If a link love meets a link love

The other one of us is traveling this week.  Can you tell the difference?

I feel like we should say, “This week in misogyny” or “This week in racism” but it gets so depressing.  Anyway:

Gamergate harasses and doxxes Felicia Day.

Fox news hosts tell young women not to vote, go back to tinder and match.com

Ferguson October goes all month long.

grah:  Even NPR fell prey to these false narratives.

How much does a professional cheerleader make?

Career advice from actors to academics.

Work vs. school:  what is the difference?

Advice to study from Ian McKellen

401K contribution limits are going up in 2015.

Bad advice for rich people tired of giving candy to the moocher class.

Awesome people reading is awesome.  Also:  Lena Dunham has the only tattoo I have ever thought cool enough to be permanent.  How awesome is that?

Grand-daughter of google questions

Q:  is 17 presents too much for christmas?

A:  Depends on the presents!  And social norms in your little circle.  And whether the presents are to just one person or spread out, and if to one person if boring stuff you’d get anyway like clothing is included.  And so on.

Q:  should kids work while in college

A:  Between 10 and 20 hours has been found to be at least correlationally beneficial.  More than that is bad.

Q:  is it a good idea to pay off student loans early

A:  If you can, then yes!  I did.

Q:  how to handle kids that don’t want to do anything

A:  Make them do chores.  They may not want to do them, but at least you’ll be getting work out of them while they complain.  And they may end up figuring out something they’d rather do!

Q:  why my kid dont like to study

A:  Nature vs. Nurture is always such a difficult debate

Q:  why do people wallow in misery

A:  Because it’s so much more satisfying than just dipping your toes in.

Q:  why do people pretend not to listen

A:  sometimes that’s more polite than what they’d have to say to you if they didn’t

Q:  in a second pregnancy is it normal to not like any part of it

A:  I’m fairly sure that’s normal in *any* pregnancy

Q:  how do u call a romantic man

A:  I assume with your cell phone these days, assuming you’ve got his number somewhere.  Bat signal probably won’t work because that’s for Batman.  (#2 notes:  Batman isn’t romantic.  He’s Batman.)

Q:  what is an untenured visiting teacher

A:  Depends on their position and institution.  Could be Visiting Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Instructor, Adjunct, Adjunct Assistant or Adjunct Associate, Scholar in Residence, etc.


Current book podcasts

There are podcasts about books?  Why yes, there are!  Here’s what I usually listen to these days, all through iTunes:

Book Fight – two white male friends in Philly who are writers, editors, and teachers of writing and literature discuss one book or short story per week, sometimes with a theme, and sometimes wandering off into fascinating, funny digressions.

Oh, Comics! – just starting, you can get in on the ground floor!  The podcast for the new site about comic books, Panels.  One host is a man heavily into comic books, and the other is woman just recently getting into them.

Book Riot – like the site, and the podcast!  Everything books- and reading-related.  Hosts work well together.

also just picked up Reading Lives, a new podcast in the Book Riot Empire (Book Riot, Oh, Comics!, Dear Book Nerd, etc.).

Bookrageous – a roundtable discussion about what everyone’s reading and why books are great, featuring a rotating cast of fun regulars.

Sword & Laser - The sword and the laser stand for fantasy and science fiction: books, TV, movies, pop culture, and more books.  They even have a cute mascot, Lem, a cyborg dragon (Lord Bookwyrm Lem of Swaser).

Books on the Nightstand (sometimes).  One of the co-hosts, Ann Kingman, reminds me a lot of my stepmother in both her voice and her vocal tone/inflection/mannerisms, so that makes the podcast a bit weird for me to really enjoy.  (N.B.: My stepmother is great tho.)

I tried a few episodes of Dear Book Nerd, but I quit listening because I felt like I always had the ONE RIGHT ANSWER to the question, and the host didn’t.  That’s a weird personal preference, though!  You might like it.

That’s all the book podcasts I even pretend to keep up with.  I have other ones that are about geekdom in general, writing, spec-fic writing, video games, etc.

Grumpeteers, anything I should add?


  • We feel unloved by inside higher ed.  Our last few academia posts have been completely ignored.  *snif*
  • Once the rising costs of benefits are taken into account, my raise this year is less than $200/paycheck additional.  Still, it’s nice to have any raise– without a raise my salary would actually be going down in real terms.
  • In positive money news:  For the second time since we got the Civic Hybrid, the expensive electronic battery went wonky.  But… it was still under warranty!  YAY!!!  $2,600 that we didn’t have to pay!
  • DH won’t let me send this email:  “We will be unable to ‘volunteer’.  We pay for daycare because we have to work.”  (In reply to: “Our fall festival is coming up Friday [date]. We need help starting around 9am (for set up) until 1:00pm. Usually we ask parents to work in two shifts. 9-11:00 and 11:00-1pm. Please look at your schedules, see which time will work best for you and sign up for the different booths.”)  Oh well, chances are DC2 will have been kicked out for biting by then anyway.  Probably while DH is away on business near the end of October and I have a p/t meeting and an exam I can’t miss or bring a rambunctious toddler to.  They’ll have to find someone else to bring chips.  (Thank goodness we didn’t get assigned to bring 12 sandwiches like some people were.  What a hassle!)
  • All those h8rs on the internet who say that people who complain about being busy suck?  They suck.  Sometimes a person complains about being busy because they’re @#$#@ing busy [often because of other @#$ers dropping the ball on things they said they'd do].  It’s not like I LIKE being this kind of busy.  I like being generally busy but without the time pressure; then I don’t complain about it– I enjoy it!
  • DC2 just sight-read hir first sight word.  It is, “oops”.  DC1’s first sight word was “zebra.”
  • In case you’re wondering whether pure white countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are a good idea:  They’re not.

Semi-annual (Biannual? Bienniel?) reminder: Just ask!

Our auto insurance went up $200 to around $1600 this year.  Even though our cars are a year older and more time has passed since our last accident and we’re a year older and so on.

So DH (my hero) called up the auto company and asked what happened.  After some lengthy conversation about how medical claims going up can’t possibly be the reason for vehicular damage costs going up, the person on the other end asked if we wanted to do a 20 min survey to get some underwriting done.  (She didn’t put it quite like that.)

DH said sure, because he called at 7pm and the kids were watching a show.

Less than 20 min later, he’d cut the bill by $600 (to just under $1000).

20 min = $600.  That’s a better hourly rate than Mr. Money Moustache’s latest post about the benefits of credit card churning.

If it’s been a while since you asked your regular providers for a discount… give them a call today!  You might be surprised at what they have to offer.

Do it!  And report back to us.  :)

Like the links — Love, even!

Links… like sausage but not as pork-y.

At last, the free market provides a solution for men demanding that feminism be explained to them, for reasonable rates!

let’s remember intersectionality.

Another job that #1 should get: writing up reports with obvious solutions that are already being implemented because you didn’t do any real research.

Timeline of incidents

There’s no end in sight to being a tech feminist killjoy.

arrgh patriarchy.  Women can’t win!  Men need to change the rules of the game

Hey look, a kitchen!

Stupid d00dbros who hate women: keeps on going, and going, and going…




a Simon’s Cat about a haunted couch!


Grumpeteers, what cat videos calm your rage today?

Ask the grumpies: Curriculum development

Leah asks:

Also, are there primers out there on curriculum development? That’s always a challenge for me. I have a hard time seeing the year as a whole when I try to plan individual days.

There must be, right?  As college professors we’ve only had to plan one subject for one semester at a time.  We could give general tips but there must be books out there, right?

The stuff for college professors tends to focus on activities, or the first day of class, or how to get students involved with creating the course.

Teach Like a Champion, which you should get if you’re teaching just because it’s great and full of tips, only has one short chapter on the big picture (Chapter 2).  What it says on the topic is good, but it doesn’t say very much.  Obviously there are entire classes on how to make lesson plans in teaching colleges, so there’s got to be more out there.  But we don’t know what is wheat and what is chaff.

Grumpy readers, help us out!  Any suggestions on books for Leah?


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