Mid-Month Link Love

A maze of twisty passages that comes with being an academic.  Love it, love it.

This one is from November, but an EXCELLENT how-to and more importantly, how-not-to go about going to a community college and transferring to a four year school.  It is really important to do your homework BEFORE taking a single class at the community college– otherwise you may spend 5 years in school instead of 4.

Here’s some drama we missed last week… play by play from eemusings.

Oh My Word… a scandalous misdeed at the UC Davis Vet school from Dr. Isis.  And the very professional response from the chancellor.

Full room library, by Chanel.  DO WANT.

So, you found something cool on the internet?

I always thought I better matched with Aquarius.  What the potential change in astrological signs can mean for you, from Everyday Tips.

Totally serial with some suggestions for new moms and nursing.

Money Reasons on how to lesson the duration of undesirable events.

Maybe you don’t actually want to be caught in a dark alley with a Canadian at night.  A terrifying look at what the secret lives of Canadians, from days with my daughter.

Hot off the presses this morning, Worst Prof Ever wants to know how frequently she should blog, given that more posts means less careful posts.  Give her some feedback!

And I still LOVE quarterly dividends.  Yay!

A question for anybody who sends their kids to private school:  Do you use a Coverdell?  I’m thinking they’re only worth it if you start at birth because they seem to be Roth-like… but who knows…

UPDATE:  Hey people with blogs!  Check your spam filter!  Chances are we’re in there.

10 Responses to “Mid-Month Link Love”

  1. everyday tips Says:

    I have not used a Coverdell. I didn’t plan ahead of time for our children to go to private school, it just sort of happened. Plus, I viewed tuition as a ‘short term’ investment as I would need the money the following year, so I wasn’t willing to place the money in the stock market. I guess I could have invested and then used that money 5 years down the road or something, but in retrospect, it is good I didn’t given the hits the stock market took during those years.

    In all honesty, some of those years, we needed every dollar of money we had and couldn’t ‘pay ahead’.

  2. everyday tips Says:

    Oh,and thanks for the link!

  3. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    Lagerfeld is a spooky-looking dude!

  4. undine Says:

    Karl Lagerfeld’s library = not appealing (to me) because it’s too new. I still want that attached house version you showed a couple of months ago.

  5. Money Reasons Says:

    Lagerfeld’s Library is pretty impressive!

    At first I didn’t realize why he had the books stack horizontally instead of vertical as usual… But I think it’s for space reasons… I like the red foam(?) on the upper beam, apparently some heads got bumped a few times while up there!

    Oh Thanks for the mention!

  6. Becky Says:

    That library is crazy! Also, I liked the advice on how not to go about doing the 2 yr then finishing at a 4 yr college thing. I would agree that a lot of people do it without putting a lot of thought into the big picture.

    Thanks for the link!

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