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Guys, there is a LOT going on right now.  I don’t know how many of our readers live in the South like #1 does, but if you do, PLEASE check to see if your state legislature is in session right now and if they are attacking:  1.  Voting Rights, 2.  LGBT children, 3. Abortion rights, 4. Anything else that is terrible (like not requiring licenses for gun ownership!).  Also, you may want to check if there are good bills about A.  Expanding Medicare… B… not sure what else is plausible right now.  If there are, please call your local representatives and come out in strong force against them (or for the good things).  Children’s wellbeing is in grave danger– that LGBT “show me your genitals” bill that is in most of the Southern states right now is horrifying– it allows for literally checking girls’ genitals if they want to play in sports.  Yes, it is intended just to harass trans girls which is horrific by itself, but if that’s not awful enough for you, it really does allow them to check any girl.  On top of that there are bills about taking trans kids away from their loving parents, requiring teachers to report trans kids, barring trans kids from getting hormone blockers (which isn’t banned for non-trans kids and isn’t dangerous!).  I wish I had a list of some clearinghouse for all the states.  I do twitter follow someone in TX who has this page for what is going on in the Texas Lege right now and what your most efficient actions right now should be.  Here’s Georgia’s lege listSouth Carolina’sAlabamaFloridaArkansasMississippi. North CarolinaTennessee.  If you know of any for your state or another state, please link below!  Local activism is SO important right now.

If you’re in a Blue State, your focus should be on getting rid of the filibuster, passing HR1 (voting rights), making DC a state, expanding the supreme court, gun control, and anything else you think is important– here’s a 5calls list.  Let your blue congressperson know these are priorities and that they are worth it.  They want to do these things, but they need justification.  They need to know their constituents are into it.

Stolen goods found by off duty Carabinieri in Brussels shop.

Colton Underwood of Bachelor fame comes out as gay.  Also I apparently missed that the woman he chose (Cassie) took out a restraining order on him(!)  He was creepy stalkerish on the show and I felt bad for her then– all the bad romance novel tropes plus she just wasn’t that into him, but I didn’t realize it got that bad.  How BIZARRE.  But I’m glad he’s realized that there’s nothing wrong with being gay and I hope he is able to have healthy relationships now without you know, stalking.  Also I feel a little uncomfortable about him attributing his virginity to being gay– that may be true for him, but I feel like other people could be 20-something virgins without being any specific sexual orientation.  Sexuality is a very personal thing, and some people are asexual, some people just haven’t found the right person, and so on.

I am so hooked on Seth Meyers recaps of the (non-existent) show, Tiny Secret Whispers (streaming on the non-existent service, Butternut).  It has some real Twin Peaks vibes going on and I am DYING to find out what happens next!  (“Don’t you think I know that?!?”)  It has gotten so dark!


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Carcinogen found in some hand sanitizers (this is different than the one from last year)

This test lets you know if your microwave has a leak, or at least it says it does.

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WordPress has taken away classic editing mode again which means it is very difficult to add things from my phone or to interact with posts. No more word cloud to easily pick tags. No straight-forward html view to fix stupid edits (it looks like I can still do this within a block). I hate this. (Aha! even though you can no longer navigate to wp-admin, if you use an old link it is still there. So I’m saved for a little bit. Not on this post though. And not on my phone.)

Fascinating article on backward contact tracing.

Poor big boat.

We haven’t done any activism for a few weeks, but voting rights are under assault in America right now. Call your senators about HR1 (now S1). Here’s a five calls link. If you do it now you can leave a message.

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The 2021 Early-Retirement Update

Are college classes too difficult?

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Piers Morgan’s real problem

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So much to do, nowhere to goooo…. (I wanna be sedated…)

Stockton’s basic income experiment.

This dissertation on whether Dave Ramsey is lying to churches about how much more their members will tithe.  There’s all sorts of seedy going on in here and boy a big reminder that churches are first and foremost businesses (and should be taxed as such!)

Classic portraits and sculptures animated.

E.g. vs . I.e. Difference

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Wow, really not a lot of links this week. Sorry guys!

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Yes, Louis DeJoy can be fired from the USPS, or at least we could try.

Seems like TX had no state plan for how to manage rolling blackouts. This article is completely shocking.

Paul Hollywood is an asshat.  So is Matt Duckor!

So… the Ted Cruz thing (where he was spotted going to Cancun while his constituents literally froze to death during a pandemic, lied about just dropping his daughters off, lied about when he was planning on returning but a United employee outed him, then one of his wife’s friends forwarded her text chain about going to the NYTimes…)  was pretty funny except for the part where they left their poodle alone in the freezing house and his constituents literally freezing to death or dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.


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Re: the above: YES.  It’s like “the missing stair” argument– yes we know this guy is a horrible douchebag who treats women terribly, but that’s just the way he is so we can’t do anything about it.  NO.  He doesn’t do anything about it because you act like it’s ok.  It’s not OK for Republicans to not convict.  Don’t let them be missing stairs.  Any Republican who doesn’t convict needs to cause SHOCK, not complacency.  (Also:  Cruz needs to resign months ago.)

This is a pretty wild thread.

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#1313: Guest Post:”What does self love for trans people even look like outside of transition?”

This video is unsafe for work but omg, I laughed so hard.  He’s so happy.  And so… bouncy.