People, a moment here.  I got my wedding invitations from the printer yesterday.  They are gorgeous.  I am grateful that yesterday, same-sex marriage was declared legal throughout the US by the Supreme Court.  I’m so happy.  There’s something in my eye.

One of us is at a conference while the other holds down the fort this weekend.

Here are some links we found this week.

My favorite part of this 10-second video is the baby’s surprised expression at the end!

Goddamnit EEOC get your head right!!!

If you’ve ever wondered how clothing donations get processed

Explaining the Large Hadron Collider using Frozen.

The 10 most famous internet cats (my favorite is Lil Bub!)

Jessica Williams continues to be brilliant

Pie Charts of Sadness

moar sad.

This is cool:  crowdsource some lost ancestors

do you think this is true?

Help the animals

The #Charlestonsyllabus is a great resource

It’s always fun to play “Prof or hobo?”  (Although note how men get away with looking like this …)

I’m #16 in this list (if it loads really slow, it’s probably because the servers at pride.com caught on fire from the load).  Don’t have time to read the whole SCOTUS decision?  Here it is in haiku.

kittens do stuff for the first time: this may be happening in my house….


Link love

What a depressing week.  These past few years have done a lot to show white people what POC have known all along.  Explicit racism is alive and well.  White violence against POC is still happening.  Is still sanctioned.  I know racism exists and I want to end it.  But I don’t know how.  I know the best most up-to-date research on ending implicit bias, but I suspect that explicit bias requires government leadership.  Laws.  Prosecution.  Police oversight.  Changes in school curricula.

Good explanation of why passing as black is wrong.

White men are dangerous.

A little bit of sexism this week.  My comment in the comments about white men being dangerous was made prior to the shooting.  Oh, and some historical sexism involving tampons in space.

Someone should make this app.


I don’t get this comic, but #2 forwarded it.

I love this comic a lot.

Multi-age daycare.  Stress of a child.

Why to get an economics phd. though his list of “phds that work” isn’t quite correct.  Also, Michigan isn’t a “middle-ranked school.”  *I* teach at a middle ranked school.

Almost makes me wish I could sew.

HIV tests invented by a 15 year old young woman.

this is cool

10 old English words you should be using.


Amazing dino facts

The labels!

I would like this dream too!

engineeringis (click on pictures for explanations)

Link love

Where is summer going?

F the police never ends.  It really doesn’t.  And of course this one was all over the news.

Which state was the worst for women this week?  Surprisingly, not Idaho.

In case you missed this week’s douchecanoe.  The sex discrimination you don’t see.  Unseen women behind douchecanoe’s Nobel prize.  #distractinglysexy .  Related:  #15 is how I’m feeling now.  Also this related:  this is depressingly true.

Surprise!  Redditor’s harass female CEO after reddit cracks down on harassment.  Also:  guess which employee gets thrown to the wolves by Tor (hint:  Not a male one.)

Giving voice to black youth in YA. Fighting against racist memes. I want a Disney Princess who…

Sesame St. is pretty awesome.

Why flexible work options are so important.

I want to tell all the middle-aged comedians complaining that colleges are too PC for stand-up comedy that that’s not the problem. The problem is that they’re out of touch and not funny or relevant. NPR actually had a couple of really great programs on how humor changes over time. One of them was a book review that gave examples of things that used to be hilarious to audiences but are now offensive or just not funny (think turn of the century cartoons– violence, like wife beating, used to be a lot more funny to people). The other spot they had is this new program that Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are doing– Billy Crystal, btw, I bet isn’t having the problem of not getting laughs at colleges. Because he doesn’t just rely on lame shock value for humor. Granted, the tv show sounds pretty terrible, but there’s a little clip in the interview of Crystal dying in front of a young audience because his jokes are lame for that generation (purposefully so) that really illustrates what is wrong with Seinfeld (and that dude I’ve never heard of who posted the same thing on HuffPo and maybe even a little bit Chris Rock).

Yay Ferguson public library!

Anti-vaxxers allow diphtheria in Spain.

How is this even legal?

HuffPo is not a fun place to work.

Not a wasted word discusses a potential upcoming no-spend challenge.

Dr. Dad is back. Whole Foods rating system. These sound yummy.

Drunk synonyms over time. Awesome prom dress. True things.

This is fun.


Very cool video and commentary by delagar.

Tapping your inner wolf.

link love in our ongoing series

… our ongoing series of F*ck the police.

U.S. police as an extension of slavery and white supremacy.  The police love racist dudes who shoot unarmed black teens.  The police ALSO hate Hispanic people as well as black people (warning: violence).  F*ck the police right in the irony.

I don’t know that the first part of the article is correct (there are dangers to confronting the advisor), but the rest of the advice is SPOT ON.  (Men: Don’t do this.)

How to be a better secretary even though that’s not your job title.

Depressingly few books on sale at Powell’s 20% off we need diverse books YA sale.  (Not an affiliate link.)

An old post, but NK Jemisin discusses her science fiction she shouldn’t be shelved in the African American section.

hiring managers, throw away your codpieces!!!

What could possibly go wrong?

Wisconsin used to be such a great state.  WTH is going on there?

This just in:  Media reports comments taken out of context in the media.

The posthumous Terry Pratchett will be a Tiffany Aching.  (not orderable yet!)

Leigh doesn’t want kids or early retirement, but saves anyway!

Nzmuse with another great post in her “loving your work” series.

This was me earlier this week.

I will buy this book when it comes out (also not orderable yet.)  BCN back on the air 6/15!

Jon Stewart notes how quickly the media devolved into misogyny with Caitlyn Jenner.

my daycare mommy used to make pice bach

stack exchange, not just for programming questions

the last panel is something I would say


One space or two?

link love

First ted talk on abortion (also check out the abortion myths slideshow at the bottom)

chilling stanford article (discusses rape and reporting retaliation)

in our ongoing series of F THE POLICE (disturbing picture)

On a plate

dickipedia:  ted nugent

It really is the devil’s underpants.

Pockets and patriarchy

Why we need erasers, I mean history.

Octavia’s brood

zomg gail carriger’s fashion blog I will read IT ALLLLLL

News is what someone wants suppressed.  Everything else is advertising.

may possibly be true

case for and against homework

that’s full professor notorious to you

Hide and seek cats

ZOMG link love

Octavia’s brood

This isn’t an Onion article.

Wired doesn’t actually want to hear about women or people of color.

Bill O’Reilly’s family values.

This old post on GOT seems particularly relevant this week.  Why are you writing a rape scene?

good explanation on why not to call people things they don’t want to be called. Though he’s dead wrong about “In one short sentence, Sunny Moraine—whoever the hell she is, and we’ll get to that in a moment—has dismissed such novels as Tolstoy’s War and Peace, James Joyce’s Ulysses, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick—not to mention the epic of Gilgamesh and Homer’s Iliad.” The Illiad has women in it and Joyce and Melville are shitty specifically because they have no women (other than prostitutes whose main purpose is for the main character’s development, like in that other shitty book, catcher in the rye). I was never able to get into Eric Flint for the same reason– no female characters.


His majesty

Dr. Crazy says hello good-bye

This is cool.

It’s always fun to be able to look at someone who is making a lot more money and then go, yeah, I’m glad that’s not my life. What a waste.  Tax the 1%!

My FIL just got shingles while waiting to find out if his insurance covered the vaccine.  Noooooooooo.

This one is deep.

Sorry not sorry.

doubles on tundra

Historiann agrees with Katie Roiphe (!!!)

Mallory Ortberg’s comments sections are awesome.  Also a kitten.  And more kitten.

Mrs. Frugalwoods is having a baby!

I find this article to be quite hilarious.

more delicious

the video on this link is pretty interesting


link love

The depressing thing is that this, while terrible and unfair, is nothing compared to other racist stuff the police do.  Like this was what I used to think the worst stuff the police did was and it bothered me, but not to quite the extent that, you know, the beating and killing and harassment does.

racist principal

hiring bias

50 year old mystery about measles solved (maybe)

excellent article that is far better than the stupid article that inspired it

This was spot on– they matched the worst hell on that list with my type.  Of course the ESTJ is pretty terrifying too and that’s not me.

The shu box discusses minimalist thoughts, not being a minimalist, and related things.

I’m a classic.  #2 is Radical Red.

Thrift shopping in less than 37 steps.

Fantastic piece about NYC.

grump grump grump

worry work and the possibility of change

deez nuts

poor seal

should you read middle grade books?

the explanations here are hilarious


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