A few election day links (also vote blue!)

Next Saturday is too late for these links.  If you haven’t voted yet and you’re eligible, go out and vote!  Vote blue upstream and down!

Even if the policy is about women and minorities, IT IS STILL POLICY

Fake News is a big problem.

A message from the free world.

I don’t think this is necessary, but if you haven’t been paying attention and don’t realize how vile Trump is, here’s 129 investigative Trump facts that Newsweek uncovered that haven’t been getting the coverage they deserved.  I think, though, at this point, that we can instead focus on how awesome HRC is, because history is going to be made tonight.

the power of pants

Some cute animal pics for election day

XKCD endorses Hillary Clinton

Talk to us– are you keeping your mind off things or are you digging in deep?  Are you excited or anxious or both?  Seen any good stories or videos lately?  Link them up!  (Also:  are you staying up tonight?  How about the kids if any?)

And don’t forget downstream:

Early voting is happening now!

Have you voted yet?

Lots of web pages talk about early voting dates.

If you’re registered, you can vote today* in:

California (some locations)
DC (some locations)
Florida (some locations)
Idaho (some locations)
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota
Wisconsin (some locations)

Maryland and West Virginia start tomorrow.

*not 100% sure these are accurate, but if you google “early voting”, Google will pop up with information for your state, so you can double check very easily.

#1 has already voted, but #2 is waiting until Saturday.

Downstream voting is more important than ever before


Because John McCain says that they’re not going to allow Clinton to appoint a supreme court justice.  All that garbage about not appointing Merrick Garland so as to let the next president decide, they are now admitting, was garbage.

The Republicans are currently left being supported by a party that is 100% bigot and heavily uneducated.  Normal people have fled.  That means that politicians with an R next to their names have to decide whether to cater to the R base, to try to capture independents despite the presidential ticket, or, possibly, in the future to switch party affiliation.

It seems like they’re trying to cater to the R base.  In doing so, they are literally threatening our democracy.

The easiest solution to this problem is to VOTE THEM OUT.  Supreme court confirmations need 60 votes.  The more senators that are Democrats, the more likely we won’t have to explain to our children exactly why separation of powers isn’t currently working like it’s taught in school.

Here’s fivethirtyeight senate forecasts.  Do any of the swing states look worth sending money to or volunteering for?

Other state and local races are also important.  Every census, congressional districts are redrawn and there will be less Republican gerrymandering if there’s more Democrats (and other) in the offices that make these decisions.

What are you doing for the election?  Are you energized?  What are the best ways to volunteer?  Where are the best places to donate money?