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Call about the post-office.  Call again.  CALL CALL CALL.

Scalzi on the GOP’s attempts to destroy the post office and disenfranchise and his thoughts on voting in the fall.

The post office is removing sorting machines for no other reason than to slow down the mail.


You can also call your State Attorney General’s office.

More than 200,000 people have died than usual in the US since March.

Ignore the spongebutt below and try to answer the multiple choice!

DEATH comes for a philosopher.  (A short story by Terry Pratchett.)

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5 Responses to “Link love”

  1. r Says:

    THANK YOU. The current majority party of the US Senate may approve of a deliberate public announcement of an attempt to suppress federal election votes by destroying the USPS ~~ but this action also impacts state and local election votes suppressing them as well. Write your state government requesting they press charges against all individuals involved in the conspiracy.

  2. Debbie M Says:

    For the first time in ages, I decided to call my reps again. I started with my Senator who is up for re-election, but not only did no one answer the phone, but they also didn’t let you leave a message unless your message was that you wanted to be called back. So I did that, but they never called. [Insert expletives, as usual.]

    So I wrote letters. With 11 issues. And I mailed them to my Senators and Representative. Well, I typed the letters. But hopefully they still count for something. Hopefully at least 11 tally marks. (I really didn’t want to send 11 letters each, but I did boldface each issue for quick scanning.)

    I also wrote a blog post on things you might not know about voting by mail ( and linked to it on my Facebook page. Of course voting by mail is county specific, but most of my six readers (or however many) are in my county.

    So it was civic duty day, and partly inspired by y’all, so thank you! And since everything is so tiring now, I know it’s good to hear that other people are helping, so that’s why I wrote this comment.

    And FYI, here were the 11 issues I settled on for the letter:
    1. the climate crisis
    2. the covid-19 crisis
    3. the police crisis
    4. the USPS crisis
    5. voting by mail during a pandemic
    6. systemic discrimination (including supporting the bill to begin studying reparations)
    7. the Census
    8. Social Security funding
    9. factory farms (supporting the Farm System Reform Act)
    10. plastic (supporting the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act)
    11. impeaching the president (for manipulating the upcoming election, extortion, bribery, fraud, libel, profiteering, obstructing justice, breaking treaties, abusing power, inciting violence, foreign solicitation, and violating immigrant due process)
    (All in only 2 pages!)

    I know I missed many, many very important things, but hey, I wasn’t doing anything at all before.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s weird– you should be able to leave a message on the DC line at the very least, unless the mailbox is full.

      Thank you for blogging and thank you for writing letters! And thank you for inspiring us back!

      • Debbie M Says:

        Yay! Have you heard that thing about how choirs can hold really long notes if the singers make sure to take their breaths at different times? Someone said that was a metaphor for activism today–sometimes you need to take a break, and that’s okay because other people are still going. But then it’s good to start up again.

        I did call the state location because it’s not long distance for me. And I have both talked to people and left messages using that number before.

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