About Us

About us:

Nicole and Maggie live in two different parts of the country.  We are good friends.  We are now tenured, in two different fields (though one of us quit her job and now has a much better non-tt position).  We are cranky, and we are anonymous.  If you think you know who we are, you’re probably wrong.  Don’t even try to tell us apart; we are of one mind (except when we’re not– only one of us likes mushrooms, and the other one of us likes eggnog).

We’ll be famous on the internet.

But we apparently suck at telling you how to contact us; sorry.  Email is grumpyrumblings at gmail (you know, dot com).

This is How We Blog:
Posts do not have to be grumpy. People whose blogs are about them being crazy tend to get crazier in order to have something to write about.  At least one joy post is required for every two grumbles.
No complaining about family or significant others, unless said family is covered in fur.
No making fun of people who have defects they can’t help. No making fun of people for things that can be changed but might be congenital, like obesity or religion. Smokers and hyper-political people are totally fair game.

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