Who is the most evil cartoon Disney villain?

DH and the kids have been playing Villainous, which is a Disney-based game that pits Disney-universe villains (including Marvel!) against each other.

Which got us talking– who is the most evil Disney villain?  (What makes a villain evil?)  On the one hand, you’ve got villains who are misguided but cause a lot of damage (Thanos though I guess that’s not cartoon), and on the other others who seem genuinely deep down evil but don’t actually end up doing that much (Sleeping Beauty’s step-mom).  Does motivation matter?  Does amount of destruction matter?

Is selfishness and jealousy enough, or do they have to *enjoy* causing other people to suffer?  Do they have to seem especially creepy?

I think if we’re going with classic villains, Cruella de Ville has my vote.  But in the expanded universe, Lotso from Toy Story is the creepiest villain I’ve seen in what is becoming the Disney Monopoly universe.

Here is the internet on the topic:  Reel Rundown , Screenrant , Medium (which separates “evil” into 5 different categories).

What do you all think?  Who is the most evil cartoon Disney Villain?

Ask the grumpies: Have you seen the pursuit of happyiness?

Leah asks:

Have you seen the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”? I watched it with my students tonight. I was amazed to learn it was a true(ish?) story. Does it just break your heart?

Neither of us have… heard of it?  Oh hey, it’s that one with Will Smith and his son.  I guess one of us has heard of it.  I didn’t want to see it partly because I get a little squicked with monetized inspiration porn these days and partly because I don’t really watch movies because they’re too long and I just don’t have time or the attention span.

Ask the grumpies: What is your favorite movie?

Leah asks:

What is your favorite movie?

#1:  I guess maybe the Princess Bride?  Though it does bother me how it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test, it’s still a really enjoyable movie.  I used to say Captain Blood and Tales of Manhattan, but I haven’t seen either in well over a decade and for all I know the suck fairy has visited them.

#2: I’m not sure. But recently I saw Black Panther and y’all should go see it!

Fanfic for star wars fans

[ed note:  this was scheduled to post before Carrie Fisher’s untimely death.  We are so saddened by her passing.]

In honor of the new movie out, here are some of my favorite light star wars (almost entirely Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan) fan fictions.

Twenty Questions

Rated NC-17:

I seem to have a thing for Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan erotic slash Lots and lots of slash. So much slash.

From the Temple Erotica Archives

This is the start of a series if you want something novel-length and more romance-focused (link to continuation is at the bottom).

Do you read fanfic?  Any recommendations?  Are you excited about the new Star Wars movie?

Must Dos with the next generation

DH recently had an interesting conversation with his relatives.

He says, and I paraphrase:

Hey, I was just wondering what you thought about “must-play” games…meaning games I really have to play with DC, or really anything I “have to” help DC experience?

I’m planning on playing role-playing games with hir…probably starting when ze’s ~7.  The Descent boardgame seems pretty obvious.  DW has nixed Magic: the Gathering.  I’m sure we’ll play some miniatures game like Warmachine or Hordes.

I can’t think of any other game ze “needs” to play except maybe Magic Realm and Star Fleet Battles.  See, except for really old games, I think things are just getting better.  This goes for video games too…I’ll probably try to break out some Wizardry (Werdna) sometime, and maybe Nethack…but there’s no reason to go back and play Super Mario Bros I don’t think.

I’m sure I’ll show hir the Firefly tv show when ze’s old enough.  We’ve already started watching Dr Who together.

I don’t have any must-read books until ze’s probably 10+…even then I prefer just reading a lot to anything specific.

What do you guys think?

Is there anything you think kids today should experience that you liked as a kid/teenager…or that you wished you’d done when you had time back then?

(Disclaimer:  Yes, I married a nerd… but if you looked at my “must do with kid” list you would realize he is actually the less nerdy of the two of us!  I’m all about the math and the books.)

Book movies

Almost always the book is better than the movie, even when the movie is pretty good.

Princess Bride.  Fantastic movie.  Even better book.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  Book = awesome.  Movie = suck.

The list here is pretty well endless…

Sometimes the movie is better than the book… this is especially true with messed up children’s classics.

Peter Pan.  Messed up book.  Seriously messed up.  And the opposite of feminist.  Blech.  Always with an underlying creepiness.  The movie isn’t much better in terms of feminism, but the creepiness is mostly gone.  Peter Pan isn’t so thoughtless… he doesn’t almost lose the children on the way to Neverland in the movie.  Tink doesn’t almost kill Wendy in the movie.

Pinocchio.  Similarly messed up and creepy.  The movie doesn’t bank you over the head quite so much.

Mary Poppins.  (I wouldn’t say the movie is better, but it is certainly different!)  No way could sweet Julie Andrews play the Mary Poppins from the book.  They’re very different stories… somehow the movie omits the lady whose fingers turn into candy when she breaks them off her hands.  Among many other things.

The 39 Steps.  (Not a children’s book!)  What can I say, I’m a sucker for romance.  And you know, the existence of female characters (of which the movie has several, swapping genders of book characters).  Also, the movie keeps what is charming about the British colonial period (Cricket…) and jettisons what is not (antisemitism, etc.)

Rebecca.  You may disagree, but the book is so dark and so depressing.  The movie is all that, but adds some hope!  Some reason to actually care about the main characters.  I like that.

Can you think of any books that were made into movies where the movie was better?  Or where the book was crazy better?  Or where you loved the movie and were then blown away by the book?