Egregious Shoe Post

Either an egregious post, or else a post about egregious boots.  Dedicated to our good friend, CPP.

I went looking for boots.  I wanted a chunky heel.  It turns out there is a very fine line between “chunky heel” and “cowboy boots”.  I wanted at least mid-calf but preferably knee-high, in leather or suede, and not boring.  No wedges, no stilettos, no flats.  Not your standard boots that I could get anywhere, but something with a little flair.  Beautiful colors a plus; not black unless really rockin’.

It turns out that these boots really do exist:

Gears... !


Here are some nice boots, probably my favorite on this page:

Also some other ones:

I like the heel on these:

Check these beauties out:

But I feel like these are trying too hard (though they look ok in black):

Look at the sweet sweet color on these:

It turns out I didn’t get any of these, but I got another pair that is insanely great.  I won’t show you though, because they are a little bit distinctive and I am sort of anonymous on here.

Don’t you like boots?



33 Responses to “Egregious Shoe Post”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I bet you bought something like this:

    My hairdresser has a pair similar to these and she lives in them. Maybe someday I will indulge in expensive boots as well. How exciting and hip of you. I think comfortable + Hip shoes is a good way to stay young at heart.

  2. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    The gear boots are f***en BAD-ASS!!!!!!! To my eye, however, most of the other ones have heels that look disproportionate. I know that the style is short heel + narrow heel, but it looks weird to me. I like the shorter heels to be wider (like the ones entitled “Also some other ones”).

    Anyway, f***e yeah, I like boots!!

  3. First Gen American Says:

    Oh man, I’m going to NYC tomorrow and there’s a Fluevog store downtown and I want a pair of babycakes. Do you see what you just made me want to do? Bad blog..bad.

  4. Everyday Tips Says:

    I admire those that can wear such boots! I am pretty short, so you would only see boots and my head. Those heels would kill me too. (Knee/back problems)

    I love those red ones toward the bottom. Those Gears would look pretty darn great too.

    Fun post!

  5. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    They all look pretty CFM to me – I like it!

    But I wouldn’t pay more than $200 on a good pair of boots. :-(

  6. Little House Says:

    I’m not a huge boot fan, though I do like books with slightly thicker heels, too. But not cowboy boots. A few years back I purchased a boring looking brown boot with thick heels and they worked perfectly for a chilly NYC visit. Any heel that’s too high and I’ll wreck my ankles. ;) These boots are all pretty cool though, especially that last red pair.

  7. Donna Freedman Says:

    Hee, hee — shoe porn! I’m shocked.
    I’m not a big fan of boots, I have to say. I find them to be too warm. But these ones are pretty splendid, even for a flatfooter like me.

  8. Tara Says:

    Ooooh thank you for reminding me that I’m trying to find a pair of knee high brown leather boots! I bought a pair of grey slouchy boots in my last search for brown leather, so I think I’m going to resort to online shopping now. And this is the perfect time to buy since they’re going out of season!

    I really like the last one – does it come in brown or black?

  9. Dr. O Says:

    Oh, how this post is making me want to go shoe shopping! I really want some new boots, and I’m LUVing that first pair. But I can’t buy any until I get a few other shopping items taken care of (ie, clothes that fit my post-baby body). Oh well – it’s almost summer, and there’s always next fall.

  10. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I want to lick the pair after the gears. I love boots. I own too pairs and both are stiletto heels because that’s what Mutant Supermodels wear. Anything else would be too civilized. They’re also both black although that was unintended. One is a tall below the knee boot and the other is one of those short little granny boot things. Boots are the awesome.

  11. Lindy Mint Says:

    I like boot pair #2. And yes, the red ones are trying too hard.

    I have never been brave enought to venture into boot territory. 1. because it doesn’t get cold long enough here to justify the expense, and 2. because I would need to have a wardrobe that went well with boots, which I currently don’t. Maybe someday…

  12. Molly On Money Says:

    I’m a HUGE boot fan. I can’t pick, they are all so pretty and now I’m having withdrawal from not purchasing any clothes….for….the last….8 months :cry:
    I have some shopping issues. I’m working on it. Just keep posting on the pretty shoes please!

  13. bogart Says:

    Ooh! Boots! Love boots! Though trending toward #2’s old fogey sensibilities I prefer (for practical, not aesthetic) reasons for my boots to have very modest (height) yet clunky (width) heels, indeed.

    @Lindy Mint is there such a thing as a wardrobe that doesn’t work with boots? Perhaps I need better fashion sense than I have, or then again, maybe I’m happier just the way I am.

    (Former Eastern bloc Europe: a great place to buy affordable fabulous boots. Just in case you’ve got a trip planned — not sufficiently affordable to justify the airfares on that basis alone. Though maybe if you also stocked up on, say, some Tokaj!)

  14. Rumpus Says:

    I once purchased a pair of cowboy boots on a whim and they turned out to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned (that weren’t specific to an athletic sport). They weren’t too hard or too soft, and let my feet breathe without feeling drafty. I proceeded to wear them to the point they had to be completely resoled and then they didn’t fit right and it was never the same again. I’m scared to try buying another pair for the fear that they won’t measure up.
    Women’s shoes make no sense to me, though, boots included. I just want something comfy.

  15. Dr Becca Says:

    Yay boots! I love boots so much, and now is the time to make it happen, because they’re all on super sale. I’m not the hugest laces fan, but I love the ones with detail/separate panels going up the side, like #4. I just got these, which are amazing because I’m very tall and it’s hard to find knee-high boots that actually come up to my knees. Big fan of the stacked heel, too.

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