April update

Here’s a boring update from my April Year of the Oxygen Mask goals.

My April goal was to “Clean up my damn room.  Put stuff away and keep it clean-ish.”  Did I do it?  EPIC FAIL.  In fact, my room got worse because we cleaned up the living room and some of my stray items came back in. [Didn’t you like have to clean it when you moved?  Shouldn’t that count? –#2][It was never clean at any point in that process; it was full of boxes and stuff –#1] [Did you give up your apartment deposit then? –#2] [They wanted to reno our apartment so they told us not to bother cleaning! –#1][Well, your new apartment was clean before you moved in, I bet…–#2]

I’m still feeling sort of sick and not like eating.  Nobody knows what is wrong with my medical situation.  My gallbladder is basically perfect, my liver’s ok, my pancreas and thyroid are doing just as they should.  Not looking forward to getting all the bills for specialists and testing, either.  Ugh.

I’m really looking forward to May’s hard pass on reading any links related to news or politics.  If I’m lucky I won’t look at a single twitter link.  (I hate twitter even though #2 loves it, and I’m sure she’ll still have many links for you!)  [#2 wouldn’t claim to love it, and #1 does send twitter links the other direction from time to time.]

Which box is the oxygen mask in?

In January I declared that 2019 would by the year of putting on my own oxygen mask.  What have I done lately?  Well, I haven’t done the money stuff that I talked about in this post, because… MOVING!  Ugh!

Ok, let’s recap.  My February goal was to “Go on Patreon and sign up to support at least 2 creators whose work I appreciate.”  I did that!  It’s running automatically for the foreseeable future.

My March goal was: “Eat down the pantry and freezer.  Defrost those noms.”  I have sort of done that, but not on purpose.  See, our apartment complex needed to renovate our apartment.  They offered to let us move all our stuff out of our place for 2 weeks and then move back in, but that sounded like the worst thing ever.  Or, they were going to just not renew our lease when it ended this summer, which would mean we’d have to go searching all over the damn place for a new apartment.  OR, they said, if we could move right now, they’d let us have a new apartment in the same complex, same floor plan, just 2 doors down from us, already renovated, same rent.  That’s what we did!

It turns out to be a good deal.  But March is pretty much subsumed in moving.  We’re in the new place now and the cats are calming down.  We paid people to pack and move for us, but we’re still unpacking.  The new apartment is actually the mirror image of the floor plan in the old apartment, which is deeply discombobulating.  I keep banging into things; the bed is backwards, the shower is backwards; the kitchen is missing a shelf, where does our stuff go?  The sofa is backwards.

My new meds haven’t had bad side effects, but I’m not convinced they’re better than the old meds, either.  Gonna give it a little more time.

In April I should be able to get myself back on track with the appropriate goal of: “Clean up my damn room.  Put stuff away and keep it clean-ish.”  This will require unpacking those last 3 boxes in the middle of the floor.

How is project keep-yourself-sane going in 2019 for you, Grumpeteers?