• Can I say again how much I hate it when people mess with kerning on grant applications?
  • My (recently retired) FIL called DH to tell him to be sure to put money in IRA Roths.  DH told him we’ve got that covered.
  • DH helped break up a dog fight that happened across the street from our house (intact pitbull being walked by a ~10 year old girl slipped its halter going after a Labrador) and got bitten.  :(  He had to get a tetanus booster and 3 days worth of topical antibiotics. The dog was super friendly to humans, but accidentally got DH’s finger as DH was trying to help the laborador’s owner separate them.  The woman who owns the Labrador stopped by our house to say her dog had to undergo ear surgery and that the pitbull’s owner (the grandfather in this scenario) was a total jerk and wanted to know if we’d seen how the fight had started, which we hadn’t.
  • My January conference reimbursement for doing job interviews for a position in our department was audited because I bought $21 of folding chairs and left them there instead of flying them back to the university.  (The chairs were because the hotel ran out and we didn’t want the job candidate sitting on a bed with the interviewers(!))  Fortunately I didn’t believe the hotel when they said that getting extra chairs wouldn’t be a problem (hence neither reservation nor wait list) and got advance permission from both the department head and the dean in case of emergency.
  • We got a big tax refund this year, even after paying next year’s estimated taxes, not unexpected given we had a $7,500 credit from buying the Honda Clarity last year.  In terms of how the Republican tax bill affected us:  we’re paying slightly less tax but not a huge difference.  This is mainly because we live in a Red State with low state income etc. taxes (high property taxes, but low property values) and we’ve finished paying our mortgage so we weren’t getting big federal deductions anyway (some of the self-employment tax changes also helped, I think, and we weren’t deducting business expenses which would have hurt).  People in blue states with high income taxes and high property values are going to be hurt much more.  We didn’t bother adding up our charitable donations this year for the first time because there was no way we were going to hit the limit, so I guess it was a bit less paperwork.
  • Strongly considering using a slightly different specification in this graph because it currently looks like a condom.
  • My car is gradually succumbing to plastic fatigue.  Another door handle broke this week, this time the part that you open from the inside rather than the part from the outside.  $45 to replace ($35 part plus $10 s/h), and easier to replace than the other part (in that it doesn’t require as much strength to unscrew all the necessary bolts).  I really should just get a new car.  Maybe this summer.  I will miss it.
  • My mom is retiring!  At age 72 it will cost her retirement money to keep working based on how her public pension is structured.  (They don’t structure them like that much anymore.)  They’re planning on staying put for a while.  Part of me is surprised because they are West-Coasters at heart, not midwesterners (despite having lived there, as my mother has pointed out, for 34 years).  Part of me is not surprised because their inertia is very strong and anything that takes planning can take a decade to actually happen if they’re not given an external deadline.  My mom hopes to devote her time to politics and research, which are both good things.
  • In case you’re wondering what’s happening with the kitchen renovation… we’ve paid for most of it so far (months ago), our dining room is full of appliances in boxes, and we are stuck on the step in which someone removes our ice maker and replaces it with cabinets.  Home Depot is like, we can do drawers there but we can’t do cabinets that look like your current cabinets.  The place the cabinets came from is like, yeah, we don’t make those anymore but you can get them custom-copied from this other local business.  But the other local business is only open M-F, 9-5 and has been playing a lot of phone tag with DH.  And so we wait…
  • My BIL is getting a full back and shoulders tattoo.  It’s a reminder of the generation gap between X and millennial about how normal that is for someone just a little bit younger than us and how unusual for us.  (How daring and hidden most Gen X tattoos are/were.  How expressive they are for younger folks.  I don’t think I know a single millennial other than my sister who doesn’t have at least an ankle tattoo.)

14 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Steph Says:

    I’m the other millennial without a tattoo! I have very low pain tolerance, but also every time I’m like “that! I would love to get that as a tattoo”, in two years I look back going “THANK GOD I didn’t get that as a tattoo!” My sister has two, though.

    The hotel room interview always baffles me, because I forget that my field is relatively small. At the big meetings there’s always an end of the poster hall that’s cordoned off into cubicles that can be reserved for interviews. I’m glad you were able to give your interviewees a better spot to sit!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Our major conference has a room where people can reserve tables, but apparently it’s super loud so nobody uses it except poor schools that can’t afford a conference room near the hotel. Or at least that’s my understanding. I’ve never actually *seen* the room, I’ve only heard rumors of its existence.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Another millennial without a tattoo here! To my knowledge, none of my close friends have any, either. I’m continually shocked by how many of my students have visible tattoos – especially the first-years. I’ve never had the desire to get one – as a high school student, I was once seated on an airplane next to a nice older woman who had a tattoo on her upper arm. I think it was a bird, but it was hard to tell because age had caused the ink to fade and blur.

    My mother (a nurse) occasionally talks about wanting a tattoo on her torso so that her body would be easily identifiable in the case of some horrific disaster.

  3. Leigh Says:

    I’m also a millennial without a tattoo! My husband has none either and he’s a millennial. (That was something that was important to me.)

    My parents think we save too much money and have been encouraging us to spend more! So it amuses me that your FIL is reminding you about the IRAs. I think my parents were caught off guard at the price of our new place though.

    We didn’t itemize in 2018 but we didn’t in 2017 either. The tax bill was really good to us, which was part of why we doubled our giving budget in 2018 (and still didn’t itemize). Our AGI went up 23% over 2017 but our tax only went up by 7%.

  4. Matthew Healy Says:

    I think of Gen X as young, and have no intention of getting tattoos or piercings.

  5. Debbie M Says:

    How many plastic parts have you replaced already? By which I really mean, how many are left? The paint on my car is peeling away (for some reason this is common on Toyotas), so I’m actually going to get the car re-painted. Pricy, but we’ll ask for the good stuff. Hopefully I won’t immediately get rear-ended afterwards (the usual reason I give up my cars).

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    The dog fight situation makes me extra salty about the situation because pitbulls do not need the extra bad rap. Be more responsible, humans.

    I am another millennial who has zero tattooes. Needles? HECK NO. The people I used to work with, all much older than me, were all very tattooed.

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