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Want to help get another Democrat elected?  There are two ways to remind democrats to vote in upcoming runoff elections in a couple of weeks.  The first is via Postcardstovoters (last I checked they still have addresses for Senatorial Candidate Mike Espy) and the second is via VoteFwd (Georgia Secretary of State runoff).

Nancy Pelosi is amazing.  Don’t let the bad guys smear her like they did HRC.

Don’t let the bad guys write a false cat-fight story between Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi either.  It’s not cool when they do it with musicians, and it’s less cool when it’s politicians.

Read this excellent interview from an expert about what groups are best for white women to target (it isn’t the Trump-loving white women).

Facebook reportedly paid for smear campaign against George Soros

What happened in Porter County, Indiana on election day and after.

Casseroles that won’t fix any of this

IPUMS is AWESOME!!!!  I gave them money for their fundraiser.

Yay Linda!

10 things to remove from your resume

Extending the life of your smartphone

Ariana Grande and resilience

She Ra is getting good reviews!

How did this get published in nature?

A parody paper in solid state physics from 1931

I like these


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Mississippi senate race headed to runoff November 27th.  Click here to donate.

For our Texans

Why is it so hard for the media to say that racism is racist?

Trump’s election stunt border deployment could cost between $200M and $300M

How fascism is using cult psychology to recruit (via public debate…)

Why conservatives collectively pretend to believe something they don’t believe

1984 is now

Why reading diversity is important

large cluster of deep sea octopuses

Thoughts on employing post-docs


Basement cat strikes again

Word of Tom: Other students


The last day to vote is Tuesday.  Have you made sure all the good people in your life have the information they need to vote and have figured out a plan to get to the polling place if they haven’t voted yet?  (Have you made a plan to vote?)

I’ll be out canvassing with my sister.  DH is picking up signs for polling places for our congressional candidate and AG candidate from a nearby city.  Reader FF is canvassing too!

I’ll also be canvassing. I was really dreading it initially, but felt very energized by the positive feedback–some people even thanked us for doing this. Living in a reddish part of a purple district, it’s been good for me to see that there are others in my area who think as I do and are very enthusiastic about voting for Democrats (and voting out Republicans). I was told that GOTV canvassing is the most fun you’ll have canvassing. At this point, it’s more about getting supporters to actually vote, and less about convincing people. So I hope that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you google “volunteer” and then either your senate candidate or your governor candidate, chances are they have a good ground game and a cell phone app that can get you hooked up this weekend.

If Fort Bend goes blue

Abe Lincoln’s republican party

Thread about the rise of Nazism in 1933 The parallels to today…

Related:  Guns did not help Jewish people in Germany

More families were separated than originally reported

Birthright citizenship case

I can’t believe Lindsey Graham said this (literal jaw drop):

Girls suing for the right to wear pants in a public charter in the US

Fascism in Brazil

Message to the Media on reporting objective facts

Trump cancels program to fight domestic terror

How facebook is melting the minds of our elders

Here are the idiots behind the dumb scheme to accuse robert nueller of sexual harassment

The following is a really good explainer about why Ken Paxton is able to run for AG despite being under indictment for insider trading (if you watched the Jon Oliver segment and had so many questions):


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One of us is traveling and the other one is busy, so we’re likely missing any and all important links from Thursday and Friday.

Here’s an educator pledge that a former student asked me to sign.

If you vote by mail in Florida it is 10x more likely that your vote won’t count

Ted Cruz sent fundraising letters pretending to be legal summons.  This is not illegal.

Fake News and Advertising on Social Media:  A study of the anti-vaxx movement

Trump Administration releases new rules allowing states to remove the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions.  I’m finding that none of my students, even graduate students, know what a world without this requirement was like.  They are USED to being able to get health insurance. (#2 says: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I remember pre-existing conditions not being covered.  This is relevant to me and to my family.)

Should you trust Republicans or Democrats on health care?  The answer may not surprise you.

The University of Tulsa wants to learn about your reactions to the media coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. If you are in the U.S., please complete this short, anonymous survey to help us better understand the effects of the nomination and its news coverage.

More on universal basic income

Selling shares beats collecting dividends

BS asymmetry principle

Writing post-cards you find out about some interesting places.  Check out the street names in this subdivision.

Remember that if you’re in line by the time the polls close, they have to let you vote!

Finally… BOO. (Nerd joke alert)

Times are spooky, Grumpeteers!

Lateish link love

Link Love is what I should have been doing yesterday when nobody showed up to office hours and I was too braindead to do real work…

Celest Pewter with recommendations for activism focus

The University of Tulsa wants to learn about your reactions to the media coverage of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. If you are in the U.S., please complete this short, anonymous survey to help us better understand the effects of the nomination and its news coverage.

Snopes with a how-to if you’re turned away from the polls on election day and what to do to request and follow up on a provisional ballot.

Brian Kemp has purged over 300,000 voters from Georgia rolls  He’s also blocking 53,000 new registrations.

High rate of absentee ballots thrown out in Gwinnett, Georgia

Georgia county orders elderly black voters off bus taking them to the polls

Florida Gov. Rick Scott got a 500,000 donation from a private-equity CEO and then a week later invested $200 million of the state pension money in the CEO’s private-equity fund, Cereberus, losing taxpayers a huge amount over what they would gained had that money been invested in an S&P 500 index fund.  This is not against the law(!)

Texas Tribune fact checks Cruz/O’Rourke second debate

The Russia probe has uncovered a widespread Russian effort to meddle in the 2016 election

In case you were wondering… Heidi and Ted Cruz can absolutely afford a second home.  They currently live in a luxury condo that they bought for >$800K back in 2008.

#metoo and the legacy of black women’s testimonies

A good thread about the importance of getting a flu shot.

Two stories about getting abortion pills online.  Jezebel and the Atlantic

History of the Sears’ catalog and how it changed the South.

What happened to private sector pensions?

Vox’s recommended charities for 2018

Congrats to nzmuse!

Congrats to Dame Eleanor Hull!

Maureen Johnson’s clinic

Heinlein’s fan mail solution

This boss’s day

Link Love

Deported parents may lose kids to adoption

States still purging voters at high rates

More on voting rights in Georgia

Voter registration issues arise at a Texas HBC?

Campaign worker arrested after IDing his candidate as a democrat (also in Texas!)

Imagine a lifetime of women kicking men in the nuts

Electoral stakes in the next election, and when will they turn?

Will the next women’s march be taxed?

open access editorial on so much harassment that academics face

Everyday sexism

Not being heard

Chuck Wendig was put into twitter jail

Putting the future back in the room

loan forgiveness (or why dave ramsey doesn’t know what he’s talking about)

David Schieber talks about how his review was misrepresented by that academic hoax article

Kavanaugh’s confirmation motivated this woman to canvass even though that involves talking to people.

#himtoo:  the story

Taylor Swift backs a democrat

memo to myself: numbers 6, 7, 14, 19, 27…. etc

Presented for your approval

Hawaiian and Navajo now on duolingo

It’s funny to me that the upper limit on number of books in the household is “500 or more”. Hahahahaha. Oh man. Books are so good. (Also: methodology unimpressive, but yay books anyway!)

Station broadcast announcement

This is surprisingly uplifting

This is lovely

Sunday morning link love

It has been a hard few weeks.

Here’s some pep-talks and suggestions for What To Do

Delagar on These hard times

Jenny Han has been collecting people’s plans to save America Maybe you’ll find an idea in there as well.  On Friday I asked a number of concerned students in my office (they’d found out the news and stopped by at the tail end of my office hours to process) what they were planning on doing and they hadn’t really thought about it before.  One gentleman who had left his position at the state RNC over Trump’s actions said he planned to have discussions with people after church.  I think that’s a great idea.  But so is writing post-cards for voters. which one woman planned to sign up for this weekend.  Yesterday a canvasser stopped at my door (first time since 2008!) and I was able to tell him that my DH had registered 9 undergrads at a rally that week and I was in charge of my dean’s get people registered effort.  And that I’d bought 100 pins for a local candidate that were already gone (one of my building’s cleaning staff asked for 12 of them!) and I needed to buy another batch.

Here’s what wandering scientist did yesterday.

This fund to provide a war chest for Susan Collins’ future opponent has raised almost $1.5 million more dollars since I gave $100 to it on Friday.  Can you help push it to 4 million?

Stirrup Queen summarizes how I’ve been feeling this week.  Everything that I was taught in K-12 about government is wrong.  Apparently I’m not the only one… several of the Atlantic’s top stories today are on similar themes.  (To get headlines for top stories, click on any article and scroll down to the end of the article.)

An excellent analysis of how what happened with Kavanaugh is related to the American Aristocracy.  These stories are really not so different than the stories from Eaton and Harrow in the regency romance novels that I read.  As I’ve grown I’ve realized more fundamental truths that I thought were just tropes.  (And more tropes that I thought were fundamental truths…)

Here’s another analysis about why the bad guys aren’t getting worked up about Kavanaugh’s obvious perjury.

I had a bunch of links from earlier in the week about how the FBI investigation was sham and other related stuff… but I don’t feel like posting them.  :(

Texas detention camp swells fivefold with migrant children

Trump halts visas for same-sex partners of diplomats and UN employees

Answers to the question of who is a woman who, growing up, you always thought of as a public joke, but upon getting older you realized her story wasn’t so funny after all.

The case against leaf blowers

Leigh’s house buying adventure

Done by forty figured out they didn’t need to buy a new car

What a beetle’s genital worms reveal about the concept of individuality

Librarians get to do everything cool

bwahahahahaa  how did they know?

Kaiser family foundation isn’t just great health care research.

Look at her tiny tum tum!

We’ve posted this before, but it is a good video for teaching and explaining consent: