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Wow, what a decade this past week has been.  (Here’s Celeste p summarizing just one day of it!) The House moved to impeach after a whistleblower reported an inappropriate phone call in which the president tried to get the Ukraine to dig up dirt on democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son.  The NYTimes doxxed said whistleblower after Trump made a death threat against him.  The president has had multiple crazy melt-downs on live television, in front of important people, and on twitter.  I got very little work done this week, partly because I had to cover for students who didn’t show up for our voter registration day booth, but also partly because I would check the twitters at my 3pm break and just go kind of numb with the unreality of it all.  (Also more conference travel.)

This coming week is a great week to call your reps (and, secondarily, senators) to give them support or to cajole them into doing the right thing.  Your phone calls really do matter.  (This thread has multiple scripts depending on your rep’s affiliation, also a script for senators.)

The NYTimes has been writing multiple misleading articles in which they interview the same six rabid Trump supporters and label them swing voters.

Of course they don’t want to talk politics.

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  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    A numbing week, indeed. I had to start ignoring some of the news in order to get anything done this week and I feel like I’m going to be feeling that for a while as I worry incessantly about whether or not anything is actually going to come of impeachment proceedings (as in, a removal).

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