Dreaming of money

DH may or may not get an offer for a full-time job this week, one that he would very much enjoy doing that matches his skill-set perfectly.  The problem being that the company isn’t sold on hiring another telecommuter. But he also did better on the programming part of interview than anybody they’ve been interviewing for the full-time programming position, and that’s not even his specialty.  It’s also possible that he’ll get some contract work from that company instead of a full-time offer.

If he does get this job, he’ll have to travel more, potentially to both coasts (the company is on one coast, but the hardware for a client is on the other).  This weekend he’s gone for his grandma’s 80th birthday celebration and I’m seeing what it’s like with the two kids without him around.  DC2 is amazingly taking a nap right now, otherwise there would be no Monday post, as #2 is at a conference sans internets.  (DC2 doesn’t always nap on weekends, but ze has a cold and has been incredibly destructive this morning.  We both fell asleep during a nursing session around 2pm.)  I think if there’s more travel, then I might need to hire some help just to get by.  We’ll see.  DC1 is super helpful (ze is currently enjoying the nap to play scratch).

Also last week with all the interview prep and so on we ended up getting take-out twice.  That’ll probably happen more with DH working too.

So last week, with dreams of $ in my head, I sat down with some take-home pay calculators on the internets and looked to see what a salary of 85K (which is the lowest he thinks he’d take for a full-time position with travel etc., depending on the benefits package and other things) actually ends up being in terms of income.  It was probably jumping the gun, and may end up in heart-break this coming week, but it was a nice dream.

85K is more than DH made as a professor (spousal hire meant a lower salary than the other two profs they hired that year).  It would mean about 6K/month more income (for 12 months of the year!) than what we’re doing now.  The additional expenses I’ve mentioned above don’t really cut into that much at all (heck, we could start eating at our favorite $ushi place again and it wouldn’t make much of a dent).  Most of that money can go places.

First up we’d have to determine if we’re IRA eligible for the year, and if not if we want to do a back-door ROTH or just go with maxing out our retirement options.  Maxing out my own work retirement subtracts something like 33K from our take-home pay.  We still have a bunch to play with after that.  We’d like give a donation to DC1’s school again.  We could have other people come and fix up some of the things that need fixing up in our house.  We could pay down the mortgage, with it completely gone in 2-3 years.  Or we could save up for a sabbatical someplace fun and expensive.  DH might get a smartphone.

I could keep a smaller kitty in savings because we’d be getting summer income and because next month’s income will replenish the emergency fund in case of an emergency.

I could not worry about the 4.5K we lost at the preschool that went out of business.

I could brag about our 40%+ savings rate on Financial Independence fora (I won’t, but I totally could).

One of my colleagues complained recently about how Social Security is so unfair because all those lazy housewives get to keep their husband’s benefit when they become widows.  And one man can marry 3 housewives in a row, and so long as they stayed together at least 10 years, his check will support all three of them.  I responded that I make so much money even without DH working, and Social Security provides such a bare minimum (not to mention it’s less expensive to just give them money than to put them through DI and other programs that require screening), that I really can’t begrudge them that.  (Ze, who makes significantly more than I do, replied I wouldn’t feel that way with two kids about to go to college, but I have kids in private school and in daycare which each cost as much as a state school, so that warning doesn’t fadge.)  (I guess the point of that little digression is that even if we get rich again, I’m still for higher taxes for people who make lots of money!)

That jump from not having enough money to having enough money is huge, but the jump from having enough to having more than enough is pretty nice too.  So even though I’m making a bit more than we spend right now (not counting the recent 4.5K loss, and in the long term we’ll need another ~20K/year), it sure would be nice to go back to making a ton more than we need.  As much as I’d miss DH having free time and flexibility (which, admittedly, is worth an awful lot to me), there’s something to be said for not having to worry about money at all.

So, hopefully this will pan out.  If it doesn’t we’re no worse off, but it was a nice dream.