• Oven roasting vegetables is surprisingly easy and tasty.  Why have I not been doing this all my life?
  • I accidentally deleted my amazon wishlist and couldn’t bring it back.  I was able to recreate the first page (because I had it open in another window), but not the second, which means I lost some Darcy Burke books I wanted (I don’t love all of hers, but some were worth getting) as well as the replacement watch I want to get at some point but not until my current watch stops working.  And… I’m not really sure what else.  :/  Oh well, if I really really had wanted whatever it was, I would have gotten them by now.
  • GT pullout for Kindergarten is supposed to start in March with permission and testing in January.  But DC2 told us that zie and the other kid in hir “I” level reading group have been going already since before winter break.  I think I’m not bothered that the school didn’t mention this to us.  And we did fill out the nomination/permission slip for GT testing and got it in early so maybe that counts even though zie hasn’t done testing yet.  And I would feel bad for kids if their parents didn’t give permission.
  • I have gotten so many colds this year.  It sucks.  :(
  • It’s the first day of the quarter and the rain is pouring.  The phone system is broken indefinitely and the printers/copiers have gone down.  The fire alarm isn’t alarming, but it is beeping inconsolably.  At least the pipes didn’t freeze and flood my office like those poor professors on the East Coast.
  • Our compost pile is really the only way to get dirt around here absent of buying it.
  • Remember how I had the scary dentist experience (newer readers should definitely read this story– it is pretty awful)?  Well, it turns out she didn’t even do my crown right– it was too high and that is probably why the top tooth cracked requiring my second crown.  My amazing current dentist fixed the old crown when the bite wouldn’t work with the new one.  I didn’t realize how bad my bite was during those 6 years, but it seems obvious now that it has been fixed.  I wish I’d thought to ask him to check 5.5 years ago when I switched to him– I could have avoided (or at least put off) this second crown!  The experience was a lot different too– he spent the time explaining about the architecture of the tooth and what parts to sand down and which tools to use to do it and how to get the angles right and so on.  He also discussed the different materials that these crowns are made of and what research says about how they affect mouth muscles while chewing and why he prefers the one he gets for his patients.  It was lovely.  Or about as lovely as an hour and a half of sanding down and refitting a new crown could be.
  • DC1 (now age 11, but 10 when zie took the exam) got a 1260 (out of 1600) on the SAT.  Not bad for someone who hasn’t quite finished half of Algebra 1.
  • DC2’s report card came with excited notes that DC2 can count past 100.  But… DC2 can do multiple digit addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying at least two different ways (traditional US and Singapore style) and can do quite a bit of single digit multiplication.  I wonder if we should talk to them about math. [Update:  We emailed and they said they’d add harder stuff to the math stations, which in practice, according to DC2, seems to be a couple of those puzzle games where you try to match up square cards based on the pictures they have on them.]  We also wonder what grade would be best to skip given the dual-language thing and if there are immersion summer programs we could send hir two to bulk up on Spanish if zie does skip a grade.  We have until May to decide about grade skipping testing for the year.
  • It seems like a lot of people have no idea how horrific slavery actually was.
  • DC2 is learning angles.  Zie says, “Obtuse!  Obtuse!  She says I’m obtuse!” in hir best Rudolph voice.
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25 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    There is not an age requirement to take SAT or did you do a practice test? I’d be curious to do the same. That is an amazing score by the way. We have a problem with son being cocky and not checking his work so even though he comprehends everything easily, he still makes a lot of dumb mistakes like transcribing the wrong number because he can’t read his own writing. It’s super annoying. So it would be good to take the test if for no other reason than to prove a point.

    I love roasted veggies.

    I also have a mediocre dentist but he is such a nice guy I have a hard time leaving him. He put a crown on the wrong tooth once. I admittedly told him it was that one that was hurting but in fact it was the tooth next to it that was the issue. I guess that phenomenon is common and there is a way to check that it is the right tooth before doing a crown. My mother in law found a better guy but I am still on the fence leaving.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      This was through the 7th grade Talent search. I don’t know who runs it in the East Coast, but in the South it is Duke and in the Midwest I think it is Northwestern. I’m especially impressed by DC1 because I took it when I was 12 or 13 and didn’t break 600 in either section. (In my defense, I hadn’t had any Algebra yet! But I don’t know of any excuse for Verbal.)


      • gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

        My son took the SAT test in 6th grade (10 years ago), when he was 10 or 11, and got 2010 out of 2400 (he had trouble with the essay exam—if you just look at the math and reading he had 1450 out of 1600). We did it because of the talent search (managed by Johns Hopkins University) and SET, but we did not do the exam through them—we registered for it directly. You do (or did) have to do paper forms rather than on-line application for kids under 13, and they do need a form of identification, but there is no age limit.

        See http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/talent_search.htm for more info about talent searches. (Hoagie’s is a great resource for parents with gifted kids.)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Huh, I thought all the talent searches were 7th or 8th grade. I think you missed the “n’t” on identification– kids under 13 don’t need it.

      • gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

        My son needed ID when he was in 6th grade and taking the SAT, but that may have been a local error or the policy may have changed since then. He had his passport with him, so there was no problem.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Under 13, no Id needed, according to our instructions (still can’t register online)

    • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

      Seconded, definitely switch!

  2. omdg Says:

    That’s almost as well as I did on the SAT when I was 16!

  3. Leah Says:

    DC1 beat my 7th grade score. I don’t remember the breakdown, but it was a 1040. I ultimately got a 1520, but that took a lot more practice! 800 verbal thanks to lots of studying. Johns Hopkins, I think, runs the west coast. At least, that’s who I went through.

    How did DC2 learn so much math? And when did you start? We’ve started discussing addition using finger counting or counting treats, but I’m not sure my little gal is picking it up yet. I sometimes wonder if I should be doing something more formal (or trying more) or if it’s fine to just chill. I do fractions and percentages when we cut nails (1 nail done, that’s one out of ten, or 1/10th, or 10%, etc).

  4. chacha1 Says:

    “Obtuse! Obtuse! She says I’m obtuse!”
    “beeping inconsolably” is pretty good too :-)

    oven roasted vegetables are great. I need to make me a pan of those.

  5. purple Says:

    Please do post resources etc on math!!!!! Thank you.

  6. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    I remember doing the SAT in 7th grade too, I did well in verbal (780) but dismally in math so it averaged out. I’m glad they’re still doing it. I thought that they had changed the scoring from the 1600 scale to a 2400 one? Did I hear that wrong?

  7. Ask the grumpies: Math for ages 0-5 for kids who love math | Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured) Says:

    […] this is based on a comment from a post about how my DC2 is age 5 in kindergarten and is doing multiple digit addition and […]

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