And more United.  Ugh.  So few airlines, so many cock-ups to go around.

Twitter says, buy index funds.  Maureen Johnson tweeted an excellent GIF.

Apparently this is inspiring.  (sorry, I guess everything’s tweets this week or something?  #2 reads twitter every day but I don’t usually, so I’m really out of touch with what twitter does these days.)  But because it’s been everywhere, even I know about this wonderful baby video–  so frickin’ cute!

Speaking of inspiring, I registered for this.  And I guess young people are less politically polarized than old people, so… progress?

Outstanding podcasts for readers!  (I like some of them; others I’ve never heard of.)

Here’s a video.


Leave us notes in the comments with more GIFs and/or baby videos and/or baby animals.

Late link love

It has been a long week and next week is even more packed.  Oh, I should tell #2 that I’m going to be out of town next weekend.

Let’s see…

Why it’s worth fighting even if we don’t “win”

Calling out bs

Have you even heard the perspective of Trump supporters?


Double Sigh.

Trump isn’t even remotely hiding his corruption anymore

ICE arrests green card applicants

I want this shirt

From the makers of ACTUALLY

Arm shaving

Networking is hard

Predatory journals recruit fake editor

What is an elite college really worth?

Daria 20 years later

Holy Schiz-balls Batman!

I wish I worked efficiently

I am liking these so far

Donate to the NRDC to fight Pruitt’s anti-environment/anti-safety agenda

I vote for the following video as #2’s new exercise (also:  can she add grading my problem sets at the same time?)