It’s time to love the links

Apologies for not a lot of links this week.  One of us has been on a deadline for an overdue writing thing and the other is traveling.

Notes from my writing:  Hey PubMed, you’re awesome and all, but your “export citation” function is kinda broken.  Save me, ScienceDirect!  Also, young lovers over here whispering in the library: assholes, leave the quiet area. You would be less disruptive if you actually talked.  YOU KNOW I CAN HEAR YOU, RIGHT? Just go make out in private like the rest of us did.

How can you tell whether you’re being objectified or whether you’re an empowered woman?  This handy cartoon explanation is a start.  NPR doesn’t get it.  On Twitter, exhaustion with sniping.

Georgia Dunn, the artist who draws Breaking Cat News, had a baby!  Childcare conundrums. Babies better than tattoos?  One of us prefers babies, the other of us prefers tattoos.

Financial relief over at What Now.  Stiffer rules to protect retirement money.  (heheheh they said “stiffer”)  Republicans want handouts for millionaires, what a surprise.

Trying to convince skeptical parents to have their kids vaccinated…


Tough choices: mathematician just loves hitting people.


and now, this:

Link love goes to 11

First, a brief illustration of what happens when your dog learns to text.

this is fascinating:

also this is amazing if I ever have REALLY long hair again (I would totally rock this):

Have you tried… excessive sleeping?  I did, and it changed my life!

I just read two light and imperfect but fun romances (that were cheap!)

Sometimes you just gotta enjoy your cold.
This is a jar full of major characters, not to be confused with binders full of women.

Even more about goddamned cakes (or no cakes, as the case may be).

I want to read this.
I don’t know dick about minecraft, but there’s a blog about it:

This is chilling (today’s f*ck the police)

And now, this:

Link love

In this week’s f- the police. More.  And also.


This week in frats.  not a frat, but another huge stupid mess

Stop stereotyping my children.

Ted Cruz and the quest for GOP Obama

No argument

Teaparty math.

Women at Work 100 years ago.

Newborns as the 4th trimester (may be review to those with children or knowledge of infancy)

crazy stuff about social security

The article isn’t great, but the comments section is hilarious.

free heyer stories

one tired gerbil

#1 prefers dancing kittens.

Ready for adoption

So true

Also true  (maybe)

so lazy

Congratulations to undine.

Congratulations to jliedl.

This just in:  Reader Sarah updates us on her ask the grumpies question

Link Love

In this week’s f the police… Also in this week’s f the police… the kind of thing white women brag about doing on their facebook pages.


Lighten up.  (Holy fish, this is AMAZING, everyone go read it)

Why does nobody ever talk about the problem of white-on-white violence in this country?


Birth control costs

More vaccine stuff.

religious freedom bill ditched after amendment is added to prevent gay couples being humiliated


When worlds collide.

An excellent personal ad.

I like leeks.

generate your own bogus job description. You are a growth hacker who uses wide approximation to create creative strategy of championing in clean energy.

no punctuation

Donna Freedman launches “How to write a blog people will read

when good enough is good enough

If you like Hark a Vagrant, this has more.

Leaving academia for large corporations (wonder what ended up happening…)

I want the less/fewer one.  (Not for the cost of shipping and stuff, but, you know…)

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but this is a great group of images.

OMG, pi day! (and links)

Just think that you all should know that this is the most important pi day since that amazing day in 1592.  This is it!  There will never be another pi day as amazing as this one unless time turns into a circle… or I guess technically pi day in 15926 will be more amazing if we’re still using this calendar system (and 3015 will be equally amazing).

Sometimes this makes me angry.  Related:  Jon Oliver on infrastructure.

Where do phds in English get jobs?

one change to help retirement savings

FBI, death threats, and gamergate

Very sad.

to-do list

one life as an example of irony

distractify is as good as its name.  How do they know?

Blurred lines was plagiarized, so say the courts

Miss Universe costumes

Parenthood week 1

If you need a warm and fuzzy show to watch

The talk below is long but amazing.  You should DEFINITELY watch it, even if it starts out a little bit slow (I’ve skipped past the super boring intro to the speaker).  The research is just mind-blowing for anybody who wonders if it really is women’s fault that they do more crap work at work (spoiler:  Women aren’t stupid):


Remember to spring forward this weekend, grumpeteers!  Here are some links:

Congrats to MommyProf.

Shannon Hale, an author of YA books, experiences annoying differential treatment based on gender.

Fantasy author Pat Rothfuss is a funny guy.

In which cartoonists have no idea what ‘net neutrality’ means.

it is terrible and wonderful that this exists:

The average retirement age is pretty average.

Breaking news:  good books on sale on Kindle for a limited time!  We both loved Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal, and #1 also loves A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent, written by Marie Brennan. Each under $3 if you act now. Mmmmmm, fantasy books!

This kitten is very interested in your story.

Rez ball.

How are cookbooks like Obamacare?  In further HuffPo news, more on vaccinations and how to use google for cheaper, better air travel.

#2 has had this song in her head ever since Historiann posted.  It alternates with “Funkytown” (I don’t know why).

Look at this awesome thing called “quiltmation“.  What’s your state #1 in?

The science of why Indian food is sooooo delicious.

this video of a baby laughing uncontrollably will make you smile if you’re not a monster: dad’s pretty funny too)(you can even hear mom laughing behind the camera)


link love


This week in police brutality

Turns out that pretending to harass someone is strangely identical to actually harassing someone.

Reading non-white authors for 12 months.

Another really interesting article about measles

Find out how much your medical bills should be

Science finally answers whether or not you should avoid peanut products with infants and toddlers (answer: NO).

Sick leave and being a liberal

A fantastic article well worth reading by a student at Michigan.  (And remember this the week after next when we post our own article that sounds like the article she’s commenting on.)

Are corporations really putting feathers in your food?  (The answer may not surprise you)

combating perfectionism in kids

The downside to long term travel

Happy public sleeping day!

Fecal wizard.

this appeals to me, probably because that’s what golden ratios are supposed to do

adorbs, if you like crows (or maybe if you don’t)

cats n cats

Have you ever wondered why butter sticks are differently shaped in the West?

to fall out of love

a guy complained no one wished him happy birthday on twitter

More one pot pasta recipes.

Leonard Nemoy writes to a biracial kid.


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