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New data show that the US held a record 69,000 migrant children in custody in 2019. (cw:  sexual assault, child abuse)

Why there’s an instacart boycott

If you saw Bill Gates’ attack on Elizabeth Warren, remember this (and think of Amazon and Facebook and how they’re even worse monopolies than Microsoft ever was):

Reminder that you can get impeachment updates all in one fell swoop at

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Hard to believe there was an election this week! There were strong blue waves in Kentucky and Virginia. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re making positive progress despite billionaires wanting to impede forward movement.

An example of a fake outrage cycle– and college journalism being superior to national journalism.

Wisconsin politics demonstrates a frightening erosion of democracy

I’m not sure if I should believe this or not.

Lots of recalled frozen vegetable products across the US.

H/T to Revanche for this fascinating piece of investigative reporting about a nationwide AirBNB scam.

Also as a h/t to Revanche— if you got that super obnoxious Amazon catalog in the mail, here’s a link to get yourself off their list.

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Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!

Pictures of Chicagoans protesting Trump

Thank you, Firefox.  Facebook is truly awful.  We need better privacy laws and punishments.

An interesting take on Why booing Trump matters and what’s wrong with the media

How to design a better stock market game.

What will the net price of college be at your kids’ chosen school?  Here’s some calculators

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Someone at the NYTimes is seriously a bad person.

Red states are working hard to suppress college student voting.

Ernst and Young’s sexist women’s training.

Thread on why the SCIF thing this week was so dangerous.  I have to wonder the real motive.

This week had a number of public finance posts that I think are better read in conjunction with each other. It seems like a lot of people are having thoughts about earning, saving, and feeling or not feeling rich. I’ve got one or two of these myself in drafts waiting for their respective Mondays, though we’re insanely well-off right now rather than in anything that could be thought of as an in-between place. TBH, I read the below posts and think, yeah, when I was in that situation I was also anxious about money. I’m not anxious about money right now only because we have no debt, have high incomes (mine can’t be taken away), we’re maxing out retirement, and we have a lot of money saved. When any one of these was not true I was anxious, though my anxiety decreased (and spending increased) as my income and savings increased. I have always been a good saver (and I grew up in a household where savings was paramount), but being a high earner has made my life so much better.

I Pick Up Pennies talks about how even though she’s got a nice income, she doesn’t feel rich (unlike Bitches Get Riches’ post last week). A Gai Shan Life talks about how she is worried about money even though they’re doing pretty well. Done by Forty lists all the money he and his wife have made and talks about how his higher income has made him more secure. The Frugal Girl asks if you had to choose would you rather be high earning or a good saver (my comment brought a surprising amount of ire from people who I can only think have super poor reading comprehension skills because they thought the post was about something else? Or maybe they just hate women who work. Anyway, check out the comments for unintentional drama that I did not go out of my way to prevent.) I think I’ll do a full post on this idea in the future because the more I think about it, the more I doubt that anybody but the most environmentalist (without dependents that they care about) would choose uncertain saving over certain earnings, even the women bashing me in the comments.

Why the 1985 version of Anne of Green Gables was so transformative to my generation.

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Police officer fatally shoots black women in her own home

Trump tax documents show major inconsistencies

Facebook blocks car dealership from posting tree planting ads as too political (while allowing Republicans to post anti-Biden ads that include known lies)

How dual income couples find balance

Nightmarathon raising money for pediatric cancer research  (Breaking Cat News has donated some prizes)

[-$10,000] The Last Milestone

Why Bitches get Riches feels rich

Can younger students be taught to engage in deliberate practice?

I almost wish we had a staircase so I could get these.

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ICE moved 700 women out of a detention center and won’t tell their lawyers where they are.

43 new claims of sexual assault against Trump (Esquire article came out on Thursday… didn’t get much media because Guiliani’s associates were busy getting arrested and he was trying to go to Vienna. Also Trump was letting Kurdish civilians die despite the protests of the US Military.  Oh, and PG&E was shutting power off in large swatches of California (I would have preferred they fix their grid to the outsized dividends I used to get).  And probably some other stuff I missed because I have to work.)

A sophisticated phishing attack.

Note to self:  Next time you buy vanguard bonds, get VWESX, not VBTLX.  (I just bought some VBTLX but think we could handle a little more risk, or perhaps a different kind of risk.)

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No good reason for late links this week, just didn’t do it.

What’s going on with impeachment? Dan Sinker with daily summaries.

Days of Awe: Jewish Protests

Black women’s experiences in economics.

Here’s a very brief synopsis of Wednesday’s Trump meltdown.  I swear every single time I check twitter at my 3pm internet is available break there’s new trump just melted down on television hashtag, but usually they lead to whatever or whoever he was melting down about.  Wednesday’s was just #TrumpMeltdown… and was surreal.  But then so have all the prior ones.  The unreality of it all (THIS IS NOT NORMAL) makes it really difficult to focus after my break.  I may have to stop looking at twitter.

Elephants can count by smell?