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NPR did some cool segments on Key and Peele.

An atlas of self-reliance.

A geography of hate.

High school student proves professor wrong when he denied “no irish need apply” signs existed.


Handy round up of why it isn’t just the pipeline research.

It sucks to be a woman.

The onion nails it again (potential rape trigger).

One person’s reason for donating to Planned Parenthood.

The myth that mom’s salary pays for childcare.

Mapping migration in the US over time.

What Solitary Diner has learned about money (part 2, part 1 is also good)

People are not “bad at math

I had no idea about pears.

Iiiiii can watch anything on Netflix.

Maybe I’ll wait on the update.

Mr. Darcy spills all.

summertime and the linking is easy

Let’s do this thing.

We very much love this Breaking Cat News (especially Elvis-kitty)

I don’t know where this storyline is going but it sure is cute (it’s getting grim as it goes on)

Let’s play Guess the Race (again)

And then we can go ARRRGH at this

and also Fcuk the po-po at this: “What’s wrong with you guys?“, indeed.  Indeed, sir.

Bonus book recommendations: Citizen: An American Lyric, by Claudia Rankine, and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Read ’em.

Check out these wacky old pics

Getting ready in the morning sucks.  (Key problem: morning.  Ugh.)

This cartoon really captures a part of my childhood: SPACE MUSEUM.



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This week in racism (selected, not exhaustive).  What is WRONG with people?


A link from leightpf explaining the mega backdoor roth

But where is the Bishop’s Bird Stump?

20 schools responsible for 20% of graduate school debt

Miser mom with uses for canning rings

This is really great

This is badass

#7 is my favorite

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#2 is out smoking weed with her father (not really), so here’s some links to … whoa… have you ever noticed how weird hands are?

In this week’s f- the police and this … Also: poop.

In this week’s f- the racist judiciary system “In a wealthier county in Michigan that includes Ann Arbor, kids with this status generally do community service, like helping out at the local science museum. Jamie was sent to serve her time at the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, a prison that holds inmates convicted of crimes like first-degree homicide.”

It is not impossible to make structural changes to reduce abuse online.

Say something racist?  See your numbers go up in the polls!  At least if you’re a Republican presidential candidate.

A neat article sent by one of our readers– chances are men should be talking more like women, not the other way around.

“How much do you have to hate your insane mom to use your babysitting money to pay for a pertussis shot.”  (Original reddit)

Harvard admissions “mistakes”

Math mystery solved=> more mystery.

Nap attack!

Three little kittens!

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Detroit cops hit-and-run kill 2 black kids in the course of duty


John Oliver FTW.

A history of gay marriage rulings in the US state by state.

teens rapping the news in Uganda

posted without comment

Guess that giving lectures on abstinence works about as well as getting said lectures.

Vacation economics vs. real life economics.

I’ve been enjoying these introspective money posts (see earlier ones too) from Not a Wasted Word.

a site to compare moving costs (didn’t use it though)

I kind of want to rent this now.



People, a moment here.  I got my wedding invitations from the printer yesterday.  They are gorgeous.  I am grateful that yesterday, same-sex marriage was declared legal throughout the US by the Supreme Court.  I’m so happy.  There’s something in my eye.

One of us is at a conference while the other holds down the fort this weekend.

Here are some links we found this week.

My favorite part of this 10-second video is the baby’s surprised expression at the end!

Goddamnit EEOC get your head right!!!

If you’ve ever wondered how clothing donations get processed

Explaining the Large Hadron Collider using Frozen.

The 10 most famous internet cats (my favorite is Lil Bub!)

Jessica Williams continues to be brilliant

Pie Charts of Sadness

moar sad.

This is cool:  crowdsource some lost ancestors

do you think this is true?

Help the animals

The #Charlestonsyllabus is a great resource

It’s always fun to play “Prof or hobo?”  (Although note how men get away with looking like this …)

I’m #16 in this list (if it loads really slow, it’s probably because the servers at caught on fire from the load).  Don’t have time to read the whole SCOTUS decision?  Here it is in haiku.

kittens do stuff for the first time: this may be happening in my house….


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What a depressing week.  These past few years have done a lot to show white people what POC have known all along.  Explicit racism is alive and well.  White violence against POC is still happening.  Is still sanctioned.  I know racism exists and I want to end it.  But I don’t know how.  I know the best most up-to-date research on ending implicit bias, but I suspect that explicit bias requires government leadership.  Laws.  Prosecution.  Police oversight.  Changes in school curricula.

Good explanation of why passing as black is wrong.

White men are dangerous.

A little bit of sexism this week.  My comment in the comments about white men being dangerous was made prior to the shooting.  Oh, and some historical sexism involving tampons in space.

Someone should make this app.

I don’t get this comic, but #2 forwarded it.

I love this comic a lot.

Multi-age daycare.  Stress of a child.

Why to get an economics phd. though his list of “phds that work” isn’t quite correct.  Also, Michigan isn’t a “middle-ranked school.”  *I* teach at a middle ranked school.

Almost makes me wish I could sew.

HIV tests invented by a 15 year old young woman.

this is cool

10 old English words you should be using.


Amazing dino facts

The labels!

I would like this dream too!

engineeringis (click on pictures for explanations)


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