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Wondering what’s up with OMDG? Find out here!

This history teacher wants to buy an LGBT flag (along with basic school supplies and a fan), and it is about to expire (less than 5 days left), meaning they don’t get it and they lose all the funding people have donated so far.

Meet the new covid omicron variants for this winter.

I’ve continued to do postcards to voters in Georgia.

h/t natural scientist explanation of Christmas holiday for teachers



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How nachos and nazis are related but also not.

Fascinating story about how those ivermectin pushers defrauded people.

Hey!  Double-blind actually is important.

What’s up with A Natural Scientist?  Find out here!

What’s up with Wandering Scientist?  Find out here!

Ohio measles outbreak.  Unvaccinated children are hospitalized.

Interactive maps of the Roman world!


Did Attractive Girls Get Worse Grades When Classes Moved Online?

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Traveling! So much travel. This time I did not get Covid the morning of my keynote though, so that’s good!  Keynote went a lot better in person and not sick from my hotel room, I think.

If you’re in an area where an election hasn’t been called, particularly if you voted mail in or absentee make sure your vote was counted

Meet a sleuth whose work has resulted in more than 850 retractions.

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A taxonomy of the unhelpful replies that women who talk about sexual misconduct get.

Hank Green also had a great tweet about how there’s something wrong with our country when the attempted murder of Nancy Pelosi and the attack on her husband didn’t make top headlines (with receipts about the 4 mostly ridiculous headlines above the attack in the NYTimes).  But he DELETED it because

We did a unit on disabilities in my fourth grade classroom as well, with people coming in to talk with us (and old videos from the 1970s) and it make an impact.

Scalzi’s further thoughts on the whole twitter thing.

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What is actually causing inflation:  Supply chain issues caused by Covid and Russia’s attack on Ukraine decreasing the world oil supply.

Discussion on Taylor Swift’s penhold.

If you can early (in the US) vote, vote!  And make sure you know who is running for school board– you don’t want someone to ban all books that have Black main characters or girls programming or LGBTQ+ kids just existing.  These things are so important for our future.   For partisan stuff, send a message to Republicans by voting Democrat all the way down.  If you can’t vote Dem, don’t vote Republican.

Saturday is the last day for Vote Forward.  Be sure to mail all your letters!!!

If it’s Sunday when you read this, you can still write postcards to potential voters.  We need to keep fascism at bay.

I don’t know what else I can say with my small voice here.  Make sure your friends have voted and discuss the candidates and propositions with them.  Sometimes people leave off votes because they don’t know what to do, or just vote randomly.  Ask people if they have a plan to vote.  Donate to or volunteer with Vote riders to help people get to the polls, or with your local democratic party.  Pizza to the polls for when we have long election lines.  Do you have more suggestions for things to do and ways to amplify?

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Before I forget– early voting has started a lot of places!  VOTE!  Make a plan to vote.  Tell your friends to vote.  And tell your friends to vote against fascists.  Find out what the local candidate positions are and vote against any school board candidate who is in favor of banning books or who hates LGBT people or thinks if we just don’t talk about racism it will go away (or even worse, wants to people to be encouraged to be openly racist).

Hey!  Have you requested your federal financial aid debt relief?  Everyone says it is super simple and easy to do/easy to see if you’re eligible.

Maybe intensive parenting has benefits?

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I’m not sure why I didn’t get many links this week. Maybe because I rewatched the Lizzie Bennett Diaries (in conjunction with reading The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennett, Amazon affiliate link) in my spare time instead of surfing the internet. At work I had a bunch of meetings and so much service that required me to actually pay attention so that probably had something to do with it too (I’m still only at May 2022 in my “catch up on emails with econ abstracts” since the pandemic started project– 325 emails remain).

Voter registration before the midterms is ending soon in a lot of states (like, possibly this Monday or Tuesday depending on where you live).  Be sure to check your registration!   If you’re not registered (and are a US citizen), get registered ASAP!

The midterms could decide a lot of really important things.  We need to keep the majority of the house democratic and we need more real democrats in the Senate.  Because if we don’t, the supreme court isn’t going to protect us from legislation that strips away our rights or that harms vulnerable populations.  We’ve already lost the right to control our own bodies in many states.  State and local elections are extremely important as well.  There’s coordinated movements to ban books about minorities, women, LGBTQ+ people and your school board or city counsel (in the case of public libraries) is going to make the decision about what is available for children to read where you live.  State and local legislatures are going to decide if trans kids get legally harassed.  These are all incredibly important issues.  Activism is so important now.

What can you do?

Find your local democratic headquarters or your local indivisible group and see what’s going on.  Now is a great time for block walking, or even just going to cafes and helping potential voters register/check their voter registration.

Want to sit at home and write postcards?  They have several campaigns going right now where your postcard could have a big impact on voter turnout for down-ballot candidates in swing states.  Here’s an example of postcards (not affiliate because I was too lazy).

Another option is writing letters to voters– the big send for Vote Forward is Saturday, October 29th, after which it will be too late to write letters for them.  I can do 20 letters to voters in the time it takes to do 10 postcards (there’s a lot less writing).  If you’ve got a printer, this is a great way to reach voters.  I also enjoy using cool postage stamps and I close the envelopes with Be a Voter stickers.  Currently they have campaigns for lots of different states that encourage voting for marginalized groups, for registered democrats, and also now they are running some experiments on issue voting such as abortion and climate change.

Something is better than nothing.  Anything you can do to help will combine with everything everyone else is doing.  Maybe we can hold fascism back or even prevent its spread.  The longer we keep it at bay, the more children will have a chance to grow up happy and healthy.  The more people will not have their lives ruined.  The more people will not lose their lives.


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Memorial to delagar’s brother who died suddenly and unexpectedly. Paired donation.

Protect yourself from check washing. Jet pens recommends pens and inks that won’t wash out.

So I spent waaaay too much time on Wednesday evening tracing this tabloid story. Ned Fulmer has left the Try Guys after having been caught cheating on his wife in public in a club in NYC with one of his employees. Like, not what I was expecting to happen. Also, NONE of my friends had the slightest clue what I was talking about. But my RA totally knew and was like, yeah, we’ve all been talking about that too. So I’m feeling like my interests may be more juvenile than those of my peer group.

The Racial Wealth Gap, Financial Aid, and College Access

Girls who code books were banned in a school district.  Paired action:  Buy some for a school district via donors choose.


Bought some Girls who Code books for Donors Choose, and some transgender books for other districts.  (Lots of news => lots of $25 purchases.)

Did 10 postcards for judges for the Ohio Supreme Court via Postcards for Voters.

Did 20 letters to voters via Vote Forward.  The big send is less than a month away and we need to get on this.

Wore t-shirts for candidates out in public.

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This Washington Post article about the horribleness that Texas officials are doing to trans kids in Texas made me cry. Please support Texas democrats this election season and donate to pro-trans causes and places like the ACLU.

In which Xyk discovers that she is underpaid compared to others in her department.  I need to write a post on this– but academic ladies especially, if you are at a public state school, your salary and all the salaries in your department are either available online or from asking the librarians at your school (our librarians will send them to you as a .pdf if you call them).  Look up your salary and the salaries of other members of your department.  Are you underpaid?  If so, you can do something about that without necessarily going on the market (it depends on your department/school/university), especially if you’re at an R1 that is concerned about equity.  I’ll write up a post suggesting things you can do one of these Mondays (or you can write in as an ask the grumpies if you want it as a Friday post– we’re running low on those but not low on posts talking about money).

It’s only recently that economists have started thinking, hey maybe women and minorities are just as rational as white men but they’re playing different games.

Andrew Van Dam is my absolute favorite WaPo reporter.  Some of you were wondering about high paying jobs for people who don’t go to college, also there’s some bonus questions about people who end up doing something other than what their major trained them for.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Reduces Crime and Violence over 10 Years .  And it reduces it more if you provide some money with it.

This site is fun to play with even though it does not have my high school on it.  (And I’ve never been on facebook… so I’m not in the data anyway.)

Are men becoming feminine?  Check out this thread for a history of opinion pieces.

Activisms:  I have been doing things, I just forget to post them.  This week had a lot of donating for books and other lgbt+ stuff in red states on donorschoose.  This weekend I intend to write a lot of letters to voters with Vote Forward.