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Something amazing– I’ve been watching talk show interviews and reading articles and for the first time in my memory, the Democrats from Pelosi to Bernie are all providing a unified message.  Maybe Biden’s unity speech was really pointed at the big tent of the Democratic party…  It’s also a really good message that I think truly Patriotic Americans can agree with.  Quick impeachment in the Senate because we can’t let future presidents think it’s ok to incite insurrection, but we don’t have time to drag it out.  Focus on Covid/jobs/climate change/shoring up Democracy/equality of opportunity/justice/healthcare/etc. (it’s a somewhat lengthy list, but they all have it), reach out to Republicans but only for so long– if they don’t respond go straight to reconciliation.  No we probably won’t reach radical seditionists who don’t believe in democracy or white supremacists, but there are a lot of people who were duped by Trump who have needs that we will try to meet.

Also… it is crazy how I’m not the only one who has been literally clenching her teeth for four years.  And how weird it feels to literally not be doing that anymore.  And how everything just seems brighter.  There’s a long road ahead, but we don’t have to worry about the president signing an executive order to destroy yet another entire minority group’s way of life every few days.  We can focus on repairing and rebuilding.

Hi-tech Masks to look out for in the near future.

I agree with this 100%.  Biden should go big, fast, and simple.  Usually I prefer the Obama approach of doing evidence-based policy even if the politics aren’t optimal, but there’s so much that needs to get undone in 2 years that we need to do as much as possible as quickly as possible at a speed that doesn’t allow the media to focus on it.  And media, I think you should focus on Trump now– four leisurely years to focus on all the big news stories that got buried as we no doubt find out more of his corruption and wrongdoing.  I want to see those Trump headlines now, but slowly and with speculation about jailtime!  And if jailtime is not on the table, media, I think you should push congress to enact laws that will put it on the table in the future.  No more of this norms and the court of public opinion and trust article 25 stuff.

Captain Awkward talking about what she’s going to do going forward.

Elle has a really nice story on Amanda Gorman.  (Also I’m not the only person for whom her poem finally let out all the tears that had been held in.)

Let’s be the light, guys.  We can’t stop now– we have to help rebuild.  That may mean looking at reforms at the state and local level.  It may mean donating to causes.  It may mean thanking your members of congress every time they do the right thing or telling them again and again that they need to start.  It may be organizing new groups and assisting and aiding groups already on the ground.  It may be postcards and letters to voters.  It may be helping people register.  You probably have ideas of your own. We have to keep pushing forward for a better tomorrow.

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I can’t believe school is starting already.  I’m teaching two sections of the same class, but one is in person and the other online, AND my department head just forced a senior who failed my class last year into one of my sections even though zie prefers being in the easier class that satisfies the same requirement because the head thinks that zie is going to get a B or higher in my class to replace the failing grade this time around while taking an overload when the reason zie did so poorly in both my classes was inability to manage time (the other class is almost a guaranteed A, but that failing grade would still be counted in GPA).  This is irritating because I would have planned things differently these last few weeks if I’d known someone who had taken the class last year was going to be in it.  But zie has promised to throw away all hir homework and exam solutions so zie won’t be tempted to share, so hopefully it will work out.  The other really irritating thing is that zie could have converted the low grade to an unsatisfactory last year AFTER grades were out and then it wouldn’t count in hir GPA (and then get an A in the other class, making it more likely that zie would graduate on time), but zie didn’t.

Yes, quarantine is giving you headaches and back pain and more.

This article on why we’re not wearing better masks was so good, that along with the Atlantic’s coup coverage, I decided it was time to give them money and subscribe.  I also clicked on the newsweek article they link to and bought some very expensive N95 and KN95 masks from one of the online places that newsweek recommended.  I think I’m going to double-mask while teaching with a disposable 95 and a cloth mask over.

The following trypod episode is long, but Eugene says some really brilliant things in it about bigotry.  Zach too.  I like all the trypod episodes I’ve listened to so far, but this one is a lot deeper and more thought-provoking than the standard fare:

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Wow, this link love seems quaint… we have already forgotten the scandal of him trying to get the Georgia AG to falsify ballot results.

If you haven’t called your members of congress to support impeachment proceedings and to get Cruz and Hawley to resign, you can still do that today! (or fax or email etc.) More MOC need to sign on ASAP and they’ll do that if they hear from you! They’re already hearing from the nutty people that are pretending to believe the election was stolen– they need to hear from their silent sane constituents. Even if they’re democrats, even if they’re republican. They still need to hear from you.

Read this thread—I wish I’d read it before getting my congressman himself on the phone.

Another thought provoking thread about what to call the white supremacist seditionists who stormed the Capital.

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Right now what is irritating me is mom bloggers talking about how they know they’re taking stupid risks but they’re taking them anyway. Like, just shut up. You’re taking risks that are putting other people in danger and you’re telling the world about it. Just stop. Because people do what they think other people are doing. Stop taking stupid risks when in as little as 3 months your aging parents may be vaccinated and if you’re going to take those risks anyway, stop talking about them on social media. Let this be your dirty little secret and not something you encourage other people to do. Not when Covid rates are as high as they are in the SF bay area. Or Florida. And not when there’s a new more virulent variant just discovered in the US. And there’s large numbers of carriers who got positive at Christmas but don’t know it yet. You can wait. Or you can meet outside with masks on, especially in SF and Florida. Jeez. Ugh, I cannot even with the mommy bloggers. Like, stop being, “I’m doing this naughty thing even though I know I shouldn’t”– just don’t do it! Maybe you don’t know anyone who has died of Covid yet, or who has died of something else because the ICU rooms were too full and the health professionals too frazzled, but the more people do these stupid risky things, the more people will die. Even if you don’t spread Covid yourself, you may encourage someone who does.

Just got an email asking for prayers for our admin whose father and brother are both in the ICU with Covid.  According to our county reporting, ICUs are 104% full.  What does that even mean?  Update:  Her dad died.  I realize I am almost out of sympathy cards AGAIN.  I bought more after my uncle died last April.  This is relentless.  Please don’t make me buy another box before the end of the semester.  Protect yourself and other people.  It only takes two mistakes in a two week period to infect someone.

The Shu Box talks about her current experience in a Covid Positive household and notes that her husband had several negative tests with mild symptoms before ultimately testing positive.  (She updates that she also tested positive eventually.)

I need to go through this thread and find books and authors I haven’t tried yet!  CONSENT IS SEXXXXXY!

Don’t forget to contribute to your IRAs!  If you’re high income, here’s info on the backdoor Roth.

I guess I don’t have much to say about the New Year.  Like Scalzi, I’m not going to think it really starts until January 20th.  When it does, we need to step up and support positive change as much as we can.  Because it’s going to be a rough couple years with Republicans trying to make things as bad as possible so they can win big in the Midterms because they don’t actually care about people.  We’re going to have to keep fighting even though we’re tired and it feels like we should be able to take a break.  :(

In the mean time, for goodness sake, model and ADVERTISE your good behavior.  Hide the bad behavior you have no intention of stopping– don’t publicize it.  I mean, go ahead and tell people you’re eating leftover fruitcake, because that’s not going to have any negative effects on anybody else.  And definitely talk about things you need help fighting.  But if encouraging people to do the bad thing you’re doing ends up with people dying… just keep it to yourself.  (Better yet, just don’t do it.)  Nobody under the age of 80 should have to buy sympathy cards in bulk unless they work in a funeral home.

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That paper draft of mine is due tomorrow.  Will I have gotten it done on time?  I sure hope so!

Moved sent an update— no ham this year (…yet)!

Venmo scam alert:  What to do if you accidentally get sent $1000 by a stranger.

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Another busy week.  And today I have a writing date with a coauthor!  (Starting in one minute!  I’d better zoom!)

Here’s a tear-jerking story from Bitches Got Riches.  After elementary and middle-school bullying and isolation I definitely became a more the merrier person and connected lots of people and so on.  But into middle-age I’ve become a lot less that person and am much more isolated… I want more solitude.  I don’t go to social events and don’t get invited anymore either.  And I’m ok with that too.  And I’m more cognizant of the “missing stair” and “geek social fallacy.”  So, I dunno.  I used to be a nicer person who liked lots of people, and now… well, not as much!

I know I should have some politics stuff here, but I’ve just been crazily overtaxed with work.  : (   Maybe wandering scientist will have what you need?

The Elf on the Shelf bit in the below totally made me laugh out loud, and then I made DH watch it and he laughed too though in a more subdued manner.

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So, um, not many links this week.  I’ve been crazy busy with deadlines.  *sigh*  At least I’m mostly getting stuff done, and only some of the crap is irritating unnecessary administrative garbage.  (*shakes fist at local IRB and terrible typesetters in India*)  (You can’t get high quality cheap labor from India anymore– editing firms in India outsource to amateurs just like instacart does.  If you want good quality, you have to pay for it!  Even from India.  I’m convinced that much of our social woes in the US are caused by rich people wanting high quality servants cheap, which you can’t get when everybody is middle-class or rising.  I, for one, welcome our robot under-lords.  And paying people to do quality typesetting.)

If you didn’t vote for Trump your vote must be fraudulent (aka sedition)

Miser mom’s kitchen


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Eight stages of early retirement

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Other shady emolument things that GSA Emily Murphy has done for Trump.  Congress needs to have hearings on this years ago!

This paper is fascinating and really emphasizes the point that statistical discrimination can be caused by INCORRECT STEREOTYPES.

Also this paper is fascinating about how a 6 point scale reduces gender inequality in student ratings compared to a 10 point scale.

On not meeting Nazis halfway.

What to do about hateful images from the distant past

5 seasonal shopping tips.

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I wish I were as eloquent as Ned Stebler.

Disney is refusing to honor contracts from companies it has purchased while still reaping the benefits from said contracts.