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I couldn’t let this one go, so here’s the 5calls action for it.  Call now and leave a message for them to get on Monday.  Or Fax.  I admit it’s all been too much for me recently and my activism has dropped considerably from the relentless overwhelm of it all (plus weekly activism email I get has been on break and the others I used to get have moved their focus elsewhere or closed up shop entirely), but I know I need to step up again because that means that everybody like me is stepping up again too.  A few weeks from now I’ll probably post a pep-talk for me and everyone else who wants to take this country back.  But right now, I’ll just point out that this one item is really horrific and deserves a call every bit as much as net neutrality or the ACA did.

The Feds LOST 1,475 migrant children

It sucks to be a woman

This is a really good frame for what’s going on with the White house.  There is only one scandal– it is all corruption and stealing from the US government.  (That’s of course not quite true– there’s also racism and cruelty and fascism, but corruption explains a lot of the news stories coming across our feeds these past couple years.)

Speaking of corruption:  Trump lawyer paid by Ukraine to arrange White House talks

This just in:  Republicans are racist

The NYT is SO AWFUL these days.

The answer is still feminism

Interesting thread on hierarchies in the animal kingdom


More women know other stuff

#2 wants to talk about this sometime, I think

Dishing up faith and charity

Mistakes made planning a  year abroad

Revanche is brilliant!

Best full cast audiobooks

What your favorite clothes brand says about you (h/t Xin)

Appreciating nature


Eine Kleine Link Love

This is horrifying

Cloud is on point in this thread

Economists are also upset about income inequality. #2: how do they think we should fix it? #1: well, electing Trump was the wrong way to fix it. As to how we should fix it, there are two camps:Conservative economists believe we should invest more in education and job training so that poor people have more skills because there are too many unskilled laborers. Liberal economists believe that we should do that, but also we should be investing more in children and making sure that income is less variable and precarious for families with children so that these kids so that they can make investments in the future and can become more skilled. They also believe we need to tax the rich a hell of a lot more. BOTH sets were pro-Clinton

Faculty offices?

What do academic employers want?

Career crossroads

How long 1 million in retirement savings will last by state

I heard Laurel, but DC2 heard Jerry and DH and DC1 both heard Yarry


Armed in her fashion

Delagar with a link to a Fault Lines giveaway

It took three years to work

The pain of homeownership

I wonder what they did with the pig this year



A warning from basement cat

DH has been reading a lot of cat pic reddits


Mama Cass says vote

Here comes the link love

A compendium of things we wanted to share with you this week.

Publishing nonsense:
Tried to warn youSneaky buttons.

#2 wants you to know that she’s never heard of this garbage man, so maybe his scholarship isn’t very high quality.  The creator of Ren & Stimpy is a (male, of course)  garbage person.

The many tweets of this week:

Not incisive, but worth remembering:

Garbage people, part 9million and three:


Tweet-thread that’s somehow not a blog post:

Dat Elmo life:

I’m not sure what this means:

Other links:

Adjustable sweater!  We’re from the Midwest.

Not pictured:  delicious photo of food that #2 sent me this week.

The Berry Bros.:


Depressing and important:  open-plan offices STILL suck.

Grumpeteers, what’s good?

link love for grading jail

Three black teens are finalists in a NASA competition.  Hackers spewing racism tried to ruin their odds.

Meet the tick that’s making Americans allergic to meat

ICE held an American citizen in custody for 1,273 days

Fascism update:  The Justice department deleted language about press freedom and racial gerrymandering from its internal manual

Washington post has a much better opinion section than does NYT. Here’s an underused hashtag.

Thread (tw:  sexual abuse in early modern Japan)

Lord grant me the chutzpah of a mediocre white man. Not that I WANT to poop outside but just the feeling that I *could*


Trump was outrageous in Michigan.  So where’s the outrage?

Approved jokes for the WH Correspondents’ dinner 2019

Hat tip delagar for this story

Therapy is not magic (tw: child abuse, sexual abuse)

This assignment seems pretty awful

The end of the damsel in financial distress (h/t a gai shan life– we stole a couple links this week)

Investing is boring

Congratulations to nzmuse!

Financial anxiety to confidence

End of semester questions

Not a general interest is really selling this stylus

What happens when you have no deadlines

Penn is back

Where do you think Dinny is now? (Who is Dinny?, you ask?)

An alternative to stitchfix

onion ninjas

bunny manifesto

link love

Hundreds of immigrant children have been taken from parents at the US border.

Who will stand up for Chikesia Clemons?

One reason women make less money is because they’re afraid of being raped and/or killed

Women erased in real time.

Activism is super important, but also, this is kind of funny

Delagar’s new book is getting good reviews!  (Unfortunately, it is not yet available for pre-order.)

About a girl who was raised by feral librarians

Ask NYC librarians what you should read next

Vintage post with great comments:  Recommendations for soothing novels

Book dresses!

Free shipping isn’t hurting Amazon

Iced coffee around the world

We are in favor of this study.

We are in favor of this instagram

Flying squirrels!

Angry badger!

Zoo kittens!



Late Link love for a lazy day

Corporate anti-bias training doesn’t work.  :(

Is this the real life?

Erosion of buffers

Students are not stopping. Not forgetting.  Let’s help them out this November.

How Russian Facebook Ads divided and targeted US voters before the 2016 election.

The growing college graduation gap

Did she just say that out loud?

I donated Hank Green’s new book. Is there anything on this list you’d like to give to a Detroit school?  (I also hit up a donors choose for the town next to mine that was requesting diverse books.  That’s one of my yes I will give money buttons.  I wish I could pay taxes instead though.)

I was looking for Spanish books for DC2 and was irritated that most of the lists I was coming across had only male protagonists.  Here’s a list to balance that out a little.

Watch astronauts read from space

Should kids always come first from the archives

Wondering about the chemistry of current nail art trends?

We obviously have no problems with cheesy romance novels (though there’s definitely subsets we do not want to read) or Harry Potter, but this is a great list


eeeee! more zoo kittens


Link Love

ICE raids hurt American kids.

Miami Northeastern students walk out to protest recent gun killings

To my old master

Legacy of childhood trauma.  Lots and lots of triggers (#2 couldn’t get through it).

Update on maternal mortality in TX

The payoff is in the last paragraph

Age and high-growth entrepreneurship

What we know about the federal raid of trump lawyer

Press play

An alarming week

Sometimes I just feel like a little dialasong