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A reminder to check to see that your mail-in ballot was accepted and an explanation about why signature matching is so bad for elections and who this primarily hurts (hint: democrats)

Cory Booker on why democrats haven’t been able to stop the illegitimate supreme court nomination.

One of my students this past week went on a rant about how the US isn’t a democracy. Here’s why:

When the virus hits close to home.

Man ejected from school board meeting for eating six feet away from school board members sans mask.


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Have you voted?  We’re planning on voting after doing door hangers this morning.  One of my RAs said it was 20 min wait to vote on campus (which is normal), but one of my friends said there was a LONG line at the utility center where we normally vote– that place is usually deserted!

Today is also the BIG SEND day for votefwd.  So we’ll be dropping those envelopes off at the post office today.  I’m guessing they’ll have addresses up for a few more days, so check!

And… just because we’re all super focused on the election, doesn’t mean we should ignore what is going on in congress right now.  I know a lot of people are feeling defeated about the Supreme Court thing, but we should still protest it.  First off, only two R senators need to flip.  Second, if there’s a groundswell of support Dem senators can say, see, this is what my people want, and Rep senators can feel nervous about their choices.  Third, if we make this difficult for them, especially during an election year, then they are less likely to do more horrible stuff… if we are complacent they will ram through as much horribleness as they can as quickly as possible.  Protesting now delays whatever the next awful fascist thing is.  Also there is a very important Supreme Court case coming up… if you want to keep the pre-existing conditions exclusion, we need to delay Barrett’s confirmation at least that long.

This whole thread is very good.  Make noise.  Note especially the discussion about Covid as a pre-existing condition.

Here’s where to find out if your senator is on the judiciary.

This description of what it is like flying during the pandemic makes me really not want to risk flying to DH’s family at Christmas.

Senator Gary Peters discusses his abortion experienceDonate to his re-election campaign here.

The guy behind Amptoons gives a detailed illustration of how he made his voting decisions.

How Ouija boards really work.

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WordPress continues to be irritating. I can’t save changes at all in Chrome. Sometimes I can in Safari and sometimes I can’t (but it pretends it did and then just doesn’t, unlike Chrome which gives me an error). WordPress works just fine, but I have it leechblocked during working hours which is generally a good thing but sometimes I really do want to add a bullet or figure out why something isn’t posting. Fortunately they’ve made it easier to use classic mode than it was a week ago. Still, I do not need the minor irritation of things just not working! Especially not for a hobby.

I found a notawastedword post *infuriating*. Agaishanlife explains why in a much more succinct way than any of my rantings could capture in this post and in her reply to me. She just nails it in a sentence or two.

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I’m about to go out to drop off how to vote information on doors in a “democratic leaning” area. Yesterday we did a bunch of postcards, but I really need to start doing letters because I have so many stamps!  (Also the letters dropoff date is in a week and some change.)  Donated to some state representative campaigns.  Reminded students to register to vote (the deadline is very soon, so I will send another email that day).  It really is go-time. 

WordPress just switched me over to block editor and it has been a huge pain.  Ironically, it will not let me update posts in *chrome* which is also owned by google (it lets me write stuff but then it won’t let me save the changes which is super irritating).  But I can update them in Safari, which… trying to do a post in block editor on an iphone is … not fun.  Firefox seems to be working fine (but I couldn’t futz with the blog during working hours yesterday while I was at an online conference using firefox because I have it leechblocked during working hours!)

Links are really sparse because I’m very busy at work, but also because since RBG’s passing I’ve been off social media and reddit entirely.  That and the glorious weather we’ve been having (unlike most of the country) has been keeping me able to move forward.  Even though my students are starting to not take mask-wearing seriously in class because so many of them have recovered from Corona and are feeling better (because, you know, they’re under age 22) that it must not be a big deal. 

What We Knew, What We Know, and Why It Matters

American words British folk don’t know

OMG I LOVE AMBER RUFFIN’s NEW SHOW!!!!! (yes, I have to scream it)

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Naked ballots in Pennsylvania won’t be accepted.

Our 2019 Tax Return Revealed: Total Income $522,662, Taxable Income $253,906

A transgender fairy tale.

A reminder that sometimes having 4 coffee cups is not too many coffee cups.


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I have a paper draft deadline on Tuesday for a paper that hasn’t been written, so really light links again this week.  This is going to be the story of a lot of this semester until January as I have promised too many unwritten papers to conferences.  Usually they don’t all get accepted(!)  I am still struggling with having time to do Activism, but I’ve been getting baby steps in, mostly getting people to register and check their registration.  DH promises to use his free Fridays until the election to do activism and he’s going to start by going through all the action emails I’ve been letting pile up in our junkmail account.  It is just so hard to do everything, but this election is SO important.

Poignant Frog and Toad pandemic stories by McSweenys.

Lots of blogs are having lots of different schooling experiences.  Here’s another.  At Casa Grumpy, DC2 just got introduced to a lot of educational games (Prodigy and Kaboom are the two recent favs), so zie is happy.  I’m not sure all this computer time plus Minecraft is great for hir eyes, but it’s good for my sanity!  Spanish weeks are still a lot harder on me.

This second short story here (The Princess Who Could Not Cry) was one of my favorites as a girl.  I thought it was in my book of princess stories illustrated by Lois Lenski, but it isn’t!  I don’t think I had the Rainbow Cat where it was originally published, but I do wonder what anthology it was originally in.

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Another really busy week. I’m sorry guys!

Penzey’s spices looting its own store for racial justice.

This retirement calculator is kind of fun

Also, I don’t know why Amazon didn’t tell me (even though it’s been telling me about all sorts of upcoming books that I can’t have yet!), but KJ Charles has a new book out!!!! (I thought to check because the romance community has been having a back and forth about whether or not non-LGBT authors should be allowed to write LGBT characters, and is it fair to out an author who writes LGBT characters, and I was like ooh I wonder if KJ Charles has anything out. And she DID! I love how she is SO prolific! In any case, she’s not a problem because the true underlying problem is the publishing industry acting as gate-keepers keeping LGBT authors from getting contracts because of their personal characteristics, and KJ Charles is now entirely self-published.) I just bought it and haven’t read it yet, but I am totally going to use it as a work reward for myself if I’m good this weekend.

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Looking back, this week has been an eternity in the news cycle, but that’s how it’s been since the last presidential election.  I’m so tired, but it’s so important to do the activism things, especially now when they’re coming down hard on voter’s rights and coming on strong in favor of fascism.  It’s so hard to push back with work and kids and virtual schooling and everything.  But… make phone calls.  Write lettersMake a plan to vote.  Check your voter registration status again (on this page, you don’t need to give your info on the top of the site, just scroll down to your state and give your state said info)!

If you can vote this year, you must vote. (Scalzi)

Jiraffe with books high school students should read in 2020.

Turns out those viral student tik tok loan numbers weren’t accurate or possible

Using waste water on campuses to target student dorms with covid

Hyperbole and a half has an announcement and lots and lots of buttons to press.

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Oh man, I’ve been so busy this week I can’t even.  What with my school and my kids’ school and a special issue deadline and everything else under the sun…  So, I guess I didn’t spend much time gathering links.  Check out what Wandering Scientist has to say instead!  And do something she suggests that you do!

Thread re: Santa Clara University harassing black people.

There’s a pandemic for that.

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Advice for how to vote when you don’t trust the postal system to get your ballot in on time.

More advice.

Best cloth face masks (not the stupid non-study about gaiters)

I was 78% female and 80% male… (note that the battery of scales this is based on is all about stereotypes *not* actually what makes people male or female).

The art of doing less (an update from middle class revolution)

Convention highlights. Definitely watch Michelle Obama’s speech. And… lots of other speeches. And the roll call. I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t been able to watch *any* of this without tears streaming down my face.