Belated Grumpy Rumblings 2018 Year in Blogging

Late because #1 is overburdened with service and teaching this year and has been sick and just has not had time for much of anything.   She does not like being in charge of everything, which I guess is what happens when you gain seniority and other people in seniority retire or become department chair so you end up being asked to do the service they did before they retired or got tapped for chair.  :(

Traffic continues its downward trend.  Again, blog traffic in general is down, and we haven’t really been doing deliberately controversial posts, we’re not on twitter, etc.  Or maybe we’re just not sparking joy for people and getting weeded because of Kondomania.  Comments are about the same, number of likes has more than doubled.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2018:

I think these probably show an increase in people finding our blog via googling and perhaps a decrease in conversations across blogs (or twitter) bringing in traffic.  Again, only one of these is from 2018 and the #1 post is still from students trying to plagiarize a really common composition assignment. We have cornered the market on plagiarizing a short essay about a relative’s wedding.

According to our stats, here’s the most popular posts from 2018:

Top referring sites were:

Most visitors came from The United States. Canada & India came next.

Our most commented post was DH got a 10% raise and now we’re really going to have some obnoxious money posts (note to self for next year:  this stat is now hidden under “insights” and is no longer on site stats)

I can’t get the most active commenters for the year, only for some undetermined amount of time. :( These were the 5 most active commenters on that unspecified amount of time:

1.  Revanche@agaishanlife 67
2.  rose 46
3.  gasstationwithoutpumps 44
4.  Debbie M 39
5.  Leah 38

Man, Chacha totally fell off the map this year!

Yay Revanche!  This means you get to tell us where to donate our most recent month’s proceeds from amazon sales.  Either tell us and link up in the comments (if you want more exposure) or email us at grumpyrumblings at gmail if you want it to be more secret-like.

Any blog commentary or highlights from the grumpy gallery?  Also, congratulate Revanche in the comments.  :)

Welcome to our semi-break

We’ll be posting less in July.  We both have multiple papers to finish in the next 6 weeks and we both have family travel planned.  Plus, it’s summer.

Tune in on Mondays and Fridays throughout July for new stuff, and feel free to read our archives on other days  :-)

And who knows, there might be a surprise post      here or there in the middle of the week.  We also haven’t decided about link love.  But definitely not a full slate of posts this month.

Cheers, mates!


Ask the grumpies: Who is #1?

Meaghan asks:

Who is #1 and who is #2?

#1 is the person who started the post (or comment).  #2 is the other person.  We thought about doing “This one” and “That one” instead but decided that was too pretentious.

Differences between your online persona and your IRL persona?

The blogosphere (including us) has recently been discussing how blogs are only a specific persona that the blogger shows (or curates, depending on your beliefs about the nature of truth and perception and personality).

That got us thinking about how we differ IRL vs. our blog personas.  We thought we’d share some of the differences.

I am a lot nicer IRL.  A LOT.  My snark only comes out with anonymity.  I may think things IRL but I don’t say things unless I can say something nice.  #2, however: I think I might actually be nicer on this blog than IRL.

I’m also more introverted IRL.  I’ve done meetups with groups of forum people and they are surprised that I’m quiet at the dinner table even though I’m super chatty online.  (This same thing isn’t true with people I know well IRL or when I’m at a conference on topics I’m an expert on– I’m perfectly chatty with subject matter I feel comfortable with.)  #2 is super-introverted all the time and prefers online communication.  Or books.

I’m less annoyed about giving an impromptu lecture on my subject matter of expertise IRL than online.  Online it often feels like someone should be paying me to argue with them.  (I know it may seem like this isn’t possible, but I promise, I lecture a LOT IRL.)

What don’t I share with you?  Mostly boring stuff.  I only online share things if I find them interesting and/or funny.  I also try not to share things that would hurt other people if our blog and real identities became front page news.

I’m often not as witty because online you only get the good stuff, not the stuff that failed at being funny or brilliant (at least IMO).

Who is the real us?  Well, what is reality anyway?

How do your IRL and online personas differ?  Who is the real you?

Who are nicole and maggie?


Things have changed since we last asked this question.


Goodbye Daniel!

I wonder if this is the same girl and her dog as before.

We’re in Henry’s book and we have 10 followers.

pinterest? (whoa, those aren’t us!)

drug dealers!

peach loving singers or maybe dancers

Ask the grumpies: Favorite PF blogs?

Rosa asks:

would you do a post of PF bloggers you recommend (including the hate reads if you have them)? My old favorites have all devolved or disappeared.

Many of our old favorites either suck or have disappeared as well!

Obviously there’s the folks we consider regular members of the grumpy rumblings community:

miser mom, leightpf, agaishanlife, nzmuse, donnafreedman, middleclassrevolution, plantingourpennies, and stackingpennies though many of these don’t post about finances as often as they may have used to.  Of these, I think miser-mom is the most regular “frugal” blogger (and that’s probably only true while she’s on sabbatical!) and LeightPF and Planting Our Pennies are the most regular high-income bloggers (though neither are as frequent as they used to be).  There are people on Ana’s blogroll (including Ana) who occasionally post about finances even though they’re not really part of the “PF community”.  (Our current favorite is Two Adults One Child.)

For people who aren’t semi-regular commenters here, I don’t know that there’s much.  I occasionally check in on retireby40, though I’m not really sure why.   Similarly with EvolvingPF though she doesn’t post often anymore.

Like Leah, I occasionally look at FrugalWoods, but I sort of feel like that site only has maybe 8 (lengthy) posts that just recycle with slightly different words or slightly different ideas.  (Even the pictures repeat!)  Which I know is a different complaint than most people have about FW(!)

I also sometimes read the mr. money moustache forums, but the best comments there are generally by friend-of-grumpy-rumblings, bogart who should really have her own blog (as should Rosa!).  Like most fora, it’s a mix of very silly people and some interesting people, but not worth being a member for us.  The bogleheads forum is better at providing information when I am googling, but I never go there regularly.

We’re not GOMI so you’re not going to get our hate-reads (especially since #1 has so leechblocked them from everything except the ipad).  I will say though that I’m not a fan of PF blogs that are mostly sponsored posts.  That’s not a hate-read so much as being annoyed when I forget and click on a snappy headline.

So yeah, I don’t know.  I know there’s still a lot of personal finance to learn about and to think about, but to be honest, the only PF blogs I’ve really picked up anything that I didn’t already know or hadn’t thought about in recent memory were LeightPF’s and Miser Mom’s.  I don’t know if that’s me or if that’s just the bulk of PF writers focusing on low-hanging fruit.  (I do always get a little excited when one of the academic or slice-of-life blogs that I read talks PF.)  But it’s not like I’m writing all that much new about personal finance either, so… (but hey, come by every Money Monday anyway!)

Grumpy Nation– what PF blogs do you love or hate read?  Any recommendations for Rosa?

Update: how could I forget Walter updegrave? I find him to be incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy and am bummed that his Money posts are no longer on their website. However, he has a new site here: .

Do you request passwords to pw protected blogs?

Over the years, a number of the blogs we used to enjoy have become password protected.  Usually because some horrible troll has threatened to “out” the woman who has been talking pseudonymously about her job, sometimes because there’s a vicious anonymous troll stalking or harassing the woman, and sometimes because the blogger (of either gender)’s children are growing up and password protecting allows for more privacy while journaling.

Often before going behind the veil, the blogger will invite the audience to email for a password to the blog.  Or sometimes there will be an email invitation when you get to the “This blog is password protected” stage.

And we have never asked for a password.  Even for blogs we really enjoyed, even for commenters who used to be regulars (who we miss and think of fondly when perusing the comments in our archives).

Why not?  A combination of laziness and feeling as if we’re not enough value added to be worthwhile to the blogger.  Sure, I want to know what happened and how their stories are going moving forward.  I’m interested in the professional situation or debt repayment or even just pretty crafts.  But there’s too many passwords to remember.  Too many blogs to read.  And a faint belief that our voice is either uninteresting (“Nice!”) or vaguely irritating to the blogger who is seeking the password protection.

Heck we never even asked Dr. Crazy for her new digs– we figure she’ll either start showing up on blogrolls or she won’t.  In the mean time, we’ll imagine she’s found Mr. Right and is having a great time as a tenured full professor, living life to the fullest outside of the virtual community.

What about you?  Do you read any password protected blogs?  What would it take for you to request a password?