Quick weeknight meals we like

Chili/Chili-dip/bean dip/nachos Spaghetti!  with whatever’s in the house on top of it. LEFTOVERS, you are so awesome.  Frugal too! Tired of leftovers? We could write an entire post on what to do with them but here we will settle with:

  • Stirfry
  • omelete (you can even put leftover spaghetti in here and call it a fritatta)
  • quiche
  • pasta
  • over rice
  • in a wrap

Trader Joe’s food (#1:  if you know, you HAVE a TJ’s.  *SIGH*) vegetarian chicken nuggets — I know, but try the Morningstar Farms ones.  They’re pretty good, cook in about 15 minutes while you make other things, and probably have at least as much protein as actual chicken. You can also add cut up cooked chicken (from frozen breasts is my go-to but you could you know, actually cook chickens or get a rotisserie) to almost anything on these lists to make a fuller meal.  Shrimp works too. Bruschetta (excellent use of stale bread) Baked potatoes with stuff on them (not that #1 can eat these anymore, but back in the day this was a go-to) Lightly fried white fish

  • with butter, lemon, and/or garlic
  • with butter and capers
  • with paprika
  • dipped in egg and coated in cornmeal, salt, and pepper

Pizza! Quesadillas (salsa totally counts as a veggie), also tacos and burritos Sandwiches Breakfast for dinner Anything from Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen What are you favorite quick weeknight meals?

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