Googly questions and answers

Q:  how to make drama on the internet

A:  Say something disapproving about a parenting choice

Q:  is there a project for brewsters millions

A:  Dream on!

Q:  gremlin names for cats?

A:  Stick with the classics, Gizmo, Mogwai etc.

Q:  why do humans need comfort

A:  Because we live in interesting times

Q:  money tie up in a paid off house now what

A:  Invest new extra money in retirement?  College savings?  Spend it?  You could take out a home equity loan, but that may not be a good option.  Remember, talk with a real financial professional (and NOT someone from Edward Jones) before making any major financial decisions.

Q:  should kids have jobs?

A:  Meh

Q:  what do you mean by grumble and lavish money

A:  I don’t mind the former if it results in the latter…

Q:  what does it mean when things increase faster than inflation

A:  When we talk about this with money, if something is increasing at the rate of inflation that means that the true price isn’t actually changing.  You can buy the same amount of candy bars as before if your money has also been increasing at the rate of inflation.  If a cost is increasing faster than the rate of inflation (health care, education, etc.) that means it’s actually getting more expensive even if your money is growing at the rate of inflation.  The real costs of these things is increasing, not just the stated (nominal) costs.

Q:  funny things that say something?

A:  My DH is a good example of this…

Q:  meaning of grampy bitch

A:  You should be more respectful of your grandparents!  Even if they’re jerks…  Well, maybe if they’re jerks you should stop visiting them at the nursing home, it’s hard to say.  Like, is it dementia or have they always been that way?

4 Responses to “Googly questions and answers”

  1. independentclause Says:

    Unintended answers to unintended questions: I now know why my spouse calls the dog “dogwai”. Thank you!

  2. xykademiqz Says:

    I’m not sure why, but I felt that I had to leave this link

    (“Shiiit” is a signature of Senator Clay Davis, a character from “The Wire.”)

  3. Belated Grumpy Rumblings 2018 Year in Blogging | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] Googly questions and answers April 2017 (I have no idea why it got 801 views this […]

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