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Our ability to comment on blogspot blogs is still really sporadic.  So it isn’t that we don’t want to comment, omdg, we just can’t :( .

Another week, another awful police story.  :(

white male privilege twitter

Ever notice how pc is “bad” when intellectuals do it but “good” when corporations do it?

Related:  the definition of irony

when rick perry says something is nuts…

the real reason American public transportation is such a disaster

the war of the closes

Good tips for list haters and lovers alike from wandering scientist

Cuddle a kitty!

fill your heart with music!

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When #1 last heard from #2 she was being worked hard at her new job.  It sounds like they really need her and they really do need someone at her exact level of expertise, even though that’s not what they advertised for.  Hopefully she’ll emerge from work exhaustion to say more than “BCN fuzzfeed” :).  It sounds like she has a lot of stuff to figure out and a lot of processes to sort out and make consistent (as part of her job) and then her job will get less crazy.   She sounded really happy but pretty tired last I heard from her (other than “oh man the Buzzfeed BCN”).  So we may be a bit light on links this week.  Also I am not sure why she learned the word skeuomorph, but she did.

Apparently Ana wants everybody to subscribe to her website because she keeps writing amazing posts.  Here’s one weekend two ways.

Wanted: One Op-Ed Writer, “The University”

So not worth it.

Beware the narrative. Also Cloud’s publishing company has a new book out.

Target removes gender-based toy signs.


I know this is from last month but the interview with Eminem is so funny it put tears in my eyes.

Fox News picked Trump over Kelly.  Check out the hilarious conversation on this twitter thread.


Here are three links that I think were supposed to go up last week, but I’m not sure if they did and I’m too lazy to check:  Women and police violence , numbers 3 and 4 especially on point (though, #1 notes that there is some luck involved in other people changing culture too– there’s only so much one woman can do.. #1 thinks 5 is on point), this is awesome

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We have so many money posts in the queue that if you want to hear #2’s amazing news and how #1 is dealing with her move to paradise, we’re going to have to double up on money posts next week.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading about the exciting options for dealing with #1’s commute until a month had passed which would be silly.  (Though perhaps Tuesday is where such an entrancing topic belongs anyway.)

Also headsup to blogspot bloggers– we’ve been having really spotty luck with being able to comment on blogspot sites.  If the wordpress option is the only option we have to leave a comment, it seems like this week we’re allowed one wordpress blogspot comment with the I am not a robot checkbox and then *never again*.  So it’s not that we don’t want to talk about your awesome post or answer your questions, blogspot just won’t approve the comment.  We do seem to be able to leave comments with the Name/Website option and if there’s no spam filter of any kind.  :(

Ok, links this week!  The internet has answered the call for more budgeting posts.  And there are some really good ones.  (Our modo-budgeting post will be up the Monday after next, and at some point #2 will discuss how she and her partner deal with joint finances after having gone through several life changes.)  Here’s a taste of what’s out there:

We LOVED this one by ana about how budgets can be freeing and the steps that she took to get her budgeting situation set up.  A really great post all around.  She’s been on a roll this week with great posts, so check her out if you’re not already a regular (which we are sure you are).

Similarly, Not a Wasted Word has had post after post of great thinky posts this week, so check her out too.  Here’s one that we really liked.

How Budget Blonde finally decided it’s ok to spend money.

Leigh and her budgeting system.

Solitary Diner has also been talking about money lately.  I wanted to tell her that I like to talk about money too, but blogspot wouldn’t let me.  :(  I did get one comment in on this post that was a comment to the Ana post we linked to above.  (I love conversations about doing good stuff with money!)

In other news:

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg’s awkward interview.

A little summary of #Ilooklikeanengineer

So glad I am not a teacher

Did you know that breaking cat news has an insta?

Can’t unsee this.

YES YES YES to the last paragraph of this post.  You know, you can want more time not working without being a @#$#ing martyr.  It’s ok to want it for whatever reason without guilt being involved in the equation at all.  (Assuming you don’t like torture animals or people or something in  your spare time, obviously.)

Bleh for beautiful closets!  Hilarious illustration with the glass canning jars.

Sending out a novel under a male name.

Awesome response to criticism of how female voices sound on podcasts.

Oh man, the lineup here is stellar.  Too bad I’ll be in ITALY on my HONEYMOON.

We LOVE THIS CARD so much.

Andrew Ti is awesome.


link love

NPR did some cool segments on Key and Peele.

An atlas of self-reliance.

A geography of hate.

High school student proves professor wrong when he denied “no irish need apply” signs existed.


Handy round up of why it isn’t just the pipeline research.

It sucks to be a woman.

The onion nails it again (potential rape trigger).

One person’s reason for donating to Planned Parenthood.

The myth that mom’s salary pays for childcare.

Mapping migration in the US over time.

What Solitary Diner has learned about money (part 2, part 1 is also good)

People are not “bad at math

I had no idea about pears.

Iiiiii can watch anything on Netflix.

Maybe I’ll wait on the update.

Mr. Darcy spills all.

summertime and the linking is easy

Let’s do this thing.

We very much love this Breaking Cat News (especially Elvis-kitty)

I don’t know where this storyline is going but it sure is cute (it’s getting grim as it goes on)

Let’s play Guess the Race (again)

And then we can go ARRRGH at this

and also Fcuk the po-po at this: “What’s wrong with you guys?“, indeed.  Indeed, sir.

Bonus book recommendations: Citizen: An American Lyric, by Claudia Rankine, and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Read ’em.

Check out these wacky old pics

Getting ready in the morning sucks.  (Key problem: morning.  Ugh.)

This cartoon really captures a part of my childhood: SPACE MUSEUM.



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This week in racism (selected, not exhaustive).  What is WRONG with people?


A link from leightpf explaining the mega backdoor roth

But where is the Bishop’s Bird Stump?

20 schools responsible for 20% of graduate school debt

Miser mom with uses for canning rings

This is really great

This is badass

#7 is my favorite

link love

#2 is out smoking weed with her father (not really), so here’s some links to … whoa… have you ever noticed how weird hands are?

In this week’s f- the police and this … Also: poop.

In this week’s f- the racist judiciary system “In a wealthier county in Michigan that includes Ann Arbor, kids with this status generally do community service, like helping out at the local science museum. Jamie was sent to serve her time at the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, a prison that holds inmates convicted of crimes like first-degree homicide.”

It is not impossible to make structural changes to reduce abuse online.

Say something racist?  See your numbers go up in the polls!  At least if you’re a Republican presidential candidate.

A neat article sent by one of our readers– chances are men should be talking more like women, not the other way around.

“How much do you have to hate your insane mom to use your babysitting money to pay for a pertussis shot.”  (Original reddit)

Harvard admissions “mistakes”

Math mystery solved=> more mystery.

Nap attack!

Three little kittens!


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