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This week in police brutality

Turns out that pretending to harass someone is strangely identical to actually harassing someone.

Reading non-white authors for 12 months.

Another really interesting article about measles

Find out how much your medical bills should be

Science finally answers whether or not you should avoid peanut products with infants and toddlers (answer: NO).

Sick leave and being a liberal

A fantastic article well worth reading by a student at Michigan.  (And remember this the week after next when we post our own article that sounds like the article she’s commenting on.)

Are corporations really putting feathers in your food?  (The answer may not surprise you)

combating perfectionism in kids

The downside to long term travel

Happy public sleeping day!

Fecal wizard.

this appeals to me, probably because that’s what golden ratios are supposed to do

adorbs, if you like crows (or maybe if you don’t)

cats n cats

Have you ever wondered why butter sticks are differently shaped in the West?

to fall out of love

a guy complained no one wished him happy birthday on twitter

More one pot pasta recipes.

Leonard Nemoy writes to a biracial kid.

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A strong and horrifying commentary on a recent NYTimes article and the sleazy “reporter” who wrote it.

8 things some a$$#ole says in every debate about sexism

a female computer science major at Stanford discusses sexism

interesting discussion of what it’s like to be in a female pocket in a male-dominated field

Finding freedom in paris:  African American women in the Jazz age

guess how I spent the last hour of my workday  hint

Powerful and disturbing post by Academic Cog.  This one deserves to go viral.

A windy city gal discusses confronting fear.

On the Boston winter.  The comments provide a really good discussion about how this may not be a natural disaster so much as a politically created one.

One weird trick female animals use to control who gets them pregnant.

baby sea lions need help

Borderlands books sponsorships

things to replace shopping with

these are soooo true


Feb 15

the video at the end of this article is awesome.  Hard to believe she’s only 25– she is tremendously talented. I wish I were that awesome at 25… or you know, now.

this is worth watching all of

valentines for academics

You’re welcome.

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Vaccine delayers– also not really into science.  Favorite vax quote of the week:  “FACT: The anti-vaxxer movement was concocted by Big Pharma to induce people to shun unprofitable vaccinations so that they would catch the vaccinated diseases, and wind up in the hospital where they consume more profitable drugs to ease and cure the disease.  This explains everything, sheeple!”  Let’s see if this is true or just wishful thinking.  59% of the people with measles in California in this outbreak are adults.  Being an anti-braker.

Risks leading to death in perspective.

in THIS week’s f- the police  Police brutality and racism is unconscionable.

How a female founder is treated differently than her male cofounder.

Women, work, and the name change.

Women doing office housework.

An oldie but a goodie.

Here’s the answer to the question on my mind.  So maybe not racism in this case.  Though Kanye was totally right about the all the single ladies video.  The grammies are just messed up.

definition of a post-doc

the plaintiffs behind the latest challenge to obama care

A withholding calculator.



How many licks to get to the center of a lollypop.

It is possible to have a favorite page from a freezer manual.

The number of f’s you need not give.

This is hilarious.

Why cats love boxes.

poor kitteh

the complex thrill of uncut pages

link love: deuce-seven off-suit

Anti-vaxxers give us incandescent levels of rage (and sadness).  There are a lot of vaccine links this week.

First up, a quick set of links to counter anti-vaccine claims.  And a really interesting article talking about why the timing of vaccinations is what it is (and shouldn’t be delayed).  [Disclaimer, I did wait on the Hep B vaccine at birth with DC2– but that was weighing the weird allergies I’d had during pregnancy against the fact that I’d only had one sexual partner and no blood transfusions … the hospital pedi kind of went, oh, you’re upper middle class, you’re probably low risk and there’s a chance your infant is allergic to stuff so you can wait until you see your real pedi. He didn’t really say the upper-middle class part, but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it as he mumbled something about me being low risk after asking about blood transfusions.]

People who legitimately can’t get vaccinated want others to get vaccinated. A plea from Roald Dahl after the death of his daughter from measles.

So why do anti-vaxxers proselytize? Why don’t they vaccinate?

These reasons from the 1940s still hold true.  And here’s how we would cover the story if it weren’t the US.

I used to be on mommy forums, including one that had a lot of people from LA and the OC. It seems to me that there’s two types of moms (on the forums) who refuse to vaccinate their kids (and of course, the dads are also responsible, but they weren’t on the forums!) The first type of anti-vaxxer is beyond help. These women get a feeling of power or privilege being the repositories of fake knowledge preaching at all the unbelievers. Not vaccinating is what makes them important. Only mandatory vaccinations will budge them, and even then… they might choose to unschool so they can keep their mental images of themselves. The other group of women are the more casual non-vaxxers. They are easily pushed one direction or another by what’s convenient, what’s popular, what the strong personalities are saying, what story they’ve heard most recently (someone getting a bad reaction from the vaccine vs. someone getting whooping cough), how easy it is to find a pediatrician who will delay or not do vaccines at all.

An anecdote from my early fora experiences: Say you’ve got women who don’t vaccinate their children because they’ve heard there’s mercury in the MMR vaccine. What works is to tell them to be sure to ask their doctor for the “Thimerosal-free vaccine.” What doesn’t work is to tell them that MMR has never had thimerosal in it in the US. What especially doesn’t work is to say that vaccines with thimerosal have so little mercury it doesn’t matter. What does work is to say that NOW there’s a version that doesn’t have thimerosal in it that they can request specifically from their doctor. (Ditto formaldehyde and all the other “toxins” that were never and have never been in the MMR vaccine in the US.)

Another thing that works for this group of women en masse is when Oprah makes a big deal out of something. She’s got a lot of people’s trust. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t vaccinate their kids… because of Oprah.

Thought provoking article on why some white men are scared of political correctness.  (But most of us know why already… this just uses more words to explain it.)

take precautions

These are beautiful

Confused professor needs advice on resignation.

A second Harper Lee novel.

J. K. Rowling answers one of those tricky tumblr harry potter questions.

How to motivate yourself to do something.

“Every so often, I’ll hear about a friend or acquaintance whose marriage has collapsed because of infidelity. And every time, I ask my wife the same question: Where on earth do these people find the time to have affairs, anyway?”

hic.  hic.  hic.

On being a woman engineer.

How one woman dealt with harassment at work.

A man is making terrifying videos about Brianna Wu. It takes congressmen getting involved for the police to even listen.

Short and long-term consequences of teachers’ gender stereotypes on students.

An interesting point about the impact of computerized testing on high stakes testing.

Man brings bagged lunch to cut down on joy in life.

It’s surprisingly hard to find a recording I like of this song:

This one has a weird instrumental solo in the middle, but it keeps the beat going better than other versions (I originally learned it with a train sound underneath for the beat).  And it’s a better arrangement chorally than the other major competitors (IMO).

This lovely video below has a subtle humor… stay with it…

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Another great post about the poor vocal majority being afraid of getting their feefees hurt (thus silencing the already persecuted minority).  And another one.

Also, in today’s edition of eff the police.  WTH is wrong with police systems that police are allowed to torture?  The police system in this country needs some serious leadership.  We can support the police AND support systems that keep police officers from torturing civilians at the same time.  With great power should come great responsibility.  Also, earlier this week’s F the police.  I thought police officers had to fill out paperwork and go through training and crap every time they pulled out a gun, but apparently I believe what I see on detective shows too much.

What Silicon Valley thinks of women.

This article seriously upset my DH and we’re never ever giving money to them again.  Here‘s some more articles.  Then he read about Gamergate and feels terrible and helpless.  :/

Amoral football hypocrites.

online wedding dress shopping risks

Unvaccinated kids are a serious threat to kids with weakened immune systems.  Why not to vaccinate.  Updated Jenny McCarthy body count.

For want of a nail.

“Sometimes I think I should have been a Ravenclaw, you know? I think I’d look pretty f*cking darling in blue.””

An excellent example of the journal Science not understanding reverse causation (or, more likely, OVB with the OV being $$$$$$$$$$)

if you like mary balogh

Clergy mugshots for target practice

How to fall asleep

The SF bay area is so inventive!

Have you loved a link lately?

Why measles really is a big deal.  Why the quarantine for measles is critical and the quarantine for ebola was not.

10 abortion myths. 8 women talk about why roe vs. wade has mattered to them.

Standard responses you can use to common comments on feminist blogposts.

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander

Warning labels on walmart products

Pictures of 1950s segregation.

Peer review.


May I help you riff

Musings on coaching and advising.

Wandering scientist discusses becoming herself.

Historiann discusses Mount Holyoke College cancelling The Vagina Monologues.

take me to church has a WHOLE different meaning than I thought, and here’s the meaning behind the Hanging Tree song.  Sorry we can’t give you any deep meaning behind Lips are Movin, though it’s interesting the Meghan Trainor only became a pop singer after trying to sell All about that Bass failed, at least according to Wikipedia…

Rebecca Watson is totally cool and I want to be friends with her.

How to tell if you are in a high fantasy novel.  Also Mallory Ortberg columns have the BEST comments on the entire internet.

Yes.  Unequivocally yes.

Not sure how I feel about this trailer.

Sometimes I just have to read the antimustachian wall of shame and comedy.  Also, don’t buy stuff you can’t afford.

Kristin Wong‘s new website.  Walter Updegrave’s new website.

apostrophes matter

dean dad on privilege and a room of one’s own

this made me literally LOL

#2 notes that she really likes the writing over at Mike the Mad Biologist.  #1 has probably been reading that site longer, but thinks he’s a bit unfair in the way he paints all economists with the same brush, especially when he goes on his semi-regular anti-economics screeds.  It’s like saying all biologists believe what evolutionary psychologists believe.

A day in the life of baby groot.

Summer camps for gifted kids and teens

this is adorbs

link love: mid-Jan. edition

do not read the comments

nobody expects the facebook inquisition linked from that post: car dealership people being jerks

breaking cat news continues to be adorbs

Let food be thy medicine part 2

France makes no sense.  Or rather, it makes total sense if you believe that Muslims should be allowed to be discriminated against.  I guess in that sense it’s not that different from the US.

We agree with a lot of very smart people that you should not punch down.

Some decent police officers.  Of course, this is what happens to good cops.  (Well, at least if they’re black females…)  OTOH, F the police.

And nobody was injured… I wonder what the skin color of the guy was…

Most of America’s rich think the poor have it easy.  HULK RAGE.

Scared of early retirement?

I actually tried this out in college and it worked… on one side.  Boy that was awkward.

Lesser known members of the Algonquin Round Table.

What to do if you bought turbo tax and have stock earnings.

Having a starbucks wedding?


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