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Guest posts and food and/or kitty pictures start next week!  We’ve got some great stuff lined up, but there’s still some slots available in the second week.  Shoot us an email if you’re interested at grumpyrumblings at gmail.

Don’t you wish you could read a novel about this guy?  How interesting must his life have been?

Boo disasters, but YAY Octobercheck!!!!

When facebook goes down.

To get a job in your 50s, maintain friendships in your 40s.

/mic drop

… and that’s all I’ve got.  Wish #2 a great day!

Link Love

As a reminder, if you’re interested in guest posting to us sometime in the first two weeks of October, shoot us an email at grumpy rumblings at gmail.  (So far we have zero guest posts lined up though a couple of people have expressed interest, and one post of kitten pictures.  Our readers may be hopelessly bored for minutes a day without your help.)

And now for some links:

this is abhorrent

Double standards by the press. Kudos to Rahm Emanuel.

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?

Stephen’s new lifestyle brand.

In case you wanted to see the real Tommy.

ZOMG, masculinity so fragile it must be marketed to

Did you see the eclipse?

Straight up burn.

More overly honest science.

#2 seems to have had a thing for otters this week.  Bonus wombat.  Also:  octopussy or cthulhu, you decide.

OMG, the adorbs.

Don’t read the comments.

Oklahoma not ok.

Cloud is offering another session of her project management class.

I had a whole bunch of commentary on an OMDG post (still cannot comment on her blog because BlogSpot and WordPress not playing well), but it has sadly disappeared.  Here’s my out of context comment though:   Maybe if we forced more doctors to take statistics during medical school they’d actually apply the research on sleep deprivation and learning to the medical profession.  Though I suppose it has nothing to do with science at all and everything to do with the brainwashing aspects of hazing– they make doctors go through hazing because they had to and that’s how to get into the club.

Making O’Reilly animals.

Dumbed down dissertations.  I can do mine in one line too.  :)

Linkius Loveius

This week, one of us was sick and the other was busy.  Aren’t our lives fascinating???

This person is maliciously crazy in the head.

Lil Bub gives excellent advice.

Once again, Andrew Ti comes correct (esp. in naming Asshole of the Month)

I kind of want a new Visa (don’t love my current card)

This is fascinating.

Matt Damon: Jerk.

A handy chart for comparing babies.

Help renowned author Cat Valente design an award.

Working at a big corporation.

A day in the life of a dad working at Google.

If anybody wants to crowdsource a fund to send this to me in shades of dark purple and maybe some teal… drool…

Reminder:  Shoot us an email at grumpyrumblings at gmail if you want to do a guest post the first two weeks of October.

pretty doggie:

Link love

Elvis has an advice column.

Serena Williams doesn’t have to smile for you.

Advice for taming social anxiety.

More gifted screening, not less.

What on earth is wrong with promoting your handicrafts on your blog?  It’s not like promoting a crappy MLM.


discussion of shopping bans

preschool, privilege, and parental flexibility

According to this, I am middle class.  It may need to be updated, however.

This one below makes me laugh so hard:

Number one and the adventure of…. The Link Love

Ahoy!  #1 has a new job eating my head and #2 is traveling for work.  So neither one of us has really been surfing the net for the lolz.  Let’s give some links a try!

Do you feel like airlines hate you?  You’re right!

Do you want these things?  We do.

Did you know that HuffPo has a whole page devoted to campus sexual assault?

A nutrient-rich sludge… I mean, salad.

Rethinking work: Meaning-making is important.

This dude is angry about Katrina.  And more.

This seal be like, “Right there, yeah. Riiiigghhhhtttt therrrrre.”

Nicki Minaj comes correct.  “It’s disgusting that we exist in a culture that will vilify a black women for pointing out a white woman’s racial illiteracy.”

Eff the — yogurt.  Yeah.  Eff the yogurt.

We like the moon.

Everybody is talking about cat-level street view.

Sorry the links are light.  Feel free to peruse our links on the side there if you need something to read.  Now I’m going to bed for 3 days.   Yay weekend!!!

A little late link love

I don’t want to talk about my to-do list.

A really neat use of data analysis in reporting.  (Totes stolen from wandering scientist’s link love)

I had a dream last night that Scalzi did the voice recording of this.

Anti-VD propaganda during WWII.

Holding pattern... yikes!  We hope everything turns out ok for everyone involved.

Don’t pass math anxiety on to your kids.  (The quiz at the end is super stupid though.)

I still think there’s hope on this front.  It just takes some time for these kinds of changes to be gotten used to and utilized.

Marmoset Babies wait their turn to talk.

Campaign zeroWe the protesters.

My kids had been having this conversation repeatedly.  It goes on for a while:


link love

Our ability to comment on blogspot blogs is still really sporadic.  So it isn’t that we don’t want to comment, omdg, we just can’t :( .

Another week, another awful police story.  :(

white male privilege twitter

Ever notice how pc is “bad” when intellectuals do it but “good” when corporations do it?

Related:  the definition of irony

when rick perry says something is nuts…

the real reason American public transportation is such a disaster

the war of the closes

Good tips for list haters and lovers alike from wandering scientist

Cuddle a kitty!

fill your heart with music!


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