link love of the dead

Excrement my reviewers say

Of course the rich want to keep the middle class down

Too many people do early 401K withdrawals.

Explaining how IUD is not abortion

A poll tax by another name is still a poll tax.

A little creative problem solving

Mislabeled shrimp fraud

Should these words be in the dictionary?

Smart people saying smart things

Racism in ebola coverage?  (Spoiler:  yes)

vote vote vote vote

fascinating thought experiment

how many lives could you change with your poop?

Some books had feet

visioning integrity


Is Renee Zellweger’s recent appearance criticism gendered?  (Spoiler:  yes)

Which pays better, teaching or twerking?

Is fast food a real job?

Surely erotic fantasies about Neil Gaiman aren’t that common?  (#2 is here to tell you that they are)

aw, kids plus animals!  Donations are adorable.

Being fat for my wedding

Princess Monster Truck is a good name for a cat!

I would totally order a kitten if I could.


Good night, moon cat

We love girl historian’s posts.

A different world (and girl historian continues to have awesome posts)

This idea is brilliant.

We Continue To Love Chris Kluwe

Actually… it’s about ethics in games journalism

This video is genius.  The absolute best version of that meme ever and the best gamergate bust ever

5 Responses to “link love of the dead”

  1. knittingclio Says:

    Thanks for linking to my post!

  2. sophylou Says:

    Thanks for the link love! Better than the Halloween candy I, um, really shouldn’t be eating :)

  3. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    We’re always happy to link to things that are awesome.

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Oh my god the Hitler GamerGate video WINS. WOW

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