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I’m sorry I haven’t been on the ball, guys.  Work has been crazy busy.  I’m doing a lot of service in conjunction with our student diversity association AND I have another associate editor position and… I’m probably going to need a root canal but while I wait for that appointment I cannot chew on the side of my mouth with the temporary crown… AND there’s been a lot of research stuff going on  (I currently have nothing under review for a good reason instead of a bad one!)  (But also… I currently have nothing under review… )

People say this is an important article with lots of people risking their careers for it… but also people are burned out.

An expanded list of one-stop bail fund donating.

Holy excrement this thread on the potential amendments to the constitution prior to the civil war.  A must read.

I was today years old when I learned that you’re always supposed to have a comma after “e.g.”

Someone did a fancy gussied up version of the only card trick I know!

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Late because I went to a BLM protest last night (registered 4 voters– not as much as the 25 at the last protest, but this one was a smaller one on campus). I now have a sore throat most likely from chanting and slept in late, likely because I got too much heat again (90 degrees with a zillion percent humidity and a lot of marching and chanting). I spent this morning reading up on early covid symptoms and decided not to worry until 48 hours have passed. I have informed DH he needs to have a go-bag ready to go in case I need to take over the master bathroom suite for quarantine. (I am worried about the a/c recirculating and have been trying out various masks for comfort levels). I hope I’m just being overly paranoid. Everyone at the protest was wearing masks.  It was entirely outside and would occasionally sprinkle.  At the end of the march there were counter-protestors (out of shape more than I am!) but by that point I wanted to pass out and sat on a bench far away from their unmasked selves. I hope they don’t get those kids sick.

cw: kidnapping, pedophilia, bribes, arson etc.  Milwaukee police.  I hope some national journalists look into this, because if true, then that department needs to be completely burned to the ground and started over entirely from scratch (much smaller) with outside people.  (In normal times, I would be like, the DOJ needs to tear them apart, but…)

Andrew Jackson was THE WORST.  The absolute WORST.

Listen to this planet money podcast or read the transcript about how violence in 1921 affected innovation.

This mcsweeny’s article seems depressingly true.  My uni is taking some steps, but not enough.  The students who talked yesterday at the protest were so amazing and so compelling and it is really hard to cry with a mask on when you’re sweating and not supposed to touch your eyes.  We need to do right by them.

Look at the tweet below:  NC is making face mask wearing ILLEGAL.  WHAT WORLD ARE THEY LIVING IN.  VOTE THEM OUT.  Force them to let people vote.  Is there any GOP that cares LESS about business interests than “bathroom bill” North Carolina’s?  I think not.

Natural scientist has suggestions for how to help

This detailed propublica article is a great summary of what we need to get the coronavirus vaccine.

One woman’s family’s experiences with the coronavirus, and a reminder that not every case is average and that tests aren’t always accurate.

OMDG describes various reactions to the upcoming ban on au pairs… some of them are less than empathetic.

A discussion of the lack of evidence-based reading training among many elementary school teachers.

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Work has been busy, so I guess not much this week?

Some history white Americans are never taught (though it sounds like Peter Sagal got more than we did… somehow we never got much past WWII in my classes).

Speaking of history, Watchmen is free on HBO this weekend only.

The shu box addresses privilege from a woman in the planner community and takes a stand.

See the comments of this thread for suggestions for happy books by Black authors.


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Damn it home depot .  I guess we have to switch to Lowes now.  Which is fine, there’s really no reason we’d been doing Home Depot other than it was on DH’s way to work back when he worked at the university and Lowes wasn’t. [update:  see comments below]

This thread is the definition of LOLsob. (Read the replies! Hilarious but also sad because true)

How much publishing has paid different authors.  Note that some black authors (including NK Jemison) have pointed out that if their work doesn’t earn its advance, their career is basically dead, whereas white authors can take bigger risks with bigger advances that may not earn out.  Equality happens when publishers make “mistakes” in the direction of too-large advances for everybody and it hurts everyone’s careers equally.

Why protest during a lock-down?  (Spoiler:  Because it’s important enough to take the risk.  Because being asleep in one’s own bed or playing video games on one’s own couch is *already risky* for some of our citizens.)  Also I would note that the BLM protests I’ve been to and seen have been outdoors and heavily masked.  The biggest Covid dangers have been coming from the police– not wearing masks, tear-gassing people, tearing off masks, putting people in busses, and arresting and not letting people leave (forcing them indoors into crowded spaces).

What miser-mom has been doing to support BLM.

Cake therapy (Disclaimer: may not work for everyone)

This thread on sex being a cultural construct is a great read. It also got me thinking because in my little corner of social science (not the econ part), we make distinctions about sex vs. gender. Gender is always the self-identified thing. Gender is what you think you are. Sex we tend to use as what’s on your birth certificate or what your chromosomes say or what your external sex characteristics are, depending on what outcomes we are looking at (and realizing that chromosomes and external characteristics don’t always match and some people are not simple XX/XY or penis/vagina biologically). (Sex tends to matter when we’re talking about biological health kinds of issues, but otherwise we’re discussing gender.) But the author of the thread is absolutely correct that even these designations of sex are, by definition, a social construct because we are providing those definitions.

More on jkrowling being a terf.  Like dude, what is her problem??


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I’ve seen some folks questioning what they can actually *do* to help, and some of the lists of things that you can do are overwhelming.  Some of them start with folks educating themselves, which while important (and will definitely help with the “first do no harm” step), doesn’t seem like enough for many people.  There are indeed, hundreds of things (or more) you can do, but you cannot do them all.  But it’s important to do SOMETHING.  Whatever it is that you have the spoons for.  Whatever you can bear.  It’s fine to start with smaller things, especially while you’re getting your bearings.  Something is better than nothing.

What are some somethings?  Well, I’m just going to post a few easy things you can do.  If you’re ready for more challenging things, you are probably also ready to figure out what needs doing in your area (google, talk to people, see what the lay of the activism landscape is).  I do believe that voting rights is part and parcel of civil rights, so some of my low-hanging fruit actions are about getting good people to vote.  Because the government is important.  If you have other suggestions, definitely put them in the comments!

Donate:  Indivisible makes it easy with one-stop shopping for a number of charities.  There are many other places to donate– bail funds, gofundmes for destroyed properties, etc.  But this is a good place to start.

Protest:  Go to a BLM protest (search for one in your area– they’re not all posted on the BLM website).  Wear your mask.  Bring masks for others if you have extra.  Bring markers and posterboard if you have them.  Bring water bottles, preferably still wrapped in plastic (there have been reports of bad people putting antifreeze in donated bottles, so you want to make clear you’re not doing that).  Bring bug spray and sunblock.  Bring hand sanitizer (preferably spray bottle) and offer it to people.  If you don’t have any of this, just bring yourself (except the mask, definitely wear a mask).  Protests are outdoors, so that’s good, but we want to minimize the spread of covid at these protests and yelling and singing are big spreaders.  Masks help a lot.  (If you are in an at-risk group for covid or living with someone who is, then support the protests in other ways, like donating to your BLM chapter or doing other actions.)  More on how to protect yourself from cnet.

Call:  Visit 5calls for suggestions, phone numbers, and scripts.  Celeste_P also is a great place for actions with scripts.  (Here’s an example of a script you can use TODAY to call your members of congress.  Here’s one if you want to advocate locally.)

Write:  postcards to voters or letters to voters:  We need to get people to turn out!

The other thing I’d like to see more of is people posting what they’ve been doing.  It isn’t bragging.  It isn’t virtue signaling.  It is helping others to figure out what they can do and it is helping others feel like the norm is doing something rather than the norm not being doing anything.  When you’ve done something, post it in your blog.  Tweet it on your twitter account. Tell your IRL friends.  Come here and tell us about it.  When I see people doing this, *I* get more motivated because it reminds me that I’m not alone.  Every time you let people know you acted, you cause more actions.  Don’t keep it to yourself!

Alternatively here’s captain awkward’s suggestions.

Anti-racism resources from crooked.

Here’s a list of African American personal finance bloggers (my personal favorite from this list is A Purple Life)

Ana and Stacking Pennies sum up a lot of how I’ve been feeling this past week.  And yet I let the handyman post run anyway…

Minneapolis cops sued for shooting, beating and gassing peaceful protesters.

Virginia governor to announce removal of Robert E. Lee Statue.

Self quarantine with a michelin starred chef

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This is a little late because a lot of bad stuff has happened this week (I almost miss the days of focusing on just the pandemic… btw, we’ve passed the 100K mark in deaths :( ) and I wanted to have links to things we can do, though I’m still at a loss for some of them.  Americans– we need to get on our phones and write letters and get back to activism, even though it’s hard.  If you have the spoons, we need whatever help you can provide.  (This is partly a pep-talk for me.  But anybody who can help with time or money or both, We Need You.)


Violence against black Americans is back in the news again.  (I don’t want to say it’s happening again because I’m fairly sure it has *been* happening, it’s just that our news cycle has decided to notice again.)  Earlier this week, a woman named Amy Cooper from NYC called the police on a birdwatcher who had asked her to comply with the leashing dog policy.  She lied and said he was threatening her.    Then we found out more about George Floyd’s death when a police officer crushed his windpipe for ~9 minutes, even after he had passed out after pleading for his life.  While the officers were fired, none were charged with murder until after protests erupted across the country (so far only the one who did the actual kneeling in the video was arrested).  Protests in Minneapolis  were peaceful until the police came out and attacked protesters with tear gas and other riot gear.  (Contrast that to the non-reaction armed white dudes were getting in Michigan for taking over the State capitol.)  A black Latino CNN reporter was arrested even though he complied with all rules (as seen on film) while his white colleague was ignored.

Trump then tweeted that the protesters should be shot.  Here’s a script for calling your members of congress (MOC) about that from Celeste P.  Earlier that week, Twitter had put a link in one of Trump’s false tweets about voting for more information and Trump had retaliated with an executive order attacking twitter.


Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help get protesters (the kind that actually get arrested because they’re protesting injustice, not the white dudes with guns and no masks) get bailed out.  (Also may help other people get bail money.)  Donate to the North Star Health Collective Fund which is providing street medics during the protests.

White people:  Have a plan for what you are going to do if you see a minority person being harassed by the police.   You could save a life.

Trump to cut ties with World Health Organization.  In the middle of a pandemic.  That he’s badly bungled.  Because he’s the banal kind of evil.  The legality of him doing that is unclear.  Celeste P says to call your MOC (that’s senators and house) and remind them that we are in a pandemic and we need global cooperation.

This nurse is tired.  This pharmacist also.  Trump is evil and the people who harass the people who are trying to save our lives the same.

People are dying from covid in meat packing plants because Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to keep them open.  Meat prices in supermarkets are high, but my colleague who has a ranch in another state says that cattle prices are lower than he’s ever seen.  Now would be a good time to go a little more vegetarian than usual if you’re a meat eater.


Why We Plan (or Not)

OMDG needs children’s book recommendations!


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The fact that this isn’t even closet to the top news story is … I can’t even.

This is a cool home library.  (Also flip forward a few days to her basement post.  Did you know that you could buy bookcase hidden doors?  They sell them at home depot(!) (not an affiliate link).  I almost impulse bought one but then remembered that our house is an open floor plan and gets really hot in the summer when any door is closed.  So…)

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Covid reopening bingo

This (psychiatrist) guy has NO symptoms but has tested positive for Covid 56 days after testing positive the first time.

Be careful about sizes when ordering online– this thread is hilarious.

Quarantine with difficult family & other “How To Stay In” links. #COVID-19

This thread about a mysterious radio station in Seattle!

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This thread from the daughter of an ICU doctor

Suggestions for making over a rental kitchen

We’re not the only ones spending a huge amount of time thinking about food management.  Everyone must be these days, and it must be horrible for people who can’t just throw money at problems.  I still want to complain about the #firstworldproblems stress though… different people have been doing instacart (which partners with our preferred grocery) from before, and last weekend this white dude with a very nice car not only didn’t use the system properly at ALL (not telling us about substitutions or refunds), but he also gave us NUTRITIONAL YEAST (which gives me headaches and is both expensive and useless) instead of actual yeast, gave us way more loose items than we asked for (apples/avocados/etc), gave us more expensive versions of so many different things (I’m guessing he thought he was getting tipped on %… initially I’d thought oh, this is all that’s in stock, but …), AND he charged us $17 for a couple of things I’m now fairly certain he bought for himself since they were things not available from the website (initially I’d thought he’d charged us for someone else’s order, but in the 3 days it took to get the powers that be to pay attention to our complaint, I realized there weren’t pictures for those items because you cannot order them online, like a lemon meringue pie slice, for example).  So… this week we’re doing curbside from the other grocery store that I don’t like as much.  The instacart stuff was great initially, but we’ve been getting more terrible dudes with fancy cars and fewer people who know/care what they’re doing.

This is a neat idea— I’d like to see lots of people’s houses!

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I totally feel like this.

Shelter in place resources.

Paula Pant’s story of having corona-virus.   Well worth the read.

Snapshot 4 of life in the time of coronavirus

Tired of cooking and think it’s time your 7 or 8 or older year old learned a few basic skills?  Simple meals for kids to cook.  Also we have a couple favorite cookbooks for kids.