What have we been reading lately?

Lots of Georgette Heyer.  She continues to be AWESOME.  Couldn’t get into False Colours but enjoyed The Tollgate after reading Charity Girl!  Loved The Convenient Marriage (which is very similar to, but somewhat different from, April Lady).  Why Shoot a Butler? is ok, but the main character is kind of a jerk.

Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan  (click on book covers for linky!)

In the Stacks: Stories about Libraries and Librarians edited by Michael Cart

My Point… and I do have one by Ellen DeGeneres

Wolf Hunting by Jane Lindskold.  I came in at the middle of this series but I like it quite a bit.

the Bernie Rhodenbarr series by Lawrence K. Block

I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett.  Tiffany Aching’s deepest and darkest and most enticing book yet.

PG Wodehouse populates my kindle.  The juvenalia is awful and was deleted (I already read it once in libraryback and it wasn’t worth it) but there’s still a few gems in his early stuff.

Once again… don’t let me go to the library alone!


My (1990s) roots are showing

Apparently I accidentally talk about butts when I’m lecturing.

For example, last semester I made a statement, waited for the students to write it down, and while they were writing I wanted to qualify the statement and added the caveat, “But there’s a but at the end… which is where butts usually are…”  There were giggles.

Not as many giggles, though, as there were the other night in my class when I got all punchy.  Again, I made a statement which was not the whole story (will I ever learn?).  I said, “There’s a big but here.  I like big buts.  And I cannot lie…”  Lots of laughter.  Well, once I had started it, I felt the need to continue.  Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a sentence that I know sounds bad and the only way out is to deliberately make it sound worse.  It cheers my ancient granite heart that the students of today still caught my cultural reference from oh-so-long-ago.

(Sir Mix-a-Lot is against silicone implants!)

#2 whines:  My students don’t get my 1990s references.  I had to dig up the Log song from Ren and Stimpy on youtube because they thought I was crazy when I started singing it.  They still think I’m crazy, but at least they know I didn’t make it up.  They’re also starting to not get some of my Colbert Report references that students got when I first started teaching.  I’m getting old.  Butt it adds to my charm, right?  Oh, and generally about one person per semester gets my super nerd jokes… like the one about fighting the gazebo… or when I quote Adam from MythbustersPatience, how long will that take?  That sort of thing.

Have you ever said anything very awkward in front of a group of people?  Of course you have.  Tell us about it.

The Do You Watch TV Post

Personal finance blog posts about the latte factor are always devolving into arguments in the comments about whether or not we should get rid of tv and whether getting rid of tv means you’re some sort of effete arugula eater who thinks you’re better than anybody else.

I know you all are just dying to know where we stand on this issue.

Well, we can both afford latte factors. We have savings goals, but we’re managing things well enough that we could do cable without guilt if we wanted. Sure, one of us has housing debt and the other student loan debt, but we’re not really at the rice and beans stage of our lives anymore.

However… that doesn’t mean we’re not elitist effete snobs!

#1: We had a super cheap tv in graduate school. When we worked as graduate RAs and had some extra income freed up, we bought a fancy video projector. We kept the projector but ditched the cheap tv after moving after graduation.

We *meant* to get a tv. But we never got around to it. Plus the DSL + landline option was cheaper than the cable option so we went with that. (Eventually we were able to get rid of the landline.) Then what with one thing and another and Netflix… well, we never did get around to getting a tv and cable. We really prefer watching our shows via netflix after the entire series has come out. No missing shows, no commercials, no series getting canceled without warning. Plus we’re so behind on everything we can easily be patient.

We also use Comedy Central, Hulu, and CBS for direct streaming of recent shows.

#2: I do not really watch TV right now.

But boy do I love me some HGTV.  I also like Daily Show and Colbert Report on occasion, but not enough to track them down.  Most of my “TV” viewing comes via things like Netflix.  Dr. Who, Torchwood (LOVE!).  I watch football on TV mainly as a way of taking a peaceful nap, while occasionally awakening to root for whichever team has guys with names I enjoy saying (Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala, I’m looking at you).

That said, we totally don’t care if you watch cable or not. If you like sports or whatever, go for it!

Interesting and related post from Little Miss Moneybags:  Does TV ruin your life by making you think you can never measure up?

From SonyaAnn:  Our life without TV.

Where do you stand on the TV question?

Happy songs!

Need a little pick-me-up? Here are a few songs that might help.

What do you listen to when you’re feeling down?

Who do you Link Love?

#2 would sort of like to change the title to “Whom do you link love?” (note: whom!) but won’t.  It reminds me of that Duran Duran song, Come Undone.  (Who do you need / who do you love / when you come undone) (#1 says:  YES.  That is precisely the allusion.)

A delightful little ditty on facebook presented by Isis the scientist.

We were an “almost editor’s pick” in this week’s carnival of personal finance.  By Magical Penny.  Apparently folks like it when we pick on Money Reasons… I wonder if we should do a post to address the one of his this week that devolved into everyone in the comments saying that only kids who had SAHM are going to amount to anything.  (Hint:  They’re not the only ones.)

I couldn’t do this, but I’m totally impressed by $30 painted faux granite countertop at pretty handy girl.

I am intrigued by Chore Wars (and its sister site, World of Chorecraft. heh).  I am a big nerd.

How many of Bardiac’s stick figure literatures do you recognize?

A PSA from ianqui on twitter use.

I was going to link love this post from minting nickels about how to figure out how much your stuff on ebay is worth, but then she just blew me away with this deep, bittersweet, life-affirming post about her late grandfather and how she’s honoring his memory.

This post that I stole from eemusing’s link love from this recording on how to be the woman in a guy’s group is really awesome.  It reminds me of my work environment.  Yes, let us push our boobs against the glass ceiling together!

Weird Al has a book.  Also check out Bob.  From Philnel.

Oh XKCD, again you are so right when you are so very wrong.  You spin me right round baby.

RBO Food weirdness

  • Little cat got into a used mint tea-bag and went a little crazy… in a way that made me wonder if I’d actually had catnip tea.  But big cat (who also responds to catnip) didn’t seem affected when I stuck the cup in her face… so maybe little cat was just being weird (as she sometimes is, having been feral much of her first year).  (#2 says, I’m pretty sure mint is related to catnip.  And most but not all cats respond to catnip.)
  • Did you know that if you put some kinds of tea bags in the microwave to heat your tea, they will explode all over everywhere?  YES.  This is one time when I learned from someone else’s mistake.  Boil the water separately, folks!
  • Also exploding in microwaves: burritos.  Loosen up that wrapper first, or face the prospect of scraping beans off the roof of the microwave.
  • Why does my cat like oatmeal?  You can’t leave it unattended around him.  I guess it does have milk in it… what a weird and un-catly thing to nom.
  • My childhood cat loved to eat Louisiana Crunch Cake.  She could eat the entire top off of one.  She also enjoyed Doritos, but at least those are salty and cheesy.
  • I like sandwiches so much.  Don’t you?  They’re so yummy!
  • New England has the best sandwiches.  Agree or disagree?
  • We are happy to note that Green and Black mint now infuses mint through the chocolate.  The former method of putting mint-sugar sludge in the middle of the chocolate just wasn’t working for us.  (But do not feed to cats, as chocolate is poison!)
  • Recently had PanAsian German fusion.  Schnitzel with black and white sesame seeds and a German/soy dipping sauce.  Over a bed of sticky rice.  With shredded German/Asian coleslaw.  It was awesome.

Do you have any fun food bit(e)s to share?

Children’s books for misfits, eccentrics, and other inadvertant loners

These don’t necessarily have the best morals… generally they’re ugly duckling kinds of stories.  We’re different because in some ways we’re better.  That’s probably why they’re not listed in Some of my best friends are books (unless Caldecott or Newbery winners).  But they sure are satisfying reads when you’re out of sync with your peers and you worry that the problem is you.  Maybe we should celebrate our differences and not be so eager to squish square pegs into round holes (“Won’t fit?  I’ll make you fit!”)  After all, boring people seldom make history.


Pippi Longstocking


Jennifer, Hecate, and Me, Elizabeth (and other books by E L Koningsburg, the most famous being From the Mixed up Files)

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Stanley Family (Also many other books by Zilpha Keatley Snyder… like The Egypt Game)

Bagthorphes Ordinary Jack
by Helen Cresswell


The Bagthorpe Saga

Ender’s Game

Artemis Fowl

(Also Harry Potter..)

And a song for y’all.

“Anything other than that and you know you’re dealing with someone who is different, and different is not what you’re looking for.”

Are we missing any?