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Did you get a weird postcard in the mail this week?

Upset about the bungled US pandemic response?  Swing Left has suggestions for activism you can do from home.

I hope this isn’t creepy stalkerish… but if you’d been worried about chacha, I ran across this brief update on whatever.

Five Short Answers to Way More Than Five Long Questions: COVID-19 Edition

I don’t watch much television, but I WOULD WATCH THIS.  The world needs this.

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#Quarantinecats is the best thing to come out of the quarantine (besides flattening the curve and saving lives, of course)

The local shop has been out of business for a couple months, but you can still order great coffee beans from Southern Season (not a paid link).  We’ve also sent two orders to for non-perishables (also not a paid link).  Are there any non-Amazon mail-order businesses you’d like to give a shout out to?  (I suspect Zingerman’s is doing fine, even with all the college kids gone from Ann Arbor…)


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The assistant to the president and director of social media at the white house doctored a Joe Biden clip that President Trump then retweeted.


Postcardstovoters has a campaign right now getting Democrats in Florida to sign up for voting by mail.  That sounds like something good to do while sipping on your quarantini.  Here’s info on how to get postcards and stamps and how to sign up.  (You can just stick them in your mailbox when you’re done for the postal worker to pick up!)

How one blogger got refunds back after cancelling their Japan trip.

Should schools be closed?

Male privilege is real

More money, more options.

I hugged my children close and begged them to never go on the bachelor franchise 


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Poverty grew in one third of counties despite a strong national economy.

Men who harass women online are literally losers.

Hot take on imposter syndrome

Code for pretty stata graphs

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Clarence Thomas’s wife leading the right-wing effort to purge officials “disloyal” to Trump.

Men of the world, you are not the weather.  (cw)

This is why my senior colleague believes that it’s time to move from stocks to bonds (he’s closer to retirement than I am– I’m just going to let things ride.)

The Trump administration plan for recent Corona-virus infected Americans comes with a side order of punishing whistleblowers.

#1254: “Does my micromanaging business partner / friend need to get a life, or have we mixed too much business with friend dynamics?”

A really interesting article on why the current stock sell-off is orderly.

Middle class revolution has a new post up!

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Not doing social media in the morning has been majorly crimping the link love.  I haven’t been perfect about writing in the mornings but I’ve been better.  There’s just so much that needs to get done.  Currently I’m trying to anti-Boice by doing a project a day instead of a little bit from each.  I just can’t keep 5 projects in my head at the same time and there’s set-up costs each day.  (Second half of the day is moving to service/class prep of which there’s a lot.)  I’d really like to go back to focusing on only two projects at a time, but it’ll be a while before I can do that, I think.

A major news poll sponsored by NBC and the Wall Street Journal just failed to ask questions about Elizabeth Warren even though she’s got the third most delegates.  They did ask about lower ranked candidates– either they think that only one woman can be in a poll at any time (they included Klobuchar) or, much more likely, the owners are truly worried about her proposed wealth tax and other anti-corruption things she’s likely to bring into office.  The anti-Warren junk email we’ve been getting has been getting worse too.  Bad guys are afraid.

Stop and Frisk is enough reason to not vote for Bloomberg.  Unfortunately he’s been spending a lot of money on advertising– my students tell me they know folks who have already voted for him in primaries because of his Facebook ads.  He’s sent us a bunch of mail already (straight to recycling).


An article about the Netflix show Cheer from the view of someone who used to be a cheerleader in high school.



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But what about that one student?

What I wish my clients knew about the paypal 1099

A failed attempt at van life

Do you have a useless skill?