Link love for a long long week

First off:

Need to do something to help victims of sexual assault?  Donate to RAINN.  They’ve been getting a lot of extra call volume lately.  We are thankful they exist.

Next up (for our US readers):  Call your senators again about Kavanaugh.  Even if they’re democrat or republican.  This is like the ACA again– dems need the numbers to bolster their claims and republicans need to know that what they’re doing is not acceptable.

Then:  If you’ve got money or time:  look at one of your state or local races and see what you can do– can you donate, become a deputy registrar, get a yard sign, fill out post-cards?  Check out our activism tab for suggestions.

Now it is time for links:

How to cope with the current news cycle as a sexual abuse survivor

The best part is the line under the comic about ferrets.  (cw:  Kavanaugh)

Details on the allegations against, and yale law school investigation into, professor Jed Rubenfeld

Here’s how to donate to MSU’s Sexual Assault Program (See above tweet)

Trump administration seeks to limit access to US for immigrants who are likely to use public assistance

How sexism affects women

Life in the sickest town in America


Stem careers and technological change

Get those lazy trust fund babies to work

Self-awareness and retirement savings decisions

Forbidden books humble bumble (not an affiliate– we just like books)

Podcasts for book lovers

7 Responses to “Link love for a long long week”

  1. Anoninmass Says:

    That huff post on obesity is pretty amazing. I’ll probably have to read it a couple of more times( and will cry and get angry still…).

    • Miser Mom Says:

      Agreed! Thank you for linking to that. I know that I still really have to fight my own tendency to sneer (inwardly, I think — I *hope* not externally!) at obese people I see, especially those I encounter unexpectedly. I feel like I haven’t handled my interactions with two of my own kids in the best of ways, although I’m getting better. This article gives me a lot of good stuff to chew on. I really need to work on this still.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

  3. rose Says:

    Thank you. Commented on detention. Followed yesterday’s phone number etc and commented to my Senators who are already on right page re court issue. Appreciate what you do.
    Still angry with everyone who asks why don’t women/girls report………. given what has happened historically and in the current time why ANY woman reports is the real question. I remember Stuebenville OH where the community felt the rapist boys futures had more importance than the victim’s life. The Palo Alto CA case, caught in the act, pine needles inside her, less than 3 months in jail and he is petitioning already to be let off the sexual offenders list because it was, in his father’s words, only 5 minutes of action. It was a life time action for his victim. (Yes the judge was recalled but that is rare!) This blame the victim and put the attacker’s needs first happens all the time…… today.
    AND I WILL REMEMBER THE GOP’s ACTIONS for the rest of my voting life.

  4. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life Says:

    There’s a reason that Uncle Randy is my favorite forever. I used to always see him at Comic Con and he’s the best.

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