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Thousands more migrant children were separated from parents, according to new watchdog report

Young trans children know who they are

A handy way to keep track of your senators’ and reps’ votes on issues important to you. Of course there are other ways to look them up but this has a nice interface.

TW:  sexual assault.  We all have to survive

Mixed race authors writing books with mixed race characters

black feminist bookshop

Variation in women’s success across phd programs in economics

RIP Jack Bogle

This is a good description of anxiety

If you liked tough mudder you’ll love the latest obstacle course for adults: navigating your depression

Some controversy about the gilette ad. #1 liked it, but is disappointed that they’re only showing it online, not on TV. Good way to target demographic but not really that brave.

Modern building materials

How I fought through burnout and found a new career

So many ads for underwear

Amazing paper art (h/t revanche)

I am hooked on these videos


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Inside the federal bureau of way too many guns

Live blogging the most important address to the nation this week

So, um… check out the updates to this story about a probably fake Da Vinci painting

This old tv show trump scam artist is real.


Kids these days… their rebellions are kind of awesome

A useless but fun perspective on money

Miser mom turns calendars into gift boxes.

Locate a local independent bookstore near you

Two of the Jayne Krentz books I’ve read recently have a main character making this



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Happy 2019!  Here are some links.

We are excited that delagar (Kelly Jennings) got a Patreon!  We love her writing.  Speaking of whom, read this blog post and don’t be a dick about gender and sexuality.

Let’s not be real.  Especially not at work.

People should read more Shirley Jackson, I guess.

If you turn up the sound real high on this kitty, you can hear a purr.

It me:


I love this:

and this:

(mainly for the book Craig’s dad is reading)

and I love this, just because:


Get rid of unwanted mail.

One good thing about Texas.  Speaking of which, this piece has been getting spread far and wide this week, as it should be.


What’s good in 2019, Grumpeteers?


Last Link Love of 2018

The year is on the way out and we’ve been on airplanes.  Here are some slightly belated links!

Definitely follow @sewwiththeflo, which is Nancy’s account from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  (Artist account: )

Here’s some cheer:


Don’t forget to donate to charity.  Speaking of which:

Here are some things #2 sent me that I don’t know what they are:

In 2019 maybe I will post about books more.  Just for joy.  Out with the old, in with the MOAR NOVELS!

Cheers, Grumpeteers!


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Florida lawmakers mandated armed guards in schools after Parkland.  One just killed three people.

What the wall will destroy

How to spot if you’re being gaslighted

Why some academics use Black with a capital B in scholarly writing

This person has cut off their trump loving family and is happier!

h/t delagar– this article says more elegantly what we will rant about on some future Wednesday (but not boxing day because you should spend that day reading good books)

Baking anxiety

Russian disinformation:  scale and sweep

She explains this phenomenon really well

The similarity is pretty creepy

Canned corn recall

A mother’s leap of faith at an African airport

SF to developer who tore down landmark house:  Rebuild it exactly as it was


What’s your personal discretionary spending?

Examples to teach Difference in difference

time lapse trapping

If only I had known this existed!


I’ll just leave this here

Why you should surround yourself with more books than you will ever read

Dat table 1 tho

Link Love and today (SATURDAY) is the last day to sign up for the ACA (in most states)

ACA deadline is Saturday.

If you’re worried about the ruling on the ACA in TX, here’s why you should not be worried.

tw: child murder

ICE arrested 170 legal immigrants seeking to sponsor migrant children

More in fascism:  state edition

Trump’s inauguration spending under investigation

Dick’s sporting goods makes more profit after getting rid of guns.

That Russian spy still has a linkedin page.  She was a grad student at American University…

Feds probe fake messages to fcc supporting ending net neutrality

What Brexit is.

Heart attacks in women can feel like shoulder blade pain.

Rich people are getting away with not paying their taxes.

Yes, it does matter where you go to college unless you’re a rich white dude, in which case it doesn’t matter at all

Why universities are good for regional development

High costs of living and early retirement

This might be useful to someone

There is none.

Ask a stupid question

We are both 060.4 General rules of order (Parliamentary procedure)

What is your favorite weird fact?

I would read/watch this

Remember when this little baby was born?  Now he has 15 teeth!

This is true

2018 Christmas songs

Hello, Lionel

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This week in fascism:  State edition.

An essay by a politician.

ICYMI:  There’s been a beef recall for salmonella


An explanation about how to be an ally with metaphors

Food stamps put poor kids on a path to success

I’m really sad to find out that Devah Pager died last month.  I never got to meet her but I’m a big fan of her work and I’ve really liked all of her graduate students that I’ve met.  She was only 46, so this was completely unexpected.

Willpower is overrated

Financial freedom without financial independence

Grumpy nation does not recommend heist time, baby

Congratulations to I pick up pennies on her divorce!  (We know that seems like a weird thing to say, but it really is a good thing.)

This trailer is great, but a little bit of squirrel girl and tippy toe at the end would improve it.

Thatsa morrrrayyyyy

This joke site hurts my brain.


Also, I have an important question.  What would you do with five pounds of peanut mnms?