• I should always get someone else to come up with a title for my papers.   The papers I name myself have the lamest names.  Back in high school I feel like I came up with better titles.  (One memorable history title:  “Iran around the plateau”… though I forget what came after the colon.  I think I also had one called, “Pope on a rope.”  That one was about different European countries attempting to control the power of the papacy back in the day.)  Today mine are more like, “Using X to Y” or “The effect of X on Y”.  When other people come up with the titles they’re a lot sexier.
  • “[Complaining about unreasonable deadlines.] Since my boss doesn’t live in reality, he is bound to be disappointed.”  — Overheard on the subway.
  • Whenever DH travels for work, I miss him and my sanity.
  • I don’t like it when people at work tell folks to clean up after themselves “because your mother isn’t here.”  As if somehow it is a mother’s responsibility to clean up after people’s messes.  Grr.  Stupid patriarchy.  Even my 3 year old can clean up after hirself so long as there’s no broken glass, and when there is broken glass, well, isn’t that facilities’/daddies’ responsibility?  (I’m sure they don’t want to be paying me workers comp because I sliced open my typing hand, given that facilities generally has things like gloves and dustpans and little brooms and stuff).
  • I’ve temporarily taken to calling both of our children, “George”.  It makes it easier.  Especially when they call me, “Daddy.”  (I will love them and cuddle them…)
  • Our dishwasher is broken. Oh man, I hope either DH can fix it when he gets back (it’s an electrical problem according to the error codes and DH is pretty good with those so long as zie is careful about wire color) or the landlord (partner of our former landlord) actually sends somebody to fix it because I don’t want to buy a new dishwasher that we’re only going to use for a handful of months. DC1 is learning how to wash dishes!  Efficiently!  Update:  I found another site that mentioned a first step is unplugging and replugging (just like a computer) and DH suggested it might be plugged in under the sink (it was), so I tried that.  It no longer has an error code, but I will have to wait for dishes before testing it.  It would be lovely if rebooting it just worked without having to replace any circuit boards.  It’s amazing how much can be solved by just starting all over from scratch with a reboot.  Update 2:  Now it’s giving a different error code, one that I can’t find on the internet.  This can wait for DH.
  • DC1 has just discovered grown-up They Might Be Giants.  I am enjoying conversations in which zie puzzles out the meaning behind Birdhouse in your soul (possibly the only TMBG grown-up song that makes sense…).  Zie still hasn’t figured it out, but we’ve had much discussion.

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  • DC1 brought home fur elise from hir new piano teacher.  It was amazing how the second time I played it my fingers instinctively remembered where to go, especially in the hard part in the middle.
  • DC2 wants a walrus for a pet.  I think zie has been reading too much Pigeon.
  • The problem with having fur elise completely and totally memorized is that every time DC1 makes a wrong note it bugs the crap out of me.  That is an E, not a C.  An E, gosh darn it!
  • I found out that DC1’s teacher has been mispronouncing hir name all semester.  DC1 has corrected hir, but zie has forgotten.
  • DC1 wants to go back to hir small private school next year.  We’ll see.
  • What do you supposed it’s like when you put two narcissists in a room together?  Do they find each other irritating or do they just talk past each other or what?
  • DC1 got mostly Bs in reading/writing (there are like 25 different “reading/writing” items).  Not sure what to do about that.  Zie also got a “needs improvement” in PE.  Not sure what to do about that either.  And a B in science, though the science teacher based that grade on 3 short multiple choice quizzes (two of which DC1 missed two problems on) and a final exam.  He’s pretty lazy for an elementary school teacher– assigns but doesn’t check homework.  A’s in math and a note that DC1 has run out of 5th grade math, so the teacher will be supplementing in class and has suggested more Kahn Academy at home.
  • Update:  DC1 finished Kahn Academy’s 6th grade math and is 40% done with 7th grade.  I think there’s a lot of overlap so that isn’t quite as impressive as it sounds– after finishing 6th grade, zie started 7th grade with 36% already done.  We’re thinking it will slow down once it reaches algebra.
  • I took the love languages quiz and got:  8 “words of affirmation”, 7 “quality time”, 0 “receiving gifts”, 8 “acts of service”, and 7 “physical touch”.  These results are pretty similar to my myers-briggs and a bunch of other professional personality tests that I’ve taken where, with a few exceptions, I tend to be pretty close to the middle for a lot of things.
  • DC2 was drawing a picture on a letter for DC1 to take to the school retreat.  First zie drew a stick figure of DC1.  Then sie drew a cross and said, “Jesus died on the cross.”  Then zie drew a dead Jesus blob.  Then zie kind of obliterated the cross.   (It’s not even Easter!  At the last religious daycare DC1 went to, I asked how they were handling the scarier parts of the bible but didn’t think to ask at this one because it’s the same denomination as the last one and I figured it was just Catholics who were into teaching the scary parts to toddlers.  Guess not.)   The other week zie was telling us about Samson and Delilah.  The lesson zie took was to never get a haircut because you will lose your power so DC2 is getting pretty shaggy.  DH says, “Not everybody gets a dead Jesus, at least not in the mail.”  I really wish they would stick to baby Jesus, at least for this season.
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  • I had a brilliant bon mot but I forgot it.
  • I hate it when I have to discuss a paper at the conference and I get the paper and it is 90% literature review and then 10% summary statistics and… nothing else.
  • Posted on a local discussion group that we’re looking for a piano teacher for our 8 year old who has been playing ~3 years.  Got a response, “is it a boy or a girl?”  Huh?  I don’t think I would want a piano teacher that cares what gender the child is.
  • DC2 can read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Like, zie can sound things out and everything.
  • Cooking at home again [after two weeks in Italy] is fine.  I like other people making food for me, but I also like being able to stay home and not put on pants and not have to talk to people and not care about when things are open, etc.
  • Case of the missing credit card solved– our neighbors have been holding on to our mail that got delivered to them accidentally since AUGUST
  • Along with said missing credit card was a check from our insurance company (we changed both our car insurance and our house insurance) for $1385.  We called them and they said yes it is a real check and yes it is still good and we should cash it.  Whoops.
  • Overheard on the subway, “I’m not saying her problems aren’t real, just that she creates them herself.”
  • I’m done traveling until December!  Woooo!
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  • I’ve been trying to use the word “actually” less in writing.  It is seldom informative.  But I use it a lot.
  • 5 years after their last change, one of our tires was losing air on a regular basis.  While putting off getting new tires, DH started filling it up with a bicycle tire pump.  Then one of them popped while he was filling it.  So we got new tires.  $690.
  • Despite glowing reviews, TJ’s kouign amann is not worth getting/making.
  • I do a lot with the media.  Usually my articles that are picked up don’t have a male coauthor.  This is my first experience with a news-worthy article with a male coauthor and I’m not doing the interviews like I usually do because they specifically ask for male coauthor by name.  (With my newsy female-co-authored papers they often ask for “one of you.”)
  • Just when I was thinking, maybe we should put some of the money we saved for excess living expenses this year into the stock market… we were reminded why putting short term money into stocks is a bad idea!
  • I’m pretty good at figuring out when the market is going to take a dip– it is whenever I think about doing something foolish with our money because it seems like stocks never go down.  Sadly, I’m fairly sure that if I tried to market that, my power would stop working.
  • june 5, 2007 is when hank green stopped being creepy on vlogbrothers and started being the adorable guy all know and love today.  I think it happened when he backed away some from the camera.
  • Why is customs so easy to get into Canada but so slow getting into the US?  Is it that the US gets more people coming in or that Canada spends more money on workers?  What I’m wondering is should I be annoyed at the US gov’t or not.
  • Dear couple fighting in the hotel room next door.  It is 4:30am and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.  I do not care who he told what.  Just stop screaming obscenities at each other.
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RBOC that has been lurking in the draft archive like a swamp zombie

  • Sometimes, in professional settings, it is best to keep the real authentic you to yourself.  Because the real you is crazy.  Authentic can be over-rated.
  • I’ve taken to shutting the door of our home office to keep the baby from destroying my stuff when we’re not in there.  Recently ze stopped by while I was trying to work and dragged me into DC1’s room, made sure I was distracted with DC1, and high-tailed it away without me noticing until I heard the sound of my papers crumpling.  [Wow, said baby is now 3 years old…this must be an old RBOC]
  • We were driving in a city and there was a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic with the tagline “Real Options”.  Next door was a Hanger store.  That seems about right.  I feel like I should have gotten a picture.
  • I learned a moderately expensive lesson– at a conference I went to Sephora with a friend.  My regular sunblock must have expired because I was getting sunburn walking between the conference area and my hotel, so I picked up a very small “travel-friendly” sunblock for $20 instead of dragging said friend to CVS to get the sunblock I use that doesn’t cause me to break out (and then possibly having to toss it at airport security), figuring at that price and “for the face” it would probably be fine.  The sunblock did work at blocking the sun, but also caused enormous break-outs on my face, possibly because in addition to its million other ingredients, there’s a heavy scent to it.   Note to self:  more expensive “face-only” beauty products aren’t necessarily better than mainstream what you get at the drugstore.
  • Speaking of old things lurking, who here has kept a journal?  And who has then gone back and read it later in life?  That’s a baaaaaaad trip.
  • I like cheese.
  • Sorry.
  • There is no #8.

Not *every* blog post can be pure gold… What’s your favorite kind of cheese?


  • Do you ever wonder if some of the crazier blogs out there are really just performance art?
  • Do you ever hope they are?
  • Does anybody chew gum anymore? (#2’s partner does.)
  • Who put the bop in the bop shoo wop?
  • Why do little things annoy me so much?
  • Do you think swamp zombies are moister or more decomposing than any other kind of zombie?
  • Will I ever get used to how awesome it is here in Paradise?  I hope not! (#1 hopes to be enjoying her Paradise soon, but only has a year of it– it’s unlikely she will have time to get used to it!)


  • I wonder how it feels to have something stuck in your whiskers.  I wonder if it’s like hearing a ringing in your ears.
  • Instead of reimbursing me for 2 months of summer health insurance (when I switched to DH’s plan), my university decided to charge me for another two months.  Fortunately they fixed it– ~$1400 deposited in my account.
  • Of course, when they did that I realized that this summer they’re still treating me as if I’m full-time, which means I screwed up on the health insurance decision for this summer.  What I should have done would be to keep my health insurance until *my* open enrollment period, then switch to DH’s plan using the reason that my health insurance has changed.  Doing that would have saved ~$700 for the two months.  Of course, there was also another month that was double-booked with health insurance because we had a bunch of doctors appointments and I didn’t want to deal with changing everything over.  I’m wavering on whether or not that laziness was worth ~$300.  (Added to that is us not realizing that DH’s health insurance started when it did, so we might not have been able to shut it off that month.)
  • I had garlic butter tatertots from a foodtruck.  #2 mocked me for never having had gussied up “gourmet” tatertots before.  Hmph.
  • I’m a lot cooler online than I am IRL, just so you know.
  • I’ve hit another professional milestone in my career– I’m being asked to write tenure letters and be an external reviewer for dissertations outside of my own university.  Um, yay more service?
  • Being able to pour Trader Joe’s X over Trader Joe’s Y, or to just pop Trader Joe’s Z into the microwave makes dinners a lot easier.
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