You asked Google, we answered

Q:  do you call your pets kids

A:  No.  Babies, yes, kids, no.

Q:  what makes someone miserable

A:  Donald Trump.

Q:  why are some people hardwired to complain

A:  I reject your premise except for people who have brain damage, which is just like bad luck.

Q:  do kid do things if they can or if they want ?

A:  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Q:  things that roussea says are forced to children as they grow older

A:  they have to stop being dream children and start being boring stodgy adults who do horrible things like read books and make a difference in the world.  Horrible.

Q:  what does it mean to be someone’s partner

A:  According to the dictionary within google:  “a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.”  though it could also be a romantic or sexual partner.

Q:  best female leather. attache case for short meetings?

A:  Let us know!

Q:  least favorite chore apa artinya

A:  What does it all mean?

Q:  briefcase that holds breastpump

A:  You can get the kind that comes with the pump, but really most briefcases will work so long as they’re not too thin.  You should measure the pump you have and make sure it fits inside the case.

Q:  what to ask before hiring helper

A:  Why do you want this job?  Seriously, there are so many bad answers to this question.

Google questions because that last ask the grumpies is too hard

Q:  what happens to kids that don’t do nothing when they come after school

A:  they do something?  Hopefully their homework and chores?

Q:  what language is mimi and pipi from

A:  Maybe French Canadian?

Q:  why do i love to be miserable

A:  Because you are a masochist?

Q:  why some people rather drama

A:  Because they are bored.  Idle hands make the devil’s playground.

Q:  if i pay off my lian can i borrow it again

A:  Depends on the lian agent.

Q:  websites for googly questions

A:  You have come to the right place.

Q:  why do mom’s beg kids to do stuff they don’t want

A:  This is one of those mysteries in life.

Q:  why is check book always off

A:  Basic arithmetic is a harsh mistress.

Q:  is it worth having two jobs to pay off bills early

A:  Depends on the opportunity cost of the marginal job.

Q:  how to cook rumblings

A:  I’m gonna guess in the oven, but you can probably stove-top it with a dutch oven.

Land of the answered googled questions

Q:  romance novel.with.character having.big.boobs

A:  Bet me.

Q:  how do raises work

A:  #1 wouldn’t know.  Ask #2.

Q:  Can you have vertical blinds and horizontal in the same room

A:  You have many choices in life.

Q:  matter which scholastic flyer order from

A:  I hope not!

Q:  what to do with a starting bonus

A:  Do you have an emergency fund?  Did you max out your IRA contributions?  Have you paid off high-interest debt?  Are you maxing out your work retirement savings?  Are you on track or ahead with your other savings goals?  If yes, give some to charity and blow the rest on crack.  (Not the bad kind of crack– get really good books or something.)

Q:  how much time off work do american professors get?

A:  all the time (outside of class and meetings) and none of the time

Q:  how can a teacher help a student who complain of falling test

A:  Ask your teacher and ze will tell you what zhe recommends.

Q:  what to do with 25k

A:  paypal to grumpyrumblings at gmail dot com (Or see above with the starting bonus– that’s a better idea, really.)

Q:  if majority of mortgage is paid can you still foreclose

A:  Probably yes, but this may vary by state.  Check with your state’s mortgage lending laws or consult an attorney.

Q:  what page us the sex scene in before i fall

A:  Don’t know the answer to this one, but it sounds kinda kinky

Return of the Googled Questions

Q:  why do accounting professors make so much money

A:  Supply and demand?

Q:  how do annual raises work

A:  Every year your base salary gets raised a little bit.  Usually it’s a percentage, once a year.

Q:  why are people deliberately controversial

A:  For the clicks, baby, for the clicks

Q:  another word that i can call my wife

A:  Her name.

Q: if the marginal tax rate you pay on the next dollar you earn was increased by say 10% what impact (if any) would it have on the amount of hours you would work? why?

A: DO YOUR OWN @#$#ING HOMEWORK. I bet that’s in the textbook…

Q:  right spelling for tear” like to tear up paper”

A:  I think you figured it out.

Q:  how to defeat a patriarchy

A:  if you find out please let us know.

Q:  why people lose touch

A:  Liiiiife goes on…

Q:  do gifted children who are not challeged at school get stupid?

A:  Well, they don’t grow as many dendrites as they should.  And they grow up to be grumpy bloggers.

Q:  best before 30th september 2015 is written on aveeno body cream. can the cream still be used in october 2015?

A:  You know what, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and give you permission.

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Google questions

Q:  is working a minimum wage job as a teen a waste of time

A:  depends on the alternatives

Q:  can i be forced to do something i dont want to do

A:  Well, there’s death and taxes…

Q:  how to get a balanced check book when it doesn’t balance

A:  You could always burn it down and start over fresh, but I’m not sure we recommend that.  (We don’t)

Q:  how long i will wait furnished new build house

A:  If my friends are any indication, a long, looonnnnnnnnng time.

Q:  how to get pre k students to behave

A:  Tranq darts.  (Do not do this.)

Q:  why some people are miser and grumpy

A:  Too much time on early retirement forums?

Q:  is it right to make your children do things they don’t want

A:  It depends

Q:  when does the government stop taking social security

A:  Out of your paycheck, you mean?  When you no longer draw one.  (Or at the point where you have made more than $118,500 taxable income for the year in 2016.  Also SS benefits may be taxable depending on a bunch of stuff.)

Q:  is it just a privileged few that are home owners these days

A:  In most areas of the world, yes.

Q:  best gugli question

A:  Why did that movie ever get made?  Oh wait, that was Gigli.



Google questions: When you suck at answering ask the grumpies

Q:  should i roll my 401k plan at tiaa cref over to edward d jones

A:  No!  NO!  A thousand times no!!!  OMG that is a horrible terrible idea.  Don’t do it!  You will lose so much money.  AIEEEEE!

Q:  when is a second job not worth it

A:  When the marginal cost outweighs the marginal benefit?  Or maybe when the present discounted value of the job is not worth your next choice option?

Q:  do they give phd for accounting

A:  Yes

Q:  do smart toddlers sleep less

A:  On average, yes, according to survey evidence.

Q:  what happens if house is condemned still owe money it

A:  You still owe money on it.  (Consult your local regulations and lawyer.)

Q:  do nursing faculty usually get summers off?

A:  Depends on the school.  The ones I know teach year round, but that may just be school specific.

Q:  why is it superstitious not to sleep with any body parts hanging off the bed

A:  Because that’s not a real thing to worry about unless you keep your bed over like crocodiles or piranha or something.

Q:  can a tired gifted child do badly in iq test

A:  Yes.

Q:  who is mados

A:  maybe a cousin of Manos?

Q:  why are dentists weird

A:  Nobody knows, but damn are there some odd ducks.

Not very Christmasy Christmas Googles (Now with micturation!)

Q:  why does my parent not seek a better life

A:  What does your parent say?  Asking your parent would probably answer your question better than asking the internet, depending on what you mean by “better life”.  Alternatively, is your parent in an abusive situation?  It can be hard to leave abuse because psychology is messed up.

Q:  why im not ready to have 2 kids by 25?

A:  Because you are normal and sane?

Q:  is $50 enough for a wedding gift for a former coworker?

A:  Yes.

Q:  i stepped on my kindle now what

A:  You cry some.  You try really hard not to get angry with yourself.  Then you buy another kindle.  And you’re super sad because the new kindles are not as cool as the old kindles were.  :(  (#2 begs to disagree for a wide variety of reasons and features)  (#1 notes that they took away features she used to have on her kindle and are charging more for them on a more expensive kindle but they don’t work as well on the more expensive kindle as they did on the original kindle she had.  But #2 is probably right for the first gen kindles which, she hears, were kind of slow and buggy.  Her stepped upon kindle was at the sweet point of features + speed.  :( )

Q:  euphemism words for urinating

A:  In the past we haven’t included questions that are answered in previous posts, but I feel like our backlog is so large that maybe current readers would like a chance to click on popular posts that they didn’t know they wanted to read.  So here’s our words for pee.  My favorite is micturation.

Q:  is it professional to say pee

A:  Probably not, unless you work with little kids.

Q:  why are white people buying tiny houses

A:  Privilege

Q:  live everyday as if it were your last example


Q:  should you make kids go to sports when they don’t want to

A:  No

Q:  can i resign from a faculty position mid year?

A:  Yes.  There may be consequences, but you can.  Academia isn’t actually slavery.