Link love and a challenge update

For those following me at home.  This week’s goal was 2,500 steps/day.  How did I do?:
Feb 1: 7,194 (DH had a dentist appointment so I had to get DC1 which I did on foot)
Feb 2: 2,951 (Pacing while waiting for DH put me over the edge on this one)
Feb 3: 6,946 (I had the car so I had to walk from the parking lot, went for coffee at work, walked to the village store during DC1’s piano lesson to pick up a loaf of bread)
Feb 4: 9,769 (DH had the car so I walked to pick up both kids.  We got smoothies on the way home from DC2.)
Feb 5: 4,420 (Decided to pick up DC1 by foot for funsies because I was home because my laptop broke at work and I’ve been seriously procrastinating)

Go me.  One thing I notice is that I would rather exercise than work which means my work has been suffering a bit.  :/  DC1 chatters a lot more while walking home than zie does in the car (where zie generally reads a book).

And now for some links!

UN experts horrified by how American schools treat black children.

Marlon Brando on Hollywood’s diversity problem.

America Ferrera answers a stupid question.

What happened when Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, the answer may not surprise you.

The comments on every article about sexism illustrate the exact problem

For a laugh.

Read the comments and ponder how privilege is a many splendored thing

Michael Moore on the Flint tragedy

Dr. Cleveland was wrong about Hillary Clinton.

The only reason to attack Clinton on lack of progressivity is political.

Wandering scientist has a one hour productivity seminar



newborn horse sneezes

Link Love

#realacademicbios   Also :(

I thought the comments on this one were especially clever (disclaimer:  half of them are mine…)

Birth of a Nation

Disney princesses and talking (I also wonder what it would look like if they took out the villains!)

glad to see I’m not the only one who thought Love Actually was really creepy

Also creepy

What has Obama ever done for us (with apologies to John Cleese)

This comment from quixote

Also this comment from Delia Harrington


Sheldon gets into the konmari thing

A good explanation of how the lead in pipes thing works with ph and stuff.  Water filters (note:  we do not get $ from this– I’m not exactly sure why #2 sent it?) (Because we should think about water sometimes, is why.)

A windy city gal needs your help for a reading thing

Stacking pennies discusses her minimum spend to be comfortable and breaks it out.

dear debt: what you don’t understand is that my husband and I are a TEAM. We tackle things together, both of us against you. You’re outnumbered. You can’t win. Scram.

When keeping chickens was patriotic

self driving cars and the future

Reading the people’s stories here is heartbreaking.



Link Love

As I write this, I have massive hiccups.  I keep trying to muffle them, but occasionally one will sneak out.  mhic mhic mhic HICCUP! mhic

Oh my God, I just can’t even with the Flint water crisis.  This is a 19th century problem that WE SOLVED.  And the effects are so terrible.  Werner Troesken wrote an excellent but horrifying book about it.  I can’t believe this could be happening in the 21st century.  We need a revolution.  Public safety, infrastructure… a new war on poverty a war for public health, public safety.

Also awful from true stories  backward.

This article illustrates exactly the problem with Macklemore.  Eminem doesn’t have this problem because he’s actually GOOD.  (Though Thrift Shop is truly catchy.  But it’s good like All about that base is good, as a one-hit pop wonder.)  So his heart is in the right place, but man, can the Grammies be awarded on merit for a change, instead of to the not as good white guy?

DeRay McKesson is awesome.  I wish this interview could have gone on longer!

The horrible consequences of reporting sexual harassment.  Burn, patriarchy, burn.

So even though isidewith has me 95% with Bernie and 92% with Hillary, I’m going with Hillary (#2 is going with Bernie), assuming I can get my damned voter registration thing figured out for the absentee ballot (my registration is “in suspense” because the post office here sucks and only occasionally delivers mail to us instead of returning it).  This is basically how I feel.  And extra especially this comment from megpie71.

This is a really interesting interview with Sia about crafting pop music.

Go climb that cupboard!

If someone gives you a whole lot of persimmons, this is a good recipe.

How to slice a pizza.  (The answer may surprise you)

This is pretty cool, also exsanguinate is a pretty cool word.

h/t historian for this post whose comments you should definitely read

With the stock market down, now is a good time to do Traditional IRA rollovers/conversions, in case you’re ever thinking of doing a backdoor roth. Why? Because you pay taxes on the earnings and when the stock market is down, you have smaller earnings (possibly even losses)

Policy wonks might be interested in this economics lecture on household finances, wealth, and mistakes.  Related:  why bond prices go down when interest rates go up.

November lessons? from table for one

Very cool money post from a Natural Scientist.

Saturday link love

Let’s see… I think we talked a lot this week.  What all did we discuss… c’mon gchat, don’t fail me now…

What Obama has quietly accomplished.  And a great SOTU clip about American values.

What happens when a woman announces she isn’t reading white authors for a year.  The answer may not surprise you.

60% of women in tech say they’ve been sexually harassed, and other depressing facts.  Fun times.

#2 argues that this article isn’t worth posting because who cares about Hollywood.  [I didn’t say it wasn’t worth posting; I said that I *personally* don’t care about Hollywood.]  But I say that Hollywood is the patriarchy on steroids and Hollywood magnifies what happens to women in the rest of the world.  Other women go through the same thing, but with Hollywood, it’s more visible and obvious.  The article is about how Hollywood is illustrating the patriarchy, whether or not you care about JLaw. One can care about Planned Parenthood AND about how women are not allowed to get ahead without being pulled down.  (Also, seriously Oscar’s, what’s up with the 100% white nomination schedule?  Again.  And Huffpo, was there really only one actress of color in Hollywood able to be nominated in your article suggesting potential nominees of color?)

I stand with Linda Sue Beck.

Another article about women and weightloss.

When to be shallow.

Ana had a bunch of great posts this week.  We, of course, picked out the deliberately controversial one to link to.  Well, and this review of the kon mari book.

How common are 401 K loans?

This financial advice for new faculty seems reasonable.

Go over and say hi to No Trust Fund!

Time starved skilled workers may be driving gentrification (Mr. Money Moustache in action)

Makes it hard for other teams to argue that they’re moving to LA now.

#2 sent this obnoxious unsourced opinion article on msg, because I guess the fact that she doesn’t get msg headaches means they don’t exist (#1 HATES msg headaches, which are similar to pressure headaches for her).  [I didn’t SAY that!  I sent a link and that is all.]  The whole “nocebo” thing the author is talking about is crap.  In a randomized controlled trial, people who think they are msg sensitive are.  So no, I’m not a hypochondriac, at least not when it comes to headaches.

Another article about a really sad marital/parental relationship.  I really should just not read MIM.  It’s so full of sad.


The weirdest identity theft ever.

An interesting word and a story about nudity.

Sister Notorious’s Home for Wayward Medievalists.  As of this typing, you can still buy it!

Cute kitty pictures.

Link love

When teamwork doesn’t work for women.  Btw, I have anecdotal evidence for pretty much every statement made in this piece (including what people say about Betsey Stevenson!).

I’m a bit tired of work-life balance stuff, but if we’re going to talk about it, it shouldn’t just be about women

Why elementary is better than sherlock

Give the land back to its rightful owners

What does it mean when somebody complains about political correctness?

Guns are our shared responsibility.  Guns and money.   Why Obama cried. Because he is human.

Structural workplace strategies that enhance stuff


Preliminary results

Just in case you need one

We especially like #4.  New years resolutions from dances with fat.

You can both be a moderator and an abstainer!

Writing inspiration.

Lonely link love

#2 is off celebrating New Years someplace fun (yes, still!).  Me, I’ve been working on a paper deadline.  :(

This was the year that I (and many white people) learned what most black people already knew— that we’re still living in a world where murderers can get off so long as the victim was black.  Crazy white people who shoot guns at police are still safe though.

This comment is on point.

… even privileged white people are living in a police state— how much worse for people who aren’t well-off white former CIA workers?

what to do when you’re not a hero anymore

The private tax system that saves billions for the wealthiest

10 celebrities who have had abortions and do not regret it

on parenting, consumerism, and patriarchy

the men’s version costs less

Here is an awesome list of diverse books for the year.  I especially love that some of the books aren’t like deep and worthy– they are fun books with diverse casts.  Because our popcorn reading shouldn’t be lily white either.

Behind the lens

Aretha Franklin

Leslie Jones is cool.

redefining happiness



weekend animal fostering

Post Christmas Link Love: (Boxing day: the day we read books that came out of boxes)

They have always misunderstood our heroines

A little late, but here’s the 2015 Feminist Killjoy Holiday Gift Guide.  Smash the patriarchy, friends.

Another unwanted present...

Writing by appointment.  It works!

Comics to read after lumberjanes

Anatomy of a muppet scene

How to parse political polls

In the comments last week someone mentioned controversy about the mindset research so I did some poking around the internet, and this post is lengthy but really well worth reading all the way through.  It does a great job of pointing out how lab experiments can have multiple interpretations, as well as doing a good job discussing external validity.  Also Alfie Kohn wrote this article which is more nuanced and reasoned than any Alfie Kohn thing I have ever seen (which is not saying much), but he makes some valid points without going off into his usual potentially harmful hyperbole (Maybe that “Alfie Kohn will destroy your kids” article got to him, or maybe Salon has good editors).

People who love to sleep

Presented without comment

I wonder if he bought it from Cards against humanity

If you can’t find cold medicine that works…

I would totally watch that star trek episode


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