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Traveling! So much travel. This time I did not get Covid the morning of my keynote though, so that’s good!  Keynote went a lot better in person and not sick from my hotel room, I think.

If you’re in an area where an election hasn’t been called, particularly if you voted mail in or absentee make sure your vote was counted

Meet a sleuth whose work has resulted in more than 850 retractions.


6 Responses to “Link love”

  1. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Confidential to Delagar: I’m traveling with my laptop that usually DC2 uses and somehow DC2’s school has locked my ability to respond to your blog. (So no me gloating about the weather where I am right now, which is lovely.)

    My comment was going to be that both postcards to voters and vote forward are starting writing campaigns to Georgia– these are really important to get the vote out for out of cycle elections. I think they may actually be more effective than during regular elections.

    So in addition to voting and making sure your vote is cured, even if you’re in a state where all of the votes have been decided, you can help encourage democrats in Georgia to turn out and find their polling stations and to know when the election is actually going to be.

  2. rose Says:

    Thank you for sharing how to support in GA. I have written so many postcards…. and am so glad to see the states I wrote to showing up with people voting.

  3. revanchegs Says:

    Yay for a keynote without COVID!

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