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My county hit a record high number of cases today and then announced it would no longer be investigating reporting or collecting data on local covid case rates, hospital rates, etc. and only state level information will be available. Confirmed cases on the last day of reporting: 400/100k, backlog: 3,000/100k.

Check out revanche’s twitter feed for more tweets about the way forward given the huge curtails on voting rights.  Celeste P also has some great ideas.

I do wonder why 100% of the focus is on Democrats to protect voting rights.  This should be a non-partisan issue– all US citizens over the age of 18 should have the right to vote.  But then I think about what happens to Mitt Romney’s family if he steps off the Republican talking point platform.  We need to actually get out and prosecute harassment!  Or… (and this is more sickening) the Democrats need an army that they can send out to harass Republican senators (and Manchin and Sinema who might as well be Republican), just like Republicans do.  I think Michelle Obama was wrong– when government isn’t working, then sometimes you need to go low.

Florida’s top public health official in Orlando, Dr. Raul Pino, was placed on administrative leave after sending an email to his employees urging vaccination against the coronavirus.

I want this as an emoji.  (I did not buy the stamp because I have nothing to use it for, but one day if it’s in stock when I need another $6 to get free shipping…)

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Abortion clinics surrounding TX are getting overburdened (link to donate at the bottom of the thread).

It really is the oldest sister anthem:


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Indivisible says it sounds like the Senate is finally going to try to get rid of the filibuster and tackle voter rights.  I hope they’re right.  What can you do?

You can call your senators to support the Freedom to Vote Act and to abolish the filibuster.  If you live in Arizona, then pressure Sinema.  Ditto Manchin for those who live in West Virginia.  (Aside:  if you plan on not doing anything, please just keep your mouth shut instead of leaving a comment here telling other people to give up hope.  You may think you’re a good liberal dude, but you’re actually helping the fascists.)

Indivisible says this:

You may have seen that MLK’s family is campaigning this MLK Day for filibuster reform and voting rights (here). If there is a democracy event already planned in your area, great — join up. If not, that’s fine — pull some friends together and make it happen. This is possibly the last opportunity to affect the outcome of this legislative fight — so make it count!

But I can’t find any way to check for MLK day protests.  That link is just a news article about the main march.

British BLM protestors cleared of wrongdoing in toppling the statue of an evil enslaver and slave trader.

What can teachers do? Here’s a thread of suggestions including air filters.

Enoughing it says enough with resolutions.

This is a very cool thread wherein Rachel Mans McKenny solves writers block for various authors by giving them random plot bits to work with.



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Why am I only seeing articles connecting/investigating Trump’s connection to the attempted Coup from British journalism?  I wish the Guardian would investigate that question.  Why EXACTLY is US media so silent (and why exactly were there so many articles about Clinton’s email server?)

Ashish K Jha explains the different kinds of covid tests (pcr vs antigen) and what they mean for quarantining and contagiousness.

One way that one home test reports positive results to officials. Of course, our local county health department just came out with a statement that they will not accept data from home tests, that home tests have really high false positive rates (this is not currently true) and that to be counted you must get a positive official test.  Of course, getting an official test right now is nearly impossible if you are sick, and waiting in a car line for hours instead of sleeping in bed cannot be good and exposing people by going to one of the sites where you pretend you’re not sick also cannot be a good idea.  The university won’t be providing on-campus tests for people with symptoms until about mid-January and they have very few options between Jan 1 and mid-January for people who aren’t sick.  So… reporting… yeah.

Every time I see a news story about pulling books from school shelves, I find another donorschoose project that has the term “lgbt” in it (outside of California or Massachusetts).  I plan to donate to this one after I’ve seen someone else donate first (currently it has no donations and I was like, I could donate now and everyone sees my donorschoose information or alternatively not post and risk that it doesn’t get funded at all).  (I’ve put a note for donorschoose to remind me about this project on my birthday which is before it expires.)

If you saw that 73% number over break, apparently it was incorrect.

This post from Scalzi was my favorite New Years Goals post.  I’d been thinking of just skipping again, but I like what he’s saying here and his attitude.  Plus, I am ALSO ambitious and lazy!

In case you missed the 1988 Hot Men Doing Chores calendar.

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Dear Auntie MJ, Dealing with Anxiety

Gap year inspirations

This thread is magnificent.

This article needs a more clickbait title— the title actually downplays the substance.

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John and Krissy Scalzi bought a church.   I looked up the church on the interweb and it was listed for $75K.  Which is insanely cheap for a building in the middle of a downtown, even a rural one, especially since it’s not like a former meth house and seems to be in reasonable shape.  I don’t want to buy a church.  But… it’s crazy to think that one could.

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Aaron Rodgers lied about having been vaccinated.

How does this inspire this ?  (I stopped reading that blog when the influencer who runs it doubled down on giving free advertising to anti-LGBTQ+ Chick Fil A and when called out was repeatedly “both sides”ing homophobia vs something unusually nice Starbucks was doing that Fox News was demonizing or vs. Michelle Obama writing a book, but I’m weak about click-bait titles on blogrolls). I assure you, if I cared about photo books at all we would have them and ours would look fine for the same reason my spice rack and bookcases and closets are perfectly organized.  (Just reread the comments on that second-to-last blogpost… I had COMPLETELY forgotten that she’d allowed her daughter to participate in a neighborhood Halloween parade in Black-face Thriller Michael Jackson and then posted pictures of it on her blog, though she did take them down and replace them with non-Blackface versions as soon as someone pointed it out.  How does a person forget that? Cancel culture is not real.)

I would just like to point out that (SPOILER) the protagonist of the second OZ book written for children in 1904 is gender fluid (if it were written today, people would claim it was an allegory with TERFs as the villains of the book!).  Said OZ book was so popular that it was followed up by 12 more and the third OZ book has the name of the protagonist of the second OZ book as the title (though technically Dorothy is the protagonist of that book).  Mercedes Lackey can go suck the protagonist who had a bird love interest in one of her books or the protagonist in love with a horse.  Ozma is waaay more interesting.  AND L. Frank Baum never had to use rape as a plot device or character development!

this thread:  You mean that stabbing pain in my lungs when I run can be fixed?!?!

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Another super busy week. This one was kind of insane! Random calls from the press, the state government, and researchers across the world. Not for any one specific thing I’ve done either– they’re all kind of random.

Advice for how to help prevent the wave of censorship that’s coming to public and school libraries.

How evil wealthy people are using the threat of frivolous lawsuits to control the press (and how you can help Mother Jones).

This article explains why I never wanted to be *too* angelic as a kid.