Link Love while we’re at the MARCH FOR SCIENCE!!!

#2 is in DC marching for science.  I had been planning on going to our uni’s march, but then they changed the time and place and had competing Earth Day events so I said screw it and we’re at the march in the nearest big city.  DH and DC2 have lab coats and if you see someone with a homemade “Dismal Scientist” t-shirt, that’s probably me.  Here’s the link for satellite marches in your area.  Slather on some sunblock and head out!

An app that makes it easy to pester your congress member.

Help people get voter IDs in Georgia.


Gloria Steinem and Chelsea Handler

In a move that doesn’t surprise anybody, TX lawmakers either don’t care about women’s health OR else they want women to be sick and dying.  Why does TX hate women?

Today in DTMFPA


Nothing was weird at the whitehouse egg roll at all.  Nothing.  At All.

Venture capitalists

Washington Post uses data on social security disability that is just wrong.

USA Facts

Redshirting may do more harm than good


This is an interesting phone scam.

I believe that this happened because on my flight back home there was a United flight attendant being a jerk about exactly the same thing.  United was so nice and well behaved on my way to the conference, but completely awful a few days later on the way back.  (I told the guy who had to go back to my row that at least he hadn’t been dragged back to his seat.)

I still want to publish scenes and rage against machines

How to support authors if you can’t afford to buy their books.

How to cite tweets if you use MLA

Tales from Olive Garden

Tiny SF short stories.

From out of the briny deep… link love! (or kraken, but probably link love)


#2’s kid is playing this game

#1 cannot stop watching these tiny kittens #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter

This is our new favorite Twitter follow, with the three stages of a woman’s life.

One of many takes on the recent United ish.  Another (lengthy) twitter thread that should have been a blog post: in 66 parts.  And more United.  Ugh.  So few airlines, so many cock-ups to go around.

Twitter says, buy index funds.  Maureen Johnson tweeted an excellent GIF.

Apparently this is inspiring.  (sorry, I guess everything’s tweets this week or something?  #2 reads twitter every day but I don’t usually, so I’m really out of touch with what twitter does these days.)  But because it’s been everywhere, even I know about this wonderful baby video–  so frickin’ cute!

Speaking of inspiring, I registered for this.  And I guess young people are less politically polarized than old people, so… progress?

Outstanding podcasts for readers!  (I like some of them; others I’ve never heard of.)

Here’s a video.


Leave us notes in the comments with more GIFs and/or baby videos and/or baby animals.

Late link love

It has been a long week and next week is even more packed.  Oh, I should tell #2 that I’m going to be out of town next weekend.

Let’s see…

Why it’s worth fighting even if we don’t “win”

Calling out bs

Have you even heard the perspective of Trump supporters?


Double Sigh.

Trump isn’t even remotely hiding his corruption anymore

ICE arrests green card applicants

I want this shirt

From the makers of ACTUALLY

Arm shaving

Networking is hard

Predatory journals recruit fake editor

What is an elite college really worth?

Daria 20 years later

Holy Schiz-balls Batman!

I wish I worked efficiently

I am liking these so far

Donate to the NRDC to fight Pruitt’s anti-environment/anti-safety agenda

I vote for the following video as #2’s new exercise (also:  can she add grading my problem sets at the same time?)

Link Love

EPA chief, rejecting science, chooses to harm children

Hats for science!

Math joke!

Security theater harassment

Half your brain stands guard when sleeping in a new place

Is it age discrimination if you don’t know you’re being discriminated against

Information about legislation going on across the US.  Check out what’s going on in your state.

Don’t be distracted.

Cable news is mishandling the Russia scandal

Whites see racism as a zero-sum game that they’re losing.  It’s not.

Job training has different effects by gender (in the Dominican Republic)

This is true (explanation of GOP breaking the ACA after it passed)

Take this seriously

Experts in authoritarianism recommend keeping a list of things subtly changing… there’s a long list

Can economic activity move back from cities to towns?

The cost of attending JoCo Cruise

blogs don’t tell the full FI story

top paying refer a friend guide

What even

What a perfect time to look in the mirror and contemplate… (But only one…)  The author’s second biggest mistake

They can be singular!

Repurposed TB huts


Georgia Dunn’s romance story

Link Love

Thank you.

KANSAS:  Special election April 11th!  Meet James Thompson.

Here is why you should call about Gorsuch  More info here.

This thread is correct (I have seen expert economists make these points as well)

Republican’s original sin on Obamacare


A bad encounter

Laptop “ban” is bad and dangerous.

Well played

Planned parenthood and Medicaid

Managing academia

18th century insurance

free reads from KJ Charles

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is there something here today?

Link Love

Do you live in Georgia’s sixth district?  “There’s a special election in your backyard on April 18th. Democrats have a real shot to flip Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and send a message to Trump and the GOP. The voter registration deadline is this Monday, March 20th. Anyone in the district can register to vote or check your status ONLINE. You can get more information here: And please spread the word! #FlipThe6th.”

If you live in one of these districts, make extra special sure to call your House rep about the ACA ASAP.  Leave a message or fax if necessary!

Why a freelancer needs the ACA.  Georgia Dunn chimes in with another story.  CBO scoring.  Just stop being poor.

To be fair

The medicaid expansion reduced divorce.

Jared Kushner has major conflicts of interest with a Chinese firm.

US Border agents searching your cellphone.

Scientists running for office.

Knowledge is power shirt.

Not strong enough.

Man’s right to know.

Female name for a week.

Sophia Duleep Singh

Gmail phishing scam.

#1 YA

This is cute.

Link love

This post of ours seems appropriate to the current insurance debate

A more formal, but animated, explanation.

So many things about the GOP house plan are so stupid.  Anyhow, in case you missed it, it’s going to cost most people more.


This title

Fundraiser for sexual assault survivors

I know you guys know this already, but protesting bigots on campus is not denying them free speech.  Not inviting noted racist and alt-factivist Charles Murray to give talks isn’t suppression of intellectual discourse.  The other day I went to a student presentation on safe spaces and was a little bemused to have them define a safe space as one where everyone’s opinion is provided without fear.  Another person in the audience pointed out that they forgot the part where students aren’t supposed to step on each other’s rights either.  So, no, a safe space isn’t a place where students can say racist things about Hispanic immigrants even if there are no Hispanic immigrants in the room.

raging grannies

In case you were wondering why when you tried to buy the rest of KJ Charles Magpie series after you finished the first one, they had all disappeared as kindle books… here’s why.  They should be back.

11 people arrested at Tuesdays with(out) Toomey protest.

They just want townhalls deep in the heart of Texas

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sends a cease and desist letter to a constituent

Hidden figures book vs movie and the role of social policy

Damon Jones makes some really great points about men-only AEA panels.

These are also items on my radical liberal agenda.

An interesting sleight of hand with math that changes taxes and withdrawal rates quite a bit

IRS withholding calculator.

Cursive is back

50 things to make in a muffin pan.

Turns out there’s a valid reason why I love mochas so much