Men can sew too

DC1 brought home hir new orchestra uniform from school and the pants needed hemming.

My first thought was that I hate hemming pants and I was never very good at it, though my last experience was probably over 20 years ago.

So DH suggested we get them altered professionally.

But a quick search showed that all the alteration places in town had 2/5 stars and complaints about not following simple instructions and about losing orders and holding clothing longer than promised.

We know DC1 is going to grow this year, so those pants hems are probably going to need to be let out sometime this year, which means that cutting off the extra fabric, something a professional is likely to do (see “not following simple instructions”) is not a great idea.  The first concert was also only a couple of weeks away, which meant that losing the pants and holding onto them for a couple weeks was not viable.

I resigned myself to having to hem, but then DH said he’d give it a go.  There are plenty of youtube videos and guides.  I recommended the catch stitch to him since that’s the way I was taught.  (It might not have been the best recommendation since I hate hemming pants and I’m not great at it, but I’m sure if I hadn’t recommended something DH would have spent a few hours trying to figure out the best stitch.)  And then DH did it and did a good job and it took a little over an hour, far less time than going to one of the alteration places and returning to pick it up.

So… that probably saved $20-$40 in money, but also quite a bit more in potential aggravation, AND later this year we’ll know we’ll be able to let the hem down.  (It was pretty obvious from the fabric creases that last year’s kid had also had to let the hem back down, though that family had a sewing machine.)