How much does a root canal cost? How about a crown?

I am feeling very sorry for myself!

Last year one of my back molars cracked a little.  This summer, probably because Trump is making me grind my teeth in my sleep, a bigger chunk broke out.  So the Dentist got it ready for a crown ($1600).  But when it came time to put the permanent crown on it HURT when I bit down.

So I had to go see an endodontist ($300).  The endodontist took pictures and tapped my teeth and then put cold on my tooth and it hurt SO MUCH.  So very much.  And it didn’t stop hurting.  (On the other teeth that weren’t having problems it hurt a little and then stopped hurting as soon as he took the cold off.)  He said that it was irreversible damage because if it had been reversible, it would have fixed itself already given how long it took to get the appointment from when they put the temporary crown on.

So now I’m getting a root canal ($1300) before I can get my permanent crown back on.

Another dentist post: this time with a lot more weird

So there I am, numb up to my eyebrows, two fillings getting removed, two fractured teeth being filled in (apparently a second one fractured between my cleaning and the appointment)… some bizarre torture device made of metal bands and plastic inhibiting my breathing by completely covering my mouth…  They also put sunglasses on me for some reason.  (#2 says, there is a filling compound and they use special light to make it set.  That’s all I know.  Please don’t tell us more in the comments.)

To my right, the dentist.  To my left, the dental assistant.  Staring down at me, a woman who was not introduced to me, but from the conversation I assume she is a dentist-in-training.

The dentist-in-training’s mom shows up, so the DIT leaves.

The dentist says to the assistant, how nice.

You know, my mom never was able to see the practice.  I started in February, then my husband started in March, and we were going to have a grand opening that summer, but by May my mom had passed on.

Then the dentist and the dental assistant discussed heart disease and something ridiculous that’s related.  Oh, sleep apnea.  Doctors need to educate people more about these things.  And the dentist asked the dental assistant if her mom had sleep apnea.  The dental assistant said yes.  Pause.  Of course, she was also a smoker.  Then they talk about all their siblings with heart disease, and their bad habits.

So the dentist starts up again.  Yep, my mom died before getting to see the practice.

Of course, it was 20 years since I lost my dad.

And 35 years since my brother died.

And of course, now my husband [who is drilling on some precious-as-a-button little girl who had been the topic of previous conversation over in the next booth] is recovering from leukemia.

It seems like everybody dies.  Everybody who has ever loved me dies.

Maybe I’m not supposed to be loved.

Dental assistant:  Oh, I’m sure that’s not it.

Me (thinks):  Going to my happy place…

I’d been on the fence about switching dentists.  This one up-sells too much.  But I’m pretty sure it is finally time to change.  I’ve got a recommendation and in 6 months I’ll make the switch.  I’m hoping for a dentist that will be quiet or talk about teeth while (s)he’s filling me in, if I need fillings at all, which I hope I don’t.  Less death.

What’s the WEIRDEST thing that ever happened to you at the dentist (or similar situation)?

A little bit of dentistry just for CPP

Because he loves it when we post about floss.

Two things.

1.  Tenure-related stress causes cavities.  Two cavities and a fracture.  Fun times.

2.  Apparently Glide floss does not get off enough stuff from between teeth and is a sub-optimal floss even though it doesn’t snap like regular floss.  However, as I have been using Glide floss for 5 years I said I did not believe that was the problem and asked what else could lead to gingivitis and plaque build-up the likes that have never been seen in my biannual (biennial?) twice yearly cleanings.  She suggested anemia… which I have had.  I’m on vitamins again.

So yeah, stress and anemia are bad for your teeth.

Do you have anything tooth related to share?  Then totally post it here try to send it directly into #1’s mind, because it icks out #2.  Thanks.