How to contact your senators
How to contact your congresspeople
How to find all of your other elected officials
Add elected officials to your address book
Website with lists of upcoming federal bills
Free Faxing 

Places to donate

Action groups to find/join:

  1. Your local democratic headquarters.
  2. Meet-up for democratic groups in your area
  3. The Action Group Network:
  4. Indivisible
  5. Organizing for America

1.  A way forward
2.  Wall of us
3. Americans of Conscience
4. Actions for Americans
5. We’re his problem now
7. Five calls
8. I called my reps

Twitter Accounts with daily action items:
Celeste pewter

Places to find/advertise protests and meetings:
1. Indivisible action
2. Resist and protest
3. Your weekend protest guide

Guides on how to resist the trump agenda:
1. Individsible: A practical guide
2. Blue state addendum
3.  Resistance manual

More resources:

Things to do:

  1. Join one of the newsletters or twitter accounts above to get weekly or daily information on action items.
  2. Join an activism group in your area.  This can be a general Indivisible group or a group specific to an issue that is of interest to you.

Resist and protest

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