RBOC that has been lurking in the draft archive like a swamp zombie

  • Sometimes, in professional settings, it is best to keep the real authentic you to yourself.  Because the real you is crazy.  Authentic can be over-rated.
  • I’ve taken to shutting the door of our home office to keep the baby from destroying my stuff when we’re not in there.  Recently ze stopped by while I was trying to work and dragged me into DC1’s room, made sure I was distracted with DC1, and high-tailed it away without me noticing until I heard the sound of my papers crumpling.  [Wow, said baby is now 3 years old…this must be an old RBOC]
  • We were driving in a city and there was a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic with the tagline “Real Options”.  Next door was a Hanger store.  That seems about right.  I feel like I should have gotten a picture.
  • I learned a moderately expensive lesson– at a conference I went to Sephora with a friend.  My regular sunblock must have expired because I was getting sunburn walking between the conference area and my hotel, so I picked up a very small “travel-friendly” sunblock for $20 instead of dragging said friend to CVS to get the sunblock I use that doesn’t cause me to break out (and then possibly having to toss it at airport security), figuring at that price and “for the face” it would probably be fine.  The sunblock did work at blocking the sun, but also caused enormous break-outs on my face, possibly because in addition to its million other ingredients, there’s a heavy scent to it.   Note to self:  more expensive “face-only” beauty products aren’t necessarily better than mainstream what you get at the drugstore.
  • Speaking of old things lurking, who here has kept a journal?  And who has then gone back and read it later in life?  That’s a baaaaaaad trip.
  • I like cheese.
  • Sorry.
  • There is no #8.

Not *every* blog post can be pure gold… What’s your favorite kind of cheese?


  • Do you ever wonder if some of the crazier blogs out there are really just performance art?
  • Do you ever hope they are?
  • Does anybody chew gum anymore? (#2’s partner does.)
  • Who put the bop in the bop shoo wop?
  • Why do little things annoy me so much?
  • Do you think swamp zombies are moister or more decomposing than any other kind of zombie?
  • Will I ever get used to how awesome it is here in Paradise?  I hope not! (#1 hopes to be enjoying her Paradise soon, but only has a year of it– it’s unlikely she will have time to get used to it!)


  • I wonder how it feels to have something stuck in your whiskers.  I wonder if it’s like hearing a ringing in your ears.
  • Instead of reimbursing me for 2 months of summer health insurance (when I switched to DH’s plan), my university decided to charge me for another two months.  Fortunately they fixed it– ~$1400 deposited in my account.
  • Of course, when they did that I realized that this summer they’re still treating me as if I’m full-time, which means I screwed up on the health insurance decision for this summer.  What I should have done would be to keep my health insurance until *my* open enrollment period, then switch to DH’s plan using the reason that my health insurance has changed.  Doing that would have saved ~$700 for the two months.  Of course, there was also another month that was double-booked with health insurance because we had a bunch of doctors appointments and I didn’t want to deal with changing everything over.  I’m wavering on whether or not that laziness was worth ~$300.  (Added to that is us not realizing that DH’s health insurance started when it did, so we might not have been able to shut it off that month.)
  • I had garlic butter tatertots from a foodtruck.  #2 mocked me for never having had gussied up “gourmet” tatertots before.  Hmph.
  • I’m a lot cooler online than I am IRL, just so you know.
  • I’ve hit another professional milestone in my career– I’m being asked to write tenure letters and be an external reviewer for dissertations outside of my own university.  Um, yay more service?
  • Being able to pour Trader Joe’s X over Trader Joe’s Y, or to just pop Trader Joe’s Z into the microwave makes dinners a lot easier.
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  • It’s sad how many people are trying to plagiarize “My cousin’s wedding” at the end of the semester.  Here’s a recent variation on the prompt, “you recently went to your aunt’s wedding, but your cousin wasn’t able to go write an e-mail to your cousin.”  I wonder how many professors and high school teachers have read all about my evil uncle and his evil wife at this point.
  • If you have to return something after wearing it for a special occasion then you shouldn’t have bought and worn it to begin with.  No matter how special the occasion you wore it for.  Leaving the tags on doesn’t make it ok.  You sweated in that and pretended it wasn’t worn.  Rental places do rent this kind of stuff, not just tuxes.  It’s called wardrobing and it costs the economy real dollars.
  • If your cats have scratched up your leather furniture, you might be able to hide the damage with shoe polish.  In related news, DH is a genius.
  • Confidential to my cousins: you know people can’t actually “graduate” from Pre-K right?  Unless the diploma mills have gotten worse than I thought.  Stop the stupidity!
  • I have very bad intuition about most things.
  • I can’t believe I just this past month or so learned about vlogbrothers.  As I’ve been watching them (gone through 2015-2010 at this point), I’ve noted how many chances I had to discover them… Lizzie Bennet diaries, The brain scoop (which I came across when Emily Graslie talked about the gendered nature of comments about her videos), books by John Green (which I have not read, but have read reviews for), and so on.  I’m so addicted.  I think I have more in common with Hank in terms of interests and pragmatism, but I’ve got that being old thing going with John and somewhat prefer his sense of humor and insights (perhaps, she thinks in John Green’s voiceover voice, it is precisely because we have less in common, and it is our differences that bring new insights and interest … obligatory reference to complexity).  I notice I’ve started doing my own deep and meaningful “thoughts from places” style monologues as I go from place to place (as soon as I notice, I’m all stop that!).(How did I find them?  Delagar has a link to hank’s tumblr on her blogroll and that batman video hooked me.) (#2’s sister loves these guys, did I not tell you?  Did you not see my t-shirt?) (No, I did not see your t-shirt.  Yes, you told me about your sister after I mentioned I’d discovered them.)
  • DH wore the “Batman’s just a rich guy with an affinity for bats” shirt for the first time and the mother of one of DC2’s friend’s commented on it at daycare pick-up.  Her husband is also an addict.


  • Speaking of male ponies… did you know that Weird Al played Cheese Sandwich?
  • My town has recently completely changed where it puts police officers to check for speeders.  They’re completely gone from the primarily minority neighborhood where I used to see them 3 times a week catching speeders in the school zone and they’re now at the entrance of my mostly white HOA and also on the main drag that half of the university people use to go home.  It’s like they want to change their statistics to make it clear they’re not just targeting minorities in case they get audited.  Or maybe this Ferguson stuff has stopped and made them actually think critically about how their practices negatively and unfairly impact minorities.  White privilege is real.
  • After 10 years, I now eat grits and like them.
  • Cute DC2 story:  Easter night,  DH insisted that DC2 needed to eat some real food for dinner instead of candy, and DC2 (age 2) maintained that marshmallow eggs are real food because they’re eggs, not candy.  Ze got so mad that ze took hir easter basket, marched into hir room, and slammed the door.  Ze had angrily consumed quite a bit more candy before we stopped laughing enough to be able to check on hir.  (At which point, I said one more piece, then no more and ze was ok with that.)
  • No, no, I haven’t found a place in Paradise yet.  We probably won’t until 1-2 weeks before we move out there!
  • The world would be a better place if people who hate math didn’t transmit their hatred to the next generation.
  • ARGH.  I hate the way no matter how many times I say, “I don’t know, my husband keeps the kids’ calendar” and “My husband is a better person to talk to about this” and “Call [husband] 1st,” it is irrelevant.  They always call me.  Even though the reception in my office is crappy and I often misplace my phone for days at a time.  (Caveat:  the new daycare is very good about folllowing the instructions on the card about who to call first.)
  • Related note:  Work colleague who has my cell number for work related reasons (coordinating meals with job candidates that one time), it was not ok to give it to your wife when she *already* has my husband’s number for play-date purposes.  And I’ve told him (somewhat impolitely) that she should call DH and I’ve asked her politely to call DH and not me many times.
  • I got my haircut right before a conference in a fancy city.  I suspect it makes me look younger and more approachable than my previous ‘do.  College boys and middle-aged ladies kept striking up random conversations with me at the airports on the way home.  It was weird.  Smalltalk, however, seems pretty easy at the airport (and it’s always easy at conferences), which leads me to conclude that I just hate making smalltalk with the parents of my kids’ friends.  I wonder what that says about me.

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  • Did you know that some tape dispensers are filled with lots of really tiny grain sand?  (#2 has one like that.)  Guess who found out the hard way…
  • DC2 has started the dreaded “why” phase.
  • The true reason that people should not retire completely:  They start getting into stupid political debates on online forums and then they email their daughters demanding well-researched rebuttals that they can then use to make their points.  (This is also a good reason to refuse to take money from one’s parents after one has left the nest.)
  • The Prozac wore off.  :(  The kitten was fine and then one evening she spectacularly peed on most of the beds and (conveniently) the extra bedding for the bed she didn’t pee on.  It was great while it lasted.  We’re back to prozac… I hope it kicks in soon.  If not, she’s back to being locked up in the master bathroom.  Update:  The Prozac works.
  • I am always glad that I am not a minimalist when say, the cat pees on my winter coat and I still have my old winter coat to wear.  It may be shabby and have difficult t0 fix tears (because some of the fabric has shredded), but it is dry and doesn’t smell like cat pee.
  • The worst kind of service is the kind that you’re asked to do, then you do it and do it well and it takes time but you do a good and thorough job that you’re proud of and before the deadline, and then they completely ignore that you did any of it.  Or decide they didn’t actually want it.  Or they’ll just keep doing what they were always doing even though it’s bad and wrong and they asked you to figure out the right thing.
  • Note to self:  Stop bothering trying to comment on Modern Mrs. Darcy.  You are on her “bad” list and will always be in moderation for a full day no matter how innocuous your comment.  It isn’t worth it.
  • DC1 recently noted that the proportion of boys to girls on My Little Pony is about the same as the proportion of girls to boys in EVERYTHING ELSE (or specifically in The Lego Movie– I pointed out the everything else aspect).  But it took My Little Pony for hir to notice any gender disparity.  We’re just used to there only being one or two token girls in a world of boys.
  • I had forgotten that when we first met Vimes he was drunk.

RBOC. Ra-bock-a-bok.

  • Economists sit around and complain that they’re not getting paid 160K/year.  Except, of course, the ones who are getting paid far more than that.  *sigh*  On the one hand, I am well aware that my salary is pretty darn high for a college professor… on the other hand, it is nowhere near the 160K that my newly hired tenured colleagues are making.  Going on the market could be worth quite a bit of money.  I really should have done that instead of having a baby.  Except I really like the baby!
    • #2 is unimpressed by economists and says phooey on them.  People in my field might top out at $160k per year by the time they retire after 30 years.  MIGHT.
    • But, #1 notes, should we let the men economists make way more than the women?  Just because other social scientists are paid less…
    • No, men and women should obviously make the same amount.  Except me, I should make more.  :)
  • Dear lifestyle blogger, why would I take advice on how to be happy from someone who is so obviously miserable?  Also:  I’m not sure you’re qualified to be a personal finance blogger if you’re terrible with your finances.  Spending lots of money on things that you hope will make you happy but that never actually do is not really a lifestyle I want to emulate.
  • I wish it were legal for me to viciously harass (and also call the cops on) people whose cigarette smoke enters my apartment windows when I have them open at night.  Go kill yourself [slowly via cigarette smoke] somewhere where I don’t have to share it!  Effing jerks, if you can afford to live in these particular buildings then you can afford the help to quit; you just don’t want to.  Asshats.
  • At least we don’t have loud dogs, though.
  • Every time someone types :), an open parenthesis finally finds a mate.
  • Dear listserv members, having a moderated list means that your ideas are going to get moderated, too.  If you send me more email asking why your shit is moderated it just annoys me.  I’m not on a personal crusade against you when you get an auto-reply that says “your listserv message has been sent to moderation”.  Go away.  Love and lack of awareness, Me.

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