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Looking back, this week has been an eternity in the news cycle, but that’s how it’s been since the last presidential election.  I’m so tired, but it’s so important to do the activism things, especially now when they’re coming down hard on voter’s rights and coming on strong in favor of fascism.  It’s so hard to push back with work and kids and virtual schooling and everything.  But… make phone calls.  Write lettersMake a plan to vote.  Check your voter registration status again (on this page, you don’t need to give your info on the top of the site, just scroll down to your state and give your state said info)!

If you can vote this year, you must vote. (Scalzi)

Jiraffe with books high school students should read in 2020.

Turns out those viral student tik tok loan numbers weren’t accurate or possible

Using waste water on campuses to target student dorms with covid

Hyperbole and a half has an announcement and lots and lots of buttons to press.

4 Responses to “Link love”

  1. rose Says:

    Always ~~~ THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Debbie M Says:

    Oh, that Slate link is quite ambitious. So many states! I have this to add about Texas:

    1) They say that for voting by mail, “Excuse required, and fear of COVID-19 does not count.” However, one of the allowable excuses is “disability,” the definition of which is quite broad. And the court case that said that not having immunity to covid doesn’t count also said that if you have additional health issues, that matters, and also said that *the voter* is the one who decides whether they have a disability. Just don’t write anything about the pandemic on your application; simply check the disabled box.

    2) They say “If you request an absentee ballot and are unable to return the ballot yourself, you may ask another individual to do it for you.” That is NOT TRUE (unless they are putting it a mailbox). Drop boxes are illegal in Texas (crazy!), but you may drop off your mail-in ballot in person at your county’s main office (which may not be a polling site). For this election, our governor has allowed a larger window of time and more locations, though by law all the locations have to be regular county offices. When you do arrive with your ballot, you can only bring your own ballot, you need to have the same ID you would need to vote in person, and you have to wait in line to sign something and then deposit your sealed ballot in the ballot box. I don’t know if ADA requires it, or if my county has just opted into it, but you can request curbside voting, both to submit your mail-in ballot and for in-person voting.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist Says:

    I keep getting postcards encouraging me to vote. No fear, friendly postcard writers! I shall! My town is doing a huge curbside voting thing too. And we have a dropbox outside city hall.

    VA governor has decreed that covid *does* count as “by reason of my illness or disability” and that witness requirements are suspended. surprisingly reasonable.

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