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If you’ve been hearing about Trump “saving” jobs in Indiana, first off, they’re paying the company $7000oo/year for those “saved” jobs (and many of the jobs are still going to Mexico) and SECOND, and more importantly Donald Trump owns shares in the company (according to the Indiana Star).  Check the Activism tab for how to call the house financial oversight committee (202 225 5074), your congressperson to support the presidential accountability act, and email the GAO ( ) to audit Trump’s finances.  This is insane!   (Even Sarah Palin says so.)

More voter restriction in North Carolina

This is true

Wandsci on politics

Wake-up Call

Turns out being president is a bigger job than Trump thought.

This parody of merriam webster’s word of the year is actually not quite as horrible as the word that’s actually on track to be word of the year.

“By rules of their philosophy, you are only folks they take seriously. Stop telling the rest of us how to change their minds. You go do it.”

Some garbage a guy used to believe about equality.

27 women waiting patiently for men to stop talking in 2016.

BCN fixes its lighting

This opens up the question:  should you trust the Washington Post about what news outlets you should be reading?

Go back to fairyland

Uber is unprofitable and will increase prices after it has become a monopoly.

#2 wants this shirt

Disclaimer:  I have never watched the Gilmore Girls

Sleep restriction is bad

Zika in TX


Advent calendar!

doubting your charitable giving

This mcmansion hell is especially…special.

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ICYMI, here’s our activism page.  You can reach it up top right corner.  We will update it.

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety


Facebook Nazis

Women strike on Dec 12th.

The number is much higher now since #2 sent this post


Penzy’s continues awesome

SFF reads for the stages of grief

More money leads to less Alzheimer’s.

Self-care when everything is awful

Remembering SEK

20 children’s books that celebrate diversity and social justice

matching donations to we need diverse books

Misermom on volunteering at a soup kitchen

Donna Freedman on the scent of home

If Citibank sent you a big envelope talking about binding arbitration, then you will want to opt out.

A new library comic

Breaking [cat] news

#2 has been chortling over xkcd mouseovers.

these animals are cozy






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Not really a light link love, but shorter than usual for various reasons.

I’m not sure where/how to report our political action as time goes on, but, like my friend who IM’d me yesterday said, I do not want to get complacent or too dispirited and stop.  This needs to keep going until I can, until we all can, trust our government officials to make decisions again.  Until then I MUST stay active and pay attention.  This past week was full of calling senators and congress people about trump’s racist cabinet picks, his conflicts of interest, and the other things mentioned in the previous days posts.  I also got on the mailing list for our local democratic party even though they haven’t done anything.  I think we’re still active enough as a nation that there will be plenty more to do in the coming weeks without me planning it out now.  But eventually I will get organized and report back to the Grumpy Nation with posts about what I’m doing and why.  Please keep telling us what you’re doing as well.  It’s really scary when you talk to a former member of W’s administration and he tells you that his biggest fear going forward is the same as your biggest fear (and also explains how your second biggest fear can lead to the first).  We must stay vigilant.

I want this on a shirt

syllabus for white people to educate themselves

we need diverse books fundraiser



a way to fight racism online

a way to protect people who are being harassed in public

holy F*

Reminding myself of sunk costs has helped me

calming manatee

I bought this shirt

Last link love before the election!

Why is Hillary Clinton so widely loved?

It is really really exciting to get to vote for a woman for president on a major party ticket for the first time ever.  I hope Tuesday brings back that warm feeling I got when she accepted the nomination.  Progress is finally being made.  Our sons and daughters will never again think that a woman cannot be president.

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign

Voter intimidation and suppression are huge problems this election.  ArkansasNorth Carolina. More North CarolinaGeorgiaOhio.  There were a bunch more stories in the news, but they were too depressing for me to keep sending to #2 (the Georgia one almost didn’t get sent– just awful).  There’s a lot of state and local government officials who need to be in jail for disenfranchisement and willful intimidation.

Here’s how you can help prevent voter suppression.  You can donate to the ACLU, or the NC NAACP, or a number of other organizations mentioned in that first link.  I picked the ACLU.

do it for ALL CAPS HOMIE

Don’t get eaten by orcs

How to get a free ride to the polls

More backlash about those stupid trump voter empathy stories.  This one is my favorite-– laugh out loud funny.  Here’s wandsci’s commentary.

ICYMI:  An excellent in depth story about what a horrible person Trump is when it comes to philanthropy and lying about being generous.

Donald Trump destroyed email documents after the court ordered him to turn them over.

Examples of Trump lying about his mafia connections.  Here’s a Trump link to Russia story.  One of many.

Salman Rushdie

Did you know that Trump has SEVENTY FIVE pending lawsuits?  75!

They know she’s guilty, they just can’t figure out what she’s guilty of.  An attack on women

And she’s going to win against the forces of hate, bigotry, Russia, AND THE FBI.  Seriously.

Who indeed?

soon the anxiety will be over

Florida’s sneaky solar initiative.

ICYMI:  male contraceptives tabled because they have similar side effects to female contraceptives (though seems like not as bad overall).  The NPR story on this (that I am not linking to) was pretty awful.

This is awful and may be triggery.

He is me.  Thank goodness valium isn’t OTC.

Do clickbait articles like “Why professors are writing crap that nobody reads” erode the humanities? Here are 5 weird tricks to tell you the answer.

inspiring myself to productivity

accountability tool

why aren’t you writing?

academic batgirl

behold how much this guy loves office supplies

kids and money

writing and connecting

Soon we will be middle-aged heroes


So tired

solar shingles!

Can’t sleep?  Watch sheep.

Eric Idle’s reading journal

Saltnpepa, Queen Bey style. NPH.

cat comics

If you watch one Obama video today, make it this one.   “That’s Potus”

link love

Donald Trump down to last six horocruxes.

ICYMI:  Donald Trump demeans and sexually assaults a former Miss Universe on video in front of a large audience.

ICYMI (and you probably did):  Donald Trump’s campaign caught soliciting illegal foreign donations.

No seriously, it isn’t economic anxiety.


Clarence Thomas, sexual harasser.

George W. Bush “lost” 22 million emails


Voter intimidation


Seth Meyers is spot on

trying to erase what they did to clinton

If we wrote men like we write women

It should not be controversial to say that black lives matter.  Should not.

I can’t tell if this is anti-Trump or anti-McCain

so do I

virtual assistants and sexual harassment

forthcoming in chronicle vitae


election and productivity

this is a good bernie sanders ad

leftist case for clinton

Cosmo’s case

markets move quickly


If you want to throw a creator some money this week

living an authentic life

pantry challenge

early retirement

faculty attitudes of technology


I could only watch some of these.  Scrabble

Just so it’s clear.

glass ceilings

do want

The ravens.





link love

Wandsci’s commentary is so true.

Debate analysis in terms of her strategy (actually interesting).  Don’t let yourself think that anyone would have won against Trump or that Hillary would have lost against anybody else.  She did what none of the Republicans could do and made it look easy.


More voter suppression

Compare Trump and Clinton campaign followers by the words in their profiles.  The results will probably not surprise you.

What did trump know and when did he know it (7 days of scandal ago…)

It’s not economics

Triggering, but ICYMI, here’s Trump trying to force an unwanted kiss on a young girl

Black panthers fed kids

This is horrific and has a lot of triggers (how Trump supporters have harassed a journalist’s family)

sigh again


Latest Clinton emails continue boring.

CNN’s trump surrogate problem

More Donald and John comics

So creepy.

Donald Trump book report.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Cards for humanity against Trump

Fun twitter feed

Have there been too many profiles of Huma Abedin?

Hillary contains multitudes.

The ignored, silent majority

Minimum payments and debt paydown in consumer credit cards

Orangutan safe Halloween candy.

Hamsters recreate the great british bakeoff

pet outhouses

Dame Eleanor discusses her revision strategy.

Full research mode

Interesting how different things work for different people in terms of productivity.




Yet another late link love

First up– we’re out of ask the grumpies questions– please email us (grumpyrumblings at gmail) or respond to the previous post any questions you have for the grumpy nation, random or otherwise!

Second– We’re going to be late and/or scattered for a bit.  I’m not sure what our excuses are, but I assume they have something to do with #1’s reintegration to the world of teaching and service.



This is really well-reasoned on issues that matter to conservatives (as opposed to say, bigots).  Probably the most informative endorsement I’ve seen thus far.

Women have to apologize for more things and it sucks.

We shouldn’t forget the danger trump is to minorities, not just to women.

I wish I were a fraction as awesome as HRC.

Liberty university students denounce Falwell for his unchristian support of Trump

Scalzi’s Clinton endorsement

This is a seriously big endorsement for foreign policy people.

Teen Vogue again has investigative reporting.

Cosmo on HRC

Lou Dobbs should be fired

Trump’s assault of a People writer

This thread on trump

Fahrenthold is awesome



I assume the moral is you don’t force people to play with you, but I hate the way PBS kids is so patriarchal with their original programming. Only their imports seem to be reasonable.

Scalzi on the GOP.  They built this.

TDS on pussygate

Who is the antichrist?

HRC may be setting herself up as the next LBJ with a new war on poverty

Chris Kluwe continues to be awesome

More on Trump’s Russian ties

vox on debate 2 which seems so long ago

If you feel catty

The second to last sentence is my favorite

It is rare that fox news makes me LOL

BTW, DH bought the “Only Logical Choice” shirt.  It’s really high quality.  Would recommend.  The packaging was from the DFTBA store, and we’ve been really happy with their stuff.  (Not a sponsored link!  But if you think the official Hillary swag is kind of lame, this is much cooler.)

Vice presidents + octopodes FTW

surprisingly cute

Rolling a 1

so do we

don’t want other bloggers’ financial goals

An unsponsored review of Blue Apron