Link lovin’

Oopsie, we forgot to to do links this week.  The week went by WAY too fast.

Here’s some comics and videos.

Tenured radical and the salary video

ha ha ha best illustration of physics ever

another comic, from Bardiac, this one about department meetings   And this one is even funnier (because it’s true!)

Now for some posts.

Pros and cons of blogging from Money reasons.  (But check him out on Saturdays for comics!)

Buy bulk high quality flour, from frugal scholar.  Well, actually you buy it from King Arthur, but frugal scholar explains how.

Some millionaires next door buy Mercedes.  Did we link to this one last week?  Because if not we should have.  Watson Inc.

A story from everyday tips on someone writing to the president and selling his response for a much needed $7K.  Personally I think that’s kind of neat.

Our second home is in San Francisco.  Lindy Mint’s is in Boston.  Sometimes when I feel like depressing myself I look at real estate listings.  Last night I found a great foreclosure in Mountain View that we could totally afford the downpayment for in about 2 years if our current house sold.  Somehow I don’t think it will be available then.

Research suggests that asking probing questions is the way to go when dealing with a hater.  I imagine that presenting a vivid personal story also works in many cases.  Donna Freedman talks about her former (satisfyingly funny) policy and her new (more mature) one.

Budgeting in the fun stuff shares her blog statistics.  Very cool.

I wish Molly on Money and her friends lived near me.  Then I could eat pie at her place.  We have a few friends here who love to cook, but they tend to be but one out of a large number of folks.

Happy blogiversary, single mom rich mom.

I am over politics and ready to GET TO WORK in the two houses of congress.  Please make a long-term strategy for deficit reduction that doesn’t kill the fledgling economy now.  Go ahead and fix but do not repeal the health care bill.  Add some malpractice reform for goodness sake.  (I could go on, but won’t.)  But, this was a fantastic post from mom 101 (linked to by totally serial)  giving a little hit of sanity to an insane election.

How would you come up with an extra 5K/month?  Drop moneycrush a line with your ideas.

Ok, that’s pretty good for now.  I’m gonna go back to sleep.  (DC got up way early, but since it is still dark out I convinced hir to read in bed until the sun comes up.)

15 Responses to “Link lovin’”

  1. Molly On Money Says:

    Thanks for the ‘Love’! I still have some pie in the freezer!

  2. Donna Freedman Says:

    I appreciate the link, because it means I won’t have to make a donation in your name somewhere. ;-)

  3. Crystal @ BFS Says:

    Glad you liked the stats! I’m starting to do a mini-update every Sunday as well. :-)

  4. Money Reasons Says:

    Thanks for the mention! And the gathering of such great links!.

    Have a great weekend :)

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      You too! Tomorrow we’re taking DC to hir first play. (It’s a children’s play based on a picture book, so hopefully it’ll be sit-still-able, or even if it isn’t there will be other squiggly kids too.)

  5. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom Says:

    Thanks for including my little link among these great posts!

  6. Roshawn @ Watson Inc Says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my post and some other fabulous articles. Fabulous round up!

  7. SonyaAnn Says:

    Thanks for the links, it will keep me plenty busy. Maybe I should sent it to Anna so she has something to do!
    Have a great weekend

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      ROFL. Poor Anna. Maybe she should be taking a heavier class load so she can keep occupied AND graduate in fewer years.

      Or she could transfer to UIC… isn’t that’s the only state school that’s not in the middle of a cornfield in Illinois?

  8. LindyMint Says:

    So I’m a little late in finding this, but thanks for the link! That’s why I don’t look at real estate listings – I prefer to live blissfully in ignorance about my dreams.

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