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Revanche has excellent and important links this week.

We need more articles like this one.

(Not) vacationing back to normal

Revanche asks what to do with books when the author turns out to be a bad person.

Dr Glaucomflecken’s recommendations for eye-drops.  (My left eye has been having dryness problems on top of involuntary twitching.  Stress?  Menopause?  Computer eye-strain?)

Enoughing it describes creating LaTex files for her planner.  (I bought a second Passion Planner even though it’s not quite perfect for what I want.  I’m disappointed I don’t like this year’s designs, but buying Black again is cheaper…)


Gave $25 to Donors choose (helping trans kids in a red state).  Because of the kid in Texas who attempted suicide after the TX government told CPS to treat trans affirming care as child abuse.

Gave $25 to Swing Left in honor of the Jan 6th hearings.

DH is at a March for our lives rally to protest the lack of sensible gun control legislation and the prevalence of assault weapons today (Saturday).  Find one near you.  (Yes, I am aware that the evil Right Wing wants you to not call them assault weapons, as if that is not their most dangerous purpose.  I have zero tolerance for language policing on this topic.  Not when US children are in completely unnecessary danger.)  I’m home with the kids because I would literally vomit and pass out from the heat.  I feel guilty about that.

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Find a March For Our Lives event on June 11th near you.

A thread on why you should vote against any and all Republicans if you care about human rights.

Dame Eleanor talks about a summer of real life.  I think I may need a break away from screens because one of my eyelids has started to twitch.

An in-depth analysis of Everything Everywhere All at Once, which I think DH is going to LOVE when it comes out on dvd.  The only thing it’s missing that would hit his buttons any harder is Nicholas Cage (personally I think Jamie Lee Curtis is a better substitute, but there’s no accounting for taste).


One of my lgbtq+ donors choose places ended without being fully funded (which is terrible– it couldn’t have had much money left…. I feel bad that I lost track– the teacher has another one up, but it’s not about social justice at all, so I hope she didn’t take away the lesson not to try).  So I took that $75 and moved it to another lgbtq+ donors choose place that I’m even more worried will not get funded, despite it being even more worthy.

10 postcards to voters to encourage democrats in duval county florida vote by mail

Called my MOC to demand sensible gun control legislation.

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thread demonstrating exactly how the press is failing us

Our next life has some suggestions for how not to reward companies that prop up gun companies.

Chief mom officer talks about the actions she has been/will be making.

I feel guilty that I haven’t done anything about the shooting yet. I will. I promise. I will either call (link is to 5calls which makes it easy to call federal MOC) or write my MOC and local representatives. I will donate something somewhere. I will figure that out this weekend and get back to you next week (put your suggestions in the comments). These shootings are hard precisely because they hit so close to home– my oldest was the age of the Sandy Hook kids. My youngest is elementary school age now. I feel so sick. But I need to turn that into action so that things will change. We have to keep trying. Because the side that cares more about gun sales than children’s lives is not going to stop.

What did I do?
I voted.
I emailed students to remind them to vote.

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More traveling this week.

You can order more test kits from USPS

Scalzi discusses his straight white male lowest difficulty setting 10 years later.

I just want to add to this Captain Awkward post that one of the big things I learned about the difference between LA and the midwest is that the LA people who are waffly on time and don’t always show up also don’t get upset if you start without them.  You don’t have to wait– they would not wait for you either.  After I learned that, it took a ton of stress off me.  (My lesson was when I’d promised to go to a movie with an LA friend and she went earlier without me and I got upset because I’d had a chance to go earlier with someone else and didn’t take it because I’d promised to go with LA friend.  And she was like, you should have just gone.  Then something clicked about the different cultures and what “let’s do lunch” really means.)


Talked to another reporter
Sent an email about voting to students

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I’ve been traveling most of the week and am very much not good at it!  I even lost my glasses.  Plus it was a coastal destination where there’s currently a covid surge going on and about 8 people said they would have attended but either they had covid or were quarantining with a family member who had it or their kid’s daycare was shut down.  All of the people who actually attended said they had gotten covid sometime in the past month and were now clear on an antigen test.  I’m going back next week!

An example of how the evil right-wing manufactures outrage through intentional misquoting.

How the TX law is negatively affecting women who are miscarrying.

Someone asked about book recommendations for personal finance for people just starting out and I said I’d throw it up as an ask the grumpies and then lost the question.  In any case, here’s where we answered the question back in 2019.  I don’t know that much has changed other than the actual numbers.  We’re now in a high inflation environment, and there’s all sorts of dangerous new things you shouldn’t be investing in, but the basics, as always, are still the same.


I talked to two reporters.  Referred a third who wants to talk while I’m on a plane to a colleague.

DH is at a protest and I’m home with the kids.

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action:  call your senators, especially democrats

Keep your eyes open for a national day of mobilization being planned for next Saturday, May 14. Now is the time to be visible. Now is the time to be loud. We need to let our friends, our families, our neighbors, and the world know that we will not sit idly by while we watch a fanatic conservative minority revoke our fundamental rights to bodily safety and autonomy.  There are different links to protests.  Here’s one.  Here’s an article from The Cut with information.  Here’s google.

Daily Dracula Thread

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New York readers, please call your state reps:

California readers, please call your state reps:

Here’s a donors choose for a district in Texas that is trying to help its LGBTQ+ students.

Doot doot doot do do do doo

Random gossipy question:  I noticed from a blogroll that The Frugal Girl has signed a housing lease.  I haven’t read her blog much since 2019 when she decided that giving Chick Fil A free advertising was more important than respecting LGBTQ+ people, and it wasn’t clear from the post– what happened?  Are they downsizing?  Is she divorced?  Widowed (if it’s widowed I’m going to feel guilty because that’s really sad no matter what your politics)?  I know it’s none of my business, but also… curious.  Whatever it is, unless it’s just downsizing/traveling because the kids are grown, it’s a good reminder that having a career of your own can be important even if your spouse makes enough to support the family.



  1. Wrote 10 postcards to voters for Columbia County, FL
  2. Donated $25 to We Need Diverse Books
  3. Donated $25 to Brooklyn Public Library to help teens across the country get ebooks and audiobooks
  4. Donated $25 to Donors Choose to support diverse books in a state where diversity is under attack.

Ask the Grumpies: Easy ways to blog from an iPhone?

bookishbiker asks:

[I]s there a particular blogging platform that is easy to post to strictly from a phone app? I’m going to be taking a year off and doing some travel and might do a limited duration blog if I can find an easy way to do it. I’ll have an iphone but no laptop and probably no tablet.

I do not know the answer to that question. But maybe someone in grumpy nation does? WordPress is ok but not easy. You might want to look into getting a keyboard for your iPhone. I’ve seen them at conferences.

Congratulations on the travel!

Jenny F. Scientist Says:

Blogger has a function where you can email in your posts. I don’t know about photos though!

Steph Says:

Tumblr has a pretty good mobile app. I used it for a travel blog while I was in the UK several years ago, and I did have some trouble posting on wifi sometimes, but I also didn’t have any real cell service there. If you’re planning to get a better phone for international travel, it will probably work well with Tumblr.

You can also look into IFTT – IF This Than That. I used it to crosspost Instagram posts onto my Tumblr blog, and they have interfaces with a lot of services.

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Missouri teacher accused of teaching critical race theory loses her job.

I was curious about how the severe calorie restriction studies were going.

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Texas CPS people are quitting because of the anti-trans stuff.

Scalzi’s man cred

I recommend watching all of these

Did your parents buy your first car?


1.  10 postcards to encourage voting by mail to Citrus County, FL
2.  4 x $25 to Donors choose classrooms that are trying to help Trans kids in states where they are under attack