August monthly update: Month two of DH’s self-employment

Last month (July):
Balance: $76,350.80
Years left: 6.08333
P =$905.93, I = $308.47, Escrow = 613.58

This month (August):
Balance: $75,266.62
Years left: 6
P =$912.18, I = $302.22, Escrow = 613.58

One month’s prepayment savings: $0.68

Ah, what a dinky mortgage pre-payment savings.  What a difference $500 makes.  But we need that $500 for peace of mind and stuff.  *Sigh.*

What up in the land of self-employment?  So far just paperwork.

Week 1:  DH bought a website address.  He worked up an operating agreement.  I discovered that paying for his health insurance is $1,700/year on top of what we were paying before with him on his own insurance and the kids on mine.  We’ll be paying $4,200/year.  Realized he no longer has a long term disability option.  Took us off dental since our dentist doesn’t take it.  DH worked more on his game and his website.  DC2 got sick again (stomach bug).  Then DH and I got sick again.  Then DC1 got sick.  It’s amazing we survived the week.

Week 2:  DH did lots of programming.  Cleaned the bathrooms.  Fixed up more webpage stuff.  Got his LLC paperwork.  Went to another networking happy hour– he really enjoys those.   Sent some emails.  Met with DC1’s school’s finance committee.

Week 3:  Finalized the webpage, got an email address, made business cards.  DC2 got sick again (fever).  Scrambled to see if we could find a sitter so DH and I could both network at the same time in week 4.

Week 4:  We were out of town and DH took care of the kids.  He networked a little, including an informal interview for a job whose description hasn’t been written yet.

I’m curious to what next month is going to hold.