Link love

1700 additional separated migrant children identified.  1,700.  (Here’s a related action item for this and the next link)

After feeding a Muslim man nothing but pork sandwiches for days, they are deporting him because even though he had all his paperwork in order and is married to a US citizen, just being picked up inappropriately by ICE gets you sent back now.

Why advocating for the unborn is convenient. (This is almost a poem)  (related action item)

How to prevent abortion

Regulating what we don’t understand.

Donald Trump is considering pardoning a serial killer who not only personally killed unarmed civilians (including one who was being treated for wounds), he threatened to take out the military who reported him.

I really need to request that my department never order Chick-fil-A

Trump and Kushner probably used DeutscheBank for money laundering. (The employee who flagged them got fired.)

Why it is dangerous for Barry Myers to be head of the national weather service.  (Here’s an action item to go with it.)


OH NO The Squirrel Girl comic is ending.  Booooo.

So… for an economist, this study seems like it’s from the Annals of No Duh in the Any Econ 101 student could tell you this, but apparently someone did a study?

Apparently not

How to lie with personal finance.


6 Responses to “Link love”

  1. rose Says:

    Legislating my medical choices…. nuff said.
    Thank you. Very much. You always have wonderful and important links.

  2. Bonnie Anne Says:

    I’m wondering if anyone can pursue legal action against these antichoice nitwits for attempting to practice medicine without a license (e.g. that bag of bullshit, non-existent “procedure” to remove the ectopic pregnancy from the fallopian tube and implant it in the uterus… old white men are trying to pass a law regarding a medical procedure that would be considered malpractice)?

    Also, I’m kinda in love with this economist right now:

  3. Debbie M Says:

    Thanks also for the “how to lie” link. I also hate when people talk about the magic of compound interest without mentioning the anti-magic of inflation. Nevertheless, I have totally fallen for the 4% rule (-of-thumb). I was pretty happy to see that the average real return of the S&P 500 s1871-2018 is 6.64% and not just, like 1.5% or something. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole with that blogger.

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