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Unfortunately the number is even bigger now.  :(  If justice is blind, it’s because it is wearing a white hood.  F the police.  F the police. F the police.  F the police.

Disney just cannot get rid of its racist core.

Why Stirrup Queens really is with her.  Because hating Trump isn’t enough.  (Or maybe it is…On your way to the camps...)

ICYMI:  Trump used $258,000 of *other people’s money* from his charitable foundation to settle legal problems.  This is called self-dealing and is illegal.  What boggles my mind is how much illegal stuff Trump does but it’s all stuff that the penalty is a fine, I guess, not jail-time.  So it makes sense to him to do a crap-ton of illegal stuff and wait to get sued and then settle for part of the cost (or for someone else to pay his fines!).  And the thing is, I bet if he weren’t such a scuzz bucket grifter, people would trust him more and he’d actually be making money from business rather than be not beating the market.

Libertarians can be so dumb.

Most Americans are wrong.

When Teen Vogue gives better coverage than NPR.

I wish I could put this on my board in class, but I’m trying to stay away from politics in math…

We love Obama so much.

I like the cut of Gutierrez’s jib.

Credit card companies market to people differently by using behavioral biases.

Sometimes I’m disappointed with Hank Green.

Underemployment in early careers of college graduates following the great recession.

Ugh, heterosexual sex scenes don’t make a book “mature” but the presence of a bisexual person does?  WTF?

Clinton’s policy agenda and why we’re not hearing much about it.  (Hint:  the media doesn’t think we’re interested.)

Wishing Windy City Gal a speedy recovery!

Congratulations to Leigh form Leigh PF!

Michelle Obama is hilarious.


Y’arrr from BCN.

A post for Ana.


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This week I have a deadline so I said “no twitter except docrocktx26 this week” partly because it’s a distraction and partly because the coverage (even from so-called liberal men) about HRC daring to not tell people she had pneumonia the minute she was diagnosed last Friday and waiting OMG until Monday was driving me nuts.  Oh, and all the mansplaining about how “basket of deplorables” was a gaffe, when I’m pretty sure it was not at all.  I hate the patriarchy so much.  (btw, there were some twitter lookings last saturday before I decided to stop– this guy does real investigative reporting.)

Still, we do have some political links.

Here’s an excellent take-down of why it doesn’t @#$234ing matter if HRC has health problems.  Well worth watching the video– you find some stuff about script writing with the West Wing too.  Here’s Historiann’s contribution on the subject.  Here is docrocktex‘s.

How Trump’s business ties could upend national security.

This article does a really good job explaining how companies contributed to the Trump foundation as a way for Trump to dodge income tax.

Truly sickening.  Brazen and stupid (and I don’t even have a link for his holocaust jokes this week).

We are numb.

I endorse this article as a professional economist.

I hope this guy wins his court case.  F the police.

This is the best kind of political post.  Also we are going to totally try it out.  It sounds easy and delicious.


Smash the patriarchy!

Treat high income when you’re young as a windfall (that you save and don’t blow).

Save money by not switching your taxable stocks to betterment!

I had forgotten this post.


New teeny kittens.

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Modern lynching involves burning people in cars.  Another activist murdered this year.

Arrested for exercising free speech against racism.

I am totally with Hillary Clinton and was just yesterday reminded of this double bind.  Several times, both with a bullying colleague and a cluelessly entitled student.  But what could she do?

Matt Lauer has a history of being a sexist turd.  Allowing him that stage is harmful.

Nobody ever tells Trump to smile.

Donald Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns.

After bribing Attorney General Pam Bondi to drop the lawsuit against Trump University, Trump held an additional fundraiser for her and charged way less for his properties than he’s charging people who donate to his campaign.  That’s right, Trump is making money off his campaign from people donating.

Shut down the Trump Organization NOW.  It’s not like anybody will die of aids or bad water if you do.

WaPo says the email story is out of control, and it is right.  Also, this news story, WOW.

How the media undermine American democracy.

I only got 50% on the quiz in the middle of this article.  It was really hard!

Colin Kaepernick is a hero.

Guac the vote.

Bardiac discusses trigger warnings, and more than that, who they affect and questions why so many of them affect women– why is there so much violence against women everywhere?

This person is amazing!

What to do after paying off your mortgage.

Why does #2 get cookies and why doesn’t she share with me?

grape beard

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This week was pretty hectic, so link love is late.  If we don’t update regularly through the month of September, it’s because we’re busy.

Why is media mostly ignoring Trump Foundation Pay for Play story.  How the media is turning the Clinton Foundation’s “optics” or “potential” for wrong-doing, even though they *did nothing wrong* and have saved thousands and thousands of lives into another “scandal

Oh man, NYTimes, wtf.

I love propane jane so much

This week in F the police.  SRSLY, Santa Clara?

Laws restricting abortion hurt women literally

Patriarchy smash!

Important experiment

Ailes attempts to smear reporter

ICYMI, and you might have since I read a CNN article where they cover the Maine governor’s expletive response towards being called racist but didn’t mention why he was called racist in the first place (answer: he’s dangerously racist)

wow, it really is modern-day slavery, complete with company store, ICYMI:  Trump’s illegal use and abuse of teenage illegal immigrants for modeling

The stuff about Trump in just August alone is insane when you put it together into one article.  And yet… he is rising in the polls as the mainstream media tries to manufacture fake scandals about HRC.  Are they afraid Trump will sue?  Does Ailes have blackmail on key people?  Are they just trying to promote a horse-race narrative?  Is it underlying misogyny?  Whatever it is they are playing with danger.

Why does the NYTimes have any readers left?

Could the election be hacked?  Seriously, we are in the worst-written Thriller/spy/con book right now.  It’s like our reality was written by Donald Westlake or something.  Also:  Russian hackers alter hacked documents… which makes sense, why just release them when you could do so much more damage?

Nasa agrees 100% with high school me.  Take that sexist physics teacher who didn’t think the people aspect of getting people to mars was important (and thought we’d have a space elevator two years ago).

So much outrage

I like the cut of this guy’s jib

More patriarchy

Ugh twitter.

Wedding steps


lego grad student


These are true

Sharing the pain

Cat comics


Time to lifestream some kittens.

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So much politics this week… Let’s see here…

I suspect that all these bizarre seemingly left-field attacks on HRC from Trump “supporters” (many of whom turn out to have twitter accounts from Russia(!)) is Trump realizing what his big weaknesses are and pre-emptively attacking HRC on them.  So these new attacks on HRC’s health… are specifically because Trump’s health is worse than thought.  And so on.  They want to make it seem like she’s counter-attacking or something if these things come out.  But, Trump’s razor is forcing attention on problems he has that she was unlikely to go after.  Like that letter from Trump’s “doctor”.

The other thing about the health thing that gets me… if Clinton dies in office, we get Tim Kaine.  That’s still (the absolute value of) a bazillion times better than Trump.  How is this a bad thing?

These attacks on the Clinton Foundation, which are there because Trump’s business (and “foundation“) ties are so shaky (and Putin-y)– turning a charity foundation that helps people into a liability.  Of course, it helps a lot of black people in Africa, so maybe that’s why it’s not getting any credit for, you know, saving people’s lives.  HRC coverage SUCKS.  I mean, seriously, this AP thing is making my blood boil.  Also apparently journalists are really bad at vetting sources.

You should definitely watch (or listen to) Clinton’s Reno speech if you can (scroll down for the youtube version).  Very powerful.  As Yo is this racist says...

Godwin (of the law) says it’s ok to call Trump a Nazi.  Because he is.

Someone tweeted about Trump denying medical care to a sick baby and I was like, let me snopes that that cannot be true or it must be an exaggeration.  Turns out, nope!  It actually happened.  He cut off promised medical care to his nephew because he was mad at his brother (who was cut out of their dad’s will).  WTF.  I mean seriously, what is WRONG with this person.

The media’s false equivalence is dangerous.

Scalzi is correct.  More rich white privilege.  They don’t even know they have it.  They just don’t understand.  I wish they did.

5 common behaviors CIS men may not realize are abusive and how to stop them

Trump misusing campaign donations.  This was only one of several such stories this week.

Trump being a slimy scumbag.  Snopes makes it almost even worse.

But, of course, Trump antics haven’t stopped the police from brutally killing unarmed civilians.

Mary Jane

Monsters, role playing, and blackness.   Also recommend the radiolab podcast episode she references.

featured patreon of the week


Fallon and Streisand

Real girls



I love reading about it when Paula from Afford Anything renovates a place.

I got dried dragon fruit from   I am insanely happy about this (not an affiliate link, just happy).  I lived on it from TJ’s back when I was pregnant with DC1, but we moved away and then they stopped carrying it.  :(

Hispanic vs. Latino (I think we posted this when it came out, but here’s a refresher)

Let’s be honest, the French burkini ban is about keeping Muslim women trapped inside.  It would make more sense to ban white guys in speedos since white guys are responsible for more violence than are muslim women

note to self  (context)

Is it sad that this looks like my neighborhood?  Fortunately we only have a one-story, but boy did we see a lot of confusing second story weird spaces when we were househunting.  (With our almost 3K square feet, 4 br, 3br, and 2 car garage, we’re really only on the cusp of mcmansion ourselves.  Plus we bought a house from the builder known for quality and it really does seem to have good bones, unlike a lot of the 4K sq foot places we’ve been inside.  We used to have friends who lived at a place that looks almost identical to the “help” though they also had a fountain in the front parallel to the stone path.)

Lists of lists about Asian American books

this site is fun!

Cat pictures, please (hugo award winning cat pictures, please)


So pretty.

Historical NYTimes articles about cats

Here’s a twitter account we can all get behind.  Updates every 30 min.

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Despite what the news wants you to believe, there are actually more important things going on right now than Donald Trump’s twitter “strategy” or his change in campaign managers.  Unfortunately, most of that news is depressing too.  Riots in Milwaukee, flooding in Louisiana, Zika spreading in Florida, wildfires burning homes in Southern California.  #2 wants to hear about these things just as little as she wants to hear about Trump.  However, these things are important.  I don’t know what to do about police violence in Milwaukee.  You can write your congressperson about Zika.  Wildfires in CA… write your congressperson about climate change?  But the flooding in Louisiana, that’s something we can actually do something about, and when I switched radio-stations so as to avoid the NPR in depth Trump twitter piece, our non-NPR station was doing an in-depth story on that and lamenting the fact that they’re not getting as many donations as previous major floods because the major news networks were too busy covering Trump.  That’s like the opposite of ironic.  So anyway, there are ways that you can help.  And, of course, since NPR isn’t all bad, the next morning they did a story about flooded schools that were already strapped for cash, which, of course, led me to one of my favorite charities, Donors Choose– they’re letting you pre-donate specifically to Louisiana teachers affected by flooding.  (Problem with donors choose– once I’m on the site, I end up spending more than I had intended!) Man, and August is supposed to be a slow news month.  Interesting times suck.

Texas wants women to die.

More F the police.  Also this one.

A woman escaping from messed up religious messages about sex

Why saying that Hillary Clinton has epilepsy is harmful

Ok, one little trump link.  This just in, WATER IS WET.

Meanwhile, across from Sarah Palin’s house

More cheerful stuff:  Death rates by state.

Not of General Interest discusses class and education and canning.  Looks like we tagged her previous post as well.

Family recurrence map

How Jessica Williams transformed The Daily Show

Why is Sara Benincasa so fat?

These pencils are awesome.  If only #2 used pencils or they made them in pens!

A rare example of a non-sexist article about Clinton.  Read it!  Because CNN needs to be encouraged to write more nonsexist stuff about HRC the candidate.

Everything is f*’d:  The Syllabus

Send gifts pls

Why we say eleven, twelve

Mental floss is a rabbit hole

Escapist fiction recommendations that aren’t primarily romances.

We need fluffy diverse books!

Books about books

This made me smile


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The courts can be forces for good.

It was only a matter of time before this headline popped up.  Because women can’t win even if they’re winning.  So much FFS with this election. More misogyny in political coverage. Here’s more.

Great news! You can vote for Hillary AND keep your dick!

heaven help us

ICYMI, here’s Trump calling for Clinton’s assassination

The desperate Russian/GOP/crazy guy line these days seems to be about HRC’s health, as if Tim Kaine wasn’t perfectly capable of stepping into office.

‘From the book summary:  “In a covetous quest to attain the power that men had, women were advised to work like men, talk like men, party like men, and have sex like men. There’s just one problem: women aren’t men. Instead of feeling happy with their newfound freedoms, females today are tied up in knots, trying to strike a balance between their natural, feminine and traditional desires and what modern society dictates—and demands—through the commandments of feminism. ”  The irony is off the charts with this one.’  (Not that she should have been harassed, but seriously, stop contributing to patriarchal oppression!  Even if you’re a victim.)

I think trump is more crabbe or goyle

If only

Why are more US women dying of childbirth?


A Snowy Day.

Retirement plans for small companies

I don’t even like cooking for just myself

We did not go to Egypt.

Go for the John Scalzi links, stay for the cat pics

Where’s Charley?

At least this cool kid

Transportation agency attack haiku