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Traveling again… links are light.  Many stupid and terrible things happened with the Trump administration this week including a lot of fascist stuff, but apparently none of them made it to being linked here.

Artificial intelligence could make your job harder

Taking out a student loan is better than dropping out

Investing in children really does pay big benefits for government


Ask the grumpies: Favorite kinds of museums?

Leah asks:

Do you like visiting museums? If yes, what is your preferred type? History, art, science, local, or another type?

#1:  As a parent, my favorite kind of museum these days are large children’s museums that aren’t insanely crowded that can wear the kids out.  But I also like history and science.  Sometimes local.  Recently my kids went to the Houdini museum in NYC and declared it their favorite museum ever (even moreso than the insane children’s museum in St. Louis).  I like *some* art museums, and mostly the kinds with exhibits full of things that aren’t just paintings, though I also love a good Dutch masters collection.  My favorite art museum is The Art Institute of Chicago.  My second favorite is the Prado (love me some Hieronymus Bosch).  I think the Metropolitan Museum of Art is too … random?  It’s full of stuff but the individual rooms don’t seem as well curated as in Chicago, where each room tells a story.  But with a few exceptions I don’t tend to seek out art museums like I do historical museums or, to a lesser extent, natural science.

In terms of history, I like the Oriental Institute and both Gettys.  I used to love the DeYoung museum, but I haven’t been in SF when it was open in over 30 years, so I don’t know if I still like it since it’s moved.  (The SF Science museum is still just as cool as it was when I was a kid, and they’ve waaaay upgraded the earthquake exhibit which was my favorite then.)  Local museums can be pretty cool as well, and we’ve taken the kids to a few historical towns where they have volunteers dressed up in historical costumes demonstrating historical things.  I think my favorite localish museum is a textile museum in I think Lowell, Massachusetts, though there’s also a tiny small-town museum about a distant branch of my family who were much more colorful than my direct ancestors.

All of the Smithsonians are amazing.

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The more Trump does not get punished, the more brazen his corruption gets.

America’s future from the Holocaust museum

Trump raids education, department of defense for border wall funding

Maureen Johnson explains the recent theatrics in UK Parliament.

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The demoralizing reality of life under Trump (I totally feel like this)

The judge agreed that this asylum seeker would be killed if he was deported… and he was.  We must do better.

How to block Nazis, Russians, and other trolls on twitter as they gear up for the 2020 election season.

Wondering what companies are supporting Trump or Mitch McConnell etc.?  Open Secrets has got you covered, though be careful what is employees donating and what is the company itself donating.  (Also, Darden restaurants possibly funding Trump, something they deny, isn’t the only reason you might want to boycott Olive Garden– they’re trying to get away with being less healthy and treat their workers more poorly as well, according to this 2016 article.  You can see their lobbying efforts here.)

I’ve been getting some scam emails purportedly from journals saying I wanted to reset my password.  Super creepy.

What am I Missing with ‘A Separate Peace”?

We also need better publicly provided therapy for learning disabled students.   In this heart-warming story that is actually an indictment of our social safety net, this speech language pathologist on a plane provided a service that allowed a child with non-verbal autism to communicate.

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Migrant children molested in US funded foster care

This week in fascism Also this week in Fascism.

Don’t give yourself a null license plate 

A plastic-free month

the comments on this one are so true!

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Pickup Truck Barrels Into Jewish Activists At ICE Detention Center In Rhode Island

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Script to protest

There’s still a lot of really horrible stuff going on, so please call your senators to ask for sensible gun control legislation.  Expand background checksBan assault weapons at the federal level.

Check out 5calls for more things to call about.  Like impeachment.   Write postcards to votersDonate to Amy McGrath to get rid of Mitch McConnell.  He has been retweeting what are essentially death threats against her.

Texas officials illegally throwing out mail-in ballots.

30-50 hog poems

what is a book doctor?

How “Gourmet Makes” teaches the lesson of failure (this had a much more click-baity title on the huffpo link, but I can’t remember what it was– something like how a cooking youtube show changed how I handle my career)

A Zarf is a cup for your coffee cup

I’m really loving these Ozy memes