Blub blub blub

We’re underwater and dying with end of March deadlines.

How are you?

20 Responses to “Blub blub blub”

  1. Leah Says:

    Trying to write a resume and strangely uninspired despite really wanting to (and needing to) apply for some jobs here.

  2. J Liedl Says:

    I am SO pleased that I got a task done early (it was due for the 5th of April) but now I have the very next thing on my to-do list giving me kittens. HELP? I want a break and there’s none in sight, especially with the marking that never ends.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I know I must have a lot of things to do in April… but I haven’t the slightest idea what at this point! Must finish this conference draft by Friday… Also must finish running regressions before data go poof on other project…

      • J Liedl Says:

        I use the Google Calendar’s to-do list to keep track of things. The only problem is that it can be seriously depressing when I list it all in enough detail so I have to force myself to look at the list!

        Good luck with the conference draft and the regressions. Which reminds me, I have to start taking some of the data from those hundreds of criminal court cases and seeing if I can come up with anything that’s statistically interesting. . . .

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Oh, I have stuff written in a calendar. I just haven’t *looked* at it.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      And yay getting a task done early!

  3. Liz Says:

    Good luck!
    End of April brings the combination of several big deadlines for me, so I am just beginning to feel the stress now. This morning, I actually just realized that I wasn’t eligible for a fellowship that I was planning to apply for (with a lengthy application due mid April) and instead of being upset, I was SO relieved to cross that off my list.

  4. chacha1 Says:

    I am … working on tax returns;
    preparing to publish something;
    preparing for a competition;
    preparing for a vacation;
    coping with repairs in our apartment.
    Feeling like a puppetmaster, but everything seems to be under control. Having said that, something is going to burst into flames. :-)

  5. arc Says:

    I am just buried in packing for our 3 week international vacation coming up on Saturday. I’m sure I’m bringing too much, but can’t seem to stop myself :P

  6. Cloud Says:

    Do you remember my “work-life balance and big careers” rant? The one when I talked about “mental load” and my little temper tantrum at work and said I had several big, high visibility projects this year? The first one finishes this weekend. In fact, we start the big finale going today at 5 p.m. (We’re bringing it in on time, too, despite the fact that Easter and Passover knocked out our preferred weekend to do this work, forcing us to go a week early.)

    I’m looking forward to taking my team out for a nice, long celebratory lunch next week.

  7. Leigh Says:

    I think things are finally calming down for me post moving, woo! February was the month of moving, March was the month of recovering from moving, and April will be the month of relaxing? Here’s hoping – I don’t want another two months like the last two… It’s almost over…

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